Jay Z Photographed With Mistress Cathy White at Tao


courtesy of those rabid (just playin we love you) girls over at Lip Stick Alley:

Jay Z Mistress Cathy Korena White

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Once the story about Jay Z’s mistress broke, the alleged mistress, “Cathy Koreana White” immediately deleted her twitter and facebook account. Why, we never put that info out there. Why react so harshly, if it’s not true it should just roll off that shoulder cuz, “hey, they think your messing with Hova”

and Claudia can’t stop blowing up my phones and email…Bitch, this ain’t even about you. Sit the fuck down and shut your mouth for once.

To further validate that Claudia and Kori were in Vegas during that time period below is a photograph where drunken Claudia Jordan is taken away on a stretcher to the hospital as a result from a fall in the shower of her hotel room.


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claudia Jordan vegas hospital

and SNITCH Jason Lee (one of many HSK sources)

oh yea…and that handbag that Kori gave Claudia for her birthday… Here that is here:


    • You should never turn this to race hun people are all OVER THE WORLD no matter what their race is their doing it. If you have any kids I guarantee their most likely doing it too.

    • Because no white person has ever cheated or acted shady, right? Oh, I forgot, white people just eliminate entire civilizations instead. LOL.

  1. How did cheating turn into a black thing. Did we forget President Clinton and Monica, or how about the senator and his lover found in the park!!! You people are just racist asshole it’s not a black or white thing it’s a human thing!

    • Exactly, I see people like them everyday turning it into something that it’s not about the race. It’s people doing this all over the world no matter what their race is. Don’t get me wrong they shouldn’t but they do.

  2. Hey these has been married for couples of year and alot of their funs are proud of the marriage . There comes a breaking point
    which comes with consequences, pliz Jay-Z and Beyonce work on your issues as previous from white house did

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