Does Jay Z Have Another Secret Mistress?


Jay Z Secret Mistress
Some information landed on my desk this morning about Jay Z’s past and guess what? I’m going to share it with you.

Here’s what was revealed:

“Blu Cantrell is running around telling everybody that she’s married to Michelle Rodriguez. I remember when Blu was Jay’s side piece. Lance Un Rivera was smashing Blu too and when Jay found out he was pissed. Blu was one of the reason’s why Jay pulled a knife on Un Rivera.

Jay was dating Aaliyah but he cheated on her so Aaliyah started to date Dame Dash. Jay is a cold piece of work he went & smashed Dame’s cousin Stacey Dash.

He gets along with Kanye because they both like European models. Jay has a mistress that’s a European model and she’s been on his payroll for years.”

Is Jay Z still cheating on his wife? I know Jay has a unknown mistress somewhere chill’in in Europe. Don’t believe me? Ask his manager John Meneilly.