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Jay Z Advises Kanye West to “Put a Ring On It”

August 22nd, 2012

Jay Think Kanye Should Marry Kim K
The streets of Hollywood are saying the founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, Shawn “Jay Z” Carter, is advising his so-called little brother, Kanye West, to marry swinger/pornstar/reality star Kim Kardashian. Don’t believe me.. Ask Beyonce.

Here’s what an insider is saying:

“Kanye West runs everything about his professional and personal life by Jay. When Kanye mentioned that he thinks Kim is a keeper, Jay said, ‘Then don’t risk losing her – put a ring on her finger!’

One person who’s less impressed? Beyonce! Beyonce isn’t as keen on Kim as Jay is. She thinks Kanye should take a wait-and-see approach.”

Are Jay Z and Kim Kardashian having sneak sex behind Beyonce’s and Kanye’s back? I don’t know, but next time I see Kris Jenner, I’ll ask her.

13 Responses to “Jay Z Advises Kanye West to “Put a Ring On It””

  1. yadda yadda |

    Kim is a trollop… ut got dayum.. I’m Sprung.. ok no im not but..she would be passed around in my hood..


    So Sad Reply:

    Exactly how she’s treated in the industry ;-) Any man with dignity, self-respect, and common sense would never even CONSIDER marrying this broad! Beautiful she is, but she’s also a gold digging tramp!


  2. crazychris |

    kris paying kanye to marry kim then they want babies this will be kim’s third marriage annd kanye’s first let’s see she has a bad track record in marriage which means kanye will probaly has more to lose if they decide to divorce and he will have to pay more if they have kids and the drama with kris humphries is still going on.

    if kim dumps and cleans kamye dry it will destroy his ego and he’ll he the laughinmg stock of the world.


  3. Anonymous |

    Someone reach out to Kanye please! If only his Mother could see this ish here.


  4. Anonymous |

    Ye comes off as being a little cold and abusive. Kim seems like she is willing to take it as long as the price is right.


  5. Jane Doe |

    What will that phony marriage prove? I need Jay to have several seats back in Marcy projects. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kim has sucked Jay off, tbt Jay was the one she really wanted but Bey ain’t going nowhere.


  6. Lea |

    If this is true Jay Z gave Kanye wrong advice…at least IMO. If Kanye actually think Kim will the the “perfect wife” for him he’s seriously mistaken.

    Kim is a media whore and as her first husband said “will do anything she has to do to say in the public eye”. This chick will be a media whore until she dies.

    Kanye might be a master when it comes to making music but he seems to be a novice when it comes to women. It’s more to a woman being a wife other than following your orders and you making her over in your image then globe trotting around the world and having your pictures taken. Does he know this?

    Come to think of it, I have never heard or seen him with any woman other than Amber Rose. Am I correct?


  7. DENISE |

    Kanye is very ignorant man!!! Kim will be stupid to marry this idiot!!!


  8. Ashwon |

    They shouldn’t marry, it would be a disaster!


  9. Pistol_Pete |

    There’s more realness in Pamela Anderson’s breast implants than this sham of a relationship.


  10. PinkKitty |

    Kanye and Kim. Jay-Z and Beyonce. Trust and believe these couples are swinging. No one’s woman is sacred. Kim wa born I to this lifestyle and raised specifically for it. Her mother was a whore who met her father and got pregnant pronto to trap a well-heeled lawyer (who was also rumored to be into drug dealing). This whole family knows how to manipulate black men who sees light skin and long hair as a prize.

    Has Jay-Z smashed Kim. Damn straight he has! Has Beyonce and Kim got it in, yup. Has Jay and Kanye tossed each other’s salads? Well, salad has been on their menus for quite sometime. This is Hollywood, smoke and mirrors are the name of the game. Lies are fed to the public. Gay men and lesbian women marry to protect their images. Being bi-sexual is the norm.

    Will Kanye marry Kim, yes. Once she divorces and the public’s attention begins to wain. He’ll yeah…. it will be a media event or a quiet hush hush event to prove to the world that they aren’t media whores, ala Jay-Z and Beyonce.


    Baby Reply:

    You are either 100% right or you are slanderous AF!!!! Geez.


  11. B0SS |

    LOLOL Jay wouldn’t touch that whore. She’s been after him for over a DECADE now. She even said she could steal him from Beyonce and he would NEVER marry her because Black men don’t want Black women as their wives.

    Welp.. the jokes on the slut.. isn’t it?



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