Jay-Z Dissed By De Niro @ DiCaprio’s!


Robert De Niro vs. Jay Z

Irate Italians?

Tension is reported to have filled the air at Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent NYC birthday bash – after witnesses say Robert De Niro called Jay-Z out as being “rude” and “disrespectful”.

Sources say when De Niro spotted Jay-Z at the event, he was anything but quiet about his being less than impressed with the Roc-A-Fella Records founder. This after De Niro reported didn’t get any return phone calls back from Jigga, after attempting to contact the rapper several times – over a song he wanted him to record for his TriBeCa Film Festival. Don’t believe me.. Ask Martin Scorsese.

Here’s the drop:

“Bob wasn’t in any mood to make polite conversation. He told Jay that if somebody calls you six times, you call them back. It doesn’t matter who you are, that is just rude.

It was the talk of the party. Everyone was saying there’s only one star in New York bigger and badder than Jay-Z, and that’s Robert De Niro. He can be quite scary when he’s angry.

Jay tried to joke his way out of the situation, and Beyoncé, tried to intervene, but De Niro wouldn’t back down. Jay Z is going to kiss the ring and bite the bullet so don’t be surprised if you see him and Robert De Niro taking pictures together.”


  1. Robert don’t give a fuck. He’ll even step to moderate – high level mason if he feel like it. lol Wouldn’t be surprised if Rob represented something as powerful if not more so.

    • Please! Jay lost the streets and was near death after Ether UNTIL Beyonce.. the Human Defibrillator.. put the paddles to his chest and bought him back to life.

      Let’s not…

    • Love it, Mooki. Mr. Deniro (my favorite actor…skilled like a muthafucka) is absolutely right JayZ, your legacy isn’t fit enough to wash the feet of Deniro’s legacy. His movies will outlast your music any day. Show respect for true everlasting talent.
      Jay Z thinks way too much of himself.

  2. Gay Z should have told him that his business hours are from 9-5 and if he had any questions they can go outside and settle it man to man.

  3. Jay-Z cannot return phone calls because he is not his own man, he is a puppet.

    DeNiro should have called Jay-Z’s handler, I mean owner.

  4. When Deniro was turning red, Beyonce ran up to him and asked him did she want her to suck his dick and Jay took out his remote control and turn her to snooze for the rest of the party…Her programming broke down pre-maturely.

  5. It is rude and disrespecful not to return someone’s call, DeNiro was right. And the worst part, is that fool then wants to talk and approach DeNiro at the party with all the white folks their. Yea DeNiro clowned his dumb ass, DeNiro ain’t stupid. I bet if it was Jay Z’s boyfriend Chris Martin of Coldplay calling he would have returned the call. The nerve of Beyonce to think that she could solve the issue, please DeNiro does not deal with dumb ass women. Jay Z and Beyonce need to stop believing their own hype. Self hatred is a bitch.

    • No, DeNiro doesn’t deal with dumb ass women… but he definitely deals with… APPRECIATES and loves him some Beyonce.

      Guess you missed the NY NY tribute she sang to him while he sat there loving every minute of it huh?

      lol of course you did…

  6. Jay Z has a God complex “HOVA” De Niro was right it is rude as hell not to take his calls when he knew that they were working together at the Tribeca film festival as for Bey _/_/_/ have several of those

    • as for Bey _/_/_/ have several of those

      You know I’m stealing that, right?

  7. If Jay-Z no longer wanted to do the song, all he had to do was make a quick 5 minute call to De Niro to explain why, thank him for his time and/or the opportunity to have worked with him, and keep it moving. It’s called, “respect and common courtesy”. And, it’s not just because it’s De Niro. He should conduct himself like this with anyone that he does business with. Jay-Z always wants to brag about how much of a “business man” that he is, and doesn’t know the first thing about it. SMH. I understand Jay is Bey’s husband, but she needed to stay out of this. Let two grown men handle their business.

  8. Robert DeNiro has alot of power. He is a check maker, JAY-Z betta be cool. Your rap aint that great. Bey….You aint Aretha Franklin who is a legend.

  9. That’s the problem with some of these hood “businessmen”. Few of them take time to research who REALLY has the power. Him and that fine-arse NAS were sniffing Gwenyth Paltrow’s scrawny butt not knowing that she doesn’t really have power. Not like her dad (Bruce) did. Even her ex Brad Pitt has more power. Pitt and DeNiro would never stoop as low as to publicly use the N word either.

  10. Well, that was a nice way to remind him–
    ” NICCA who do you think you are?” Got a little money and Gayz thinks he’s GOD (HOEVA) and Mrs. Captain save a hoe think her looks can solve the problem, maybe so if she she was natural, and not plastered up. FAKE People….

  11. I was waiting for someone to say so!! DiNiro has a POINT!! When someone calls you SIX TIMES – especially someone as important as Robert DiNiro call you – you call back!! Dumb fuck.

  12. I love Jay-Z’s music and love Robert DeNiro’s passionate acting. BUT, I have to go with DeNiro on this one:

    I’ve cut ppl off that I have love for, for the same type of rudeness. Love em from afar I say. With technology and more stuff, we don’t talk to each other, we don’t return calls. I bet half of you have a loved one, maybe an older person in your life that has said “call me sometimes, love you, talk to you later”. That person asked for one thing and also told you that they “love you”. But you are too busy (so you think) to show love, respect or gratitude. I’m old school. I’m also a woman. I have friends and family who I no longer have time for because they did not show any respect or love on the communication tip, continuously. I know how to cut mf’s loose. I just loose their number as well. Then they end up asking about me through others or ask for my new number. For what? So they can bullshit me again with busy-ness, facebooking, texting, not picking up the phone to have a real conversation to say “I love you” or “how are you”? … They are even more amazed when I keep my word.

    Again, I love Jay-Z’s music and Robert DeNiro’s extraordiary acting!


  13. let’s see jigga diss him in a song no he’s not that crazy.

    this ain’t hip hop.

    deneiro’s straight mafia.