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Jay Z & Kanye File Lawsuit Against Syl Johnson For Stealing His Music

December 21st, 2011

Syleena Johnson’s father Blues man Syl Johnson is suing Jay Z and Kanye West. Know why? Because Jay Z and Kanye West sampled Syl Johnson’s music on their “Watch the Throne” album without permission mane – but guess what—Jay Z and Kanye West responded with a counter-suit against him.

Here’s what was reported:

“Apparently Kanye West asked Syl Johnson for permission to sample his 1967 song, “Different Strokes” for Kanye’s 2010 album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. Syl gave Kanye his permission but not in time to make the album. The next thing Syl knows, the sample shows up on ‘The Joy’ on Kanye and Jay Z’s collaborative effort “Watch the Throne”. Syl immediately filed suit demanding compensation for knowing and willful misappropriation.

Instead of paying up, Jay Z and Kanye insist Syl has no copyrights because “Different Strokes” was made in 1967 – and sound recordings were only automatically protected by federal copyright laws from 1972.”

Are Jay Z and Kanye West ripping off old black musicians? Of course they are. Don’t believe me.. Ask Chuck D.

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7 Responses to “Jay Z & Kanye File Lawsuit Against Syl Johnson For Stealing His Music”

  1. Square Biz |

    Here we go! It’s never really cool to fuk over people, but to fuk over people who you know personally and have some type of good relationship with, is an all time low. Kanye befriended both Mr. Johnson and his daughter and he also use to spend time with them. Especially Mr. Johnson’s daughter. Kanye said that she saved his life, as he was going through some hard times.– This sounds like some Gay Z shit, so I’m convinced Gay Z is rubbing off on his ass. That’s not cool.


  2. jerk chicken |

    Disgraceful behaviour. These modern-day hype men are probably making more money off one of their poxy videos than old-time blues artists made in their entire careers. Some simple manners are what’s needed, and they need to give the man his fair dues.


  3. reb |

    That is so backsided and so financially rude and unnecessary. Everyone who knows the history of the must industry is aware that old schoolers got so Ripped off by the industry. Those two should give back and pay their respects! To countersue with their bigwig lawyers is plain out down n dirty bullying with their money power. This is worse than when Jlo took the name Glow for her perfume from a Colorado lady that did not have the legal power, either. If you don,t pay for a sample and your that big-then go and get an original idea on your mass luxury lifethat should be assisting the creative process, and not hampering it. My grade for this move, well actually TWo moves of shadinessactions is an FFF called UNCLassy. If Beyonce makes you a better man than brow beat J and stop the sex till he makes amends. And any chick getting with Kneeds to hold back, also-unless they are UNclassy! Shady shady shady and so provestime to move o er and change up this ego wanabeegame. Just pay up, make amends the am wa


  4. nyob |

    Oh wow! Another nail in the coffin of “Jay and Kanye ain’t sh*t”. They need to remember that karma is a b*tch and no amount of money can buy her off!


    Anoymuous Reply:

    God do not like ugly! oh yea of little faith, for he is in control, all things work according to his purpose, so do not get it wrong.


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