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Jay Z Sells Off BKLYN Nets Share, Jason Kidd Scores Stake

September 5th, 2013

Jay Z Sells Nets Share to Jason Kidd

“The other half of the reported .1608% Jay Z owns has already been purchased by another minority owner in the team.”~NetsDaily

Jay Z is turning in his Brooklyn Nets mascot title … all in the name of Roc Nation Sports. Now, it appears the rapper-turned-business-mogul’s small share of the team was always meant for the NBA legend who showed interest … a decade ago.

We’re talking about Nets head coach Jason Kidd, who’s reported to soon take over half of Mr. Carter’s BK catch.

Here’s what the New York Post is reporting:

“The rapper will exchange half of his stake in the team with Kidd for around $500,000. “Other owners want to give Jason a part ownership of the team, and urged Jay to sell his shares to him,” says a source.”

9 Responses to “Jay Z Sells Off BKLYN Nets Share, Jason Kidd Scores Stake”

  1. Anonymous |

    Yeah and that’s worth how much? My checking acct. gives me better interest than what that share will bring. JZ always begging the world to Look @ Me, Look @ Me, Look @ Me, Look @ Me, etc. Should take that ass into the mirror business. What a narcissist!


  2. Goodas |

    Are you going to write about Jayz’s bodyguard who died after being tased bt the police? OAN did you see the pics that they are of Chief Keef sexin some dude in a kitchen??!! I saw the pic and it looks like him imo


  3. crazychris |

    if keef is gay that might explain why he keeps getting arrested.


    Goodas Reply:

    I posted the link so you could see it, but now it’s gone o.O wha gwan??!


  4. Anonymous |

    Maybe that’s why you never seen any girls in his videos


  5. anonymous |

    good ole boy system


  6. Ms. Reg Says! |

    I must really live under a rock…

    I had NO idea Jason Kidd was a coach as I would swear on all that’s holy he was still playing ball. THAT is really great news to learn.

    As far as Jay Z & whatever he has going on…who the hell cares. Anonymous @ 7:36 called it perfectly!


  7. Anonymous |


    Jason now owns 1/16 of One percent of the Nets.

    Its cute, but it doesn’t give you a lot of boardroom leverage. Its equivalent to being a fan with a skybox season ticket


    christa Reply:

    Yep…that’s just about right. lol


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