Jay Z Spreading Sacrilegious Sentiments?



“He was the Anti Christ to a certain kind of Hip-Hop fan.” ~Questlove

HSK Exclusive – Jay Z’s most recent sporting of a t-shirt — bearing the image of Satan having sex with Jesus Christ — may not be blatant, but sources say, in person, the rapper’s message is clear. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Young Jeezy, who could be reppin’ the same suspected sacrilegious values.


“Polo T all black, welcome to the afterlife Money is the root of all evil meet the anti Christ.”

Is Jay Z responsible for turning out a Jeezy back in 2010, when the 35-year-old rapper was lending his hand in promoting Jigga’s “Blueprint 3” tour? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Trey Songz.



    • i thank this guy does work for the anti christ thou, anti, against ” Jesus “, read statement lyric below, shows he put a hit out, and i was the one he shoot up… ” for no reason ”

      it was a hit from satan the anti christ , he told him to do it and he did …

      ” Roc Boys ” { for a little bit of change i had you tore out the frame, bullet wounds would stop your buffoonery … }

      ” nothing but facts,,, ask him ,,, and watch his face and answer … ”

      c more here …



      • You know what,who said that shirt is Jesus? Has anyone ever saw JESUS BEFORE???REALLY???

        THINK ABOUT THE SHIRT FOR A MOMENT,AND ASK YOUR SELF,WHO WAS THE ARTIST THAT DREW THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE? And ask yourself is this the message that Jay is spreading,or is he trying to tell something here?
        You guys do not know how to decode anything!!!DAMNNNNNNNNNN

        • That ain’t even Jesus lol. These poor sheep are worshipping Cesare Borgia’s image and don’t even know it. Fools! Smh

        • Of course it’s Jesus. The image is a direct rip-off of Caravaggio’s “The Burial of Christ” and at least two other centuries-old paintings depicting a dead Jesus.

        • do you need a close up to see the cross on the floor behind him with the white cloth that was rapped around his waist? that isn’t jesus its a picture portraying jesus and the devil… I have seen the shirt there is nothing to decode it is what it is… what kind of person would draw or purchase or wear a shirt like that!!!! what kind of person would even try to defend it or see it in a positive way smh SHEEP INDEED!!!

        • I agree, however, most of us are so brain washed into believing that the pictures are actually Jesus and Satan. Read what scripture says. On the other hand, This is not a positive image to project to our children and those who are still living in darkness. When we love with words and deeds, we prove our love for God. Scripture says, “my people die from the lack of knowledge. ignorance is…….

      • That T-Shirt is of “THE ENTOMBMENT OF CHRIST”

        Do a google search of “THE ENTOMBMENT OF CHRIST + tshirt”

        I did that search, then clicked on “images” and found several pictures of the same shirt, clicked on some of those and was taken to sites that sell the shirt with that picture and title .

    • Instead of deleting my comments like a bitch, why don’t you just take this misleading ass story down.

      It’s okay. People are entitled to do a couple of dumb ass things during their lifetime–this story being one of them.

      Just do some fuckin’ research next time.

    • DON’T believe the HYPE!!! The entombment of Christ, that is to say the burial of Jesus Christ, occurred after his death by crucifixion, when, according to the gospel accounts, he was placed in a new tomb belonging to Joseph of Arimathea…. PICTURE painted by Caravaggio

    • Who ever you place your allegiance to that’s who you’re going to represent. Jay-Z’s god is money. The US dollar is a Masonic note with demonology all in it. This T-shirt is meant to blatantly say Evil screws good.(Yall know what I mean without the vulgarity) Here’s the point: Children look up to him, grown men will die for him and most women would die to be with him(or his money)He is a man of today’s world. Satan said to Jesus, ” I have been given all power on earth and it’s kingdoms and i will give it all to you if you bow down & worship me”. (paraphrased)Why are you surprised? Satan is the god of this world. Jay-Z has been empowered and is doing his job. As Christians we must ask ourselves, “What am I doing??” Grace & Peace

      • Your an idiot… Do u think people are that stupid. That u can explain this. With “Has anybody seen Jesus or Satan????”…. You really think u can go there with that. I know what type of person u are. You’d shoot your own friend to death in the back and call it an accident. People like you and your kind…Judgement is coming soon.

    • I don’t give a damn why would this man want to walk around with two men having sex on his shirt wtf!!!!!

    • Please get your facts together. The image on the t-shirt is actually “Deposition from the Cross” by, Caravaggio. Its a painting. And the devil image that u speak of is actually a man carrying Jesus.The internet is too powerful to spread false information. Do your research then report. Thats the responsibility of a journalist. I’m not supporting anything or anybody. Just giving fact! Good day to you.

    • That did for me…but I don’t buy any of the trash that he makes anyway…hope this is a wake up call for those who do believe…because this is really blasphemous.

      • I see that it is a very famous painting
        “Entombment of Christ” I am curious to know what Jay-Z thinks about the painting. I am sure he should know that it is a master painting. I still do not buy his work. To each his/her own.

      • Exactly. I love how this entire article was written before the person tried to find that image. LOL. I can’t believe it.

    • The image on the t-shirt is actually “Deposition from the Cross” by, Caravaggio. It is said those in the occult wear the images of Jesus Christ to mock him. Because they worship Satan in the dark they mock Jesus in the light.

  1. nicca sh… is well …….

    ya see, whites know to keep to themselves, stay out of trouble, stay quiet, low key, dat is why whites get rich,

    nicca’s want to sparkle, dat is why dey end up …….. well yall know, ;}


    • Co-sign. Jay has been blasphemous since his first album. I, admittedly, did listen to “Reasonable Doubt” a few days ago, and it had me feeling nostalgic for hip-hop’s sake, but jaded in a spiritual sense. It felt wrong singing along to some of his lyrics. I paused at those instances, but soon cut the album off.

      • I believe that the more we read and reply to what Jay z wore and How he worship the Devil just feeds to what Satan wants. He wants to distract us from what we need to be doing is praying and Giving the true God thanks and praise. The more we look up the web page or paper, mag to read feed into the Devils work. We need to get these christian artist to speak out more. It is sad when money rules you and all I have to say is that I am not judging him or anyone but I got a question what are we doing as Christians? I agree with another blogger, where are these men leading their families never mind their children.

    • There hasn’t been women at any hip hop/ rap parties in a min. Women- females who have self esteem and respect for their bodies, who dont believe in playing wifey or baby momma, and wont be a beard, will never be invited, welcome, or seek to be at those parties because Women being intuitive, can see those type males (and those parties) for who they really are. Usually all you will see at these parties are jezebels, drug addicts, & concubines for their orifices and the hetero-norm look , it was only a matter of time before it was only males.

    • fu*% jay z,

      You can stop wondering & know you are not at all alone in your thought processes. I gave up on wondering about this hateful bastard long ago. That t-shirt has made me feel a completely different way now….

      I already didn’t like anything about Jay Z including but not limited to his music, his wife, his clothing line or any of his so-called ventures. To see that he & others would honestly walk around wearing a t-shirt with THAT graphic says they has no regard for anyone or anything. Also, far as I’m concerned Jay Z is clearly “apart of that life!”

      He is no longer even considered a human being to me now BUT…I will pray for him & his soul.

      • I believe it was in the bible “And christ said, may you look unto the lost souls, call them inhuman, say they are condemned to hell…..but then prey for them” I’m not sure which verse though

  3. That’s because he believes jesus and the devil are the same. both are called morning stars. Are these two entities even real? There’s plenty of history that predates christianity. No one ever asks him what he truly believes. Who is his god? Why does he always refer to the baphomet? Does he worship Jinns? Who is the “rain man”? Don’t get upset just research and ask.



      • crazychris,

        I could care less what folks say about Jesus. When you walk around with a shirt like that to me it’s like wearing a shirt of satan screwing your mother, your father, your wife, your husband, your child or one of your family members.

        It’s inappropriate & disrespectful on too many levels to discuss.

      • Your right.. We just been telling folks for a minute now that these cats been putting things in their rhymes. that these folks were supporting devil worhipping beliefs.. it is true that people defend those they love… so the fact remains that the public (hip-hop fans) been sugar coating and defending Jay-Z others about the things that they been putting in their music and the clothes that are in blatant disregard to Christ and support devil worship. In response to the statement that we get upset about folks talking about our precious Jesus. once again, your right. it’s the same is someone just blatantly disrespect your “precious mother”. you would be upset also.

    • Ctfu … Yea research …its more than jus the bible .. Thas whats wrong wit nggas today dont wanna read sht nd find more to what uv been told …. Jayz not evil he on some other sht that u dont kno about … Deep sht

      • Naw fam, Jay-Z is evil. He’s where he’s at to mislead & disceive the youth. He cares nothing about people that look like him. Jay-Z singlehandedly stopped black ownership of hiphop. The thing about what he socalled follow is that its a form of african spirituality. He follows a twisted version of looking into self to find the creator, he’s looking outside self for carnal gratification. Dude is a pawn, just like Barry, keeping afircan awmer asleep is his job

    • I don’t need to ask him anything.. I already know whom he worships and believes in.. He doesn’t hide that.

      These people think of themselves as God.. But power, they have none, hopefull they will realize this before its too late.

      “What does it profit a man to gain the world and to lose his soul.”

  4. Why does he look like someone’s Gay ass uncle in the first pic with Usher. he looks smitten! and the pic with Jeezy, he look like, “Heeeeyyyyyyyy, that’s my song!” I can’t with him. He really is irrelevant.

  5. Anybody who is still a Jay-Z fan after reading this must worship the devil just like him. This is the most blatant evidence I have seen. I don’t care, God will severly punish Jay-Z and his witch in due time.

  6. The devil and gayness. These cooned out niggas are all up the white man’s ass. As far as I am concerned, they should be dealt with. This is why the rap game and music in general is horrible. All you have to do is give a nigga some fame and fortune, and he will do whatever – just don’t give him too much to the point that he could have real power!

  7. Ppl keep sayin god will judge him and he is primed for a fall. Been hearing this for at least five years. Now hes in on the sports agent game paper too. When is this said fall to actually begin? Not a fan but that script is getting old. .02

    • I understand how you feel. I use to ask the same question until I saw first hand what happened to someone in my community.

      This person had money. Not on Jay level but, she was comfortable. People would always come to her for favors. She treated people so badly. She was cocky and arrogant, it was her way or the highway.

      Because of her status in the community she would pit neighbor against neighbor by making up falsehoods. It was terrible.

      She would always demean and put down women who had babies out of wedlock. Now her daughter has a baby out of wedlock. She has lost just about everything. She is a broken woman. Karma is real. We will all reap what we have sewn.

      We really don’t know what is going on behind the scenes of his company.

    • keep

      There is no God by the definition that people have been trained and conditioned to believe in by Western Religion standards.
      The only reason why white folks is in control is not because of any white Jesus or God floating around in the clouds. The rule the world because they did what they had to do regardless of how many dark peoples they had to massacre, murder , rape and lie to in order to do it.
      They just sent in religious shock troops ahead of their military to soften their intended victims up and pretend to be friendly and well intentioned.Once they learn the language of their intended victims and their customs and learn what weakness to exploit then they work on taking advantage of any differences between their intended victims that can be used to divide or take advantage of a division. Once they do that and get some blood flowing and chaos going then they drop the bibles and pick up the rifles and cannons they have been stockpiling in secret and then they build forts and start to pick off the survivors and take the land and resources by force.

      • What Im basically saying is white folks God is and has always been the devil.
        At least as far as from the standpoint of melaninated human beings who have a natural connection (that has been lost) to the force that is now misinterpreted as a being called GOD.

      • You make an excellent point. I’m a believer but you must read to gain an understanding in what is true and what the powers that be want you to know as the truth. I am a firm believer that religion was derived as a method to control the masses. Once your soul is caputured, the rest is easy and you begin to recuit others as soldiers in their army. Same holds true between a pimp & a whore! Buy into the message & method in hopes of a better life. All the while, you are building someone elses kingdom…

        Put organize religion on the back burner. Pastor yourself/family and pray for a true spiritual connection with a higher power!

        I can’t be bothered by what these rappers do these days. It’s all for attention and recruitment to stay in the game. No matter how sick it is.

        • Elle Mo,

          “Put organize religion on the back burner. Pastor yourself/family and pray for a true spiritual connection with a higher power!”

          ^^^THIS is exactly what I do & how I live. A lot of these pastors & their so-called wives are no better than what we hear about these rappers. I stay out the church. I have my own relationship with a higher power & keep on going. Fellowship has lost it’s luster with me long ago.

    • not wishing jay to fall but yes black entertainers who reach the top of their game and live the good life for a while always fall somewhow.

      it happened to these celebs.

      james brown was on top of the charts and went as far as he could before the government started hounded him and took his money and he lost his oldest son at the time.

      michael jackson we know his sucess story before he fell.

      whitney houston we know how she was on top and when the media decided it was time for her to fall they let out she was a crackhead.

      mc hammer ruled the pop charts til his money ran out.

      sly stone was nobody bigger than sly in his prime but drugs phukked him up.

      2pac films, million selling albums the good life and lost it all.

      biggie smalls the king of new york got crowned.

      eazy e another sad story.

      r kelly his business came up and he’s not down yet but he’s struggling that case almost broke him.

      prince while not broke his label let him know they was getting tired of his so called reign on the c harts.

      • Chris, let me add something else, Prince knew exactly what Warner Brothers was trying to do. That’s why he pulled that “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince” because they wanted to pump him out because of his creativity. Prince is a freakin musical genesis! Notice he doesn’t put out new music unless its on a free live spreecast. Notice it is not duplicated because he got an all female team of lawyers if you try to search his music without paying for it. Most of his videos are on a site that its in French! Thank God I can speak some of the French language, but Prince ain’t no dummy either. He even admit that the illuminati is real.










          • I just listen to “Sweet Home Alabama” again and you are right! Blacks need to keep our secrets and talents to ourselves. White supremacy works on trying to do and control what others do that you cannot. Even the Japanese study others to do what they can do -including whites. Blacks need money so they sell out. Uncle Toms must be eliminated and they blacks can thrive. They must fear blacks more than the white man!

            • Yep. The dude who wrote Sweet Home Alabama’s inspiration mentor was a Black blues singer named Shorty. He was immortalized in The Ballad of Curtis Lowe”. The first line is “old Curt was a black man ……) Ronnie Van Zant used to write his songs with Shorty and paid him in liquor. When Skynyrd went to Muscle Shoals to record their first album they pooled together a group of Black women to sing accompaniment for them(Muscle Shoals Swampers) and to give them that Gospelly Bluesy sound.

    • @Keepingitreal…

      It is a myth that evil doesn’t prosper on earth. In fact, I think that many of the most evil and despicable do grow old, and keep all of their money, status, fame. They have monuments, and buildings named after them. Real talk, evil does prosper here on earth, and the Bible never says otherwise….

      However, there IS an afterlife. And the Bible ASSURES US that God will not be mocked. Whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap….so people like Jigga, and Kanye have no resting place in heaven. They have no place but with the master whom they chose to serve while on earth.

      Then, they will look up and see heaven, and all of the things and people who are there. All of the majesty that they traded away for satan. And they will spend eternity burning and wishing they had never been born.

      Trust and believe.

      • Tabby Cat

        With All Due Respect,

        We will reap what we have sown while we yet live on this earth. Look at the Kennedy’s, the Onassis and so many more.

        Many have money fortune and fame. Yet they are miserable, their lives are in turmoil. Michael Jackson use to burn money because he was unhappy and bored.

        The Seed we sow is the harvest we will reap. If we sow peace, we reap peace, if we so love, we reap love, if we sow seeds of dishonesty and deceit, dishonesty and deceit is what you reap, if we sow seeds of lies, lies is what we reap, if we sow envy and strife, envy and strife we will reap. Every action we take is a seed we sow, and every seed we sow is a harvest we will reap!

        This is what I believe. God does not force his will on any of us.

        • Sure. Money does not assure happiness. But neither does poverty.
          What a lot of folk don’t want to say is that if you got to be unhappy, it’s easier to be unhappy rich than unhappy poor.


        • Amen to that sister! Alot of ppl think hell is going to be about partying, fornicating, killing freely, etc; all the sins of this world. But when they hear, depart from me yea workers of iniquity and they get sent to hell fire they’ll wish for a death that will never come.

      • @Tabby Cat, that right there what you just said is EVIL. That is the trick, to wait and waste the present for some afterlife that the very people you call evil conditioned you to think.

        All you have is now. Even in the “afterlife” it will be now. Live now. Not tomorrow. That’s the “devil’s” trick.

      • all religions had an afterlife or a place where you are rewarded or punishedand a judgement day.

        ask minos of crete but he’s not real.

  8. jay z never hid that he was into paganism.

    blueprint 3 you had the mark of the unholy trinity or the slash mark of the beast whatever you wanna call it.

    the black album symbolized darkness and that mixtape the gray album where he took lyrics and rapped over beatles samples giving alleigance to the white gods the beatles you know if you wanna make it in white society you haV E TO GLORIFY THE ALMIGHTY BEATLES AND THE OTHER GODS OF METAL OR ROCK AND ROLL THAT WHITES WORSHIP.


    BEYONCE MASKES GAY MUSIC FOR THE LGBT CROWD And she’ll be around as long as she caters to that crowd along with other so called r&b stars.

    jigga and his crew are not the first all these rappers and r&b entertainers have used symbols in their musaic.

    beyonce has done many semiramis rituals.

    just like janet, whitney, rihanna, madonna, pink, nicki minaj, aaliyah, ciara and plenty others like lady gaga who used the egg symbol meaning fertility and also symbolizing the birth of venus.

    • And the sign of the cross isn’t symbolism? And the celebration of Easter, Christmas and other “holidays” isn’t paganism? People perform rituals every day!!!

      C’mon people, think!!

      Fools sound ridiculous on here. Sure, there are things going on and people want to promote a lot of darkness. But only to control you. And by sitting on sites fantasizing about the illuminati and such, you give these fools power.

  9. I feel ya but it seems lame. Tellin a 40 year old “one day ur gonna die”. Well one day ur gonna be right. But until then it looks like that nicca is winning. Jus sayin. Sounds like sour grapes or jealousy or sumptn.

  10. This story and that Tshirt nonsense is a fraud!Wanna know why?Because Jesus Christ is not a Whiteman!End Of Story!



      no to keep white supremacy going jesus has to be pure and white.

      when blacks conquer the world and get off their asses and take over and stop kissing these white girl asses then god will be black again.

      • The second biggest lie ever told was Caucasians were actually White!lol..The background of this comment section is White.Name me one Caucasian whom skin matches this white background?Let’s try different shades of Red..

      • Ahhhh… but they do! Ever been to the Vatican? Visit. All you see are images of the Black Madonna and Child — In other words black Madonna and a Black Jesus. Seen it with my own eyes! And the Black Madonna is worshiped all over Eastern Europe. Travel. You will see this. Trust me. They worshiping you. They just have you believing you ain’t worthy of being worshiped.

        • Wow! Speak on that! Everybody should download what you jes said into their brain permanently. Lisa-gurl, U speaketh the truth! Jesus is way more than White society wants us, as persons of African Origin to realize. And, bottom-line &First off Jesus is God. He’s all-powerful. He can handle all this & will. He’ll git Jigga & all these evil turned up/ turning-folk-out-power-players that got the whole entertainment biz ratchet. He’s got this. For those who don’t believe in God or Jesus, He’s STILL got this! These wicked coons operating for satan may get over right now, but they ultimately won’t get away. Trust. Like an O.G. my pops ysed to know was fond if saying: “yeah u can pay me now or u can pay me later, but you WILL pay me. Everybody gotta pay!”

    • Well it is a reprensentation of him. And it is so distasteful I don’t know what to say. Blatant blasphemy. Not surprised about Jeezy. Never liked him, he always came accross like a person who was never taught any morals or values.. Like he would be down for anything and everything.. horrible vileness yuck. Imps!

      • But one things for sure… He knows who the Messaiah is.. because he is always attacking, disrespecting him and trying to debase him. The devil that is.. always fighting the truth and the light. The only way to God.

  11. do you see cbs , one eye opened, the anti christ the dollar that what made me choose you, they are saying money over everything, even Jesus Christ him self, but beleive this, there is a future, where are you going to be when you get there, enjoy today but tomorrow welcome, and in the bible its not lying , like 1000 years to you is like 1 day to God, do the math, i beleive in light years, and that things are there, meaning that it takes time and distance to travel so there is the future with people there, God said i started at the end , meaning i was in the future and travel to this time,,, get it… so some can travel there and back , while others with no other choice are just traveling to the next minute … or day… money is good but don’t be a hypocrite, where you beg jesus to give you fame and fortune and than turn your back on him and disrespect him ,,, selling your soul …

    everybody got a Jesus chain, now there God ,,,

    Jesus walk with me, i sold my soul to the devil, yeezus …

    and i thank he is carrying Jesus not having sex with him ,,,

    but beleive me God Knows …. The light is all around us ….

    c more here …


  12. them niggaz jay and ye know that its about duality and yes as one poster said he jay knows that satan and jesus is one in the same.i feel that jay is trying to wake ppl up thru his raps.same for ye.but they are going about it in the wrong manner.now that nibiru has returned with the gods.i wonder how they will deal with all of us jay,bey and ye included.real talk!!!

    • illuminati= your government and the legal system; money, power, the pursuit of self; the stock markets, sexual deviance, perversion, hollywood, movie theatres, food, consumerism, Christianity & the church, mormonism, new-age western judaism, hegemony= YOU, ME, and your family values.

      • Good Morning and thank you for the breakdown. I bet my 14 year old is familiar with this word, so I seriously have to get all the education I can before I go at him.

    • Hi Gingerbread1

      I think an excellent overview in the fictional realm of what the Illuminati is and what it isn’t is defined in Stanley Kubricks last film before his untimely demise called “EYES WIDE SHUT” starring Tom Cruise and Niceole Kidman. It is the closest that Hollywood has ever taken you behind the façade.


      As far as the INNERVIEW (and btw they don’t call themselves Illuminati, which is where most people make their biggest error when trying to idenitify them. They are known by the specific groups and fraternal orders they represent but they cooperate with one another to maintain the system of Global Racism and White Global Domination)

      They go by various names, CFR, Bildeberger, IMF, UN, USAID, World Bank,Skull and Bones,Boul, EU,Masons, African Union, etc. etc. etc….These groups control all 9 areas of human activity and their mission is to maintain CONTROL of the energies of human beings for their own monetary and spiritual nutrition…They use ritual, incantation, spells, brainwashing, hypnosis manipulation of technology and pharmeceuticals, etc. to achieve this goal through their various tentacles.


      • Good Morning! I just replied to Badda Bing and told him I had to educate myself on this, so thank you for giving me a start. I’m bout to be a printing fool up in here!

  13. jesus, mithram budda, krishna, osiris, horus, all these gods who ca,e back and died and was brought back to life.

    demigods hercules, achilles, gilgamesh, adonis, tammuz, balder.

    all these sons of the creator, mother earth rituals.

    jesus was supposed to have children by mary magdelene.

    eve died 7 days after adam if you ever read those scrolls that was left out the bible or adam went to heaven with god when he died and only his son seth knows where adam is buried.

    abraham was told to kill isaac or in other stories ishmael.

  14. I guess wat i mean is if sumptn good happens to us we credit jesus – bad we blame the devil. Once a person rises to the top in anything there is only one direction left. If you wake up every damn day predicting he or she will fall you will be right one day eventually. Just ignore the 957 days you were wrong and its all gravy right? Im just not with the spook stories and predictions of failure. I prefer using that energy to ensure my success. Its just a peeve of mine er time there is a jay and/or bey post ppl predict they will fall like they said some high tech shyt. There is nothing beyond number one and no one can remain there forever becuz fame is fickle and father time is undefeated.

  15. Thank you crazychris. This sounds waaaayyyyy to deep for me. I see what too much knowledge does to people.

    You should change your screen name. I often read your comments and nothing about them is crazy:)

  16. Umm, Jacky when you say “he turned out Jeezy,” are you implying they had sex? Anyone please elaborate…

  17. Jay-Z is “the boy” for the jhews. Only jhews do this vulgar disrespectful hateful shit toward Jesus.

    Okay, so you don’t believe in Jesus, why do you have to wear a t-shirt with the devil having sex with Jesus? What is the purpose of that? It is only for shock value.

    When Jay-Z wears a t-shirt making a vulgar comment about Roshashanna (whatever the fuck its called) or Purim or Hannukah, then I will give him a pass.
    But since we all know he won’t dare cross his slavemasters…

    And PS: worshipping the devil ain’t knowledge. The devil is a symbol for our weakness and carnality.

    • Purim, Rosh Hashanah, and Hannukah are considered “secular” or cultural Jhewish holidays. The only Joo holiday which is on a par with Easter as far as symbolism and high piety is Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement. that’s the one day a year on which many Jhews attend temple.

      Hey, I got something from my comparative religions class!

  18. Since the website has been sold they go back and delete links and posts if it’s not to their liking. They also have started moderating posts too. I hope you see this before it gets deleted. It’s a shame cause the link is the truth and this story spins the truth for clicks. That’s why I don’t visit as much as I used to.

    • How sad. That makes the person who wrote this “story” evil for making up this nonsense in my eyes.

      • Exactly
        The person who presented this story is a liar and God hates a liar. Especially a liar who knows its a lie.

    • I was just about to ask why hasn’t anyone acknowledged the comments regarding the truth behind the painting? Everyone has gone off on their tangents as spins on theilluminati, satanist, etc….

      I’m not saying anything about those extra subjects. But if you can research on all that stuff than you can research on what the shirts picture actually is!

  19. He’s an evil man. I feel so sorry for all of the people he influences and corrupts.

    For those who think this story is bogus: How many times does this man have to tell and now show you who and what he is.

    When he called himself J-Hova that should have settled it.

    Same goes for his wife. How can two walk together lest they be in agreement? She’s just like him with a weave and smaller lips.

  20. you guys might want to actually check do your research.


    any art historian would recognize this as the entombment of christ. its Michelangelo painting.

    Paul the Apostle includes the burial in his statement of the gospel in verses 3 and 4 of 1 Corinthians 15: “For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures” (KJV). This appears to be an early pre-Pauline credal statement.[7]

  21. not a art historian…

    but glad you recognize this as being historical painting and not “the devil w/ jesus”

    Good eye though. and thanks for the pointer. ill hit google and research a bit more.

  22. Just read my post; hope I didn’t come across as a bitch. Sorry!

    It seems like someone else could have posted this same thing but looking at earlier posts sounds like the post is missing.

  23. np….

    again glad someone else here was able to recognize the poor quality of this posting. and didnt allow there faith to manipulate them into an uneducated opinion o someone they dont even know…but hey, its gets hits and sells ads right? lol

  24. Jesus is not worried about Jay Z goofy tail and that stupid tshirt.. Cause that’s not Jesus on the t-shirt…
    That’s the devil doing himself . The other guy is the anti christ of false religion..I’m sure Jay Z thinking that’s the Real Jesus on his shirt but he’s been deceived y’all ..

    • How about that’s not even the devil on the t-shirt!!! I swear they really fucked niggas up with that banned reading shit. 150 years later and niggas still afraid to do some research and worship the white boogeyman in all his illusional forms. SMH!!!

  25. This may be a representation of Christ and the other may be a representation of the devil however i see this as him holding Christ lifeless body and looking at the viewer as if to say his spirit is gone and my time here on earth is short so i will do what i can to lead those astray..he knows jesus has risen and now sits in heaven on the throne ..then when u said it was by Caravaggio and wikipedia says that was the message of Christ: God come to earth, and mankind reconciled with the heavens. So why was Jay Z wearing it one can only wonder perhaps he is not so dastardly as yall believe why would he wear a depiction of christ if he doesnt believe in christ

  26. or maybe jayz simply wore the shirt because he is an admirer of the artist Caravaggio who is said to be an Innovator for that time period…” Caravaggio rejected the ideals of the Renaissance artists to depict beauty and harmony. Instead, he insisted that reality was his teacher, and for his models he used common street people including, some art historians believe, prostitutes. ” it is also said that Merisi — better known as “Caravaggio” after the northern Italian town where he was born in 1573— would work at his paintings for a time, and then take to the streets, swaggering about with his sword and dagger. He gambled and fought, developing a criminal record well documented in Rome’s police files.

  27. Yes, it could be considered blasphemous if Jesus and Satan existed, but they actually don’t so…

  28. You never see other races do this to their successful own.

    Imagine white people getting pissed off and disrespecting one of their own because they were in a photo wearing a playful t-shirt that showed Santa Claus having sex with Snow White. Imagine that. Imagine hate being spewed and anger over 2 fictitious figures that some more white people made up.

    Further more, imagine those same people hating and disrespecting a father, a son, a family man who they never met in person over a photo that some troll site claims depicts something, when it clearly does not even come close to it. There is NO PROOF that this shirt even remotely comes close to it. I mean, look with your own eyes. Use google, you fools. See what I mean? You just spewed pinned up hate WITHOUT ANY PROOF. Imagine we weren’t the only race that did that. Imagine someone else doing this foolishness. Just because some site said it, not ever requiring proof, not ever searching the truth of rumors, not ever waiting to get PROOF that Foxy really said that, not ever getting PROOF that Beyonce sacrificed her only newborn daughter to some unseen, unproven entity. Imagine it.

    That’s right. You’ll never see it.

    We are among the only race that never needs proof. All we go on are rumors, and we are fine with that. We don’t question the sources. We don’t question anything. We don’t read for ourselves. We don’t research the validity of what the illuminati really is. Or who started Christianity. Or who actually wrote the Bible and what books were “left out.” And why the Bible was written to begin with. And how many previous religions Christianity borrowed its same exact storyline from. Or, at the very least, does the shirt actually show what some site says it shows.

    Its just so sad. Really. It is.

    Only N—-rs get angry at one of their few successful and business progressive own. Only N—-rs hate their own like this instead of celebrate them. An example of black love actually WORKING and we tear them down. You don’t hate Jay-Z. You don’t hate Beyonce. You hate yourself.

  29. Normally I don’t give 2 flying shits about Jay-Z religious views (or anyone else’s), but that T-shirt is downright disgusting and disrespectful. Nobody’s religion deserves that level of disrespect.

  30. I posted this statement before, I will post it again just in case:

    1 Timothy 6:6-12 “…For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs”

    The hollywood devils use money, fame and luxury materials to tempt these black celebrities to sell their bodies, sell their intelligence, sell their souls and sell out their own race. Like prostitutes on the street corner, these black stars took the devil’s bait, entered the devil’s hollywood and Bel Air mansions, opened their mouths and spread their legs so the demons can deposit their seeds and satanic ideology into their bodies and mind. Dozens of black stars, including Jay-Z, have fallen for this sinister trick so many times, the scars and diseases can not be healed. The body and mind has been destroyed. The few black stars who were smart enough to invest their money may look like they’re perfect on the surface, but inside, they know they have sinned. Michael Jackson is a perfect example. This is why so many of them use drugs, which is like fighting a fire with gasoline.
    Remember, every single black celebrity in hollywood has sold out in one way or another. The black celebrity you think became famous because of hard work, I got news for you, he or she had to either do the casting couch or the eyes wide shut party. Nobody becomes famous in hollywood unless they pledge allegiance to the satanic priests of entertainment; that goes double for blacks! If you choose to reject God (The Most High) and worship a false g.o.d. (gold, oil, drugs), then you are clueless, misguided and stupid just like these black entertainers. In addition, you may be severly punished in the next life just like most of these black entertainers. Remember, this life is temporary, the next life is eternity. Satan will always give a person money, fame and fortune in exchange for their soul. When you die, the mansions, cars, money, gold and jewelry don’t come with you. Just ask Aristotle Onassis. If you want more information, go to vigilantcitizen.com

  31. I do not care about his shirt. Only afool would believe this is a depiction of Satan having sex with the Messiah. Jay Z is as vile as a sewer.

    • That’s just something christa and them thought up between bong hits to try to make 15 year old tea sensationalized and semi-interesting.

    • DaRadiant 1

      You don’t like it?!
      When God read the story on HSK about Jay Z’s tee-shirt with a picture of Satan having sex with his son, he went fucking nuts up there in heaven. Started knocking shit over, breaking wings off angels, made a big earthquake in the Phillipines too.
      But then he found out it was just a hoax and he felt bad.

      • U are missing the point. I don’t care what is on Jay-Z ‘s shirt, shoes, or whatever! Just don’t disprect GOD, that’s all I am saying!
        Man enough of this subject. I got other things to worry about. You and Jay Z’s shirt is not on my list! Later!

  32. This is the dumbest shit i have ever seen…this photo is a portrait Michelangelo did of the DISCIPLE JOHN taking Jesus off the cross and into the tomb…NOT SATAN…Mary (mother of Jesus) and Mary Magdelene in the background…just another example of niggas tryna make stories out of nothing…SMH

    • Jason,

      I’m going to look in my old big bible with all those vivid pictures in it.
      I hope you’re right but based on the story & the angle of the picture we see it’s not.

      Thank you for your attempt at enlightening us to the possible truth. I don’t like Jay Z at all but I would not want to falsely accuse him of anything either.

      • Jason,

        I did as I said & looked for that portrait/graphic. It is in fact Joseph of Arimathea: The Man that Gave Up His Tomb for Jesus Christ.

        “When evening had already come, because it was the preparation day, that is, the day before the Sabbath, Joseph of Arimathea came, a prominent member of the Council, who himself was waiting for the kingdom of God; and he gathered up courage and went in before Pilate, and asked for the body of Jesus.” -Mk. 15.42-43

        I STILL can’t stand nor do I support Jay Z, however, he is NOT sporting of a t-shirt — bearing the image of Satan having sex with Jesus Christ.


  33. In the event I offended anyone here in the HSK forum by my previous comments regarding this article I humbly apologize.

    I spoke out of term by sharing my harsh opinion regarding this story.
    There is NO truth to this story.
    The graphic on the shirt Jay Z & Jezzy are wearing are edited to have removed the other people in the background of the actual picture but it is clearly Joseph of Arimathea: The Man that Gave Up His Tomb for Jesus Christ. I have submited PROOF via the link below which I posted in my comment to Jason who actually the first person to catch this untruth. You can also find this in your bibles in Mk. 15.42-43 if it has pictures.

    From now on I’ll be checking my facts & doing sufficient research BEFORE I share I open my mouth here.

    Again, I apologize…smh


  34. Jay z is still a satan worshipper and very disrespectful
    He dont give a fuck about women, child or man
    Believe me whether its SUPPOSED to be an picture of HIS god or not
    it is very disrespectful and he know it. I wonder how he would feel if people walk around in a t shirt with him giving Larry Johnson dome

    Jay z is evil and I praise God he delivered me from his music

  35. Thanks Ms Reg and others for providing proof.

    Look at that. People are actually PISSED that this story ISN’T true. People hate Jay-Z so much they NEED all of the internet photo-shopped rumors to be true to validate their hate.

    Guess you’ll have to find another reason to hate on that man.

    Until the next made up rumor…

    • I’d be careful when using the word ‘original’ when all of these alleged images of the bible were made about 1300 years AFTER Christ and in the images of the Germanic conquerors of Europe – IN Europe – not the middle-east! This is why the white Christ has blond hair and blue eyes. He is a Germanic conqueror of Italy named Borgia. This is a part of white (Germanic) supremacy – to beat you in the head with their images to replace the previous blacks ones. Every time you think of the bible, you think of their images, which are all false. They use those images to put a white face on the bible and god that never existed. There is no image of any god in history that was white, they were ALL black.

      • Josh,

        I’m not disputing your comment one bit. I am, however, disputing this story & what it blatantly implies.

        The fact of the matter is THAT graphic/picture is NOT of satan having sex with Jesus. The true origin is besides the point right now. My issue is “DON’T CREATE & DISTRIBUTE A DAMN LIE!”

        What you’re saying may be dead on the money but it’s a different topic. You always bring value & diversity to these stories but in THIS case…THE STORY IS DAMN LIE!

  36. This is ‘The Entombment of Christ’…It depicts Joseph of Arimathea carrying Jesus to his Tomb. This is not a blasphemous artwork.

  37. Ppl so ridiculous dam!! I got about 50 comments in my email about this BS!! Okay we know its misleading but we also know what J about ! Let this shit rest

      • This is sacrilegious for the simple fact that Jesus is painted white when the Bible says otherwise. I believe in Jesus, but not this fake white image of Jesus. Even if it was a picture of Satan having sex with this man they claim is Jesus, why would I get mad? To get mad means you actually equate that to being Jesus, which means you are therefore an idiot and an idolator for worshiping a false image. Get mad about that.

        And get mad about the fact that this step and fetch it negro Jay Z is promoting this false image of Jesus which is basically promoting the lie that the white man is God.

        • Aha! It bothers me that negroes will fight you tooth and nail bout they yt jesus and go silent when u point out he was blackish. I dont get it.

  38. Boy please! Who hasn’t done something crazy in church. Esp. when forced to go by your granny as a child. People stay feeding “the devil” …..

  39. So I suppose Jigga CHOSE this particular shirt to give HONOR to Christ Jesus burial
    People taking up for others just cuz they are rich black and famous is getting played out

  40. The image is not sacrilegious…it’s actually Caravaggio’s “The Entombment of Christ” (1602-1603) . For those of you who saw this image and saw Satan f*****g Jesus…the real obscenity lies in you mind and not in the image. Now what?

  41. People are reaching. How is that sex? That looks at most like one man helping set an injured or dying man down to rest.

  42. That image is from a work of art- NOTHING TO DO with the “Devil.” Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio – aka Caravaggio- created his painting “The Entombment of Christ” in 1602–1603, for the Church of Santa Maria in Vallicella, Italy…”…enlarge and you will sii it’s a roman carrying the body of Jesus…..do your research!!

  43. Actually that isn’t Satan. The name of this piece is entitled The Entombment of Christ by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. That is Nicodemus holding Christ. This is very famous piece of art work. whom ever wrote the article has no journalistic standards and an obvious lack of basic research skills. LO

    • So true they need to visit a museum or take an art history class or stop watching porn. If they see sex in this painting they probably see sex like the little boy see dead people.

  44. This thread has evolved into a regular art history tutorial. I don’t think the name Caravaggio has received this much press in the last 20 years.

    How bout a class in the Age of Enlightenment next?

    • christa,


      What got me was the fact that no one really spoke on the issue of the “story being twisted & poised at us as something it’s not.”

      While Jay Z may still very well be the devil himself disguised as a camel faced idiot…the fact still remains THIS STORY IS A DAMN LIE!
      ….Just Saying…..

      • Hey Ms Reg, I completely agree with you. The whole point of the piece was to show the blaspheming, sacrilegious nature of the shirt. Even though the art on the shirt may be the work of a master, I still feel that the wearing of said art and the attendant reaction which it elicits is an indicator of the inner psyche of he/she who wears the design.

        I mean, if I were a “God fearing” person, I believe I might rethink my outfit. What is amazing to me, and I would not have known this w/o the piece from Jacky, is that this vaunted work has become so popular with today’s fashionistas and trendsetters. So I did gain some info from the thread!

  45. christianity is a death cult the holy bible both old and new were written in code.

    jehovah told his chosen the isrealites to destroy his enemies throughout the old testament for not believing in him. whites have killed millions in the name of jehovah or jesus.

    funny when moses went up the mountain to talk to god his people immediately started worshipping the golden calf which they learned while they was in egypt about worshipping egyptian gods.

    everytime one of the isrealite judges died they started serving other gods.

    god told abraham or abram which symbolizes aries the ram to kill his son isaac.

    lots of child sacrifice in the bible. jehovah killed every firstborn in egypt in exodus including every cattles firstborn to me this is a secret cofe cause whites took these verses turned them into something bigger.

    jehovah had animosity against the egyptians he hated other cultures for not worshipping him but he really hated the egyptians and their neighbors.

    after god told jehu to destroy the fanmily of ahab and jezebel well after jezebel was thrown off the wall the dogs ate her and only her skull remained once again a death’s head or skull and bones reference.

    jesus crucified at golgotha the place of skulls once again death references and homaghe to skull and bones and jesus being led to the crossraods which was why he carried a cross to the death.

  46. forgot dude’s name but he willingly sacrificed his daughter to god after making a promise.

    the same god who was against his people and other people sacrificing children to molech, or molek, or beelzebub.

    god killed david’s son by bathsheeba because david had her husband slain in battle.

    can’t forget solomon or sun and moon or soul of a man worshipped false gods after a while.

    but he was the wiseset man in the world which means he knew the secrets of god he was already part of the elite being a king

    can’t forget moses already knew the egyptian mysteries because he was raised as the pharaoh’s grandson and part of the egyptian regime and a prince so he knew all about their gods and traditions and secrets and taught these to the isrealites when they left egypt to go and conquer the world which was what they did the isrealites under the leadership of moses and later joshua killed many people and stole lots of money and posessiomns of the egyptiaNS.

  47. Ppl are so easy to fool…this is clearly a picture of a man being carried by a few other men. LOL

  48. That is not Satan having sex with Jesus. It is a famous, classic painting by Caravaggio titled: The Entombment of Christ. Get yourself educated before you start judging people for heaven’s sake!

  49. I’m surprised some of you still don’t believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny with all this rapper Illuminati crap your invest your boring lives to believe.

    • You probably think that the majority population of Muslims is in the Middle East. Silly biased uneducated and ignorant smh.

  50. That’s a famous painting people really need to visit the museum more, before making crazy comments like this. If it wasn’t what’s up with your imagination that you see a sexual act taking place in the painting? Seems to me that only someone who is demonic could see sex going on in the painting

  51. It’s gonna be hard to follow the Sixth Commandment if this nγgger shows up here in AZ wearing that shirt.

  52. The question of the day is : WWWWHHHY? Why is he so hellbent on sending messages with his sweat shirts but saying nothing in his rhymes? He wears ‘do what thou wilt’ t-shirts (Aleister Crowley…look it up) and brings God into all of his rhymes in some derogatory fashion. He a suspect all around.

  53. WHOEVER it is…is clearly not having sex with anyone. What position is that exactly? His head isn’t between his crouch, nothing. Please stop jumping to conclusions about people that you don’t know.

  54. Y’all are some simple minded people. That is not what the shirt is. The shirt is the Disposition of Christ! Look it up and try gaining a little knowledge you simple bastards!!

  55. This fraud is a former drug dealer, so what did you expect? Taste in art? Respect for the feelings and beliefs of others?

  56. First whoever wrote this article is an idiot, why, because you wrote an article without any research what so ever. Had you done a simple Google search you would have discovered that the art work on his t-shirt is a 1602 painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio title “The Entombment of Christ” you would have also discovered that it is in fact a depiction of the burial of Jesus Christ, occurred after his death by crucifixion, when, according to the gospel accounts, he was placed in a new tomb belonging to Joseph of Arimathea (the person in the red robe carrying Christ and not the devil “having sex with him”). So in actually there is nothing sacrilegious about the shirt it actually extremely religious painting.

  57. You guys are complete DOPES..that shirt Jay Z is wearing is a painting of The Deposition which is NOT an image of Satan having sex with Jesus. Satan has NOTHNG to do with the painting….morons…

  58. Pleases sweet Jesus, I am praying for that day when we will not have another thread informing us of the provenance and historical nature of this damn painting. WE GET IT ALL Y’ALL ART HISTORY MAJORS!

  59. That shirt is not a picture of Satan having sex with Jesus. The image is “The Entombment of Christ” by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

  60. Its kinda hard to tell because its looks more like he is catching him from falling. If you look at where the guy feet are set, the dude at the top is not between him!!! I think we run to a conclusion without examining the details 1st!! Jay z has gotten in so many folks head that we are critical of everything he does, say , wear etc. not to say that we should be blinded by foolery, but this only keeps him relevant!!

  61. The picture on their shirt is actually a cropped piece of art entitled The Entombment of Christ, and created by historical artist Michelangelo Merisi or Amerighi. It’s important to do research before jumping to conclusions.

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