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Jayde Nicole & Tosh Berman’s Hollywood Nightclub Scam Uncovered!

September 4th, 2012

AV Nightclub Bottle Service

VIP Bottle Service Bandits?

“@AVnightclub was a mad house last night, that #bottle drop is quite beautiful” ~Twitter, @AVnightclub

HSK Exclusive – Bait-and-switch seems to be Jayde Nicole’s latest mode of operation, as the Canadian-born model heads a plot to scam thousands of dollars out of unsuspecting Hollywood nightclub VIP patrons. HSK has exclusively uncovered AV Nightclub – located at 1601 N Cahuenga Boulevard – serves as the stage where the set of Hollywood heists are pulled on wealthy and intoxicated club-goers.

“@Jayde_Nicole Owner of AV Nightclub, VIP Host, for tables info@AVnightclub.com, Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutritionist, Owner of Jayde Nicole Fitness, Playmate of the Year…” ~Twitter, @Jayde_Nicole

After receiving several reports that AV nightclub VIP patrons were being taken for big bucks after purchasing bottle service, we decided to send an undercover plant into the Hollywood hot spot to catch Playboy’s 2008 Playmate of the Year’s nightclub scam in action. Our HSK investigator had an AV Nightclub VIP table reserved, before arriving at the club just before midnight, Saturday. A hostess escorted our HSK plant and company to the booth – where a total of three bottles of Dom Perignon Champagne, and two bottles of Evian water were ordered. After the first bottle of champagne was consumed, then came the second. When the third bottle arrived, our HSK plant discovered not only was it a bottle which was already opened – but, it was filled with water, not champagne.

Here’s what our HSK undercover investigator had to say about the incident:

“I was flabbergasted. I had a member of my entourage take a sip, to be sure. And, low and behold – I wasn’t tripping!

I immediately summoned our waitress to complain. She was like ‘No! You’re wrong’, before fleeing from our table.
About 10-minutes later, another woman approached with the check – insisting we sign it. They had taken my credit card before we were even seated.

After taking a look at the bill, I saw I was charged an additional hundred bucks for each Dom bottle – listed on AV’s menu at $750 a bottle. So, I paid $850 for a fucking Dom bottle filled with water!!! When I signed the check, the bitch looked at me to fill in the ‘tip’ line – but AV took the liberty of adding 20% to the total of $3435.65.
Like what? I’m supposed to tip twice?

The funny thing is when I called Jadye Nicole over, the bitch even took a pic with me! How funny is that?”

Jayde Nicole Ave Nightclub Scam

Sources tell HSK, more than often, they haven’t realized they have double-tipped their AV Nightclub waitresses (sometimes as much as four-digit figures) until it’s time for them to review their monthly expenditures. And, because they’re in party mode after already consuming mass amounts of alcohol – the ‘water’ heist is often overlooked.

You may remember Matt Bendik (formerly a partner at Voyeur Nightclub) and Tosh Berman opened AV Nightclub’s doors back in May of this year. Bermen – a 32-year-old Denver, Colorado native – is Jayde Nicole’s current boyfriend – landing the 26-year-old Torontonian nude model the pass to pull the scam off. It’s an operation which the couple is undoubtedly behind, as almost all of their bottle service contracts are covered with club-goer’s credit cards.

Jayde Nicole & Tosh Berman

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March 25, 2014

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Tosh Berman
January 8, 2013

I just want to make it clear that I share the same name as Tosh Berman, but I am not the Tosh Berman that’s on this blog. I am much older then the other Tosh. Ugh.


November 29, 2012

If you are paying $750 for a non-vintage bottle of Dom Perignon, you have already shown yourself to be a complete fucking rube and deserve any additional scams the club can run on you…


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