What Do Jay Z and R Kelly Have in Common?


R Kelly Jay Z Beyonce Three-Way Love

3-Way Sex with Beyonce!

HSK Exclusive – Jay Z may have ‘put a ring on it’, but that may not mean he’s opposed to sharing Beyonce with his boys.

According to one music industry insider (formerly of Jive Records) – Jay Z granted R Kelly the green light to smash Beyonce, during a threesome sex session the trio once shared.

It’s all reported to have gone down during the time Jay Z and R Kelly were tight, apparent to many through their string of musical collaborations. This before the pair parted ways back in 2005, following the melting of that relationship during the ‘Best of Both Worlds‘ tour. Now, the that very phrase ‘Best of Both Worlds’ seems suspect in itself. Don’t you agree?

So, how did the information leak?

Sources say Jay Z didn’t exactly ‘Keep It On The Down Low’, adding the last person the Roc-A-Fella Records founder should have shared the info with is Nick Cannon. Don’t believe me.. Ask Tracy Nguyen.”

Here’s how the conversation with my insider about the incident went down:

My insider contacted me saying:

Hey Jacky, I got something that’s gonna blow your mind!

I replied:

“Nothing surprises me in this business we call entertainment”.

My insider chuckled before saying:

“Did you ever hear the story about R. Kelly and Jay Z running a train on Beyonce?”.

I immediately responded:

“Jay don’t even kick it with R. Kelly, and that’s kinda crazy because Jay and Bey are married!”.

My insider revealed:

“This shit happened a long time ago when Jay and R. Kelly were friends. The story came to light because of Nick Cannon’s mouth.

Jay, Nick and a few others were on a private plane from New York. During the flight they were being guys, and started talking about a bunch of shit. They forgot the youngster Nick was on the plane.

Suddenly, Jay told the guys he and R. Kelly both had sex with Beyonce at the same time. Nick couldn’t believe what he just heard – so when he got off the plane, he called his handler at Jive Records. She told him ‘I didn’t hear what you just told me and you didn’t hear it either.’ “

My insider continued:

“I’m an executive, those guys are all talent to me. Jay did say it, because around the same time Nick told his handler over at Jive is when I heard about Beyonce’s menage a trois.”


    • Jacky, I do not believe this story for one bit,and you know why? because R.Kelly does not like grown 22 yo women, he likes teenage girls so this article is debunked!

      • Shut the fuck up beyonce a hoe she got no right calling kim kardashian a hoe because kim above her she blow with the wind bitch

        • All you hoes can stfu about beyonce being a hoe how the fuck would yall know it happened or not people are so got damn quick to comment on someone elses life you all know damn well thats not true and thats a fake ass convo and jacky u need to sit tf down some where and let bey and jay live thier life and stop spreading rumors they have feelings too so thats hurts and its completely mean and wrong

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if this story is true. Just because R.Kelyy likes little girls doesn’t mean the singer doesn’t indulge in grown women. Think about it. Beyonce was very young during this time. She could have been between the ages of 18 and 24.

    • R. Kelly and Jay-Z also have Aaliyah in common. They both had a sexual relationship with Aaliyah.

      R. Kelly’s relationship with Aaliyah was exposed back in the day when she was a teenage up and coming artist.

      Jay-Z’s sexual relationship with Aaliyah has been hush-hush for the most part.

      All you heard about before Aaliyah’s death and immediately after her death was about her relationship with Jay-Z’s ex-busness partner, Damon

      Truth is, both Jay-Z and Damon Dash were hitting it, and it came in between their friendship and business relationship.

      Jay-Z had Aaliyah killed when he chose Damon Dash to be her handler over Jay-Z.

      Soon after, Jay-Z chose Beyonce as his back-up hoe.

      • As true as SOME of that MAY be to some folks, if you don’t have ANY supporting evidence to support your theory, you should NEVER bring it up because it’s only a theory NOT A FACT {there is a BIG difference!}. If you were to take your assumptions to court in front of a judge, do you think the judge would listen to you and convict JayZ? No!

        I have been an Aaliyah fan since 1996. I would love to believe Aaliyah had a relationship with Jay-Z then left for Damon Dash and that Jay Z might have had something to do with the death out of rage. But can i go by just that theory? No! I WOULD love to believe that Aaliyah didn’t know what she was getting into when illuminati wanted her to join them then she backed out last minute and they thought she knew too much then killed her {if the illuminati is real} but until it is proven to be true… the only people who know THAT is Aaliyah, Jay Z and God and we are NOT to pass judgment.

        As for Aaliyah’s sexual encounters; whose business is that of yours?! Aaliyah was human like all the others and is entitled to get her freak on too behind the scenes. Why does it shock people when celebs do HUMAN stuff? They are not aliens! Unlike most females these days, at least Aaliyah carried herself respectively and classy.

        Get ya facts straight before throwing $hit out there!

        • Really…..people truly need to “open” their eyes about these entertainers – lol. What makes them so special….fame and money? Lmao! Aaliyah did get around as do most of the artists in the industry – the real world knows that. Where there is ” smoke”….there’s fire 😉 someone is talking and fans don’t like the truth… Hip hop and RnB isn’t the same anymore. There are truly other talented artists out there besides Wayne, jay z, minaj, drake etc….. Bring back the old hip hop and RnB cause this new shit sucks and the messages they are portraying to the young folks are wrong and immoral! What about “stay in school” or “better yourself”. The majority of these artists are a bunch of dropouts anyways…..Great role models! Lmao and their fans are hilarious too! People they are just regular people with money with popularity….that’s is it… you don’t have to go on the bandwagon to defend someone you don’t even know personally … They only care about you … The fan… Because it’s you who makes them rich and famous…they sell their whack music to you and you make them rich….that’s why they need to love their fans! LMAO

        • shut up u just don’t want to believe that fact that beyonce is a hoe not only that jay z was cheating on blu cantrell with beyonce. Beyonce is niot god and she’s not an angel so being so brainwashed she’s not the greatest and i still believe nas and just timberlake hit.

      • My opinion is that jus like Lady Gaga & Lina Morgana.. Aaliyah’s soul is in Beyonce.. Thanks to Jay-Z. Damon Dash sold out. DMX, Timbaland, Missy, they know all about it. Eve know. but only the one’s that speak about get discredited. For more of a recent reference.. look at Katt Williams. He’ll be murdered. When stars attempt to deprogram themselves, they “self destruct” w/ actions that appear to us as insanity.. though we can’t fathem it if we’ve never heard or seen it w/ every sense we have. It bypasses us when they are murdered because we all assume they are all drug addicts. They are mind control slaves trained to be spiritual/freemind assassins. I don’t believe this story but it’s not farfetched. Read the book “Thanks For The Memories” by Brice Taylor (Sue Ford) Whitney.. murdered. Anna Nicole.. murdered. Jackson 5.. jus another B2Gay. She reveals in her book how it took her 12 years to recover all the satanic ritual abuse she indured due to the high mount & decades of her trauma based mind control. Her & her daughter we a sex slave team for people like Bill & Hilary Clinton, Prince Phillip & Charles, Sylvester Stallone, Margaret Thrather, & George Bush Sr. Which applied alleges that all those listed are pedophiles w/o any decord of it. Music is a vessel for Satan. We are either questioning everything or questioning nothing. It is all a sign of them end times as said in the scriptures of wahtever you want to label as your bible. I’m not being exact but in my own words it says something like when the world becomes confused, distracted, the disbelief is at an all time high, it is the acts of the prophet.. (Obama aka Osama) / AnitChrist / Lucifer.. We are currently in those times. Revelations. He is already present. Though when he takes his true form appearing as a serpent.. that when the earth will be cleansed & the evil will cast below. Fortunately, that is our Judgement Day. & then the world as we know it will be new. Though to the devil’s surprise it’s the battle of possessing our pure humanity from the beginning of the bible to the end ALL OVER AGAIN. It’s not as simple as I jus put it. Think modern holocaust.. but the length of suffering in my opinion cannot have anything on my forever I’ll spend in heaven w/ those who know the way & are actually aware of the demons in these celebrities & their harmonies. Jus open your mind, 99% of the things in this world are artificial & not real. We’re believing in a fake reality like it’s a religion. This ratchet era is Revelations itself.

        • Damn that was so true. I would love to talk to you more about this. Im a person thats really into this stuff but omg that is so real. God bless you

  1. Watch WigOncye’s stans run in here and say that Jay was her first and the only man she has ever been with (Oh shit, sorry, some pigs just flew by my window) and this story is a lie. We all believe BeyBot was a virgin when she met Lip-Z as much as we believe ThiefOncye was actually preggers.

      • Marques Houston? He needs receipts. He was trying to cover his Chris Stokes tracks. There was a story a long time ago that somewhat confirmed the gay Marques Houston rumors, Destiny’s Child used to go to IMX (then Immature’s) house unsupervised so they could get chummy. Would you believe that Marques preferred to stay upstairs with Chris Strokes and a few other butt buddies versus kicking it with DC?

        But Beyonce has gotten around. With NBA players, actors, singers, record execs male models. But Marques “Fuck lil boys in the ass” Houston? Nah. The TUG camp started those rumors to keep up the facade. Sickening. Don’t believe me Ask the abusive lesbian in the TUG camp Taj (who may have sampled some DC lovin)

        • you mean “Taz”….anyway, there is truth to the rumors of him and beyonce. when letoya luckett was dismissed from destiny’s child she was dating Jerome “Romeo” Jones from immature, and she spilled the beans about how marques and beyonce dated but beyonce broke it off in a rather immature way via “the telephone game” (tell someone else to tell him).

  2. I believe all these entertainers,singers,actors and rappers have a crazy/unbelievable story about them. I would of never thought she got down like that but Beyonce is no different. I put nothing pass them.

  3. Sadly, I’m not surprised but one has to wonder what she could have gained from it. R isn’t gonna let her take songwriting credits and she was already on top of her game.

    • Excatly! thats why I dont believe it, Yea we know she fucked old ass Robert Townsend for that Carmen role, But why R. Kelly, beside shes to old for him to enjoy and Jay is to Jealous…Mayb R. Kelly tried to holler and thats where the fallout came from…Lets be realistic thinkers……

    • It kinda depends when it happened. If you recall, Jay Z and Beyoncé were trying to keep the relationship “hush hush” when her first single off her first solo album came out “Crazy in Love”.. just a little while later they decided to just go public with it. Beyoncé {although was well known at the time} she was going solo and was making a BIGGER name for herself especially after hooking up WITH Jay Z. At this peak of her SOLO career she had a lot to gain – did she need it NO but we all know Beyoncé is greedy and heartless and will lie cheat and steal her way to the top to prove she is the only diva in the game when she really isn’t. That’s just my own views.

  4. My gut tells me B ain’t being hit by JZ and never has been.

    I think this is a story just for hits.

    Call me Ma. I’ll bring it out RIGHT.

    • I agree. And from my experience, men who are into banging 15 and 16 yr olds like R.Kelly, don’t generally like to bang anyone as old as B. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

      So I call b.s on this threesome.

  5. Another blog said that Kobe hooked up with Bey in DC days.
    Check out Bey in Nas/Ginuwine’s “You Owe Me” vid.Makes you wonder who got that?

    Bey was also in Sole’s video.

  6. Hey yall don’t forget when Jay gave Big Willy (Will Smith) permission to smash Bey also. I was told a couple of times. SMH. It goes down in the industry 4real.

    • You’re right about that. Like I said yesterday on the Carters & Martins post, “You are the company that you keep”. Remember, Bey & Jay are close with Will & Jada. And, if Will & Jada are into swinging, what makes you think that Bey & Jay aren’t into it also? Beyonce has been passed around in that business like crazy!! It’s amazing how people find that hard to believe because of her “ladylike-perfect image”. But, don’t let the Southern charms fool you. Beyonce gets it in. In order to get ahead in that business, it’s damn near required for one to sleep around! She didn’t get “large” like that based off of talent alone. Trust me. And, she’s not the only one.

  7. Not surprised at all. The rumors have been swirling for a long time that this person is nothing but, a sex slave for her so-called husband. They roll differently in the entertainment industry. Anything goes.

    • i agree however i dont think bey likes men that piss on woman. but whoooooo knows! lol she always wears gold. (golden showers)

      • To, MG

        That’s just it. We really don’t know who these people really are. What we see of them in public is a PR driven image. Not the real thing. One would have to get down with the get down in order to get to the level that she and many others like her are on. Make no mistake about it.

        I know it’s hard for some to believe but, sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction.

        • So true. And, let’s look at who she chose for a husband. Jay-Z’s track record isn’t exactly spotless. He’s a former drug dealer, has shady business practices and has been known to treat friends and women in a very disrespectful manner. If Beyonce rolls with a man like this, then what does that say about her? There is no way in the world that this woman can be married to someone like Jay-Z and not carry some of those same traits herself. It’s impossible. They’ve been together for 10 years now. Obviously, they are more alike than we know, or else they would not have lasted this long with one another. So, when you’re saying that what we see is the PR version of themselves, you’re right. They show who they really are behind closed doors.

  8. I’ve been hearing about Beyonce’ for a while, but this story seems a bit far-fetched.Just nasty. Why would Jay marry someone he ran a train on? I think he is too prideful of a human-being to do some shit like that.

    • Chex, I believe Jay-Z would marry somebody he ran a train on especially because who else is he gonna marry? She was tryna get up under her “Sexy Daddy” and Jay was her only viable option. Aaliyah dying was the best thing that ever happened to Beyonce. That Jay Z jump-off Kathy White dying/getting killed was the second best thing.

  9. Do you actually believe that these men don’t share their women? That the women don’t swap husbands to keep their men? Hollywood has always been scandalous! Orgies of all kinds, gay sex parties, lesbian sex parties. Come come now! They all get down. Ever wonder about all those sex tapes out on celebs? Some are taken at sex parties where the celebs are too drunk or too high to realize they are being filmed.

    When you sell your soul to the devil and worship the devil, devilish things will befall you!

    How do you think Jay-Z was able to rub elbows with Bill Gates and Warren Bufffet? He either had to bend over for them or give his sidemen them or both!

    • sickening who wanna bend over for bill gates geeky looking ass.

      money sure must talk in hollywood.

      some geeky, nerdy, retarded looking ass white dudes be getting some hot chicks.

      phil spector’s psychotic drugged out ass had ronnie spector had to have been the money.

      travis barker’s cracked out looking ass had miss america and kim kardashian.

      pete wendt’s homo looking ass had ashlee simpson.

      if tom green can nail girls anyone can.

      if geeky ass screech from saved by the bell can have a 3some in a tub anyone can.

    • PREEEEEEEEACCCH!!!!!! TELL IT, TELL IT…….Fake as a $3 bill….when those eyes finally close, their handlers will be cashing in……

  10. Rumors like this one are so damn old. Jay been pimping Bey out and for some strange reason, Jay really enjoys running a train on her.
    And of course he would marry her. She is his ultimate dream woman, one he can control completely. I’ve also heard that sometimes Jay even includes her in his “Lady Boy” sexual activities. It seems he really prefers his tryst with Beyonce and whatever male or shemale he chooses. Beyonce is his very own personal sex slave. Who also goes to the White House for business there too.

  11. Another Don Cornelius like hit: blood sacrifice?

    Bob Welch, the former Fleetwood Mac singer and guitarist, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Welch was 65 and left a suicide note. A police spokesperson said Welch had been suffering from health-related issues. In addition to his time with Fleetwood Mac, Welch had a successful solo career. His biggest hit, “Sentimental Lady,” hit No. 8 on the charts.

  12. I thought this was going to be about how the both of them are into young girls being that jay-z was hitting foxy brown when she was high school. Not surprise by this story being that everyone sleeps with everyone in the industry.

  13. Jay-z was with Aaliyah who was with Damon Dash. they both wife her up she was with R. Kelly. all 3 were friends…..

  14. u know what also strange to me. Several years ago, tocorra from america next top model had a birthday party in nyc. Beyonce and jay-z busted their asses to b at her party. My godsister mentioned to me their association seemed a little off and that tocarra might b pleasuring them. I wouldnt put anything past any of them.

  15. I call bullshit, cow shit, frog shit and any other shit that’s out there. Don’t believe this bs story for a minute. (rolls eyes…to the side)

  16. Well that damn video showed R.Kelly can eat the box that man has skills LOL. She says in her song Schoolin Life she’s a freak all day all night.

  17. I remember meeting this producer( I’m just gonna say he produced for a group Wyclef founded) and he said Beyonce was very generous when it came to giving head in the studio… I didn’t have a reaction because he wasn’t trying to drop a bombshell, he was just suing it as if it were everyday common knowledge. This was before her solo album btw. I do believe from her image and videos she was being groomed to be an esoteric sex kitten and possibly a presidential sex slave…

    • one of my guys that was gettin serious bread that moved around in the entertainment/rap circle told us years ago that they used to call her S.A.N.D.
      suck any nigga dick.

      • S.A.N.D huh, explains why that rumored breath smells like pure tee trash wrap!!! Taste buds naturally SAC flavored now…..

    • Thank you Prinsex!!!

      Although there are a lot of people who don’t or won’t believe Bey ever participates in things like this, it’s good to see someone who is aware of just how the industry gets down. The reason it’s not talked about a lot is because it is something that is normal to those in the industry and it’s no big deal.

  18. I heard she had a three-way with Aaliyah and Dame Dash to get her solo project green lit. I also heard she fukked all the top bosses at Sony to have the best recording contract of all artist. I also heard she had a gang bang with Ricki Martin, John Travolta, NSync, Backstreet Boys New Edition EnVogue Aretha Franklin & Chaka Khan.

    Don’t believe me… ask Mdombo Wolowitz.

    • No, she’s probably not fukkin’ the Prez… who he’s fuckkin’ is a whole other can of worms. But your girl Beyonce has fukked a whole lot of other people. Ask… Kelly Rowland, Matthew Knowles, Tocarra, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jay-Z, Chris Martin, Marques Houston and a bunch of producers.

      The only thing she has going for her is the main stream media and most of the world could care less.

      She doesn’t sell magazines except for maybe Essence. She can have dinner with Michelle O. all she wants, release her private photos, force feed shit down Global Grind’s throat and make them tweet about it…nobody cares and frankly people are sick of her. Know why? Because her music sucks. She’s a hack and copy-cat.

      She’s making money by robbing the system. Over-hyped live shows, having scalpers buy up the tickets. How is someone who can’t sell albums selling out 4 nights in a 5,000 place but yet it’s not even full. Really? Do the math. It’s bs. She’s trying to make a buck and when the scalpers get wise to the hustle, she better pack her bags for Vegas and pray people will pay to see her there… which is doubtful.

      All this time she spends trying to build up her Bee-hive and act like she’s legendary like Tina Turner is for nothing. At some point the charade will be over and I feel sorry for her. Know why? Because she was probably sexually abused as a teen and a victim of incest and when she stops chasing the dollar bills long enough to think about it, she’ll probably need some therapy.

      She’s lucky she got a little girl out of the whole thing and that’s a blessing. Hopefully, that child grows up and isn’t a mess.

      • Dang Lisa how do you really feel? You forgot to mention Will and Jada. I think she be freakin’ with them too. Really she needs to stop being an egomaniac and get back together with Kelly and Michelle and do more Destiny’s Child stuff. That was her best stuff. She’s not Diana Ross.

        • Diana was rooting Berry AND Gene Simmons AND ends up married to a Swiss billionaire .. straight outta Detroit


  20. Where is all this coming from? Is kris Jenner planting stories? Ever sense Kim and kanye got together and everyone was talking about how she was too much of a hoe to be in bey’s circle. Now supposedly bey is a big hoe too and sucking off random dudes? I don’t buy it for a minute. Bull f’n shit! But good marketing strategy kris Jenner, planting these bey hoe stories. Kim karnastyian is still the biggest whore on the planet. I don’t believe for a second that jay would wife bey if he let rkelly have her…so again I call triple bullshit on this nonsense.

    • okay, okay.. Bey’s not a hoe… she just fukks a lot! Even if she prolly doesn’t have half the sex people think, I firmly believe she’s bi and swings that just makes her even worse. At least Kardashian said, “Yes, I’m a hoe” by putting her porn out there… who cares.. she was just being young and free. Bey’s 30 yrs old with a baby running around trying to act like a cock tease. News Flash: Most straight men don’t find her attractive. Ugly fat girls and gay men are the only ones paying attention to her. She’s going to be in a leotard till she’s 100 like Madonna but at least Madonna is an icon. No way anyone is going to being paying to hear “Bills, Bills, Bills” when Bey is 50.

      • I don’t even like beyonce…but I know bullshit when I hear and see and this right here is some straight bullshit. Lolllll. When bey is 50 she won’t need anybody to pay here bills…go look up her net worth. For you to be praising Kim in your post, further leads me to believe this is all a smear campaign orchestrated by the kartrashians…nice try..but still don’t buy it..I call quadruple bullshit on this shit..lmbaooo I need more proof, maybe a statement from rkelly (that was backed up by a lie detector). Lolllll smh

  21. Random observation:
    Beyonce’s pose looks ridiculous, right? Makes you say “What the F is she doing with her legs and hand”, right?
    For those interested in the “hidden symbolism in pop music” thing, her whole body is forming an “A-OK” gesture, which some say is a representation of a 666.

    • She’s trying to brain-wash and hypnotize with all that robotic sex slave symbolism. Problem is it’s not working because people are too stupid these days to be mind-controlled with that crap.

      No one over 30 with any sense buys her albums and no one under 21 any buys her albums because she’s old now. Only people she got buying her crap are holdouts from the Destiny’s Child days. That means, pretty soon those scalpers won’t want her tickets because they lose money on them. That means, her whole situation shuts down. Luckily she married well but Jay-Z don’t give a fuk about anyone but Jay-Z if something better comes along, he’ll snatch it.

  22. Too late silly, she has your money living in a mansion while you’re in a trailer park double wide with your uncle aunt cousins mother and 12 sisters and brothers.

    • Well her bank heist is over… it’s not going to be easy money days after this. She’s done. Bad albums sales, Baby, 30 yrs old and married to an ego-maniac. They need to lead her out to pasture before it gets embarrassing. Its been a nice run. Plus, Kardashian is about to pee all over her parade one way or another.

      • Please don’t mistake me for a bey Stan, because I could give a rat’s ass crack about her, but I just can’t co-sign ths Kim is better than bey bullshit. You have to be either a kartrashian or apart of her pr team to even utter this nonsense. The only thing Kim is gonna pee on his kanye and those damn thong panties he wear now. Lolllll. You know what? I can’t partake in this, consider this my last post on this bullshit. I’m OUT! Lmbaooo

  23. Okay Ms. Tina Knowles, how do you explain this about your daughter? It’s sad to hear such horrible news about Beyonce. Of course, I am not shocked, because the what’s goes down in the industry, somethin I ahve heard about for many, many years. However, I knew eventually sonethin would surface about her. One must say look who she cose to be overly obessed with. I have wondered and asked many people what is it mafia man that she likes, she’s got money,talent, looks…. So one has to look at her self- esteem, obviously low. For anyone who is still interested in her, listen to her music how she expresses herself about Ug Mo!! Something is definetly wrong with her. Lat but not least it starts at home. What happen Beyonce!!!!!! Whith the things I have read and know about her, if she make to age 40 she will be lucky, and you all know why. The media has tarnished her image. Mrs. Obama, do you consider her a role model after reading this stuff? Then I am afraid for you daughters.

    So sas and disapointing to read Beyonce, I had so much respect for you. Oh! these rumors have surface for many years. untrue rumors go away.

    • Her personal life dont have shit to do with her legacy…Look and Martin and Malcolm..personal lives was fucked up, but that didnt take away from what they accomplished!

  24. LOL @ u ppl calling her a “sex slave” and a “hoe”, and u’ve only been able to come up w/ a few names…will smith, Marques Houston, kobe, and r. Kelly…REALLY!? that’s It??? Stop hatin mane.

    • I was thinking the same thing…. A lot of hate on Bey… It’s not her fault she’s beautiful & talented.

  25. Please Bey dont go for that shit ( or do she?), and beside why would Jay marry her if he let the homie smash it????? Shit dont sound Kosher….

  26. Ok I have arrived- pay attention I have said this before but this is my first time making this statement in public I predict that jay-z and beyonce will be the owners of a very large church as if they have left the music industry alone but really it’s gonna be all for the money so don’t be surprised when they announce it and remember I said it first

  27. Jay Z steals from Biggie all the time {not just Biggie but Eminem too. Go on Youtube and type “Jay Z steals from Biggie”. In fact everyone bits off of EVERYONE in the music biz.

  28. I know that there bis a lot of freaky shit! going on! in the Industry! but I don’t think this one is true!

  29. It’s crazy how people say things I truly feel like every thing happen for a reason ok na look at r.Kelly and Aaliyah her mother kno dat it was bad for Aaliyah to go off with that man

  30. You’re all right partly right and some or dead on, in your comments, except the one that made the comment about Robert Townsend, always remember your going to be an Old A** one day and it comes quickly!

  31. i cnt say im nt disapointed at r kelly. God i love ths guy and i think he is talented unlike our jayz’s. i dnt think bey is talented, u should listen to her lyrics u would swear she’s been heart broken, but she,s happly married ‘so she says’.

  32. Cowshit,bullshit,catshit, n any oda shit out there.ya’ guys r jus been jealous of my sexy n most talented US role model B. Jay is now wealthy so as she irrespective of any fuck so y dey fuck ya guy r smashing ya goddamn ass hole abt dem

    • Its not about being jealous!! Dont you have friends who have engaged in same sex situations? Or Three-somes? Orgies? Or just fucking more then one person over a 5 year time period! Bottom line is… So do these mother fuckers!!! You all glorify these losers like they are GODS!!! And they are not!! They are human just like us. They eat, breath, shit, piss, party, drink, smoke, fuss, fight, sleep, work, etc… just like us normal people.

      • closer to 40 than 20 and I don’t go to never have been in threesome or orgy or sell head for beats or studio time or fuck for bucks or hoe arond… don’t share and don’t wanna get shared or see or smell other people fuckkin.. I WILL VOMIT!!
        however just becuz I used to model and sing folks are gonna lie on me and I never even got famous…people lie ALL DAY AND NIGHT OUTTA SPITE CUZ THEY TIGHT THEY AIN’T RIGHT

  33. First all we all know r. Kelly likes them young… at the time that Beyonce would have been young enough to catch R. Kelly’s eye… her stepdaddy/pimp/manager/handler Mathew Knowles had her coochie on lock and was busy tearing it up.

    So this story isn’t accurate.

    • People change! And i’m quite sure R-Kelly don’t just limits himself to minors. He is fucking grown ass woman as well.

  34. Hey Look! These people are human just like we are. Just like you in the privacy of your own homes invite men and woman in and do God knows what, They do the same! Beyonce is a whore!! A lot of these girls are. And boys will be boys right?

  35. Don’t forget Chico DeBarge, she was hittin that when she was in her teens. Daddy caught ’em, too. Shortly after, Chico’s career dived.

  36. Sad to say there are mislead, lost, and confused ppl in the world… I dnt judge but the spirit of truth does. And it’s judgement is true. I was taught to judge by the fruits… Jay z
    Rkelly and beyonce have been linked to sex scandals. Look at the way they move,the way they talk and the ppl they deal with and it will reveal to u what they are… Mimick any of these three individuals, copy everything they do, dress like them talk like them, move like them, and sing their songs then look at urself in the mirror and ask urself what u see and what u would label urself…?

  37. I must say i love readn the comments than the actuall story itself. , God bless the ones that were on point with dare comments and i will pray for those who are blind to the truth.

  38. Jay and Bey smashed Sanaa too. Threesomes are tame for the industry. Beyonce is no saint, she’s just like the rest if not worst. I buy this. They were shaky in the beginning and R. Kelly was everything back then. They rely on you all being naive and you never fail them.

  39. LäҺetä viestejä jaa suudelmia, flirttaile jja deittaile.

    Kun haluaa suomalaisia naisia, niin täältä niitä saa.
    Ӎyös se, mitä kaikkea teette, on täysin teidän päätettävissänne.