Shawn ‘Inconsistent’ Carter NOT Vouched For By Five Percent Nation!


Jay Z Caught Lying

Dr. Seven Carter-Mr. Tom… Ford Fights For Street Cred?

Jay Z has exposed his own track record of inconsistencies. Know why? Not only has Shawn ‘Inconsistent’ Carter failed to stand behind the Five Percent symbolism of that gold pendent he sometimes flosses (most recently at the Barclays Center, an element of Brooklyn’s gentrification project), a spokesperson for the Five Percent Nation reveals Hova is full of it. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Lord Jamar.


“When asked by a reporter whether the medallion is meaningful to him, Jay-Z shrugged and said ‘A little bit’.”

To be sure, “one of the core tenants of the Five Percent Nation is that white people are ‘wicked and inferior’ to black men.” That said, if Jigga did believe the Nation he portrays to rep — why then would Jigga ride the ish of Tom Ford, who straight punk’ed Mister Marcy Projects by calling for a “rap translator” to understand Jigga’s “Tom Ford” lyrics?

Here’s what Five Percent Nation’s Saladin Allah had to say:

“Jay Z is not an active member — no one has vouched for him. It was always understood that you don’t wear the ¬regalia if you don’t totally subscribe to the life.”

Is Brooklyn’s very own mascot for Barneys scrambling for street cred? Of course! Just ask De-Haven Irby.


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      • There is nothing to understand here. The only thing to remember is there is only one god. There is only one true religion and that is Christianity everything else is false and just devil trickery. Forget all this percentage crap. No one is equal to god people.

        • Your a fool for believing in a european spook that was created by european conquerors. We are spiritual beings that do not have to go outside of selves to find inner,under and overstanding of the universe. There is no such thing as religion the current and most popular is your favorite christianity giving to the slaves as a means of control by their masters. Wake up people.

          • Fawk that “universe” balderdash. God is real, and Jesus was a righteous man of color. The reason you so not believe is because you are not called to. And yes it is a calling. I don’t believe as others so that its all predicated on bloodlines and race, but one thing is true- no non believers that are actually Satan worshippers will ever truly understand. So the fool here are you.

          • Slaves will be slaves when your spirit leaves your body you’ll learn the hard way uncle/aunt tom when their is no caucasian savior coming to save you. What a blind fool u are.

          • I said man of color, dumbass. Stfu. Yeah, we are blind. You r “illuminated” right? GTFOOHWTBS.

        • Spoken like a true ignorant, brain washed fool…you probably think it’s okay to break off “pastor” with a lil trim in his office after service too huh? Miss you need to get of the Internet and go get yourself enlightened, you sound ignorant as hell…no wonder Black families are failing right now with women like you heading up households.

        • Shut the entire fuck up with that shit please. Articles about the buffoonery of jay z, not how you feel about white Jesus.

    • This big nose b8stard trying to fool the public cause he wants all the hollywood n8ggahs to support his white queen wannabee but he dont fool me.

  1. it is 5 percent, and this dude is like the rick ross of NYC. It’s funny how him and his wifey are left to flounder after this latest disaster in what’s turning out to be a long line of disasters and will do ANYTHING to keep their names and pics in the blogosphere


        • I dated a 5%er back in the day. I used to build with him about the nation. It was explained to me that 5% of the people in the world have knowledge. 85% don’t. The other 10% are, for lack of a better word, in limbo. So when 5%ers speak of 85ers, they refer to those lacking knowledge/wisdom.

        • Allah was also explained as “arm, leg, leg, arm, head,” which = god body. They greet each other as ‘god.’

    • I wonder how much he paid NeNe to mention her name last night and try to dance to that ratchet beyonce song.

  2. Something must be about to crash and burn if he is wearing anything represent the black community or it’s thoughts. Probably tryin to figure out a way to expoloit the 5%

    • “Probably tryin to figure out a way to expoloit the 5%.”

      Yep. You hit the nail on the head. That’s what him and is wife does: EXPLOIT black people.

      • They can only exploit them if they allow themselves to be exploited. No one’s telling hem to invest in their ish!

        • It is never the fault of exploited people that others use them for their own personal gain. These two frauds are being exposed slowly but surely.

          • Jay z has shown his disregard for black people very recently – the Barney’s incident. If black people still want to support him then they are at fault.

  3. it’s like wearing a cross. for many people it’s simply a fashion choice, not indicative of one’s religious orientation.

    • I think that’s exactly what it is for him. We all know the Carters aren’t very deep people. I doubt Jay Z knows anything about the meaning of that medallion. He probably doesn’t care either.

      • The Star Of David or the Land Of Israel does not belong to these Poser fraud so called Jews.The real Jews are black.Read for yourself Jer 14:2

        • And i know thats rite! Lets see plunger mouth do that! He is working for the Devil an he will do all an any to disrespect us blacks an uplift the whites! Word up!

          • +1 Kinda like Madonna back in the day when she was dripping in crosses and Catholic icons. It was just fashion to her.

        • Lyor Cohen is another Poser Fake Jew.Trust and believe,these Edomites know good and well that they’re not the people of God.The bible says:And a bastard will dwell in Ashdod.Ashdod is a place outside of Jerusalem.

        • Shut up! Did he really? That fool is sad and lost, I really can’t wait for him to be exposed.

    • Y’all can keep believing Jay doesn’t know what he is doing. In fact, he’s banking on people’s ignorance. It’s how he and the Mrs. make their money.

      • Oh I think he definitely knows what he’s doing, I just don’t believe Jay Z nor his wife have taken the time to research the symbols they love to flash.

  4. I have zero respect for Jay Z. All he wants to do is keep people talking. Good or bad. He didn’t care that people were talking negatively when he continued to do business with Barney’s when Barney’s was in the news for being racist. Now we’re talking about him again. Jay Z’s bottom line is his CHA CHING. He could care less about what we think about him as long as people continue to buy his goods. Literally and figuratively. jmo

    • why do every low life ghetto piece of trash, when caught redhanded, look for other’s to point a finger at and snitch on?

      the blogger is not talking about the others, he IS TALKING ABOUT 2 FACED JAYZ

    • The fact that he only cares about money shows he is a fool. Bottom line is that money:
      Only buys u a house the size of a hotel and u need to walk a mile to get to the kitchen and u end up living with a bunch of strangers called servants.

  5. I think that he is well aware of what the meaning is behind the medallion but in his haste to appease the man he is wearing it in the full knowledge that by doing so he is dismissive of the cause – belittling it if you like.

  6. The devil stay busy so does his army. Stop feeding dark.ess. He is not worth a fart let alone energy…Next»»»»»»»»»

  7. fame only gets u a life of imprisonment where u cant even walk to the store without mobs chasing u and flashing camera lights. he can have it. let’s see how long he holds on to the money when the courts get thru

  8. Jay is a yacub lover,ask his white wife beyonce.i heard Chris martins wife,now ex wife doesn’t like to wash her ass,so why would jay and bey,be having threesomes with this grafted bitch.just goes to show that jay likes funky bitches,his wifes breath smells like funky ass,and Chris martins wife gwyneth smells like a wet dog,he ain’t no god body ,he is an 85 percenter though!

    • C’mon now Fresh. I can’t stand Goop, but even I don’t think she has a hygiene problem. She’s so snooty, I can’t imagine her not being fastidious about her cleanliness.

      • Goop does have a hygiene problem! She’s messed up a ton of designer dresses with her B.O. and aversion to deodorant or botox for her pits. Google it.

        • Now that you mention it, I do remember a story about her odor at The Met Ball 2 years ago. Her people were trying to blame it on some sort of fabric treatment, but if you say she shuns deodorant I believe you. I knew someone once who was that way.

          • No lie. I remember being told 20 years ago that Lenny doesn’t wear deodorant. To each his own. Not sure how he smells, but he sure looks delicious.

          • I know someone who hung out with him on that island of GIS. He smells like funk and ass but she fucked him anyway. Go figure.

          • Typo: island of his…don’t know if he actually owns the entire place. He owns real estate there.

          • As does Julie Roberts, who is quite proud of that fact and funky Whoopie Goldberg. Bad hygiene and Hollyweird go hand in hand.

  9. Jay-Z claimed to be a student of Dr. York, but Jay never represented anything remotely conscious in his lyrics. If he did, he probably wouldn’t be relevant today.

  10. I wish someone could produce the “Hey, Chicken Man” cover story from an OLD issue of RapPages about Jay-Z. I think I still have my copy. That’s his truth in print.

  11. Deoderant is harmfull unless its natural. 95% of breast cancer victtims have 1 thing in common which is deoderant……….anyway there is no need for deoderant if you eat healthy and drink healthy your body won’t give smells that hurt other peoples noses.

    • Food can’t stop pits from stinking. Certain parts of the body just smell like what they are. Bit if you aren’t gonna wear deodorant the least you can do is wash your pits . Hard to do while wearing a ball gown

      • What we eat does factor into the way we smell. I don’t care how perfect my diet is, I’m still wearing deo, lol. There are plenty of natural options out there for GOOP to wear, she has no excuse.

      • Actually, GOOP has enough moola to get her pits botoxed like Halle Berry did with her Monster’s Ball gown. That’s what women with money do.

    • Everyone who makes those statements stinks, literally. I know TONS of vegans who smell like funk. At least botox the pits.

  12. it’s pathetic to see a plethora of commentators that have no idea on what they’re talking about. at the end of the day God is love, so why is everyone arguing about trinkets of gold and percent margins? besides today’s mathematics is build or destroy. gee, i wonder what most of yall are doing? peace.