Jhonni Blaze’s Got Beef…And One Baltimore Raven!!!



HSK Exclusive – It’s official…the world’s gone RRRATCHET! But, homegirl is making headlines, so here’s the real drop…

That Houston stripper reported to have had a miscarriage while Twerking on stage, didn’t really have a miscarriage…but she is pregnant, reportedly by one NFL player!!!

He’s reported to be Baltimore Ravens running back, Bernard Pierce. Now, dude’s suspected 23-year-old stripping baby momma is said to be sharing her not-so-showing-yet self off…to some of his fellow teammates!!!

“She’s been sending nasty pics to another football player on the same team as the dude she’s suppose to be pregnant by!”

You may recall Jhonnie Blaze’s name went viral after word spread of the H-town VLive stripper suffering a miscarriage in the middle of her dance set. Now, we’re told a Uterine fibroid situation is what’s to blame for leaving Jhonni Blaze “bleeding and going into a convulsion” while she was twerking.

So what’s to blame for the false reports? The answer may lie in these Tweets:

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 10.03.33 PM

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 10.02.57 PM

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 10.02.33 PM


  1. Sigh….I miss the old days before Twitter & Facebook, when we weren’t witness to so much ratchetness.

  2. These bitches are hoes. I cant even use the word woman because they are not. You twerking, knocked up and fucking everything in sight. Low life shit but thats what men or should I say “lacking men” like.

    #I cant

        • Naw I’m a very classy lady. I don’t sleep around, one man at a time. These type of people are bitches. She straight nasty. Trying to do his friends and she knocked up and a stripper. She should stop acting low. Like damn.

    • Always remember:

      A stripper is just a hooker without a corner to land on yet.
      Once that “rain dollar” stops falling, they’ll do anything to grab that fast cash. The shame is gone, they already showed it off, why not give it up for a buck or two.
      And so begins the moral spiral.

      Brothers, if you have daughters, PLEASE spend time with them so that they can learn to respect themselves.

      • Yes .. and NO. Can’t judge everyone.

        Know a couple of girls who swung on the pole and they did very well. Came from very good backgrounds. Solid upbringing. But people can lose they’re way.

        One even went on to Columbia Univ in NY for grad school. Jack and Jill (childhood) membership and all. The other, who had a Links Cotillion, is also doing some amazing work.

        Not justifying these ladies’ behavior. Apparently they don’t know any better. But as my friend’s mom says: If you aren’t helping them do better, then can you really talk?

        • @Jalila. Good for them that they changed their lives around. But that profession ain’t exactly modeling and is to be looked down upon. No girl should ever get the impression that if she does this as a hustle, later on she will live happilly ever after because you don’t. This is a very self-depricating job & choosing it doesn’t necessarily map out your future, but it definitely says something about the person’s self-worth that chooses it. And the embarrassment will hunt your future business, love, and family relationships for years to come. My friend is a nurse & danced more than 15yrs ago. She only did it for a few months. Yet she still gets recognized. She wants nothing more than to put her past behind her. Its embarrassing.

  3. Not condoning dis behavior but the biggest most nastiest hoes be in the office. Look at all these teachers fucking under age kids in the schools. Strippers ain’t the ones being put on blast for fuckin under age students. Y’all closet whores need to shut up for now on. At least strippers get paid instead of chasing bums they know to get paid.

  4. Johnni Blaze got a nice qwap, even though I know 60% of that is silicone…Its pretty from the front.

  5. Instead of knocking them hoes just thank God that He made you a better human being then them
    Im not saying being a hoe is good or that you should feel sorry for these low lifes
    But like they say once a hoe
    always a hoe and you could never live it down
    Believe me. I used to be one
    Not because I didnt work a regular job or wasnt once a decent person I just got tired of self righteous people
    and double standard people and wanted to live the I dont give a phuck lifestyle
    Boy was I wrong and have a lot of regrets
    Im damaged goods and have to live a life of celibacy for the rest of my life
    I will never be able to have friends male or female because of it
    So thank God @Solaced that you are a better human being and a smarter person then I was
    Thank God you have a high esteem and value yourself
    I pray that 1 day I wil be able to love myself and value myself . I just hope that God truly forgive me and my family forgive me for shaming them.
    I hope that 1 day I can forgive myself
    If there are any young people reading this that are living this lifestyle because of a low esteem, PLEASE stop it now before you become damaged goods and get a bad reputation
    Get an education so you can think better and make better decisions.
    So you can live a quality life. So that you can feel better about your self
    Im not saying everyone that decides to be a hoe have a low esteem
    Some people are just dont give a phuck
    But Im speaking to the young ladies that may think this lifestyle is glamorous from the rap industry
    Believe me its not. At the end of the day the result of that lifestyle can lead you to a very empty and lonely life
    Get an education.
    No one can take that from you

    • Im so sorry if I offended you. I was mainly talking
      about the lady in the pic. It is sad and I think I gotten frustrated with these women and some I have tried to help. Also, its no good men in our world today (not all men but MANY) who help promote this bad life. Then so many innocent women or women who do have class get disrespected. Do you mind if I ask why did you said you have no friends and have to be alone for the rest of your life?

  6. I think you mean uterus. If that fetus is in her vagina, she definitely will NOT be trickin’.
    WAIT! I forgot about BJ’s. Nevermind.

  7. Seems men love whores and generally gravitate toward the type of women/aunts/grandmothers they were raised by. Can’t blame people for liking what they like, without using protection.

    Poor lost woman this situation seems like a CPS disaster in gestation. On the bright side the corporate prison industrial complex will have another body count to make money from in a few years. Manufacturing and call center jobs can come back to our shores. Don’t have to struggle with the Hindi accents when calling credit card or computer companies. Good for GDP. Breeding recklessly is a win/win. Think like a capitalist! Else cry in your in pillow bc our new generation is doomed meaning we are doomed.

  8. disgusting! this women is defaming the temple us as black women if we loose everything we know to keep that our most precious prize pocession we knew to keep that and save that for the right man that is how we were raised.during slavery black women were raped by massa when being sold we were stripped naked dehumanized spit on and treated less then 100 of years later subtract massa and slavery sum black women now will strip down naked dehumanize degrade and sell themeselves! we went from having to be forced into being whores and made into whores to being whore would be a great career move. any man i dont care how famous you r if you are willing to lay with a woman who is willing to sell a body part strictly made for reproduction and bodly function to the world on the internet shouldnt get mad when the same woman raised your child up wrong.be so so so so careful who you choose to relate prostitutes are real they want nothing but your money or money for having your baby women like this are godless with no purpose or hope.now and innocent baby has been thrown in the mix.