Jim Jones Arrested For Not Taking Care Of His S#^*!


Jim Jones Arrested on Outstanding Warrants

Above The Law Syndrome?

You know those seemingly frivolous parking tickets or J-walking offenses that may have slipped your mind? Well Jim Jones seems to have quickly learned that all of those little violations could lead to bigger things.

The rapper was arrested yesterday over a pair of outstanding warrants – and, it didn’t have to be that way. That’s because if he didn’t reportedly “get out of line” with the cop who approached him, those warrants may not have been discovered.

Here’s what’s being reported:

“Jones confronted an officer who was responding to a complaint about an illegally parked car in front of Jim’s home.

Cops say the officer ran Jim’s name through the system and noticed two warrants out for the rapper’s arrest — one for a motor vehicle violation and the other for failure to remove snow from his sidewalk.

Jones denied the existence of the warrants and became disorderly with the officer, so the cop put him under arrest for disorderly conduct and obstruction.”


  1. failure to remove snow? thats a dumb reason to get a warrant!! im sick of him goin to jail! i understand why Chrissy wont marry or have kids w Jim.