Jimmy Henchman Squeals On Slim The Mobster?



HSK Exclusive – Slim The Mobster didn’t seem to have all his rats lined up … until now. Don’t believe me … Ask 50 Cent, who Slim once screamed rat on. Now the real rodent, Slim may have wanted to stay clear of, is reported to be Jimmy Henchman.

“Jimmy ‘Henchman’ Rosemond is co-operating with the FEDS. He told them Slim was part of his drug trafficking ring.”

Sources tell us that’s why Anthony ‘Slim The Mobster’ Johnson, was recently arrested in Lakeland by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. According to his August, 07 2013 arrest record, the 36-year-old Aftermath recording artist was booked on an undisclosed misdemeanor, housed, and released … all within 30-minutes … not only without any word of bond posted, but also no notes of any upcoming court date.

Here’s the drop:

“Jimmy ain’t trying to go down alone. He’s trying to take everybody with him.”



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  2. oh wow, now I understand what rat means,because people throw that word around for anything.a guy stole his friends sneakers someone told and they called him a rat , thats not a rat. I thought being called a rat had to do with other criminal activity.