Joe Budden Rockin’ The Cradle!


Joe Budden Robbin Cradle

HSK Exclusive – Joe Budden seems to be up to speed with New York statutory rape laws. Know why? Because sources say his current girlfriend was barely legal when the pair first hooked up.

Now, sources say Joe Budden’s ongoing battle with drug addiction could be to blame for his risky choices.

According to New York penal code, anyone age 21 or older who has sexual intercourse with someone under age 17 is committing third degree rape. We’re told Joe Budden and Kaylin Garcia met when his fellow Love & Hip Hop cast member was just 17-years-old, placing her right at the legal limit. Sources say a 13-year age difference remains between the 31-year-old rapper and his now 18-year-old youngster girlfriend. Don’t believe me.. Ask Tahiry.

Here’s the drop:

“Joe Budden was smashing Kaylin when she was just 17-years-old. Kaylin only recently turned 18. She’s from the backwoods of Florida.

Mona Scott Young is casting psychopaths for ratings.”


  1. @ PinkKitty

    The entire statement was on Point!

    Especially, “In regards to females men will always benefit from the damage that other men do.”

  2. Ain’t that the truth! Many men subscribe to the “as long as she has light skin” rule. Beyond her complexion though, Joe is sick, and Kalyn is obviously quite impressionable and young. You can tell by the way she speaks that she hasn’t lived and just goes with the flow of things. That’s why she’s an easy play thing for Joe.

    • Kind of gross? Why cause she’s 17, which is 2 years younger than 15? But Mandeecees stick his dick in the mouth of a hot ass 15 y/o & everybody’s ready 2 castrate him. Its ok long as the law allows it huh? I say this again, these lil slut buckets (& their parents) need 2 b accountable 4 their actions as well. Maybe if we start placing shame upon them & their parents, or locking they ass up 2 (in prison since they wanna be so grown) they will stop letting these pedophiles take advantage of them. They hot in the ass & regardless if the nigga 34 or 15y/o, its up 2 them 2 say no. Take Joselyn 4 example, if she fucked a 34y/o at 15 while stripping, should that man get locked up regardless if he knew her age or not? Be 4real & less politically correct!

      • YOOOOOOOO! You are a sick muthaf*cka dude! Are you really blaming the victim of a sex crime? Calling them sluts? I don’t care if she is 16 and HOT IN THE ASS, the ADULT needs to know right from damn wrong and not chose to have sex with an underage girl, that is being a responsible adult, you piece of trash. Also with Mandecees, he helped raised that little girl since she was 10, so no one truly even knows how long he was messing with her. You are sick AF. You are basically saying that if that girl looks old enough and wants to have sex that she is consenting. A typical pedophile mentality, yes, YOU ARE A PEDOPHILE. The adult should always remain responsible, 15 y.o may look of age but mentally they are still children you sick muthaf*cka you. Your name makes WAY TOO MUCH SENSE. Detroit is hell on earth!

        • Heyboo I’m a 31 y/o straight beautiful light skin black woman with 18 inch long hair who has seen it all but NOT have done it all. I have been approached by much older men, pimps, bitches, my oldest sister bf, etc but choose not 2 go that route as I stated b4 in an older post. I watched everybody around me go that route tho & they damn sure wasn’t victims. Bitches was doing mad sucking & fucking at the age of 11 & by the age of 15 they were fucking they slut bucket of a mother, bf’s. If ur bff & favorite cousin wa s 1 of these type of girls & they told u EVERYTHING,u wouldn’t call them victims boo! Now as far as where im from ( DETROIT, which I rep all day everyday) & is the only thing u right about is the fact that it’s hell on earth but I’m surviving doing well & making it on my own which I have been doing since the age of 16, without

          • A man. I have always been a well rounded person who never really done nothing bad in life but smoke weed (if u consider that bad). Sometimes my words view on life (& other ppl lives) maybe a bit abrasive but I can’t help if I’m a realist! Plus im a pistol, born 12/31/81 & u know what we do here in the D on New Years Eve here in the D.

            • No, I don’t know what you do in the D. I am afraid to ask what you do in the D besides kill each other every day making a sacrifice to the devil.

              But then again anyone who describes themselves as “Heyboo I’m a 31 y/o straight beautiful light skin black woman with 18 inch long hair who has seen it”, is someone I prolly don’t wanna hear from anyway. We see that is all you have and your claim to fame.

      • You Detroit Player, would seriously benefit from a labatomy… I have not the time nor the desire to exchange ideas with mental midgets.

        • But u have time 2 comment on gossip every day about the type of shit which u probably know nothing about or never seen 1st hand tho? These ppl come from where I come from so if u don’t then stfu & don’t comment!

          • bitch you are an evil mofo.And you can keep on wishing because WE will NEVER allow a child to be held equally accountable as an adult in America.

            If you don’t like it GTFO!

            • Seems to me that Detroit Playa has fell victim to the ideologies of a woman hating patriarchal society. Blaming the victim is not the answer…telling our women not to wear certain clothes so they dont get raped is NOT the answer, how about telling men not to rape. Detroit Playa i pray that you can find some compassion and look outside of yourself and friend’s situation to understand that a child is a child, no matter how old they look or how “fast” they may act. Peace to you.

      • Damn Detroit Playa, I hope you are speaking only for your sick twisted self and this is not the mindset of your city namesake. You are fuckin’ twisted!

        • @DetroitPlaya, yes the young girls may BELIEVE they know what they are doing but their minds still arent that of an adults and their thinking is not as clear. I rememember trying to be cute and grown and going through those phases of life and there were many times that now looking back I wish I would have made a better choice. Their young and should not be left to make such decisions on their own but their going to do what they want with their bodies as @honeyboo stated before, then comes the responsibility of the adult and sadly since Budden did not commit any crime, he cant be prosecuted. Now if there was a law against being a nasty ass man, he’d be serving 20-life for sure. Please start writing your local congressmen now.

          • Give up… DetroitPlaya desnt think u know anything if you can’t relate to his ignorant bottom feeder type of lifestyle he leads…

  3. You do know that all this NY Penal code stuff is off target right.

    In your story you said the little miss is from Florida.

    Budden is from and lives in wait now,NEW JERSEY.

    Who comes up with this nonsense and innuendos???This site just throws stuff up there and hopes something sticks yet 99% of the time,nothing.

  4. If I was Kalyn’s kinfolk friend or anything to her that crossed her path I would strongly encourage her to move on away from this man! He has too many issues goin on for her to handle. I understand her dad was a drug addict but that was her father, Joe isn’t even her husband so why waste her time on a man with too much damn baggage. It would be sooo sad to find out she got turned out by her druggie older boyfriend who took her in, “All in the name of Love”??? Wow this show is sooo NEGATIVE with nothing positive about it.

  5. Wait the show depicted her as being 20 or 21….either way im not one to judge but how in the hell did joe end up with that over tahiry?

  6. So who is that junkie joe anyway. I refuse to watch that damn show because it has nothing to do with people who look like me. Not to mention that guy is a pedophile messing with some dumb ass backwoods lil gal who couldn’t find her way out of a paper bag. Enough of those half breed latino girls and guys with foolish outlooks on life idiot bytches. No thanks I reserve the right to change the channel; and for the record… your comment was on point!

  7. Jesus Christ..When are you broads going to accept responsibility for your actions?Always passing the buck.Always an excuse.Everything that goes wrong with a woman is because of a man and everything that goes well is because of themselves.Common sense is common sense.Regardless of gender.You think she wasn’t aware of his history and track record?She’s on a come up and is using him like he uses her.Get over it…