Joe Budden Girlfriend Yaris Sanchez Is A Bad Mother Cuz She’s A Wh*re?


Yaris Sanchez Bad Mother
I’m getting word that Joe Budden’s girlfriend Yaris Sanchez is a 20 year old mother/hooker/stripper who neglects her daughter. Know why? Because Yaris Sanchez is too busy being a wh*re instead of being a mother mane. Don’t believe me? Ask Lloyd Banks.

Here’s what was revealed:

“Yaris doesn’t take care of her daughter properly. She’s a bad mother. She started stripping when she was still in high school.

Yaris is only 20yrs old, but she f*cked more than 25 rappers. I know 6 of the rappers are from New York, Yaris is from NYC too.”

If Yaris Sanchez had good folks around her one of them would have picked-up her land line phone to dial the number of (Child Protection Services).

Don’t you agree?


  1. Fuck her someone explain to me how joe budden’s extra broke,ain’t had a cd out in how long,bum ass keep getting all these women? Either women have really really really lowered their standards or did sucka ass niggas suddenly come back style? Tell me something!