Joe Budden & Tahiry Jose Back Together?


Joe Budden Tahiry Back Together

Cupid Strikes Again?

HSK Exclusive – We’re getting word that Joe Budden is set to soon kick his 20-year-old girlfriend, Kaylin Garcia, to the curb. Know why? Because insiders say the rapper is back with Tahiry Jose on a sneak tip! Don’t believe me.. Ask Consequence.

Here’s the drop:

“Tahiry and Joe are playing with ya’ll. They love each other. Joe is smashing Tahiry on the ‘QT’ and it’s driving Kaylin nuts.”


    • @Kiki I agree! Mona Scott screwed up royally when she changed the cast.The show is STRAIGHT GARBAGE! Its all over the place. Tahiry and joe budden’s character is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring! I just hate it when they screw up what works.

      • Yea Yandy all about the buissness..A go getter…And this is not the only love and hip hop show there are 2 love and hip hop shows NewYork and hip hop Atlanta wish comes on April ..2…2 2013

    • And she’s rood as hell. In real life telling people to shut up wouldn’t happen. I bet she wouldn’t tell Chrissy to shut up

  1. Joey has always been smashing Tahiry???..that’s why she been acting the way she’s been acting cause she still in love with him and he’s still having sex with her but with all is said I wish them well cause she’s the only woman that can put up with Joey and vice me I know.

  2. so beautiful yet soooooo whipped… looks like that, she can date ahhhhhh..
    nevamind, poor thang

  3. As far folks saying that lady has herpes, whoever started that rumor they should be ashamed of themselves! But rumors always start when someone is about to blow up, HATERATION

  4. I like Tahiry and Joe Budden and I don’t see anything wrong with the both of them being together. Kaylin not mature for Joe. And if Joe and Tahiry love each other may GOD bless them.

  5. Honestly, I think Tahiry is hella cool. Raqi is the nasty bitch who probably has herpes. I hope she gets her ass beat. I can’t stand hoe’s like her. It’s time someone puts out the TRASH.

  6. To be honest its none of our business if their together or not. Also if Tahiry and Joe are sleeping together thats on them thats there business so all that negative stuff yall saying is just retarded grow up get off blogs and live your own lifes and try to find someone to love and let them be.

    • I think everyone on here talking about Tahiry and joe having herpes I think you just jealous and need too get a life ….I don’t think they have herpes people will say anything to get attention..They are made for each other..That butta love..I wish nothing but the best for them…A lot of you wish you had that type of love..Get a life and let them be.. ENOUGH SAID!!!!!

  7. honestly i don’t believe tahiry was smashing joe. but either way, i like her, she’s a real woman, who was with a difficult man. so ya’ll need to step off my girl.

  8. Feel bad for Kaylin. She tried to do the trusting girlfriend thing. Men complain when you’re suspicious but that trust me shit don’t always work. Poor girl.