Love & Hiphop ATL: Joseline Hernandez aka Shenellica Bettencourt Arrest Record


Shenellica Bettencourt Mugshot

HSK Exclusive – As reported in the earlier article exposing Love & Hiphop Atlanta… The Love & Hiphop Atlanta personality, Joseline Hernandez is well known by Miami police as a hooker who uses the alias Shenellica Bettencourt.

On February 4, 2003, Joseline Hernandez aka Shenellica Bettencourt. was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior, commonly known as prostitution.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Exposed

Joseline-Hernandez aka Shenellica Bettencourt. Mugshot


  1. wow atl is full of drama.nothing good when you got problems and lord nows what else thats the place to go and for somes folks… hide.

  2. seen this mugshot earlier,I couldnt decide if it was Joseline or Not,The pictures Do Resemble But…


  3. Unless she has had some hella plastic surgery, bleaching, and facial reconstruction, I don’t believe that’s her. I think she hi-jacked someone’s identity to hide her past.

  4. i remember her from when i worked at the old diamonds in miami its now called g5…….i thought that was her i always thought she looked manly

  5. This true this was her stripper name. I used to dance with her!! She been locked up and she works men but she is not a man. I KNOW FOR A FACT

  6. Dang..Well she sure can play tranny role in a movie… And Stevie J..just smh does he have a tranny fantasy or WHAT!!! I must admit, when I saw her abs on the show last night…at first, I’m like go girl got yo abs tight but the bone structure above her stomach area did not resemble a womans to me…just sayin’

  7. I think she is halarious even though I’m not a big fan of how she roll or get down I like her character shes funny nd besides if she’s a stripper/prostitute what more of him her whateva can u expect she all she know is do my grind to get mine but with her stank ass attitude it’s surprising that she is still living….oh but that’s jus with the ladies she got that fukd up attitude but with the men she’s a lover not a fighter nd ladies u know as well as I know IF IT’S A BITCH OUT THAT GIVING IT THE MUTHAFUKN MEN GON GETIT hands down nd that’s ANY MAN!!! Hate to be blunt but PUSSY is jus as powerful as money if not more so dude is only doing what she know nd do best nd that’s sell ass nd he’ll SHO nuf blow up after this show with clients regardless of her being a dude or not bc it’s a DICK LOAD OF MEN THAT GRT THEIR “DOWNLOW BROTHER SWAG” on so don’t trip bc it’s prolly that same man popping shit abt this dude that will be the same man that holla at her on a late night.

  8. this was her pre surgery she had her jawline shaved down to look more femine along with a full sexual reassignment which one of her down low trick from miami or elsewhere could have easily dropped 25-35k to have done in the states in brazil maybe cheaper however i could see her trickin as a pre op tranny with breast and penis .

  9. its him! u can tell him had surgrey and bleached his skin if even sounds like a MAN and the leaked naked pics of him doesnt prove anything hello its called SURGERY! and the leaked naked pics of stevie J as well proves as well he is GAY!

  10. I believe Joseline is a woman. She is just masculine looking. No one is going to believe HER unless she squat and bust it open for the world to see. I am not talking about standing up showing the tatas..I’m talking about some Amber Rose poses..

    • Every woman is not girley. Some of them have their fathers dominate genes…example strong defined jawline, or broad shoulders or, they are naturally muscular, things of that nature. Just like every man is not manly. Look at the pretty boys, usually very keen features probably taking the dominant gene from the mother or men that have natural hips and butt like their mothers. If you really want to know if she was born female …..and all this speculation and half ass research … get a copy of the birth certificate.

  11. you fools look the pic and recent pic, i agree it is called surgery and with a made up name like that HELLO! you cant be that dumb not to see thats a tranny. no doubt she had surgery look at her boobs, her jawline hello steriod shots to enhance a fem voice which is what u hear on the show!

  12. lets leave it alone she is a woman.
    jj hit me if ur ever in atl. im in arizona now

  13. “JOSE”line… Is a man who identifies as a woman. The hands,legs and jaw line tell the story. I’m sure she had an excellent surgeon. I’ve seen men fooled by ladyboi’s who look MORE manly than Joseline, so I’m not suprised at the reaction of some guys. Stevie J has to know that men can’t get pregnant! At the end of the day if you feel the need to leak nude photos and bust it wide open on pornos to prove you were born a woman …..chances are you may be playing the Crying Game.

  14. i also worked with her at diamonds’ back in the day I was a waitress there but that sure is her she lost alot of weight she was really thick back then and looked better but yes she is all women I seen her bust it wide open. but her fake ass accent needs to go cuz she doesn’t really talk like that .

  15. and yes she did get her breast done and she does have ass shots. but yes she does look different cuz of her weight lost

  16. Did anyone notice that she was arrested in 2003 and her age is listed as 25…which would make her 33 or 34 now. but on the show she says she’s 24…i find that kinda funny. if she’s a woman or a man makes no difference to me…but they need to do subtitles cuz who the hell can understand what she saying!

  17. It’s a man…and that pregnancy thing was a fake..Stevie J was carrying around a digital pregnancy test anyone who is a real woman whose ever taken one knows that pregnant lettering can carry it around all day and it still says pregnant..another stupid scripted show…atl has the biggest tranny bipopulation around and he is a he..and stevie J..we know what that is..

  18. Wow! i can’t believe that everybody think this chick is a tranny. Joseline is a 25 year old little girl today 2012. She went by the name Shay and used a fake id at the tender age of 14/15 to dance/strip in broward and dade county. She is 100% woman! she has always had a nice body. and she has always been a hoe. She had a rough time growing up but she stayed in fly attire and benzes at the age of 14/15. She lived in broward county, fl attended CCHS. Now ask me how i know all of this information you asses! Leave her alone and get yall some business!

  19. You guys should do your research!! This mugshot isn’t Joseline. Now I think the chick is a hot messtoo but if you look at the mugshot, Ms. Bettencourt has a mole on her chest on the left, her right. Joseline has half naked pics everywhere and NO MOLE PEOPLE!! Do your homework and then hate on bitches…

  20. Joseline is definetly a woman, I did hear that she is Haitian, from Miami and use to work at KOD. With a first name like Joseline, I believe she’s haitian, maybe she is mixed with spanish and that is why her last name is Hernandez or maybe she is just a con artist. It’s no surprise she got arrested for prostitution, look at her image on the show. She looks prettier in her mug shot though, on the show she look like a man. I saw her at Cafe Iguanas with Steve n why Steve would want to settle with an ex-prostitute beats me but I guess she’s winning…smh

    • She isn’t Hatian darlin’. That beauty is straight from Puerto Rico and she is fly!!! I dig her.

  21. When I first seen the show I told my boyfriend that’s a man, if u look at the picture of the arrest you can tell that’s not him, he needs to admit it cause in this day and time trust and believe it’s gone come out.

  22. everyone who thinks joseline is a man is probably under the age of 25….i feel sorry for the future is u cant tell pussy from dick…geezus fuckin christ yo.

  23. i dont get me understand when being an airhead was cool? u “REALLY” think she’s a man?!? or are u being dumb like ehhhry 1 else?

  24. Joseline is definetely a man, and those who believe otherwise need to reevaluate. She is as fake as Kim Kardashians feelings for Kanye. Stevie reminds me of all these nasty ass men running around pretending to crave women when they really want a d**k in the A**. Joseline is his ultimate fantASY…..SHE has the body of a woman and the anatomy of a MAN…..Stevie J SCORES.

  25. I dont think Joseline is a man at all. She is all woman if you ask me. You may not believe this but a lot of women of color have masculine features…Joseline is no different..Plus you can tell the girl work out. It must be horrible to have to defend yourself agains assholes everywhere you go. On LHHA, Joseline is not the only female with manly features baby so if your going to question Joseline…Question MiMi, Erica and Mama Dee! I think he (Mama Dee) stole Scrappy when he was a baby from a woman and led a female life…giggling. Anywho…Joseline is a beautiful women of color to me…Yes when have high cheek bones, Yes we have muscular arms and legs but we also have nice bodies that other races of women would love to have! Im a black woman and I tell you what I do know. I know a man when I see one and Joseline is noooooo man! Im looking forward to seeing her in the future when she realize her worth…when she realize that its ok to let your guard down and trust someone to have your best intrest at heart. I would love to see a soft side of her….duece!

    • Ikr! I said 2 myself, damn is all the women in the A drinking MANLY WATER? Lol all they asses look like men. But ALL of them,including Josline, are all woman. & 4 ppl 2 only question her gender is beyond me. Erica looks more like a man than Josline … My opinion

  26. Man or woman? Wtf does it matter she paid…she getting money…so whether she was born with a dick or half a dick its hella men that’s loving the way she she look..and some of yal females boyfriends is her money source..she getting money porn…stripping…rapping
    ..prostitution however she getting it and yal think cuz yal conversating bout her gone make a difference….no…she laid back feet kicked up on a gay nigga lap counting money with a smile cuz she a choice of topic

  27. Im sure its not the first time people have seen a woman with strong make features. I knew after her releasing those nude pics people would still say shes a man. If any of you watch Love and Hip Hop she was pregnant by Stevie J and had an abortion. When she does have a baby ten what will all you say then because only one gender can have children. DUH.