Joseline Hernandez aka Shenellica Bettencourt Proves She’s NO Man..


Joseline Hernandez Proves shes a Woman

Shenellica Bettencourt, known professionally as, Joseline Hernandez, took to twitter yesterday in an attempt to prove she is a woman. In fact Joseline aka Shenellica is a woman despite what is being spread far and wide around the internet following the Love & Hiphop Atlanta premiere.

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Joseline Hernandez takes to twitter

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Exposed


      • Both men and women have testosterone and estrogen… Levels?? Depends on the individuals. Some women can get in better shape become more muscular and Lose more body fat then others due to there levels of testosterone. as men can carry fat around their hips or can’t get in shape as fast as their male peer simple cause their estrogen levels are higher than the average man.
        It’s a shame Joseline felt she had to put herself out there buttass naked to prove to the world she is in face a female. It’s pretty sad. Look at female bodybuilders. They infant can be confused for a man EASILY!! these women carry more muscle than 2 men!!! But these women are tested and checked to verify their gender!! So the finger test is irrelevant. Given a born women has taken EXTRA testosterone or her all her fingers can be slightly slanted to one side which in fact is the case with MOST males and females…

  1. Okay I saw a little bush and a crotch that may or may not have been surgically altered and maimed…

    I need to spread eagle shot with Jacky Jasper or some other brave reporter using a speculum.

  2. This is a post-op transgender. Doctors do wonders these days! She was born a he. S/him must take hormones daily to maintain the few feminine qualities we see on T.V. People need to realize “Reality” T.V. is not REAL!!!! Research male-to-female surgery and the photos “look” like real women parts, but they are manufactured!!!!

      • I’ve even read a few novels where men THOUGHT they were sleeping with a REAL woman only to find the hormone injections stashed under the bathroom sink!!! The characters in the story even faked menstrual cycles and carries pads and tampons in their purses. I’m telling you it’s another work in the post-op transgendered community. Men better be checking EXTRA hard these days!

          • I think Yall just jealous cause homegurl gota bad ass body y Is it if u are a good lookin woman n a built body then they say Ur a man first of all men can come out short Pettit with little feet little hands as well as women can come out tall bigger feet n bigger hands its millions of tall women out here look at tyra banks and Naomi campbell look how strong her facial features are so are they men as well n.if any person can’t get self made body parts then who is to say who’s actually a woman or a man

    • “I’M WIT YOU 100O% ON THAT”! That’s a fuck’n “MAN”!I saw the bs show yesterday in just looked at this he/she in just turned my nose str8 up!You are so right about “REALITY” T.V., that shits entertainment, Hollywodd is entertainment, so that goes to show people that world is not real!!!! Yeah those trannies can get major surgery done, to where they can look better then us women who are really women!! So I believe you, Stevie J looks str8 like a fool, now I see why “EVE’S” mother didn’t aprove of her marrying him because Eve was in a relationship with Stevie, he’s a “HOMO”!!!

      • She WAS NOT PREGNANT…Do you really believe that? They didn’t show her go to the clinic for her “bortion” or see a doctor to confirm the pregnancy. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the doctor give a test before termination is even a possibility? And there are usually days reserved for termination. Come on, now.

  3. We need a gynecologist to get up in there and look around there with a good light and a working speculum. before anyone makes any final determination.

    But we all know that a half drunk negro in a half lit club is going to go through such an extreme examination…

    • I don’t believe that’s her crotch, it looks like the lower part of her butt and crotch were photoshopped on, and it’s too light compared to the rest of her skin color.

      • I’m not even convinced these picts are the same person. This girl is brown skinned, Joseline is light. This girl has soft, round features, Joseline’s face is brick hard and manly. Also, I don’t know a lot about tats, but I was trying to figure out how does a tat go from a big red flowery thing, to a giant mermaid without a trace of the old tat. Are they easy to tattoo over?

        I think VH-1 is doing some trickery. It wouldn’t surprise me if they hired this Shenellica to be some sort of body double to pass her off as a woman. They resemble, but I still don’t think it’s Joseline.

        • I agree! And I think they’re milking this controversy for publicity. It’s sad what our kids are exposed to on TV. Sickness and perversion abounds.

        • Yes the photo looks like a different person all together. Facial features are softer and complexion is darker

        • You are right about the red tattoo on her pelvic area in the first pic you see it and the 2 you don’t see it! Wow!!! How about on the other side!?

        • Or maybe she took the second pic before the first one!? I seened pics of her of when she was a stripper and she was dressed in this same way with the accessories on. Plus being on t.v always makes you look lighter with all those special lights and makeup!

  4. They say it is easier for a man to become a female, than a female to become a man…I think she is a dude.
    If she really wanted to prove something more substantial, why not post pictures from when she was a child.

  5. Now I feel guilty because I got partially aroused by the pic and Im not even sure thats a real woman…Thats why Im going to leave America permanently…This place has gotten just too weird.

  6. And when you really really think about it, women arent even really women anymore….These fake breasts, butt imnplants and injections, fake everything except for the vagina …The Caucasians run a really strange and illusionary empire.

    • All the women on love and hip hop Atlanta are black. Including joseline Hernandez. Which is a black Puerto Rican.
      So who are you referring to when you say Caucasians are strange? That’s not what anyone is even referring to. Weirdo

  7. A whore of her advanced age should have at least one and probably two trick babies by now…To me that would be the real proof…Okay, now Im going for real.

    • Lmao!! I was thinking the same thing! She’s so fearless and bold and quick to run her mouth why not be quick to put a damn book in your hand instead of somebody’s dick…ol trashbag ass hoe…ugh.

  8. I see the tranny police is in FULL effect! I bet you were the same bitches who were all up Beyonce’s snatch when she was pregnant.

    How about worrying about who’s the baby’s father?

    YOU a man…

  9. I’m not going to look at the naked pics I’m just going to trust my gut which is telling me it’s a man…

  10. naaaaa that World Star Hip Hop video with her rubbin her clit.. that has gotta be a woman.. she just worked out a whooooole lot and got some work done on her chin.. yall seriously gotta watch the vid..

  11. Damn!VH1 can work wonders!And T.V.Ohhh that’s a man alright.Maybe it doesn’t get down to the point where you have to meet a girl and ask if she is transgendered.And when it came time for the end,the men will dress like the women and the women will dress like the men-The Last Poets…

  12. Not disputin whore hooker or eatin a bitch wit out consent jus not a man. Your mother must be proud.

        • You might be right.But,Brothas don’t know any real by heart.Perhaps never met.If you don’t see the man in that picture?You can spot a lie by the eye a’.

      • That’s because as a women we can easily distinguish feminine parts from masculine ones because we have them…I’m sure men could easily spot a ftm before a straight woman could.

        Just like women can instantly spot a weave, fake boobs, fake butt, etc while men stay claiming “naw that’s her real her” “naw her boobs/butt felt real”.

        If you really want to know if she is a man, show a picture of her face to a child 3-5 years old and see what it they say…children are wired to identify the sex of a person based on facial features, it’s a psychological thing.

        • True. First they erase brownskin women from hiphop now they trying to erase BW, period with a man. If you born with those two distinct sex chromosomes (XY) you a man no matter how many injections and surgeries you have.

          Ladies you gotta google his ex and make him wrap it UP. No glove no love. No test you can forget the rest!

          • “First they erase brownskin women from hiphop now they trying to erase BW, period with a man.”

            Honey you ain’t said nothing but the truth. While watching this ratchet ass opening show yesterday, my first impression of the whole Jasmine-Stevie J-Mimi relationship was that they are now trying to send the message that black men should replace real women with transexuals. And what’s worse is that Joseline’s Twitter timeline is a hot ass mess. The men are bowing down to her/him like she’s a goddess. Shit’s scary out here ya’ll.

          • PCK

            I agree with you 100% and I support your BCQ program…Or is that your BBQ program?

            No matter, whatever you are doing and eating I support this statement.

  13. It is a FAKE story for FAKE “REALITY” T.V. This is NOT real!!!! They have to pull an audience in to watch! That is a BOY!!!

  14. CANCEL YOUR CABLE SUBSCRIPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Use your televison very sparaingly and monitor closely what your children watch and sit and watch whatever you decide on TOGETHER and analyze/discuss what it is you are being programmed with and PROGRAMMED TO ACCEPT AND DO…..When a child gets too old to watch TV with mammy and pappy, its time for them to get their own home.

  15. No offense Jacky, but this article is just plain stupid and unnecessary …
    What the fucc is a nude shot of her going to prove exactly?
    That IT was born a female as much as Kim Kartrashians ass is real … c’mon now!
    This IT is a Tranny and Plastic Surgery does wonders nowadays …
    Bitch looks like a bulldog on steroids with tits and ass … disgusting!
    And this kind of characters are being glorified on TV nowadays … seriously WTF???!!!!

  16. I want to see some childhood pic before I say that is a woman. I have a TG friend whom I have seen naked and yes it does look real, can’t even see the scars. So until I see some childhood pics, that used to be a man.

  17. The surgeries are so detailed you would never most transgenders were of the opposite sex. Its operatable as well. That bitch looks like a dude….man body, man face, with lots of enhancements, bleaching, and wigs. His hs pic looks like a boy with a pretty face. I see post op tranneys who look more believable then natural women. Her being casted is just to make a mockery of the viewers, as I am sure they are well aware he is a man. But viewers are so damn dumb they question themselves, knowing damn well you can clearly see she was a man. & if the surgeries arent enough to keep you guessing Stevie J’s alternative lifestyle should speak for itself.Dont believe me, ask Eve.

    • LOL!! Joceline got the bootleg basement hookup surgery.

      Some of these surgeries are indeed very detailed. I think like most women I can spot a tranny immediately, but there are some that you can’t detect unless they told you like Janet Mock.

  18. Funky Divena(I think that’s how it’s spelled) spilled the tea on her. FRom the clubs she worked at on down. Just because she has a cooch don’t make her a woman. Chaz Bono has a penis…does that make her a man? I thinks not. MAAAANNNNNN

  19. Ok I think she is a man. Men have a diffrent bone structure from women and if she is a women y does she look like a man if you messing with Stevie J she should be able to take medicine or have surgery to change her look her arms aren’t that big there just manly along with her hands and shoulder. And y the fake tits and her ass is way pass fake it like buns of steel men have firm asses. Note anybody can say there pregnant its tv this show isn’t going to do nothing but make them blow up more then what they are Stevie J if u gay it’s ok!

  20. that’s a post op tranny. as for those scientific photos on the links posted a real vajay-jay doesn’t look like that. a woman’s vulva doesn’t look like an mini penis. t’s just not made that way. also while these post ops can have something that resembles female genitalia they still don’t have a cervix or ovaries. when a man screws a woman he will be able to feel her cervix. tranny’s don’t have that. no matter how much surgery and deception they’ll never be women. this individual is clearly a man who had the surgery to be a woman. i feel sorry for men nowadays who are deceived by these shemales.

  21. I mean she Prolly a ole bitch but she still look like MAN!!! And on some REAL ISH all dem ran thru ass HOES got MANLY looking profiles!

  22. Sorry folks! this is a fuck’n man! From this pic to the video on world star hip hop…it’s all fake. Looks like a totally different person, from body structure to skin tone. That reality show “thing” has broad shoulders like a damn line backer and a masculine jawline. The woman they are trying to pass for this person is more feminine. Graphics software can work miracles in the right hands. Joseline looks like that character played by John Leguizamo in “To wong foo”. Jacky you need to post a side by side photo comparison.

    Look at this shit and tell me that’s the same broad in that pic above…

    • I thought it was just me who noticed. That pic and the person on the show do not look like the same person. The skin is darker, the face is completely different; especially the nose.

  23. I think if yall would see the video of her doing her thing, u might would of change your minds. Im not an expert in coochie surgery al i know if it looks like a coochie and smells like a coochie and taste like a coochie. well it must be one and also her tits on that video are real and no boob job. you can tell

    • A surgically manufactured fake coochie doesn’t make him a woman, it makes him a man with a fake coochie.

  24. I know I’m a little late to this discussion but, I’m sorry for those who think Joselene Hernandez is a man or was a man. She is a woman and was born a woman. All women don’t look alike. Some women have some masculine features and others do not. Some men have feminine features and others do not. It’s a shame that this woman had to undergo so many rumors that she stooped to deliberately showing her goodies for people to stop with the stupidity. I’ve actually seen a number of modern man to female cosmetic surgeries. Modern surgery can not duplicate her anatomy. It can come close. But, not exactly. It’s the subtle differences that tell the story. I happen to be an amature GYN, I know what I’m talking about. It’s time to keep it moving.
    Sorry, she’s all woman.

  25. All U guys R damn crazy.dt gyal is my favorite n most pretty stripper besides my idol BLAC CHYNA.SO Y’ALL JST GO EAT SHIT IF U CANT ACKNOWLEDGE JOSELINE’S BEING A SEXY NUDE BITCH

  26. notice how it ain’t nothing but hating ass bitches claiming Jos is a man?!? y’all peeping this shit right?!? how bout this: every bitch who say Jos is man should HAVE to post at least 5 pics of themselves and one of those pics u gotta be busting that thing open!!! lol I bet my last dollar 95% of u hoes chapped like a muthaphucka, round this bitch looking like something from the Walking Dead!!! shut yo ugly hating asses up unless u gonna put up some pic proving me wrong!!!

    and, if any nigga say they wouldn’t get behind that big, red ass is a muthaphuckin lie and he need to be jailed for perjury for lying to the grand jury!!! cause I would phuck the shit outta Jos everyday and twice on Sunday with her no talking, Stebie loving ass!!! lmao

    • shit is hilarious kid….that’s how you know half the posters on this site run with the first thing on their told instead of using common sense