Joseline Hernandez Wears The Pants!


Joseline's Unfit Mother Exposed

…Just Ask Stevie J

HSK Exclusive – Joseline Hernandez’s troubling childhood is reported to have left the LHHA cast member traumatized when wearing dresses.

Sources reveal Joseline’s worthless mother used to instruct her and her sister to sport dresses before forcing them to solicit themselves on Puerto Rico’s tough streets. That’s why we’re told though Joseline may wear a dress for the cameras, if asked, she’d have no problem with never wearing one again. Don’t believe me.. Ask Mona Scott Young.

Here’s the drop:

“Joseline’s mother is the worst bitch ever…she had her two daughters whoring in Puerto Rico when they were kids.

Joseline should appear on a episode of Dr Phil, not Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. She was a sexually abused child and now, she’s a physically and mentally abused woman who’s in desperate need of psychiatric help.”

Damn sista…keep ya head up!


  1. And ppl wonder why she is the way she is… She’s been conditioned in the life she lives… Although, possible hard to break those roots

  2. This is why these reports on Joseline feature me. We all know and see that this woman is damaged, and needs help. Everyone is exploiting g the fact that this woman doesn’t have a prayer.

    Her mother probably comes from a long line of prostitutes who pimped their own children. Sad. Tragic.

  3. I like Joseline. I reeeeally do. It’s evident that her upbringing has affected her greatly. It’s given her a straight hustler’s mentality… You throw the girl in a pool of pirahannas, she’s gonna find her way out unharmed. I want her to seek Iyanla for help. I think she has a lot to gain if she sits down and have someone to counsel her.

    • rhimidee@
      Well I always thought the same too, what people need to relaise is that joseline is a damaged woman due to her unfortunate, abusive past, that’s not her fault and she’s being quite open about it, yes shes ghetto but if you’ve been through allegedly abuse what she’s been through, there’s a 99.9 percent your gonna be vulnerable and fucked in the head..
      Even her raltionship with Stevie j seems kinda abusive, but if she’s gonna spread them legs one foot in Atlanta the other in New York what’s a man supposed to do?
      Having said that joseline is a victim of her past environment , hopefully she will make it through.
      That’s why I tend not entertain posts about alleged abuse, such as joseline, the Game,
      Raz B, quindon to name a few .
      If you haven’t crossed that bridge of abuse then really you have no idea how it destroys people’s life’s and that cycle of abuse can be passed down to families children , unless the are able to deal with thier issues, but change can happen, then lastly comes the healing…

  4. Well at least Mona is paying her to be on the show.. I mean let’s face it, what would Jocelyn be doing if she weren’t on the show… We all know the answer. So maybe the show can set her on a new and better path.

  5. I feel bad for Jocelyn. I really do. No child should have to go through that. BUT with that said, she’s an adult and wisdom surrounds us ALL. People would like to believe that people make bad decisions for themselves because they don’t know any better–as if their only source of wisdom is through a parent. I highly doubt that absolutely NOBODY has tried to help this woman see that light. (Mi-Mi says she even tried to help this woman! lol). Its up to the person to make the right decision. Truth is that most times we continue to make stupid decisions because its easier to do it that way. Then when somebody says “you’re stupid” or “you’re an a*hole” you can use a cop out and say, well I’m that way because of my past. We all have negative past…some worse than others. But we all have to take responsibility for our actions. She needs to take responsibility for herself and start making better decisions for herself. And stop ignoring the help that God provided for her. Cause at the end of the day, she just wants to slick her way into some fast cash and fame by turning tricks. We can’t all be rich but we can ALL have morals. Ain’t nothing wrong with some vocational skill and a 9 to 5.

  6. It is very hard hearing stories like this. WHile we are out here clowning, degrading and disrespecting these women, why not ever question how they ended up this way? Joseline was a child with a blank slate and was brought up in pure dysfunction and abuse. Her mother proved to be a bitch on the show during an episode and I honestly felt sad for Joseline. Men and women, please love and cherish your daughters, for they will one day be grown women who must encounter this world with your mark on them. Therefore, leave a good one.