Joseline Jumps On Planes, Trains & Automobiles To Hoe!


Joseline Hernandez is Super Hoe

Love & Outcall!!!

HSK Exclusive – Joseline Hernandez could be a prime candidate for a Joey Greco investigation. That’s because the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member is reported to be cheating on Stevie J…regularly!!! Don’t believe me? Ask rapper Rick Ross, who sources say recently got it in with the noted LHHA nymphomaniac – after the lyricist’s January 2nd Bahamian concert.

Here’s what a source revealed:

“Joseline’s gay BFF Rubin is filing complaints over her cell phone bill. Her phone is in his name, and he just got the bill including the calls she made from the Bahamas. She ran up more than five-hundred bucks from her vacation in the Bahamas with Rick Ross.”

Sources say Hernandez makes it a point to get around. Of her other recent reported sexual conquests are: Sex with Atlanta nightclub owner ‘Webb’ at ‘Room Service Lounge, for $150; and smashing NBA’s Kevin Durant, after traveling to Oklahoma for a guest appearance.

Here’s what a friend close to Joseline Hernandez tells HSK:

“Stevie J owes a million dollars in back taxes and $200K in child support. So…Stevie doesn’t have a passport, he can’t get one.

When Joseline picks up and flies out to the Bahamas to f*ck Rick Ross, he has to eat it. How does Stevie feel…Knowing ‘Webb’ from ‘Room Service Lounge’ fucked his girl? He sees Webb all the time.

Joseline hits up Kevin Durant, right after a promoter hires her for a guest appearance in Oklahoma. Kevin sends her back to Stevie in Atlanta all filled up with NBA nut.”


  1. Wow…..but for $150 tho? I dunno man….that’s extremely affordable, like difficult-to-believe affordable. But I don’t put nothin past nobody these days.

    • LLS!!!! Affordable? shyt she damn near giving the coochie away. shyt if a trick can fly you out for sex , surely he can come off @ least a few grand. I hate cheap azz niccas

  2. So f-ing what! Joseline is single. She can sleep with whomever she pleases. And if she can pick up a few bucks, fantastic!

    What are we doing now, giving it away for free?

    What’s the problem?

    • Exactly! Whats wrong with making some coins? the part about sexing the owner of rm service for pocket change is very hard to believe :/

      • Joseline could certainly get more than $150. I would pay her that much for tips on how to improve my technique.

      • She basically DID give it away free! I wipe my ASS w/ $150 several times a day!! You must be as cheap as she/he is!!! wow! Get some self respect!!!

    • She’s single and does not have children(thank God). Therfore, she can do whatever she wants. What would HSK propose she do, perhaps sit around and wait for broke azz Stebbie J? Good luck w/that.
      Considering, his broke azz can’t get a damn passport(pathetic), is 200k behind on child support (Gaddamn how do you 200k behind,ugh) and owes 1m to the government fr back taxes(wtf! this nicca is just plain irresponsible)….shyt somebody has to pay the bills. Keep on trickin’ Jose. I support u 100%.

      • Stebbie J is a straight liability. If Joseline is making all of the money, I wonder how much longer she will let Stebbie hang around?

  3. Joseline

    You are free to sell as much pussy as you feel you need to. Dont let nobody tell you what to do with your body. You are a grown woman.

  4. It is a good thing coochie crack (Kenya Moore’s words) has no eyes. Personally, I couldn’t let Fat Rickey touch me no matter how much money he has. I wonder if Jose is taking money home to Steebie?

  5. You know DAMN well Steebie doesn’t care what Joseline does as long as he can watch, particpate and make money from her..stop can’t cheat when everybody knows what you’re doing..a ho is a ho..and she’s perfect for Master’s news if he beat her ass because he didn’t get his cut

  6. Why would I ever tell a single childless woman how to treat her Pusey?

    Girl you’re sitting on a gold mine! Make that money. Women do it everyday. Some men too. Ask any rent boy, and he’ll tell you his daddy pays the bills!

    You g dumb and full of cum! Do you! Just protect yourself in the process.

    • what do you mean go girl! 150 dollars is a cheap hoe. She moving fast and her life is equivalent to a motel 6. I guess her hoe status keeps a real man with money from wanting to keep that and care for her for a few years, rather hit it fast and keep it moving. dayum

  7. lol stevive j was never the in charge pimp he wanted to seem like on love and hip hop truth be told he has seat right next to kanye west on the simp bus and wiz khalifas actualy the driver! he gets what he deserves he picked her up straight out of a strip she and stripper?prostitute who aborted your baby on national tv for the world to see these whores have no respect for themselves let alone your creepy ass!now he could take this as caution leave jose and all the whores he like to put alone all together get his life together or start riding her coat tails and stay being piss ass simpified foool!

  8. She’s been a prostitute since age 11.

    What are the odds that she DOESNT have genital herpes?

    400:1 ?

  9. a few bucks is all she got & all shes worth! $150!LOL! any female on here talkin bout “its her pussy she can fuck who she want” is a whore! who else would condone bullshit like that?! & of course shes childless she was BORN A HE!!

  10. Oh wow all this sex Joseline is having & the latest article that was put about Joseline’s ex pimp dying of AIDS in 2007. OMG she might have some problems if she boned them without condoms not knowing if she has the monster or not…..Hmmm i don’t know…. A $5,000 phone bill will be the least of her problems….