Joseline Lied About Being Pregnant W/ Stevie J’s Child!


Joseline Hernandez Faked Abortion

Ratchet, Ratchet And More Ratchet!

HSK Exclusive – A Love & Hip Hop Atlanta insider is spilling the beans — telling of Joseline’s jealousy over Stevie dating other women, while revealing the real dirt behind that infamous pregnancy aired during LHHA’s first season!

We’re told it was Tammie Grant who was pregnant for Stevie — not Joseline! That’s before Mona Scott Young reportedly took the story of Stevie J’s former fiance opting for an abortion, instructing Joseline act as if it were her. Now that Joseline’s furious with Stevie J, our source says she’s threatened to let the real truth be known. Guess what? We beat her to the punch!

Wait…there’s more!!!

We’re told Joseline Hernandez isn’t stopping there! A source tells us she’s set to reveal Stevie J’s secret fetish for underage teens!

Here’s what an insider says they heard Joseline telling Tammie, during a telephone conversation:

“Stevie J is a faggot ass. You can have him. He got like five baby mommas. What? You want to be his sixth baby momma?

You had the abortion not me. My abortion was for TV. Stevie likes boys and little girls and I’m going to tell.”


    • Same here. I have never thought Jose was a woman. His features are too hard.

      When they showed him in the bathroom stall sitting on the toilet looking at the pregnancy stick trying to act sad with music playing in the background I cracked up. You could tell it was scripted and badly scripted at that.

    • Fuck all you haters! U know what mother fuckers I just love Joseline!!! She is the only real one on the show all them other bitches are fake . Atleast she aint scared to put them wig wearing cunts in their place! Fuck them up Joseline I love u sweety and if you really took a abortion then so what the fuck who cares its your body u can do what u want .

  1. I knew from the 1st time the episode aired that Joseline’s strong ass was NOT pregnant. She did not show emotion realistically enough for what was supposed to be a very tense moment, when she found out she was preggers by Stebie.

    But Damn, how much more dirt is gonna come out about LHHA tho? Watching all the cast members, put each other’s filthiest secrets on social media blast has actually been better than watching the entire first season of the show!

  2. I guess everybody on StebieJ’s little yellow bus is now throwing him under it…… & running his a§§ over…….. multiple times.
    He keeps trying to save a b!*&h, somebody needs to save his a§§.

  3. Joseline is a woman, I seen a video of her on Worldstar Uncut butt naked. She just works out too much.

    • Well sweetie times r a changin. U know the doctor makes vaginas now right? What’s their expression? “It’s easier to dig a hole than make a pole.” U can tell it’s fake from the scar on the lip. And from the fact that there’s hardly any lips there. The cat is wiiiddde open.

    • I believe after watching several one on one interviews that Joseline is a woman. I’m not saying that she’s a woman of typical normal hormones;but I think her gender lies somewhere in the WNBA and LPGA women athletes. I think she is capable of carrying a child.
      I don’t admire her or wish her well, but I no longer believe she’s s tranny.
      Weird as all get out, but not s male born.

  4. who ever believed Joe Selene was pregnant must have failed anatomy and biology. Men can’t get pregnant. Josaline aka José is a man baby!

  5. See..I’d luv if Stevie J would be honest and say he is bi(if thats what it is)…I’d be turned on like shit…

  6. No hard feelings @crazychris but even the trannys is saying joseline is a tranny. They dont say it in a mean way but in a sisterly supportive way.

  7. stevie j is bi he kissed wayne.

    sorry jose is bi herself but she’s a hardcore dyke. lots of lesbians have man features just like gay dudes have feminine features.

    I know lots of dykes who look like hardcore men.

  8. I can’t lie, I’m on the fence when it comes to José.
    That first episode……………. I just don’t knoooow.

  9. ohhh hell!thats tea over draw this chile was faking the pregnancy and abortion the whole damm time these people are faker then a two dollar bill!

  10. I like Joseline even if shes a tranny. I admire her dont give a phuck attitude. Basically I love her honesty and straightforwardness attitude. However Joseline decide to live her life I wish her all the best.

  11. Every time Josephine get mad at steebie she say he is gay. Not that I don’t put it past him since he hung with p shitty not my words this is what other commenters call him and it just sounds right. Every since supahead told that story about puffy and exhibit approved it, I don’t trust puffy and since steebie so called was real real close with shitty in the 90’s or whenever he was hot, I believe the gay tea.

  12. Does this mean that “Joseline Hernandez Baby” is a MAN as we all suspected????? GTFOH!!! I never believed that scene with her and her Gay BFF sitting on the couch discussing the situation. It screamed two queens! One Mother Queen and “Daughter” having a mentoring session.

    • @WTFDYC? good point. Somthin 2 think about fo sho!! ..hhhmmmm ..stil looks like a ts 2 me, just sayin.