Joseline Rolls Her Rolex!


Super Hoe Makes Pawnshop Stop

Hard Times For A Super Hoe?

HSK Exclusive – Joseline Hernandez seems to be well in between tricks. That’s because the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member is reported to have recently taken to a pawn shop to make a fast buck.

Sources tell us Hernandez recently sold her Rolex watch for $2,200 – at Atlanta’s ‘Happy Hocker’ Roswell Road pawn shop. This news comes at word reveals the reality starlet recently signed a record deal with Upfront Records. Don’t believe me.. Ask Devyne Stephens.

Now, it seems Hernandez’s recent pawn was just to land her some money to hold her over until the checks start coming in.

Here’s what an insider revealed about the current state of Joseline and Stevie J’s relationship:

“Stevie hates her and she f*cking hates him. These hip hop dudes like Stevie, who play they’re pimpin’, always end up losing their bitches.

Joseline is over there with Devyne Stephens, Akon and his retarded brother Bu Thiam, sucking African dick. And she likes it!

Joseline is soon to be homeless, she’s getting kicked out of her apartment — But that sex freak African Bu Thiam is going to save her. He’s known in the industry as Captain Save-A-Ho.”


  1. I call bullshit!

    Fist Joseline is tricking with Rick Ross and company. The. She allegedly has HIV, then she was being put out of her apartment. she’s never home due to her hoping on planes, trains and automobiles whilst trickin.

    Now, she is pawning her jewelry to make ends meet. But is fucking Bu, a known industry trick, and she’s still broke?

    Wow, either these stories are a pile of shit or ms Joseline is horri or with her cash! She needs to learn to speak English, get a stylist, and start trckng on the European circuit.

  2. But ain’t Bu and Tracee meant to be serious? Tracee don’t come across like the type who knowingly shares her man.,.,

  3. I don’t understand why you own a Rolex and not your home…*SHOULDER SHRUG.
    Always pay your mortgage/rent first.

    • Nothing about Joseline is logical. What happened to the LHHATL checks? She must have spent hermoney on more fur coats. (Off subject) I wonder why nothing else was said about Joseline’s face being lashed?

  4. I thought it said ‘Happy Hooker’ at first!!…Joseline does not seem very educated at all,so it is no surprise that she doesn’t manage money well…Maybe she isn’t use to large sums of money..They should be paying her in loose one dollar bills,something she is familiar with..On a serious note,I do feel sorry for her…Everybody is using her,and her body,and I don’t see this ending well for her!!

  5. hold up i thought thiam bu was traci ellis ross boyfriend for not surprised every body in jose circle better get themslves checked out though she may be a super hoe with nasty aids!and of all people akon and his brother should be the last ones tryna trick all there child support on a hoe there go broke and be back in africa runnig with the hyeinnas in no time.

    • U know what? I’m going to have to sue you for damages for the last line… You made me drop my iPad! Rotflmbo

  6. @ anonymous 5. The other legitimate jewelers call the shop Happy Hooker. I had a ring resized there and it had to be taken to two different jewelers to fix it.

    I have seen many a Bentley and other luxury motor vehicle parked outside this place. When the “rich” of North Fulton, Sandy Springs, etc are down on their luck, this is where they turn.

  7. You don’t have anything better to do than talk about peoples financial situation online? Bitter people smh.