Joseline Working Reality TV & Paying Johns…At The Same Time!!!


Joseline Hernandez is Super Hoe

Strapped Hustlin’ Ho?

HSK Exclusive – Joseline Hernandez may boast about her retirement from the strip club business, but she could have just taken her street hustle even deeper — all to save face.

HSK has exclusively learned the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta personality is working as an escort, “pulling tricks ’cause them TV checks ain’t coming in fast enough and she’s addicted to shopping”.

We’re told Hernandez conducts her in-call only business out of her Atlanta home. Sources say the reality starlet caters to a small list of wealthy johns, regular customers she’s known for sometime.

Wait…there’s more!!! Hernandez’s professional skills may be what landed her Stevie J’s heart. Know why? Because sources say she once joined Mimi in strapping one on to get in his ass…during a Molly-fueled evening!!! Wow!

Here’s what Joseline’s ex-boyfriend reveals:

“I dropped off Joseline at the studio. I knew she was recording with Stevie J. I didn’t care. Joseline was work, and eye candy, for me to attract other chics.

Stevie smashed her within ten minutes of meeting her. She told me ’cause she was trying to get me jealous. Stevie J ran off with Joseline, promising me 50-percent split of her earrings.

She’s been a prostitute since she was 11-years-old. To this day, she still sees her regulars. When Joseline gets out-of-town club appearances, she gives presidentials to promoters who fly her first class.

Stevie’s stuck with a damaged girl. Stevie J can’t leave Joseline, ’cause if he does she’ll tell you about how she fucks him with strap-on’s. He’s depressed…Mimi’s moved on, dating the producer Nikko .”

Are Love and Hip Hop Atlanta producers upset with Joseline Hernandez for continuing to live the life of a call-girl while working as a cast member on their show? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Mona Scott Young.


  1. Now we know why Stevie J makes the “face”. He tightening up his face and sucking in them booty cheeks so shit doesnt roll down his leg.

  2. Damn that’s sad…she said she had a rough childhood but damn to be a prostitute at 11….I know shit had to be crazy. You could tell she lived a rough life when she was younger. Chevron away from homevand that’s when she began prostituting. There are too many stories just like hers.

  3. Stevie J is a fagot he has been getting penetrated in the ass and fucking dudes his is a downlow man thats why he is so bitter and taking peoples money to do shows and not showing up and on top of that Joseline and Stevie are coke heads and there are pictures of them doing coke. I bet if Mona Scott Young did a random drug test it would come back positive for coke, marijuania, and all other type of narcotics. Joseline has a bad attitude, cant be trusted, coke and molly head, and I hope this is her last season on LHHA becasue she makes Mona Scott professional image look bad because she be high on coke and weed while on set shooting LHHA

    • That what he gets he let her into his work life and home life. She has no standards or moral he his stupid ass needed that reality check.

      So she is a shopaholic too bad none of her outfits ever look cute, expensive or of quality.

    • I am glad that someone else has said that. I do not know these people as I don’t live in the States but I have seen / heard all about them. I too thought she / he looked extremely manly so I wonder if this is just a rouse to try to make her / him seem like a proper lady? I don’t know about this one…

      • she is just very dominate in nature and when I saw her mother on the show she still doesn’t seems to offer her any guidance which is sad. Joseline is not educated enough to let her run your sh!t.

  4. How much do they pay you per episode to be in a Reality TV Show?

    I was thinking about applying for the next one coming up in 2014…Do they advertise in the Hollywood trade papers? I think I want to be famous for a few months.

  5. as sad and sickening as this is, I’m not too surprised… well I am surprise to hear that she may actually be FEmale

  6. I’m not surprised in the least. Whe. They showed her mother, it was clear that her mother could care less a out her and had either sold her to men or liked the other way as men took advantage of her. Her mother then and to nerve to turn things around and say that Joselyn brough this on herself, because she was fast and loved the streets. News flash mommy dearest, children only love the streets when their home life is living hell!

    Joselyn will need years of therapy to get through her demons. Hopefully her next life will be a peaceful one. God bless.

  7. She’s a woman even her ex boyfriend addresses her as such so mf’s need to stop calling “HER” Jose and a man. Duh….

  8. I ain’t gonna judge her because on one episode of Love and Hip Hop, her parents who she has a bad relationship with came to visit… And it seems they put her on the path of prostitution and destruction ” they stated something like, she never gave them anything and the money she brought back was nothing” now that’s her biological parents… Seeing that made me understand why she is the way she is. It was sooo sad to watch! In her head Stevie is God, because to her he did what her parents didn’t… She has an effed up view of love. Can u blame her? I wanted to jump through the screen and choke the two imbecile’s. Just pure evil!

  9. ..can’t stop laughing about “them tv checks not comin in fast enough” … too funny! ya’ll wrong for that one .. roflmao!

  10. I was thinking that those three probably got down together in freaky, nasty sex. Joseline probably pinned her in a corner and whispered sweet nothings in her ear while Steebie looked on rubbin his hands together sayin “yeah, yeah, yeeeaahh” with that chipmunk look. They probably turned M out. Poor thang! LOL