Judge Joe Brown’s Multi-Million Dollar Meltdown Revealed!


Judge Joe Brown Spiraling

He made millions from his 15-season run, totin’ a gavel — but Judge Joe Brown is being outed for suffering withdrawal from the lost of those fat checks.

“The judge has been at loose ends ever since his show ended.”

You’ll recall the 66-year-old former Tennessee criminal court judge made headlines after being caught on camera in a TURNT UP state. That was less than a month after CBS cancelled Joe Brown’s show “amid contract negotiations” … said to be sparked from the network’s decision to “trim his salary.”

Here’s what a source told The National Enquirer:

“Remember that line ‘so­ber as a judge’? Well, that’s definitely not Judge Joe Brown!”

Here’s what Joe Brown previously said after CBS killed his show:

“It was time to move out on my own since I had some ideas that I had been having to pull teeth with no novocaine to get adopted.”

Has Judge Joe Brown been busted — more than once — canoodling outside of his marriage? Of course! Just ask his wife, Deborah.



    Sound familiar?

  2. To me, Judge Joe Brown looks like a guy that sits at home smoking joints (or blunts), drinking brandy (that good shyt) & watching Black porn…LOL….not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  3. Oh! No! Say it ain’t so. Not Judge Joe.

    Judge Joe. What’s in your wallet? I never watched his show but, I thought he was/is a very handsome man.

    He seems to be deteriorating right before our eyes. I hope he gets help for what ever is ailing him. I wish him all the best.

  4. I thought his show was syndicated and he was paid regardless of current season? I thought wrong I guess

  5. Old Coonin Joe got his black wake up call. Judy is at the top of the TV Judge heap w/ a $100 mil contract. Joe was “only” making $20 mil. He demanded a raise & CBS countered w/ a reduction in pay because his ratings are dropping. He walked away. Joe got stacks and stacks. He never has to work again. There have been rumors of him getting drunk, showing his ass, and cheating for years. This is nothing new. He’s just an asshole is all. He’s made a fortune on that show coonin for whites and playing the “hard-nosed” overseer to blacks. I hope to God I never see him on my TV again. Good riddance.

    • Same here! Cooning got worse about 4-5 years ago. Haven’t watched him since. He’s also a Repig, which added to my disdain, but that’s another matter.

    • he came to fame on an uncle tom case of doing the devils bidding and along with that more than likely tomasina rolanda watts get what they deserve. the sucka fo’ love az- trick.

    • And…his wife knows all about it & she wouldn’t dream of leaving their marriage as she has no interest in experiencing a “change in her life style.” She’s been able to rest, dress & keep her hair whipped for way too long now!

      • Joe Brown just admitted that his wife threw him out. It was covered by a news station in I think Milwaukee. Google it.

  6. But is he still sending his side pieces to college? That’s what really matters—educating the youth!

  7. Rolanda is his announcer so he probably smashed and he does get G points for smashing Freda Payne. I like his eye for the ladies.

    • his show accepted cases where the white man wa usually right and won their verdict, next came the white woman, then the black woman and rarely correct was the black man. that set up, got this clown set up the way all men get set up, cicks!!! I’M PROTECTIN’ WOMANHOOD AND DEFENDING MANHOOD,LOL!

  8. I was in the audience at his show. Off camera that Negro would be dropping all types of knowledge. A very bright brother.

    State of the economy now, I wish somebody would pay me to be an overseer of niggadom. Coon or no coon.

  9. Jacky have me cracking up with his “Joe Brown is turnt up”. I dont doubt for one second that Joe has a bottle of brown liqour in his desk drawer but I believe he is a decent man. He should have asked for more. His show, while not as funny as Judge Mathis is way better than that condescending flat out rude Judge Jewy. She I feel is setting a bad example for all judges to follow. I cant stand that other bitch whose show platform is based off “I was the judge who locked up OJ”. I dont even know how she is allowed to say that in promoting her show. Makes her sound guilty of a conflict of interest.

  10. if you think judge brown is bad, check out judge matthias, he act so bad towards black people, calling them names and separating himself from them, and then he give them a history about how he went to prison and got his law degree. I guess he live in a white neigborhood now, and he’s the uncle Tom, matthias is one of those guys who when they move up the ladder, they forget they are black.

  11. Judge Matthis does not act like he is above his sisters and brotha’s. Unlike most black celeb men he married black and he hangs around blacks. So goh with that.

  12. I did his show yearrrsss ago. He’s very laid back just like how you see on TV. He probably hit some of that ooweee before we taped lol

  13. You must not watch judge Mathis he’s my fav
    And one of the realist. He’s far from being a coon
    Or Tom. He has given lots of money back to the
    Black community and has events for black
    People as well as supports plenty of black events.
    You better google him and know your facts before
    You say things that are untrue,

  14. Well here is something to think about! How come no other race is using derogatory terms to depict themselves. But yet we doing daily? On the radio, streets, TV! When WE Should be saying ” say it loud I black and proud,” If those media devices continue to use the N-word. We need to turn and tune them out.
    How can justice be served in the state of Florida’$ corruptive legal system. When you have significant radio personalities, entertainers, sports, movies stars, and church running. To Florida supporting their economy and justice has not been served yet? Justice that not been served for James Farleigh, Stephen Felder/yogi lee, Melissa Alexander, Trayvon Martin, or the other nine young men killed in Sanford Fl. too. Why is the media afraid to look into these cases and lawyers afraid to take on crook its judges and their associates in the state of Florida? They enjoy abusing people and many other things in the state of Florida.

    Your account has been banned from Huffington Post!.

  15. Judge Joe Brown comes in and busts peanut gas in court. He says “I’m the judge and I’ll bust gas in my court just like that…nhuh.. nhuhh.

    Also, Judge Joe Brown like to use big words like “hereunto” or “hitherforeright” to make himself sound edumacated.

    He than has a few “Bershebas,” cases before him. Exmaple, a boyfriend wrecks his girl’s car and when asked to pay for it says “Ber-sheeba, she let me drive it.”

  16. let the GROWN ADULT MAN… get drunk if he wishes, as long as he didn’t break any laws. leave the man alone, he’s not stupid, Im sure his behavior had mothering to do with money.

  17. I’ve Always thought he was sexy… :P.. even at 66, he can “it”…Seriously, when he was a Tenn court judge, he looked sickly and skinny..i wondered if he was on the sauce then..Anyway Joe, take care of you..and enjoy life