Juelz Santana & Co Shacked Up W/ Moms!


Juelz Santana Moves Back to Moms House

Love Lost After The Hip Hop?

HSK Exclusive – It’s a full house for Juelz Santana and Kimbella Vanderhee! Know why? Because the former Love & Hip Hop pair are reported to be shacked up at the rapper’s mother’s home – along with their two children.

Sources say while Juelz Santana struggles to overcome his financial turmoil, Kimbella is looking at the front door — threatening to slam the Dipset recording artist with a child support order. That’s why we’re told Juelz Santana is struggling to also keep Kimbella happy — reported to have Christmas-gifted her “a used watch” from a pawn shop, where he often trades his watches for a fast buck.

Here’s the drop:

“Mrs Debbie doesn’t like Kimbella. Julez’s mother puts up with Kimbella only for her grandchildren’s sake.

Pretty soon, Kimbella will be back out there getting that fast money for the family.”


  1. But this asshole is still rappin on tracks about how he cashin out spending house money on jewelry but aint got a house? Now thats a fool u cant feel sorry for. N kimbella got pregnant again cuz why? Smh stupid is as stupid does

    • the make it rain on them hoes and the it aint tricking if you got it crowd hahahaha….chickens coming home to roost….a bunch of dumb ass rappers….hello karma or betta yet…a fool and his money will always part.

      • @dontsmokeitnomo

        LMAO!!! You’re on point and there is no better way to put this.

        Am I the only one who thinks Julez Santana and Merlin Santana (RIP) from the ‘Steve Harvey Show’, resemble each other? Are they related?

          • Juelz Santana’s real name is LaRon Louis James,he is not related to Merlin Santana..guess where I got that from..wait for it..GOOGLE!..If you’re GOING to be a smart ass..at LEAST back it up

          • @ Entertainmeh….Thanks for your reply, but no thanks to your sarcasm. You might wanna hold off and only use it when someone is actually attacking you. #helpful

            I guess I really didn’t care too much about it until now. Ain’t it funny how shit works out sometimes? lol.

            Anyway @ 2bme -you’re pretty cool. Thanks for looking out!

          • Don’t you hate how people come in all AFTER the fact puttin there 2 cents in?….QQ?….Hey dumb ass, that dude was already slapped & put in his place. No need for you to repeat the same shit *smh*…

  2. They dont understand that. But then again you cant espect somebody who never finished high school, and never had any money to know how to handle it responsibly once he/does.

  3. Running home to momma’s like he ain’t never cut the umbilical cord.

    Nah man, you get a real job, I don’t care if it’s flipping burgers at Burger King or loading trucks at the dock. Once your time in the limelight has faded, you show your kids and yourself that the man is still the man.

    And if your chick can’t understand that life sometimes is hard, then you might want to find you a down chick.

  4. All the money these clowns were getting,showing out in videos and the like,I say phuck,em and kimbella too. I bet you jimmy jones is doing just as bad,him and chrissy

    • kimbella will eventually have to get a regular 9-5 because her appearance
      fee is between $5000 and know one cares abut this chick anymore so she should stat typing up a resume. @Fresh, Chrissy and Jim jones both got a $300,000 contract for the reality show on VH1 so hopefully there spending wisely.

    • From what I’ve heard, Whorebella and Broke Ass Struggly Rapper have it pretty good compared to Jim Jones and his slag. This nigga’s begging other niggaz for a job. Word to both y’all niggaz, man: DUMP YOUR SLAG, AND GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! AND IN JUELZ CASE, QUIT USIN DOPE, MY NIGGA!!! Oh yeah, about the “I Can’t Feel my Face” shit…WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WIT NIGGAZ!!!! STOP USING COKE LIKE SCARFACE AND YOU’LL GET THE FUCKING FEELING BACK, MY NIGGAZ!!! Sorry for the ratchetness, but ppl be using all kinds of drugs…no wonder he looks so bad…

  5. That’s what happens when u meet ur mate on Twitter… Rap money ain’t NEVER long unless u a mogul and OWN THINGS…speaking really plainly, poor baby she shoulda got with a regular ol Wall St Joe…

  6. My question is why didn’t this happen sooner. Dipsets music sucks and the whole crew are bums. Kimbella has more miles on her than a 57 chevy. Juelz better get a job, sell some butt or something otherwise kimbella will be with another rapper thats got paper.

    • Exactly! I dont get the hype with Dipset crew. I guess they all used to get “dipped” in their “sets” YUCK! Juelz was NEVER EVER HOT. Kimbella’s skin is so oily, she should get the Clarsonic skin brush. I personally love it. Her body is nice though, so she can eat for a while off of that.

  7. They were struggling before L&HH. Now that Kimbella is t bringing in a check, they are on their way to skid row.

    Sucks for them!

  8. That’s what that punk gets tryn to live a BOSS life and he is far from it that’s just so SORRY lookn

  9. Jewelz is going to bounce back, I just hope he invest his money wisely, and not spend it on dumb shyt. Do he still have a deal with Def Jam?

  10. never was into none of dips music camron and the crew. to me was fake bloods really real bloods had to been extorting cam to claim their set and rep hot pink.

  11. Okay yeah, we all fall on hard times now and again…..but what kinda woman don’t stand by her man. Bet money if he drops a hit she she’ll be there spending the cash thats probably why the mother dont like her…smh….but he does need to man up & find other means to support his family in the mean time.