Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent! Just Ask Juelz & Kimbella!


Juelz & Kimbells Evicted from Jersey Brownstone

Reality After Reality TV?

HSK Exclusive – HSK has exclusively landed the legal documents proving one former Love & Hip Hop couple are being forced to pay up or vacate!

According to an eviction notice served to LaRon ‘Juelz Santana’ James and Kim ‘Bella’ Vanderhee, the pair hasn’t paid their $3,000 rent since November! Now, they’ll have to come up with almost $10K to keep their luxury New Jersey brownstone apartment.

See Eviction Notice After The Jump!

To be sure, we’re talking about the same property the pair flossed with during the second season of Love & Hip Hop. Sources say even in the face of financial turmoil, Juelz remains fronting for face.

Here’s the drop:

“Juelz is acting as if everything’s all good…when he knows I know it’s not. I mean, he’s back living at Mrs. Deb’s house

Here’s what’s stipulated in the eviction notice the Dipset rapper received last month:

“The amount that must be paid by the tenant(s) for these premises is $3,000 on the first day of each month…

If this case is scheduled for trial on or after February 1, 2013, but before February 6, 2013, the total amount you must pay to have this complaint dismissed is $9603.80.”


  1. Damn….its hard out here for everybody I see…i know his mixtape just dropped this week maybe he can right that wave an start putting actual albums out again…

    • LMAOO! I Just caught a HARD ass chuckle from the photo of the couple being escorted out. DAMN YOU JACKIE! Dude you silly as hell for that one….*giggleing* Really!

      • Believe it or not, Jim’s net worth is about 10million or so. They live modestly and only have one or two cars. At least that’s how it appeared on the show. Since Chrissy doesn’t work she has plenty of time to keep a vice grip on their spending. I don’t know how well their clothing line is doing, but they have that too.

        Chrissy is a hustler from back in the day, not surprised if she still hustling legal or not.

        • Yeah and the same website says Juelz net worth is “$9mil”. Yet he can’t pay $10k so he, his baby mother & 2kids/1step-kid wont get evicted…..So um, at this point I would need a better source for “celebrity net worth” *hahaha*

          • Wrong site jack azz..n maybe they didn’t wanna one knows what the deal please stop actin like u do

    • Juelz is a GROWN man, it’s not up to Jimmy to bail him out..friends or not..this would be a loan so how the hell would he pay it back? You can’t take care of two households, plus how would teh rest of the rent be paid? Naw, that ain’t a hustler’s mentality..

  2. Why am I not surprised? When these guys get an advance from the record company, instead of hyping objects that quickly depreciate, you k n, cars, clothes, jewelery, purchase a home!

    Not a Mac-mansion. But a nice townhouse in a gated community that you can maintain after the fame dies down. That way, you will always have a roof over your head.

    But know these fools are too busy being ninja rich. Own nothing, lease everything! Just to save face and floss for fly by night friends.

    Humility and common sense goes a long way! Pride goeth before the fall. The question is, will your pride cushion you when your ass is about to hit the floor?

  3. What boggles my mind is why these guys who were able to make a few coins doing rap are renting apartments instead of buying homes and land for cash?

    These guys just have never had any real financial education. The type of education that people who have money are able to pass along to their children…Like the Jews and the WASPS do.

    • Sorry but this is not about education. If you know how to read, you can surf the web and gather financial information on your own!

      If you have a record deal, that record company has a legal department, after you’ve do e some research on your own, you should be able to speak with a financial planner or attorney at your record company. Trust me, people are very willing to share information with you, especially if they see that you’ve tried to gather some information before hand.

      This is not about blacks not being taught finances at home or in school. A lot of our lack of knowledge is based on fear. The fear of looking stupid or uninformed, the fear of revealing our lack of knowledge, fear of losing what little respect that we have from those that we view as more knowledgable than us, the fear of being judged and the fear of approaching whites in general.

      Ask questions, do some fact finding on your own. Stop reading the gossip blogs and read some of the articles on every now and again. Get better informed, even if you only have $1 instead of $1million, find out how to make the best out if what you have, instead of wishing and worrying about what don’t have and may never get!

      • Pink Kitty

        People ask questions when they are unsure of something. People dont begin a search unless they think they may be doing something wrong. Thats the point. If your parents were taught to work hard, save your pennies and punch the clock religiously, then you have no idea that this may not be an optimal way to work your money….If you dont know, you just dont know..Some people are fortunate to have financial mentors and parents/relatives who know…You cant fault people for not being informed if they dont know they are making bad moves…Donald Trumps daughter is going to much more informed on Capital Gain platforms and Investments than the daughter of the lady who works the register at Walmart….The information that you need to know to really build wealth are not taught in schools..Only economic theory is taught in school…If real and PRACTICAL economics were taught in school , then everyone who graduated would be wealthy within 5 years of graduating…What they are teaching is just enough information to land a job with some company where you have only compartmentalized information to serve as someones worker drone….The real shit is passed down from Geroge Herbert Bush to GW Bush and they keep that information within their own circles to ensure that there is always going to be someone to flip those burgers, and to tend their gardens and pump their gas.

        • So true. I like the gossip sites but I love when people kick knowledge. I haven’t read a books in a long time, but I plan to read 5 before the summer!

        • Amen! I remember taking a business class (non-credit) and this lady spoke about compound interest accounts. I’d been up since 6:000am and it was after 7pm when she gave that long-ass presentation.

          I swear I never fought sleep harder in my life but I did learn something about investments which has helped me in this recession. And I don’t have any real money to work with.

          • @Ms. Fitts, 1/18/13,
            Would u please be kind enough to give me the name of the lady who gave the presentation? Thanx.

    • @anonymous 6:16-this isn’t about financial education this is about being stupid! In this day and age you should know if you are an entertainer that you must prepare for the day when you are no longer hot. That means buying a home, not living beyond your means and saving your money even if you don’t invest it. If you bank one million dollars you can live off the interest. It also helps if one person in the household is good with money. Jim lucked up when he got chrissy cause whatever her other faults she good with money. Juelz married kimbella… need i say more?

    • Oh well, you only go so far when your musical “talent” SUCKS!!! I don’t see how he even made what he did!! HORRIBLE “rapper”

  4. @RUS

    Its not about upfront racism…Its about not having access to financial education…Thats the only part that is racist…The system (business) itself isnt racist. The racism comes from being on the outside of the circles that are passed down financial advice from their parents and we all know most of our parents did not have access to that because they inherited the same debt and racism that kept blinders on them as far as being educated about Capital Gains and Investments as opposed to nose to teh grindstone clock puncherism.

    • I’m king to let a few of you in on a little secret. Most parents regardless of race DON’T talk to their children about finances. They don’t talk to their children about how credit cards work, they don’t talk to their children about how their monthly bills.

      Matter if fact most parents don’t have a will. Yes, married with children or simply have children and no will for their family should they die suddenly. Nothing to guide their relatives as to their dying wishes! Nothing. Hell most don’t even have life insurance policies.

      Oh and if you assume that all white set up college funds for their children at birth, you would be wrong on that note as well. I have colleagues and friends, black white Hispanic and Asian and most never set up college funds. When their child hits 15 or so, they hope they can get scholarships. When I told a friend that I was setting up a Roth IRA for my future offspring. They looked at me crooked, and responded, ” you don’t have kids”, my response was, why wait until they get here? If my income is adjusted now, I will be used to making the contributions, as opposed to being strapped with their day to day expenses after the child arrives, and then also having to contribute to an education fund would be a double whammy.

      Cut costs now and get used to it versus cut costs later and be in shock. I opted to cut costs now.

      • I would agree on that but jews teach their children from young how to set up businesses. And I mean young.

      • PinkKitty (whorish name by the way) has some very good points but um…Sorry she clearly has that “Lisa Simpson Syndrome”. Those that have watched the Simpson’s show know exactly what I’m talking about. Know-it-all-ism; Always telling grown folks what they should be doing; Hell bent on getting the last word. *LOL*

        @Annonymous & @KingKush are both right. A LOT of parents (ESPECIALLY JEWS,which is a given)DO teach their children about finances & money management. From the poor to the Wealthy, regardless of race. It starts with something as simple as “Don’t spend all of your money in one place” “Save it for a rainy day”.

      • PinkKitty (wh0rish name by the way) has some very good points but she clearly has that “Lisa Simpson Syndrome”. Those that have watched the Simpson’s show know exactly what I’m talking about. Know-it-all-ism; Always telling grown folks what they should be doing; Hell bent on getting the last word. *LOL*

        Annonymous & KingKush are both right. A LOT of parents (ESPECIALLY JeWS,which is a given)DO teach their children about finances & money management. From the poor to the Wealthy, regardless of race. It starts with something as simple as “Don’t spend all of your money in one place” “Save money for a rainy day”.

      • PinkKitty (wh0rish name by the way) has some very good points but she clearly has that “Lisa Simpson Syndrome”. Those that have watched the Simpson’s show know exactly what I’m talking about. Know-it-all-ism; Always telling grown folks what they should be doing; Hell bent on getting the last word. LOL

      • Annonymous & KingKush are both right. A LOT of parents (ESPECIALLY J.E.W.S,which is a given)DO teach their children about finances & money management. From the poor to the Wealthy, regardless of race. It starts with something as simple as `Don’t spend all of your money in one place` ~Save money for a rainy day~

  5. All you wanna be rappers out there who are making a couple hundred thousand this year do this if you do nothing else…

    If you can spare $150,000 cash dont go buy a Bentley right off the bat..

    Go to South Carolina or Georgia, into a mostly African American county and buy this…

    1. 10 acres of land for $60,000 cash
    2. Get a 4 bedroom double wide mobile home, (used) a foreclosed one for $40,000 cash
    3. Dig a water well for $5000
    4. Build a root cellar/storm shelter for $5000
    5. Fencing $5000
    6. A Used Ford Pickup $12,000
    7. An outdoor swimming pool for $10,000
    8. Solar Panels for $10,000
    9. Internet Satellite Dish $3,000

    Do that you pretty much have a “fuck you farm” that is mostly self sufficient, if things ever get bad in Atlanta, NY, jERSEY, or wherever you are pursuing your musin dreams…It can also serve as a cheap vacation weekend getaway…Plant your little garden, put in a small pond later etc.

    • You can always build a real home later…Consider the mobile home like a temporary shelter or a guest house.
      From there you can do like our grandparents did when building a house…You build as you go with cash..No mortgage…You build a little each month, even if it takes 3 years…Thats how we did it when we didnt have access to their fraudulent credit scheme.

      • Dave Chapelle has a “fuck you farm” in Central Ohio.
        Thats why it was so easy for him to turn down that Comedy Central Minstrel loot….His fuck you farm is a little more intricate and posh than the one above.

          • @christa-well considering we uesd to talk all the time any way there is no way you could. And next time don’t take your sweet time replying! I mean really you know us uncle toms are all we got. You’re the polite one and i’m the witty and smart one. You know our roles*hysterical laughter* Now if you haven’t figured out who thie is i will give you 173 guesses and the first two don’t count! Just wanted to let you know i am still alive and send you some love. You and renee are still my two faves! Oh you you do know that since we both commented on darlene’s beauty that now we’re both lesbians! ROTFLMBAO!!! Well you take care and i am once again in lamont cranston mode! See ya!!!

            • @173 *wink* with thanks to anonymous 12/18

              Girlfriend, you will always be a welcome guest at my brand new “Fukk You” Farm in Gobbler’s Nob, S.C. (see above)

              We will have to invite a group kindred spirits for a conclave full of healthy debate, simulating conversation, a discussion concerning the role of the 21st Century Black woman in corporate America followed by a soothing Pilates stretch out and foot reflexology.

              We will then retreat to the above ground pool on my 10 acre compound to sip Peach Bellinis while we have a heartfelt bonding over the likelihood of there being a 10 heterosexual males over the age of 30 East of the Mississippi(??) Capping off the productive, yet spiritually invigorating day will be a “Getcho Mind Right” confab confronting possibly the most divisive political question of our time: “Fried Chicken: Is it time to say goodbye to the yard bird and move on?”

  6. I remember watching an old video with juelz and he was,flossing his jewelry and cars now you cant even afford to pay your rent…I feel bad for the kids if any

  7. Looking back to when the Dips weren’t on decent terms, Killa flat out said Juelz was a drug addict and wasn’t working. Now Juelz is admitting that he was sitting on his ass for about the last 5-6 years. Dude was banking on that project with Weezy, but even Weezy said that he kept sending him shit–but Santana wasn’t getting anything done.

    It’s Juelz Santana, not Carlos Santana/LaRon James, not Lebron James. He didn’t have that kind of dough to sit around basically unemployed, sip lean, smoke piff, and expect not to be in his mother’s basement. Hell, he may need to hit Writer or Rell up for a loan—that’s not a good look.

    • Thats EXACTLY why I could never endorse my children. That shit makes you lazy and if you smoke to much it’ll make you retarded like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa.

    • Tha best comment by far.. I can tell u not some old ass bitch on here who doesnt even know Dips history. Juelz is lazy as fuck. He had NY in tha palm of his hand and couldnt move it.. Everything u said was 1000% accurate!!

  8. hey jack.. MTO jacked the Juelz/kimbella court docs and put their stamp over your watermark. They didn’t even hide it.

  9. WOW. I bet his mama is disgusted having all those damned people in her crib.

    And if he’s gonna stay with moms until he gets a hit, that means they could all be camping out together for YEARS!!

  10. The only members of dipset serious about making money were Jimmy and Camron. Juelez was cute but was too strung out on drugs to be serious about the business end of “show business.” It’s very sad for his children that he’s such a bum. Mama better figure something out because children cost money. For their sake, I hope they figure something out.

  11. Juelz Santana will be performing live at price chopper in upstate ny,with the old black dude who sings the house of barbecue commercials…..1 week only,that should be enuff to pay his rent!

    • @fresh-and if not you can catch kimbella at the strip club droppin it like it’s hot and workin it like it’s warm. And she’ll be giving special attention to all the playas in the champagne room. Celebration bitches celebration!

  12. DAMN…Evicted for 3G’s….SMDH! Yet Kimbella kept popping out babies for this nasty a** man who was sleeping and tricking their money off on stanks and ho*s…..Yes, I agree with most of you that Jim Jones will always be set and has a sensible woman on his side arm, however, nuccaz like Juelz are simpletons in the fact they think Bentley’s, Rover’s and Ice is what the “life is all about” when they are really one concert check away from being broke. This is what happens when you are trying to live “the life” and you ain’t about that kind of living. I have no sympathy for these fools.

    • Is Jimmy strung out too?!? Do tell! I always thought he looked high on the show in scenes with Chrissy, but wasn’t sure. Plus, he seems so devoted, but she’s always complaining that she can’t depend in him to be a real husband or dad. I wonder if that was because he is always out getting high! Spill some tea somebody!

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