K. Michelle & Ariana Davis Dating?


K. Michelle & Ariana Davis Love Interest

All Girl Affair!

HSK Exclusive – We all know that K Michelle bumped Ariane Davis from Mimi Faust, but the real reason Ariane is now riding with K Michelle could be because she’s pussy-whipped!

We’re told K Michelle and Ariana Davis have secretly been an item since Thanksgiving 2012. Now, the pair is said to be inseparable.

Here’s the drop:

“K Michelle gave up on men because she can’t find a man who will stay with her.

Ariane goes to K Michelle’s shows and sleeps over at K Michele’s apartment on a regular. Don’t be surprised if you see Ariana appear on ‘Love and Hip Hop New York’ with K Michelle.”


  1. Mimi & Ariana were manufactured friends for the show. Mimi needed a confidant to confide in and Ariana filled in for that position. K-Michelle and Ariana go waaay back during the Memphis time, and if that is tru. That is what entertainment business about anyway? Right!

    Arina gonna jump on “whoever” co-tail is hot at the moment,and she wanna get paid too. She could get more exposure being on both shows (LHHNY & LHHATL)

    • Wrong! Mimi and Ariane go way back. Real friends! K.Michelle is the new booty. That is why K got mad at Ariane for fucking Memhitz BEFORE they knew each other existed.
      OMG – why do I care?

    • I thought i was the only one. Its fake as hell now. Rather so much so now that its not even entertaining

  2. If I had to guess whose gay, my money would be on MiMi and Arianna. Who talks that fucking close to a another bitch’s face??? And what kind of bitch would let you?!!

  3. When Ariane confronted MiMi Man about K I figured they were lovers then ….ariane was defending kay like she was her lover…lol….Woman

  4. well Ariane need some air play anyway bc they was abt to X her ass bc she srved no purpose and she was and is boring.and MiMi try to come off like she so hard I CRIED MYSELF TO SLEEP LAUGHIGN T MIMI BITCH ASS! she is strait puddy fuckin with niggah that look like her X “whodoesthat”!K Michelle jus need a good lickin or stickin that;s all she got that invisible agitated syndrome meaning shes so ready to be loved and laid that she fucks wit errybody and its not toeanany harm its jus frustration that she really don’t know she have bc of lack of compaionship

    • I agrree mimi is pathetic in every single way and I don’t like the way mimi went off on ariane and kmichelle whe really she need to check them niggah if n/ thing