K Michelle Living In The Bottle?


K Michelle is a Drunk

Enabled By Mona Scott Young?

HSK Exclusive – K Michelle said it for herself — she’s “in love with Jack Daniels”. So, it’s no surprise the noted “out of control, raging drunk” is ratchet television gold.

But, even with the rest of LHHA opting not to work with her, sources say K Michelle’s spot on the VH1 show remains secure. Know why? Because we’re told Mona Scott-Young is managing the singer’s music career.

Here’s the drop:

“K Michelle gets into it with everybody on the show and nobody wants to work with her. K Michelle is bisexual and I’m starting to think her and Mona are secret lovers.”

K Michelle vs. Kirk Frost


  1. If outta control raging drunk is “ratchet TV gold” I should be having my own show once a month.
    Although, I’m not in her class thigh wise.

  2. they say a drunken mind speaks the truth and remember she was well liked by Rasheeda and others until they fell out and yep she stays drunk so she is going to Let All Out !!! you shouldnt tell your secrets to some one who you can not trust as your friend!!! and well as for Rasheeda Loose lips sinks ships!!!! I hope her career turns out a HELLUVA lot better THAN OLIVERS!!! aka Olivia

  3. I can’t deny her singing talents, but have to give her an “F,” in class as well as good sense. K. Michelle is the poster-child for BIPOLAR. I don’t think her career will thrive, not because she’s possibly struggling with mental illness’ but, because she fail to recognize that she has the problem and NOT everyone else. I once believed her accusations against Memphis, but her uncontrollable outbursts, and erratic behaviors leads me to question her altogether.

  4. She’s trying to market what sells. Idk y ppl think a person that doesnt have a filter , will watch what they say with their so called friends. Notice also kmichelle had issue with d same ppl Mimi and others had issue with, she was just the only one speaking on it. so when she bumped heads with d baglady and her buddy mimi it made other hoes complaint seem valid. I believe k. She’s a little touched but she doesn’t come off as a liar. Besides K is given kirk and rasheeda boring azz a storyline. Just like if not for joseline Mimi azz would be gone.

  5. It’s crazy what atl niggas do for money,hey jacky wats up with kirks allegations with his daughter,I heard she might be on the show too!