K Michelle Peddled a Professional For $60?!


K Michelle Common Prostitute

“My ex-husband paid K Michelle $60 for head in his Azure in the alley!” ~Anonymous Source

HSK Exclusive – The former wife of a man reported to have treated K Michelle like a common whore is speaking out! According to the woman, the one time Love & Hip Hop cast member accepted $60-bucks and a fast food meal, in return for her oral sex delivery. That’s before we’re told K Michelle was sent on her way, dropped off at a Chicago train station.

The source says the incident went down about seven-years ago, just before K Michelle first landed a ticket into the studio with R Kelly – who our source says was close to the couple.

Here’s the drop:

“My ex-husband and I were close to R.Kelly. K. Michelle used to be around him all the time. She hung out around the Calumet building in Chicago.

My ex-husband paid K Michelle $60 for head in his Azure in the alley! He then got her takeout from the corner store and dropped her at the train station in Hyde Park.”


  1. I don’t believe this at all.No one is giving head for 60$ not even crack heads they get $10 at most.

    Naw ion believe it and this is the type of chick I would believe the worst about.Somebody tell me she was fighting with her baby on her hip in the projects barefoot I’ll believe that.Tell me she f’d R.Kelly and did kinky strange stuff with him I might believe that.But this naw ion believe it.plus why would someone hanging out with R.Kelly need to give head for 60 dollars.At one point she said she lived with R.Kelly

    • R Kelly selfish as hell though. Don’t forget he asked his brother killa to say it was him on that tape. This is the same brother who right now sells some of the best screener bootleg movies in Chicago and is a crackhead who gets no help from rkelly to this day and is a crackhead who sells his link card. One more thing, if any of rkelly friends help his brother out with a few dollars, rkelly gets mad. So if he could do this to his own blood, I can see him just fucking own some girl and letting her starve.

      • Cher you are full of SHIT, a damn lie and the truth ain’t in yah.

        Kells has helped his crackhead brother Cary (Killa) NUMEROUS TIMES.

        He has paid for rehab a million times, took him on the road with him to remove him from the environment and bad influences, given him untold amounts of money….

        …..THIS for a man who has stole his car out of his damn driveway and GARAGE to lend to drug dealers to pay off drug debts.

        How many times as R. called the cops to report his car stolen only to find out from the police that his brother was driving it????

        Bottom line, he loves his brothers and sister and has helped them.

        But in this case, you can’t save a person that don’t want to be saved.

        And you don’t owe your family your LIFE.

        • Ohh you came for me didn’t ya. Lol. I’m aware of all that, I’m just saying he gets mad at other people when they help him out. I’m talking $5 or $10 bucks here. I don’t think that’s right. No matter what he did.

        • @Mama thanks for the clarity! I personally love Rrra Kelly!lol I simply adore him and his music and love Chicago with all of my being!

    • plenty of girls give and have sex for 50 dollars on up this must have been before she was famous.

      looks like her past is being exposed.

      escorts on backpage charge 50 dollar specials and give head for 50 and the whole deal for 80 yeah it’s possible.

    • Why do you think that R. Kellyi isn’t all that special…you ever hear his ex-wife talk? she sounds like she is a country bumpkin as well with her baby hair dripping in Cabrina Green grease…

    • Shame on who Speak for ya damn self.I ain’t ashamed about anything! Truth is usually stranger than fiction! She wasn’t exactly known back then, so who is to see that it didn’t happen?If true she certainly wouldn’t be the only chick to do strange thangs for change! Not condoning ijs.. Dont be so naive!

  2. I’m sorry i gotta agree with everyone else on here. I call shenanigans on this one. Now mind you K.Michelle is more ghetto than md 20/20 but i don’t see this one happening at all. I think someone is just trying to slander her name.

    • How the hell did you find me?!! You listen to me i WILL NOT be silenced!!! You and your bunch gotta catch me and that ain’t gonna be easy!! I have the equipment and the knowledge to use it and i won’t hesitate to…Hey! Who the hell are you? And what are doing with that syringe? HEY YOU CAN’T….To whom it may concern: Ignore what you have read here from the individual known as madraven. She was mentally unstable and has been neutralized. WE will be giving you your opinions from now on. That is all.

  3. I don’t believe it, and let me explain why. I don’t believe it, not because K. Michelle is above this, but because her rumored fall out with MiMi. MiMi could have easily started this rumor to get back at K. Michelle for slapping her, and talking smack about her man. It makes more since that way to me.

  4. When I figure out what the difference between her nd a soccer mom,former porn star gone good and other ho’s with a past, I’ll see the point of voicing my opinion. For now I regress.

  5. i come to this site daily and let the truth be told some people do some strange things for change and some do it for free so what why they telling it now cause shes on a come up and she can set her on price on how much shes charging to make them holla cause if it was way back then her skill should be up get your money KMICHELLE every body got a pass least we know that you charge in stead of sucking just to hang around groupie style

  6. I don’t know who this chick is, I don’t watch a whole lotta bullsh’t on t.v but I wish I had a figure like this girl…..sounds like she’s had a nasty past though….smh.

  7. So, this so called “source” was cool with her husband paying random chicks for blow jobs? Everything about this story sounds made up and bogus, I’m not believing it.