K Michelle Sets It Off On Iggy Azalea!


K Michelle vs Iggy Azailea

Iggy Azalea may have landed herself a pitiful pass to front the role of a bonafide rapper… but K Michelle ain’t buying that “New Classic” ish for one second!

The ‘Still No F*cks Given’ singer says she’s “offended”, and is demanding Black folk “take back the music”, leading her revolt with a series of Twitter bombs aimed at the new first lady of Grand Hustle Records.

Check it:

K Michelle Beefin W/ Iggy Azailea


  1. Before she tries to go all Angela Davis, maybe she should drop her “I want a man” campaign? Just a thought.

    • I never thought about it , but its true, Celine Dion stayed on her own.lane. No cross over shit, she just sang her heart out and black and white loved her music. I do think 90s was the last decade musically before the whole game went corporate. I was super young but still I miss it too

  2. don’t like iggy but she won’t last female rappers have short lifespans.

    if latifah did’nt go into acting she would have played out years ago.

    jj fad lasted 2 albums
    sweet tee lasted 1 album
    I can go on and on.

  3. Since music “lights” up your whole brain, the quality of music will continue to deteriorate. The last thing they want you to do is be a thinker. Today’s music will keep you dumbed down so stop listening to it and learn to appreciate old skool music.

    • K michelle will fuck that white fake booty wanna b black hoe up! Somebody need to fuck you up! You stupid piece of shit! Dress in drag hoe cuz its a wrap for yo dumb ass. I literally cannot stand you. You say stupid shit all the time an its clear you lack pussy… You sound gay tho! WORD UP LOL!

      • ms. you need to come up higher.
        i always imagined a “queen” as
        someone sweet, demure and
        very lady-like. but you sound like
        a dude from the block. like a drunken
        sailor in a seedy hole-in-the-wall bar.

  4. A prophet has no honor in his own country, take the time out to push and pump up your own homegrown talent and then someone wont come from the other side of the world and take it over. When y’all too busy fighting and infighting y’all distracted and much too distracted to see the takeover.

  5. Who the hell and what the hell is a iggy we are living in times the main female rapper is a white women name iggy and for the men is a white man who is now called rap God what happen not hating at all but what happen. I been had stop playing hip hop its been dead for a long time and I really don’t think it will be brought back to life ever aging I miss the 90s to 2007 good times good music now this new age crap sucks

    • Our music has always been too powerful and now the move is to get imitations of us who do what we do and put lots of cash behind them so it appears that someone else is really all that. We been getting to much shine around the world. Also what we do has been making too much money not to be controlled and funneled elsewhere. you know how that game go

  6. Multi-Faceted Issue…Multiple Suspects

    The blame can be spread far and wide, as it relates to Iggy Azalea…Grand Hustle, Black Blogosphere, Nick Gordon, etc. We can’t blame white folks for this, our own people are the biggest cheerleaders of this ish. Pimp The White Girl is a past-time of blackmen…Waaay Back! Ain’t s**t changed, just the names and faces. Eminem made Dre filthy rich, so, all the producer negros want an Eminem of their own…Bottomline! Iggy has no talent, but, negros don’t care…They Want Something Else?

    • You make a solid point Tyrone. I hadn’t thought about the fact that Em made Dre more money than all his other endeavors put together.

  7. the Beatles and everyones favorite english rock bands didnt sing with english accents, they tried their best to sound like black american bluesmen…

  8. She was so close yet so far. Celine Dion? Tina Marie?? Never knew black folks were in to Celine Dion and to this day I have never understood the hype over Tina Marie. She tried her best to sound like a black woman but how bout sending a shot out to the real divas K. Michell? How about we miss Miki Howard, M’lissa Morgan, Phyllis Hyman, Cheryl Pepsi Riley, Shirley Murdock?? SMH.

    • Be for I ever seen Tina Marie I was thinking she was a black woman she sounded like one just like that song what you will do for love all this time I was thinking that man was black untilled he was on bet awards and he was white that was a big shocker

      • Wait… What?! I just had to look up bobby Caldwell if u never said anything I still would’ve thought he was black.
        Learn something new everyday. Im a 80’s baby forgive me lol

        • Yaaaaaas! What you won’t do (you do for love.) Is the SHIT! Many brown babies running around here got conceived off that track ! For real.!

    • Hell yeah I listen to Céline Dion! The Canadian Lady can sing! Tuna Marie aka my Namesake can blow! Love me The late Sophisticated Lady herself, Ms. Phyllis Hyman!

  9. Lame As Hell… I mean, K. Michelle needs to find a short pier and take a long walk. Not sure who died and made her the ambassador of Memphis, but if anyone should express a distaste for Iggy’s style, let it be Three 6 Mafia, Gangsta Boo or one of their affiliates. K. and her hood anthems need work. She definitely has pipes, but she needs to learn to write for a more broad audience. Having soul doesn’t mean you alienate your listeners.

  10. I thought she had a great voice before promoting ass injections but her attempt to replicate the common has left me dissatisfied & uninterested

    How can any1 take her cry for authentic soul music to be acknowledged as dead or true poetic rhythms not being penetrated at it’s pennicle when ever since she sold her empowering moving struggle of being abused by her manager/boyfriend for fame her whole playlist is mediocre & not in any comparison w/ any of the people she mentioned in her tweets

    Jus a waste of beautiful black skin

  11. k michelle is right alot of these white women act black either in their music videos or in real life is sicken they think being a black women is easy and fun but is hard

    • [_] To accuse some1 of “trying to act black” when in actuality it is their raw emotions is not your place but is that of the individual’s own journey & it only “trying to act black” because YOU label it that

      If her music to you is of that nature of perpetrating then that must be why you victimize yourself & put yourself against her as if it has to be a comparison like she can’t jus rap & you can’t jus be a strong black women
      Her albums are a mockery or your struggle because by default you’re black & she’s not? That’s retarded

      Rap, soul, rock whatever you prefer they all promote the same message that is programmed into them then chanted to you over rhythms & rhymes & jus because you perceive it to be a whitepeopleproblack instead of blackpeopleantiblack doesn’t change anything positively for your outlook on life

      Instead of listening to corrupted music & point fingers learn where you come from so you can broaden that box your in because you will more than likely realize the people you don’t know why you want so bad to be your enemy is your family BY BLOOD YOUR CREATOR IS NOT MAGIC DISNEY IT IS ENERGY THE INNER CORE MAGNETS THE ENERGY YOU INTAKE EITHER SUPRESSES/DISABLES OR ENHANCES/TRIGGERS POWERS/ABILITIES YOU ALREADY POSSESS THOUGH YOU MUST SPEND EVERY MOMENT SEARCHING FOR KEYS TO UNLOCK THOSE DOORS FOR THAT ENERGY & MEMORIZE THAT COMBO TO THAT MASTERSAFE W/ ALL YOUR PASSION TO UTILIZE THOSE GIFTS YOU ARE BORN W/

      • well white women or white people love to out do black people to make black people look bad in front on another black people


            • I can tell by your crave for conflict that you contradict yourself everday buy saying god is good but commit the very sins you fear yet pressure so deeply on others

              It’s fine that you embarrass yourself because you unwillingly believe what you say is right righteously right enough to pass you to heaven though you’re jus as dead as anything or any1 buried living in the hell on earth you call of a mindset that you possess

              Until you let go of this dark ignorance you hold the light cannot illuminate you nor can you activate the light inside you

              Stop looking onward pointing fingers focus on you it’s so many spectators observations questions but 999% of the time the closure answers are within yourself inward stop trying to control others do what you can for what you love that’s it the law is love love is the law that’s it if you’re not going to change your surroundings love yourself & everything that comes into you & all is well but everything isn’t love you must know when to cipher things & how to cipher what it is specifically like a filter like your subconscious like your conscience will never lie to you you are born pure white black brown alien you are born pure it is your choice 1nce you can make your own choices to choose your paths your methods views your deities your prides & inevitable things like another human beings life choices are your own challenges everyday obstacles to maintain your sanity/reality when you stop the world continues it’s orbits never forget you are but a word on a page a page in a chapter a chapter in a book or a book itself depending on your legend determines those heights & levels of relevance

          • Jr why are you wasting your time. It is obvious by that girl’s post she is slow. And I’m really not trying to be funny.

          • Jr why are you wasting your time? It is obvious by that girl’s post she is a bit slow. And I’m really not trying to be funny.

  12. K michelle is telling the gotdam truth! An all you negroes are the reason we as Black cant get no where! Too many of us are selling us Out! Whites steal Everything from us an Blackmen refuse to fight the Power! K ass is one thing but homegirl kept that shit ‘Gangzta’ an for that i got mad respect for her! She might not reach the Arethas, CHakas ,etc but she still made it an gets paid to perform. What happen to the dayz when blacks kept shit 100?????!!!!! Niggas is shook to speak they opinions an shit! Damn ! Massa got niggas scared to wink! Boy… I miss the days of ‘TUPAC’!! !

  13. K michelle is telling the gotdam truth! An all you negroes are the reason we as Black cant get no where! Too many of us are selling us Out! Whites steal Everything from us an Blackmen refuse to fight the Power! K ass is one thing but homegirl kept that shit ‘Gangzta’ an for that i got mad respect for her! She might not reach the Arethas, CHakas ,etc but she still made it an gets paid to perform. What happen to the dayz when blacks kept shit 100?????!!!!! Niggas is shook to speak they opinions an shit! Damn ! Massa got niggas scared to wink! Boy… I miss the days of ‘TUPAC’!! He would have spoke on this bullshit an not flinched unlike Coonye An Coon- z! You lettin the devil continue to steal an he fiorcing our kids to be Fags! The Creator got a major punishment for us Blacks cause we are the REAL JEWS! SMH??? IM OUT!

  14. I agree 1000% blacks always wanna help whitey but knock their own still hopin to get in the big house. Fuck iggy eminem elvis both justins n every other white artist who got rich stealn from black talent and ALL u dumb jigaboos helpn them do it!

  15. The whole Iggy thing is something manufactured by the big wigs. I know for a fact her music is written by Lady G from LA. A black STUD. Before Iggy was well known she was in and out of the hood with every “hood” or “wanna be” dude in LA.

  16. I bet she gon be at the bet awards and hav a black chic as her hype man. Tried to warn everybody with nicki minaj she was the crash test dummy with her wack ass raps n everyone said it was tight now this white bitch think she hip hop.

  17. there are no black people doing country music. we all know white people will make a huge fuss about it they do’t like it when black people are singing their music but when their doing black music it ok?

    • Quite the opposite. A major complaint among the country labels right now is that they are looking for more quality black country artist and they can’t find them. They want another Darius Rucker. In the current climate, a black musician would get signed quicker playing country than playing hip-hop.

  18. 1nce regular people like Iggy Azalea w/ talent sell their souls they have no say how they are presented Her pertrayal of a hardcore tough sexist female is but like any other female rapper it is not her say she is but a programmed chip to criticize her for her message rather than britney spears who has nothing to do w/ rap though promotes the same messages just w/ different tempos/flows is descriminitive/bias Britney Spears is a 5150 lobotamized puppet only because her programming broke down risked self-destruction or exposing her mkultra procedures people who aren’t so lucky after their rawtalents are used dry are uncontrollable are fake murdered like Whitney/Michael/Tupac/KurtCobain
    Stop comparing society to music because harmonies & beats/vibrations are jus used to manipulate your very thinking & functions which is why you are programmed to feel the way you do Nevermind that she’s white under her skin behind her voice her sound her everything she is jus like every other artist in the industry not jus attacking africans but demoralizing man kind as a whole because we think we are the only species & north Americans think Obama rules the world but is only in charge of 1 country & some of 3rdworlds that we have no idea about other than what they put on the news about them being terrorists & if so if what middle eastern people are sought about then Obama could very well be Osama & we really are the terrorists invading 1 world countries for technologies to only further transhumanize EARTH & all done right in front of us because we point the fingers at each other instead of to the stars, moon, & sun

  19. K.Michelle, I don’t know you ma cause I don’t waste my time on FAKE entertainment and ALL REALITY SHOWS ARE FAKE but what you said is truth 100% x 100%. Nobody talking about how Black men are selling out hiphop talk about sell outs. They couldn’t hype a brownskin woman? SELL OUTS. Can’t say shit about Macklemore!!

  20. Well.said.K. Michelle, well.said! Now if these artist are smart they can flip the game and we have control our own we can conquer and not be divided. For instance, let’s say “them folks” took the oath. U know you can fake that if they ban together. Cut the head of a snake and the body will fall.

  21. …Despite the fact that Keyshia Cole 2.0 is always on Twitter arguing with someone, she does have a point here. Watch that Australian blunder win a ‘Rap’ Award or two next year just because she’s white and has double-standard-harboring whites buying her shit and backing her in the Industry.

  22. Anonymous 3:19, why do you have to say Queen Monique could be a welfare queen? How are you dignified in anyway by saying this? She is entitled to her opinion and she can choose whichever way to express herself…as can everyone else on this post. Not kool.

  23. I remember when rap first came out, we struggled for main stream America to accept it as music. They never embraced Hip Hop until they realized they could make millions from it. THEN, that’s when we started to get our own rap category at the Grammy’s. Caucasians have been stealing “sounds” that they didn’t create historically. Just ask Elvis Presley…