Kandi Burruss: Common Whore Turned ATL Housewife?


Kandi Burruss Exposed

Ya Can’t Xscape The Past!!!

HSK Exclusive – She may be a former member of Xscape, but the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member can’t seem to escape her whoring past. Know why? Because Kandi Burruss might just have been taught how to whore from day one!

According to our sources, the 36-year-old singer is just as promiscuous as her gambling-addicted mother, Joyce Jones. That’s the grounds which could have lead Burruss to eventually land her reputation as a known industry whore. But, despite her bad wrap – sources say Burruss was smart with her money — which could be why sources say she had the funds to help out music producer Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs.

In sharp contrast from her reported gold-diggin dick, the man who fathered Kandi Buuruss’s 10-year-old daughter – Russell “Block” Spencer – is said to have left her to fend with their child for herself. Spencer is also said to be to blame for spreading negative stories about the singer/reality personality.

According to one insider, Kandi Burruss is a home wrecker who stole her current boyfriend, Todd Tucker, away his former girlfriend Mela — by buying him material things.

Here’s the drop:

“Kandi Burruss is a hoe, she slept with Jermaine Dupri and his daddy.

Kandi’s baby daddy Russell is the biggest deadbeat dad of all time. Kandi has to beg Russell to see their daughter Riley. He probably paid a total of only two child support payments to-date.

Russell was engaged to another woman with a child on the way and Kandi knew this and she still fucked with him.

Kandi is a home wrecker, she stole Todd from another chic and she kept it moving.”


    • I absolutely love Kandi Burruss, and although I don’t respect what I’ve read regarding her actions/antics, do I really need to in order to respect her business savvy sense, her drive, and smarts? What I do believe is that a person is fair game, unless married. If material things is all it took to manipulate Todd’s heart then Mela certainly dodged that bullet. When a person shows you who they are, believe them.

      • You believe a person is fair game unless married. I bet your skank ass wouldn’t think that if it was your man that was “fair game”. How many married men have you screwed or are currently screwing? How many do you have kids by? Slore!

    • You know what i just discovered this site, but I cannot with this ignorance.. This was my first day with this site and my last. I also intend to advise my friends to not go here. It is clearly for the ignorant and the ratchet.

      • You can’t even construct a sentence in completion; you’re calling folks “ratchet” instead of being sharp enough to know the use is incorrect. Try “wretched” which you seem to be. Unhappy much. Get lost. Please don’t go into a frenzy either.

  1. Do not talk shit about my girl Kandi.
    Definitely do not talk shit about Miss Joyce.

    She has handled her talent for writing with great planning and investment. She is the least extravagant lady on that show. She never brags about what she bought and how much it cost. Cynthia is like that too.
    Like Lisa on RHOBH said,”people who are used to and have REAL money don’t constantly talk about it.”
    She bought that mansion in need of much rehab, because it was a bargain in foreclosure. She may or may not be promiscuous, but she has a head for finance. She sure isn’t any more ho-ish than Rhi Rhi, Demi Lovato, Britney, Xtina, Tiny Harris or Trina. And if she is so promiscuous, why doesn’t she have a litter of kids like some famous music folk in ATL??

      • Haters will be haters they r mad cos their broke and lonely. Go Kandi. Can’t take what don’t want to be tookin

        • Haters will be haters they r mad cos their broke and lonely. Go Kandi. Can’t take what don’t want to be tookin .I hope it isn’t another woman tearing down another woman. A man will hate cos he can’t get Kandi.

          • How about using “they’re” instead of “their broke.” You sound illiterate. All losers use the word “haters”. There are plenty of nicer, richer people thank you. Besides, she is nasty with that monkey mouth smile and wide ass. She’s a whore with a nasty attitude.

          • You might as well get over vocabulary and grammar this is just commentary on a blog, stop taking this sht so seriously and take it and the comments for what they are…entertainment

            • IKR? That reminds me of that Bella lady who act like she was teacher and we were all in the 4th grade correcting every comment.
              Beside I like people who write the same as they talk.

        • Girl, there is nothing lonlier than an old hoe. Turn on your television. It is filled with black women over 35 pleading, begging, asking, crying, and praying for a partner.. When they were in their 20’s they were the whore of the ball, but men use whores and discard them.. Then they wake up and they are alone and have to pay men to be with them. There are plenty of successful black women that are not sluts… Damn, I now understand why black women are #1 for ALL female STDs, single parenthood, and basically all things bad. You hoes stay losing, but hey I guess that don’t matter as long as you make money. Damn shame.

    • Y not A litter of kids? There’s chicks i know that have a litter by one man..but Being Promiscuous or free spirit whatever you may call it..she was smart about hers so there’s nothing left to say..but she was a smart hoe if you want to call her that lol Some women love sex and back then she probably sexed in the same circles but no different than the round the way chick in the neighborhood..

      • Singing a gospel song on being prayed up then talking about how good she gives head took some nerve! Yet she has folks defending her. They must be kindred spirits (same kind as her)?

        • But in all fairness, how do you still a single guy? Her current man was not married so he was up for grabs.

          • I agree! Kandi & everybody in this world has a past! She has a career and money plus raising her child plus have it together. Todd isn’t going nowhere & people posting her business don’t have the amount of money she has so why even try to bring up her business. This is irreverent! Let the woman go on with her life!

          • I absolutely agree, Guest. My motto remains, “May the best woman/man win.” If you’re not up for the fair challenge then bow out gracefully.

          • You are the reason, like Khandi, that women hate other women. If a man lives with his woman than he is taken. Wtf is wrong with you whores? Karma is a mother and how you start off is how you will end up. He gone leave her ass too.

            • Exactly Rah! Bitches talking about a man is up for grabs if he isn’t married. He is NOT up for grabs if he has a girlfriend. Hoes need to respect that. Stop promoting whorism and cheating.

            • okay so does the man not have a damn brain to think for himself, if he went out with another woman then its him thats at fault not the woman, women being mad at other woman for something thier man did is ignorant, thats y its not a good idea to shack up with someone before you know they are commited to you, you bitches will be fighting other bitches forever with that mentality because if he doesnt want to stay faithful hes not, the prob is with him not other females

      • Actually, when I was talking about being promiscuous and having a litter of kids in ATL I was thinking of Tip Harris. That just shows the double standard(I’m guilty of it too) we have about promiscuity. Men are all the time spreadin it around, but they seldom get called out on it.

        • Your right Christa, and it becomes acceptable because they’re wealthy. That doesn’t work for me since there is no moral rectitude in having 5-7 children before marriage, and with multiple men/women. I commend Tiny and any other woman for opening their heart and minds to such circus act.

    • THANK YOU!! Who cares!? Isn’t a home wrecker someone who breaks up a marriage not a basic relationship!? Keep “hoin” Kandi! Sorry her career is a lot more interesting than this mess u posted.

      • I was agreeing if the article until I read your Smart and correct Comment ! you are right she never broke up a marriage ! she is not Kim no home wrecker ! Go head go Kandi do your thing

      • Kandi is not a role model for today’s black youth. There area already too many baby mamma’s and baby daddy’s and don’t forget STD’s yet she pushes her sex life and sex toys over the airwaves then turns around and sings lik she spends all day praying? For what to suck harder on her boyfriends dic?

        • I agree that its blasphemy to live out of God’s way/word, then attempt to make millions singing His praises. Kandi obviously find nothing wrong with what she’s doing. I guess an abundance of tithes gives her the audacity. I like her style, and business sense but wish she would stick to what she do best, and if that’s delivering R&B,or falatio then may she be the best singer, song-writing, d**K sucker alive.

        • so what, people go to church every sunday then go home and suck & fu** on their lovers so what. Think goodness she do believe in god and the sex toys and stuff is a way of making money. You can get mad at the hustle and cause at the end of the day, there would be no problem if she pray behind close doors. U can be about sex in the open but still pray or sing about the lord. U should give him the glory….

      • @Kash511,

        It is still wrong to break up someone’s relationship whether they are married or not. Would you be cool with someone trying to get with your man or woman? You promote hoin’ and I bet you’ve spread STIs and STDs to people with all of your hoin’. Nasty ass!

        • Alley Oops, please take your meds. You are all over the place. Btw, who stole your boyfriend? You are a piece of work!!

    • Why is it that everyone wants to label the entertainers so what they do in they personal life is they biz. Now, if she is a ho she one dammm good smart ass ho. People kill me always trying to judge someone else. Try JUDGING yourself. At the end of the day SHE A PAID HO. Hell I could careless if she was or wasn’t. She doing her thing. If it is a rumor you can’t get mad because TODD left his girl or whatever maybe TODD was tired of her and she wasn’t doing her job. Have you thought of that. When your mad you say anything to get back at a person.

      • She put her business out there for all to judge and had no shame about it, so if she is judged isn’t it partly her fault for giving us the info of how good she sucks her man’s dick? U must not have heard her more than once go to town talking till even NeNe got upset.

        • I missed that episode, but must agree with NeNe, as I don’t find it appropriate for a woman to speak on such subject matter. We get it, she likes sex and consider herself quite sexual but my advice is to save something for marriage. Once again, I like Kandi but thinks she should entertain the field of “class.”

      • Wrong. When u choose a public forum to earn ur living u get what u get. Ppl get to analyze every aspect and drag out every ratchet skeleton.

    • It’s called birth control (including abortion) dumb bitch. Shut up, she’s a nasty ass wh0re with a good head for business and a bad judgement of character (i.e. men & friends-like Kim Z.)

      • I know that’s right only a smart ho knows about birth control & abortion. She’s got a good head for business and part of that is giving good head. C’mon we’re talking about the music industry here…

    • Your girl Kandi? I bet she would not give you the time of day if you needed a more than five dollars as a street begger. Your girl Kandi, you so funny as in comical!

      • Kandi is my girl. And why in the hell would I ever ask her for anything? I don’t ask other people to assist me in making my own life. That is my job. Kandi clearly knows that as well. As for a lot of other chicks who are covered on this site…not so much.

    • I know Kandi personally and she is not like people think she is, Dont believe the Hipe…..And you are right with everything you just printed or Typed. As long as she makes that paper that is all that matters and know one speaks about NENE, she has a past as well. Kandi is a business woman and has been for a long time my girl is all about that paper and her home is gorgeous and pictures on the web does not do it justice and she owns it even though it was a forclosure, She is conservative and knows how to save and use her money wisely…..

    • Christa, you are on naïve person. You can be promiscuous and not have any children. It’s called using birth control. Duh! Furthermore, I can talk about Miss Joyce if I want to. She is ghetto ignorant.

      • Alley Oop Things look a little different 2 years later than they did when this was written in 2012. Yes, Miss Joyce is not seeming like such a supportive loving mother as she did back when the show was first on. It’s just my opinion but I think she’s got some sort of dementia maybe alzheimers because she has become so mean and money hungry. I had an aunt who turned mean as a snake around 60 and she ended up with severe dementia.

  2. The one thing I hate is when people lable another person as a homewrecker like the other party was cast under some spell against their will..If the man left his woman to be with Kandi that was HIS choice….miss me with that

    • Just because the man is a participant doesn’t excuse the woman’s behavior. Just sayin
      Also, there are several women who are promiscuous with no kids. It’s called birth control. Hell, Superhead only has one child. Was she not promiscuous?

    • Thank YOU! You can’t “steal” no grown ass man either! Home wrecker? Was Todd married?! I’m just speaking the truth, and who is the source the ex girlfriend? I’m no KB fan but damn, men leave women women leave men for various reasons doesn’t have to be that Kandi was wooing him and if it was then hell Mela is better off without his weak ass anyway!

  3. The only whore here is Riley’s deadbeat dad. It’s a shame how black male’s refuse to be a part of their children’s lives. At least Kandi takes care of her child. I guess that was too much like RIGHT to show positivity.

    • I know you ain’t comin up in here talking about positivity when you just threw a whole race of men in the gutter.

      I don’t know what yo agenda is but it ain’t gonna work. I know a whole lot of BLACK MEN who take care of their kids, some of them single handedly. Matter of fact, I know more who DO take care of their kids than I know that don’t. And if you can’t say the same thing, you runnin’ in the wrong circle.

      So push the phuck on cause I ain’t gonna let you do it to our men like that today. And, I’m a woman. Keep it movin wit yo bullshyt. I ain’t havin’ it today.

      • I have to agree with me knowing more black daddies that do take care of their kids then don’t. Out of all the black men I know; Co workers, friends, colleagues, I only know one that doesn’t take care of his children. That’s a disgusting stereotype… That’s such an 80s thing. Black men do take care of their kids.

      • I know more that don’t take care of their kids.I don’t know what you’re angle or agenda is but I know way more that don’t.

        You see how that works.You can’t judge millions of people by the men you see.According to statistics it is NOT a stereotype.Many people don’t take care of their children.Especially those hit hardest by economic down turn and some don’t care for the kids emotionally either.

        • Actually, I just had a discussion about this with a friend. There must be some truth to this stereotype somewhere,just not in my circles. I live in Atlanta, and my circle is young professionals. I myself am a single mom, so I don’t have an angle per se, I just don’t see men not caring for their children. So to me, it smacks as untrue, because it’s not my reality. As far as emotionally, men are, imho, not as involved with their kids as women on am emotional tip. It wasn’t meant to offend. I just don’t see this black man abandonment in real life.

          • What statistics are talking about btw…quote one. If you’re listening to race based statistics in this country, that’s strike one…

      • I agree, I see more Black men handling their business with their children and you know why? Have you checked out some of the pictures from FB “Foolishness & Fuckery” not to mention WSHH. Female hoodrats who happened to be mothers.

  4. Kandi is very savy with her business. I don’t care who is in her vagina

    However if you going to call her a hoe.. Don’t forget to add that she is a “RICH” hoe, and (in her words!!!)

    IF She wanted to she probally could take care of every M****f****er in here.

    Favorite line from the reunioun…

    • I agree. We all have made mistakes when we were young. She is a good mother and a damn good business woman.

    • If she wants to be a hoe then be one but why front like she is staying prayed up when braggin bout sucking dicks?

    • thank you. all of this that i am reading is just some misogynistic jealous bull-shiz.

      the only people who say this shit about people are:
      1. jealous dudes who wanted to, but couldnt, get some
      2. jealous bitches who want some of the dudes, but they dont want her, so she’s attacking who they do want.

      this isnt even good gossip. its just evil misogynistic trash that perpetuates negative gendered stereotypes, biases, and hurtful dividing gender roles.

  5. Some women love expressing themselves sexually. Labeling women as whores is a tactic that men have used to control women expressing their sexuality. Women are taught to believe and accept men’s “promiscuous” ways a a cause of nature. However, men and women are both sexual beings so if it is natural for men to be promiscuous then why not the same for women? I just say use protection, which she is doing something right because no one is saying that she is going around “burning” men, because a lot of Black men are running around sticking “dirty, infected, limp dicks” in every woman and man with low self esteem!

    • Thanks so much! I am so sick and tired of all the “slut shaming” to control women’s sexual desires. Men who feel that women don’t have the right to express themselves sexually sicken me big time!

      These same men feel that a man can screw any and everything, but god for I’d a woman should do the same! So if men are allowed to screw around and women are not, who are men having sex with? Other men? Probably.

    • Aint nothin cute about being a nasty azz whore. Yeah sure,fuck whomever you want and as many as you want, but be discreet and SAFE about it.This n@sty heifer is fvcking groups of friends,co-workers,associates,people’s husbands, people’s man, and everybody in the “A” knows about it. Eventually one of them wives/girl-friends gonna cut her damn face for fuckin with their man. Oh and her “innocent” daughter has to hear this shit, I’d be mortified if my mother was known as a mega-whore. At the end of all this fuckery what man is gonna wife a known whore whom everybody in the industry done had a piece of? Go ahead, I’ll wait……The only niggas that publicly claim Kandi “Suga Momma” Burress are known dirt-bags diggin for gold.

      • uh huh. and youre feeling soooo bad for her daughter, yet youre helping to spread the trash.

        LOL the only nasty azz heifer here, is YOU. trashing on kids too. better be ashamed of yourself.

        but its all good, as ya’ll ignorant trash like to say, god judges everything. and based i’m what little i’ve seen of you, you’re f’ed! lol dumb hypocrite garbage.

  6. I don’t buy it. Deadbeat dad-I buy. The fact that she buys her man materials sure…All the other crap yeah right beat it!

  7. Its so sad that no matter how far you’ll come and go, people find or make up dirt on you. GOD Bless Kandi and her beautiful little angel. 😉

  8. Everybody has a past and folks say what they want but she does use her head,so if she can support every mother fucker in here…I give her props cause she’s not broke and fronting like the rest. Note grown folks don’t take grown folks,they go where they want to be,he doesn’t want to take care of his kid thats his loss but she has a mother that does it well…can’t say nothing wrong about that.

    • You are so right. Of all the RH shows, the only ladies who are RICH are Adrienne, Lisa and Yolanda from BH,
      that catshit crazy Lea from Miami and Kandi from ATL. All the rest, even NeNe(who I like) is pocket money rich, or straight up poor livin the lifestyle on plastic.
      Every dang thing Kandi touch turns to gold. She is an extremely savvy business woman who holds on to her money. She will NEVER be broke because she can live off the interest from her ASCAP publishing rights for the rest of her life w/o touching the principle. She wasn’t lying when she said she COULD support the whole cast if she wanted to. That’s why I’m not in the least bit worried bout her new dime piece playin her for the benefits alone. She too smart to not have her finances straight with him from the jump. Believe that.


    • Yep you have. I felt the same way. This kind of shit is what makes you look at other blogs and the very reason I stop reading MTO.

      • Mike I don’t even watch Kandi’s reality show nor do I know any of her songs…This information was sent in by Kandi’s personnel friends & I shared it with my readers.

        • @anymnous
          If you feel that shit ain’t verified personally for you, then what you need to do is set up your own blogg.
          Obviously you must enjoy it because your on here late night early mornings, and the evenings too???
          So my final word is if you don’t like what’s being said or it offends your personal integrity in anyway, I suggest you get TFOH….

        • Wait jacky u don’t kno the song no scrubs??? No pigeons..bills bills bills, bug a boo…Tardy for the party..n of course back n the day u were an xscape fan…give her that credit she’s an hell of an artist/business woman!!!

  10. yeah I want to have sex with kandi too. Pay your child support coward. Kandi should contact the custodial support foundation.

  11. You a homewrecker…If you knowingly get with someone who is married to someone else. You are a TRAMP if you just getting with dudes that have a girlfriend or committed partner and you know about it and dont give a fuck.

    • No such thing as a home wrecker.. The person who took the vows is the only person to blame. The so called home wrecker did not say bows in front of the church pastor and God.. And if they aren’t cheating with one person they will just fine someone else..

  12. I like Kandi. She is a hard worker and seems to be a good momma. Now, if you wanna talk about hoes, talk about Kim Zoliack, Kim K, Evelyn Lozada, and others that don’t look like Kandi.

  13. This story is so boring and wack. Like she said on the reunion show” If I wanted to take care of every motherfucker in here “I COULD” anit nothing wrong with fuckin.

  14. P.S. To bring her moma into the story a say shes a gambling addict. Jacky thats just wrong. I would expect from female bloggers but not a dude. That was a real bitchie type story Jacky

  15. No surprise that a strong independent woman gets labeled a whore with no evidence. Not feeling this one Jacky.

  16. Kandi,cynthia and phaedra are the only ones I like on the show and as far as her momma goes if she still likes fukkin at her age well God bless her cuz old rats need cheese too!!!

  17. As a defender of “hoes”, Id like to say you cant steal a man…or woman for that matter. Now sleeping with a father and son is a bit much, but hey, it happens (I suppose). I like Kandi. So she likes to fuck and cake, so what. That makes her a good woman to have. I dont get the problem. Sounds like a dream girl to me…and Im a hetero woman. Stop hating on her…damn. Puritans at their finest. Wonder how many dicks are in your closets?

          • Sassy24
            With a simple name like that I can only expect a simpleton response. Eat a bowl of dicks miss, make sure you choke. And your mom was a hoe years before me, so you should be used to us by now. Id put money that youre out of shape if not flat out fat, smelly, sad, and lonely. Anyone who calls themselves ‘sassy’ is most likely a square with self esteem issues. You can kill yourself now…you wont be missed.

          • Btw, I wasnt responding to you with what I wrote. If I was responding to you, I would have hit your response link. As I said, simpleton. You must have your men snatched quite often. So sad : (

        • When you say cake I thought you meant she likes to do coke. Get your street slang straight if you want to be hood.

          • I’m not with or against Kandi I just became irritated with most of these elementary comments – this cannot be adults, seriously! Most going to bat for Kandi like she is paying their bills, smh. She likes sex so what! Her bank account has nothing to do with her personality or how she treats others. I can give a flying flop what or who she does but she better watch those men around her daughter…

    • GTFOH with that Puritan comment. Perverts always want to call someone a Puritan or prude just because they aren’t a freakish perverted bitch such as themselves. You want to know how many dicks someone has in their closet. Probably none since they’re all up your ass and down your throat. Now you can drop dead beotch.

  18. She is so messy . Always starting shit . Throw a rock and hide her hand . All she do is talk about sex . Just sick. Still being a big mama.

  19. I like Kandi, and enjoyed Xscape’s music back in the day. It has been reported in the past; that Kandi messed with JD, that’s part of the reason the group broke up, JD was messing with two members. This is the first time I’ve heard that she messed with his dad Michael. I think Jacky just recycles old stories from other websites, b/c this is OLD NEWS!

  20. Oh my gawd, please tell me the JD part isn’t true. That was the worst part of the “tea” to me. She is just too fine to be giving any to that little gremlin.
    If it said she had fucked with Tip, and that’s why Xscape broke up, especially since she and Tiny are no longer friends I could believe that. Tip may be little too, be he sure ain’t no hobgoblin.

    I completely agree with the writer who said Kandi carries herself like a lady and I actually believe that she went celibate for an extended period. She is a mature woman now, and she probably realizes like most women eventually do: “gettin down just for the get down” isn’t that great when you are serious about your future/family.

    • Ummm Kandi and Tiny are still friends to this day. and no kandi has never fucked Tip. and when xscape was hot,tiny wasnt even dating Tip or even knew who he was. wtf! you all the way OFF.

      and kandi is boring and she sacrificed AJ(tinys ex) for all the success she has right now. She is not a smart business woman,illuminati is rewarding her for making that sacrifice.

      • Please stop with the “sacrifice” shit.

        First of all, I never said Kandi fucked with Tip. I said IF she did I could understand that. It was sarcasm. As far as your take on her friendship with Tiny, I have my own source and I stand by what I said.

        • Her and tiny are still friends they were together not to long ago.. And although I know about the illuminati and there sacrifices, Khandi did not need to sacrifice Aj for riches.. She is a very talented writer.. Her and tiny wrote scrubs for TLC together and received a Grammy.. Go google her and you will probably find that most of your favorite songs from the late 90’s early 2000 she wrote.. And escape broke up because her and the fat chick in the group was beefing hard and you can also look that story up too.. Fat girl was partially mad because khandi was smashing Jermaine and she has admitted that..

          • @anymnous
            Wrong again maybe you need to go do some reaserch and verify your shit first before you start staning hard on here..
            For your info kandi is the reason why xscape broke up, there was no beef with lotocha Scott from xscape.. Kandi created that tension and beef because she is known as a industry hoe who likes to fuck big time !!!
            Yes she is successfull yes she is a good bessnuss woman, but a hoe is still hoe?? Especially when she’s hoeing and don’t give a shitt..
            Kandi did fuck the gremlin AKA Jermaine Dupri, and it was unnecessary fucking too.
            From what I know kandi fucked jermaine because she wanted to know what it would be like to have sex with her producer as he kept on bragging about his sexual freakness according to jermaine, and kandi..kandi was even caught allegedly fucking in the recording studio by lotocha ..
            Kandi didn’t care about the group xscape, once she started fucking for tracks she got more lead vocals on the albums “traces of my lipstick”
            Obviously other members of the group wernt feeling her shit, as they knew kandi was not the best singer …
            Hence the beef started with lotocha her sister tamika and tiny, shortly afterwards kandi left the group and jermaine midget azz behind the rest is history..
            Xscape had even started working on a new album “Unchained” when kandi upped and left the group to start her flop singing career ..
            So yep kandi is a home wrecker and a group wrecker and yes kandi is a freak..
            From what I know from my own verified sources…
            So @anymnous u need to check your shit…

            • Let me correct both of you all… I personally know one girl from the group however I wont say any names. Here is the cliff notes version… Both of you all are partially right. Kandi did sleep with Jermaine and she admitted that in an interview because he was bragging about how his bed game was and she says she got curious. However the real tea is Kandi was upset that Tosha had began to lead on more songs after their debut album and when they would work with writers and produccers they favored Tosha’s voice which is where the tension began. Once they began recording Traces of my Lipstick Tosha was getting way more leads and Kandi was getting pissed, JD layed out a solo deal on the table for Tosha afetr Traces was done and Kandi felt betrayed (because she was sleeping with JD, trying to get her solo deal first), so in return she slept with JD’s dad who was head of Columbia records at the time(and soso def was a subsidary of columbia), which is how Kandi got her solo album put out and got Tosha’s shut down… At that point JD didnt feel like fighting to put out Tosha’s album and around the same time, Bow Wow began to take off, so that became his main focus and the girls felt slighted because they basically put Soso Def on the map (remember they were his first artist). So they got out of their contracts but at that point it was pretty much a wrap. There you have it! But at the end of the day Kandi’s solo career still flopepd however she made money writing and Kandi is very smart with her money, she has waaaaay more money than any of the other girls from Xscape maybe except Tiny! Kandiw as more business savy than any of the other girls as well. And Tiny and Kandi are still kool til this day, Tiny recommended Kandi for real housewives after TIP made her turn it down. Kandi is even cordial with Tosha these days (I think), she just dosnt deal with Tameka cause she put her on blast a few years back on the Wendy Willaims radio show! There will never be an Xscape reunion unless Tameka publially apoligizes to Kandi and trust and believe that wont ever happen!

            • @Deluk 11/21 01:22
              “unnecessary fucking” has become my new favorite phrase! lolz

              Oh and “Latocha Scott look like Big Worm from Friday. OMMFG I near peed my pants.

          • @ anonymous post at 00:25 11/21 to me

            I didn’t wish to get into a back and forth thread war. I was stating my humble opinion based only on what one woman(me) has heard from a semi-insider here in ATL. I do believe that Kandi was with Tiny recently and they are social. I also know that Kandi sang at Kim “Dumptruck” Zolciak’s wedding, and don’t nobody think they are really friends. They are “social”. Now I am a little raw about you telling me to Google Kandi and learn about her prolific songwriting talent. I said in my original post that she could live well forever on just the ASCAP royalties from her songs without ever spending the principal. That’s why she is RICH. Not faux rich like some other Houswives from all the franchises.

            So we cool? Peace!

            • I was actually responding to the deluk character I think their first comment was deleted.. Or maybe I just responded on the wrong thread.. No beef here.. As long as your respectable with me I am the same..


    • Plus that ho had the nerve to make a Christian song on being prayed up with brainless Marvin Sapp who is a pastor but linked up with Kandi who promotes sex stuff and has a live in boyfriend. If that ho is praying then I’m the Queen of England.

  21. this site is starting to get “BOO!”
    it ain’t no gossip to put out there
    so you go pop some ignant bullsheitt
    like this up!?!?! ummm kandi gal do yo thang!
    imma be joinin you on that huge wealth tip in a sec!
    hope you put some dumb type sheitt up here bout my
    successful azz so i can know im the sheitt that make yo sheittt stank! ahhhhh hahahahaha……

    • Her five minutes of fame will be up soon enough. Esp. for playing with God. Prayed up my foot. Prayed up to do her sex thing with her live in boyfriend and sell her sex toys? The devil can bless his own too esp. to promote filth all day!

      • What the eff is your problem? Jealous much?
        Kandi has NEVER claimed to be a saintly virgin. Quite the contrary. She has copped to her past and she is straight on her present. And she may be prayed up.
        The last time I checked, being a sinner as defined by the Bible does not prohibit you from singing spiritual songs or praying. Good Lawd if it did, 7/8 of the Black Gospel/ministerial community would have to have their mouths duct taped shut.

        Relax and you worry about your own sanctity.

  22. @BJ
    Thanks for all the info but your not telling me anything I didn’t know already due to my contacts, but I didn’t wanna go on full blast because obviously it’s a bit to much info
    But you were spot on, onley difference I didn’t wanna go to deep in kandi bessnuss …

    • She brags on how well she does it if you have watched that slut on Atanta Housewives tell how she gets down. She has no shame that her child could get wind of her trashy sex boasting. What the h..was Marvin Sapp thinking in making a gospel song with that slut?

  23. @anoynous what is your mutha fuckin problem???
    If anyone is a stan it’s YOU!!!
    I’m not on here 24SEVEN…
    What you need to do instead of wasting your life away blogging, why don’t you look for a job???? Do somthing constructive with your time…
    Your above responce to me was boarding on psychotic , yes your right I did repeat my self on some of the info???? And your point is??? I apologise I never knew writing on a blog whould fire you up like this and result in such passive aggressive behaviour??
    Obviously you get high when you constantly stan on this site,also it’s very sad you actually have to resort to having three alias under the same name @anymous what a weirdo ..
    Anyway I’m sorry if I offended you by being long winded , it shows that it don’t take much to get you going, put the carving knife down,slow ya boat…
    Don’t worry bout my contacts I knew that shift during and after it happened …
    I ain’t no stan trust me retrace your blogging steps you will find your on this site night and fucking day….
    Anyway enough of this I’m sorry if I upset you
    Peace my sister peace….

    • Bitch you sound stupid.. Don’t be mad at me because you contradicted yourself and I called you on it. And assumptions make an ass out of you not me.. Just like u get updates on a post (which I know you do because u responded back to me) I get them to.. That in no way implies that I don’t have a Job, (which I do) or that I don’t have an education (which I do, two degrees).. Since your new to the site let me put u up in game.. Jacky was being harassed by the Feds due to the conscious knowledge that was being spread on this site about the Jews in Hollywood and true afrikan heritage so some of us decides to go anonymous and lose our names while others left the site all together which is why it is turning into another media take out.. Cuz only wack ass ppl like you who want to brag about who they know but don’t want to contribute anything positive to the site or articles on here.. Self hating ass coon talking shit about a black woman who is obviously doing it and has way more money than you, what does that do for you? BTW dumb ass there is more than one person on here that post anonymous but obviously your to dumb to figure that shit out..

      • @anymonus
        There you go again, please don’t tell me how long I’ve being blogging on jackys website it’s actually being quite some time…
        I’m not mad at you, you came at me after I made my comment please retrace your steps and read again you told me I was long winded and I contradicted myself i agreed??
        It sounds like your the mad, passive aggressive one on this site chill…..

        I’m glad you have a job!! I was just wondering as your always on here staniing and just being plain ignorant, yes I have degree also only one, but that don’t make you any better than me , and I don’t need to reassure myself and broadcast it to the world… It’s called insecurity …..

        Thank you for informing me about the Feds but I already knew , and the site ain’t turning into mediatake out.
        Also in regards to contributing positively to the site @anymnous you need to read your own posts because you sound like you are a very angry , negative , bitter individual but that’s your cross to bare not mines..
        What I brag about is my fucking besnuss, so please don’t dictate to me about my contacts and anything I post if you don’t like what I say then you to move your shit along …. Fast….
        Self hating ???? because I have an opinion that you don’t agree with that doesn’t make me a coon as I told you before don’t dictate to me because your ramblings just sound psychotic and also childish ….
        I applauded kandi for making money, but my opinion is she’s a home wrecker and a group wrecker, if you don’t like what I’m saying then you need to GTFOH and do something else that’s not gonna send your blood pressure through the roof…
        Now that I’ve finished with you go take a bath, and go to bed…
        Don’t forget to say your prayers ..
        Peace and love my sister …

        • 1st off dimwit (and I say that in the nicest way possible) unless your psychic you have no idea what I comment on because there are lots of ppl who post anonymous on this website. So with that said again assumptions make an ass out of you not me.. And don’t try to clean that shit up because your very first comment was negative you did not give her props before you started calling her a Home wrecker and group wrecker and all that.. Child Your going to need more people. And a Stan never but I’m not a hater like you because I choose to point out the good in people and also I’m not bragging about my degree, it was a rebuttal to your insinuation that I don’t have a job and that I somehow don’t have a life when your on this site doing the same thing everyone else is doing plus hating!! Anywho I’m done with this convo because I feel like I’m arguing with Romney.. Always changing up what you say and what you meant to say.. Blah blah blah

          • @anymnous
            Well I’m glad you decided to back off…
            But the arguing with you is not true, im responding ??

            Pleae don’t compare me to Romney.
            And your right the back and fourth needs to stop ,and I’m not a hater.
            But I’ll leave this quate for you to ponder on
            “I actually thought about what you were commenting on…
            hate is a very strong harsh word There are people who either envy you… Or si
            mply DISLIKE you, for whatever reason, that’s not hating..
            A a lot of these regular AZZ people” some of them “on this site Just Wanna give everyone the impression that there INCREDABLEEEEEELY popular, successful and have so much to be envied for.
            Funnily enough though these kinda “hater statements “usely come from those who are actually completely the OPPOSITE ‘ cause when your that popular and successfull educated as SOME people make out to be you don’t have the time or energy to be thinking about silly comments like “hating ” @anymonus
            I’m to busy makin moves and keeping MY shit movin ….
            At the end of the day NO ONE is loved by EVERYONE so people just need to just fucking get over it and grow some balls IT’S A POST @ anymous stop worring and belly aching over foolishness ..
            So on that note in gonna brush my shoulders and keep it movin and focus on the positive people and forget the rest..
            Peace my sister…

  24. A promiscuous woman = Whore? that don’t make any sense. Who cares if she is promiscuous. It’s her life. If a man sleeps around nobody cares. It also takes two to tango.

  25. I hate the term “home wrecker”! I am so sick of women being blamed when men step out on their partners. This is why the men will continue to get away with shit! Stupid ass women keep bashing the woman! Not to mention, whatever Kandi did or does, I have never heard of any man trashing or playing her out. She is a rich business woman who likes to have sex! Sounds like she is living the life to me! That’s a boss right there.

      • Thank you both!

        People need to wake the hell up! People can’t be stolen. They actively walked away. Women need to admit to choosi g their partners poorly, I stead of blaming the other woman.

        Your man left becaue you chose an ass who didn’t care for you! He got tired of you and moved on. Please do the same.

        • Thank you i tried to say the,same tjing but i got a message that im posting to many comments, but im glad someone said it, we are not property to be stolen, we are human and unless you have taken vows you have the right to change your.mind

  26. Kandi is a savvy business woman, but TERRIBLE when it comes to choosing men. I don’t know if she feels like she has to buy men for love or if her reputation is so bad that she can’t find a decent one, or if men are intimidated by her success or if she’s just attracted to bums, but she has dated and been linked to nothing but losers and low lifes.


  28. Shes a good mom (single mom even).
    She enjoys sex.
    Made most out of connections.
    She handled her money well.
    She has a Grammy.
    Oh a hit TV show.
    Smart business woman.
    This woman calls her a winner !!!

  29. I like Kandi…so if her man can turn a hoe into a housewife, he scores points.

    Women are always in the business of helping, saving, fixing , nurturing and taking care of some sorry ass man. Some even do well with the right one. From inmate and hustler to the board of directors..

    I dont knock this brillant sister. If the cooch got her on t.v. , contracts, grammy…high five for her…and broke sistahs need a lesson.

    My motto is dong be screwing and be under fed. Your cooch is full but your belly empty- screwing for nothing is sadder..than for a ring and thangs ijs

  30. I just don’t see why women are called whores or sluts..if she was with a married man that is called adultery. The man who is married and slept with her should be labeled the whore or slut. Men sling their things and point it out to the world on a daily basis. Matter of fact most men are not selective they will put that thing into anything walking. Kandi does talk a lot about sex but so do a lot of men! Maybe that is too forward for most men. They want you to be freaky in the bedroom but not bluntly talk freaky, I guess.

  31. Well Kim Zolziak is a hoe too she fucked her way up on Troy and put his bun in her oven quick! Why does Kandi have to be the whore and what about the man???? He who has no sin let him cast the first stone…. you can’t. I see two grown-ups doing what they want to do.

    • Kandi is Mother Teresa compared to Kim Zolciak, and I would wager nobody here would argue that point

      Kim have a PhD in fukkin, home wrecking and hoein’.

      Kim is an embarrassment to women of all races and ages. She is the epitome of white trash. And so I don’t come across as prejudiced, I have none some white trash in my life who were likable round the way girls who happened to be white. Kim is all about nothin but Kim.

      Kandi is a role model for young women in today’s generation. What she may or may not have done in the past is in the past. You could do a lot worse than to hold Kandi up to your teenage daughters as what a woman can accomplish without seeking a rich man for validation and riches. jmho

      • “Kandi is a role model for young women in today’s generation”


        Please. Kandi is NOT a role model. she’s just a woman on a reality show. If young women look up to her or any other reality star then there’s something wrong in that household. Watch the show and enjoy it. It’s entertainment, but that’s it.

        • One could have said in the 80’s and 90’s that Michael Jordan was just a man on a basketball team. If young men look up to him or any other hoops baller then there’s something wrong with that.

          And you and I both know that he WAS the role model of his day. His private life was as checkered and scandalous as Kandi’s ever was. But MJ’ Team kept it quiet at all costs so as not to harm his sales and “:image” as a happily married educated Black man who all young men should emulate. Now that he is past his prime all kinda skeletons are falling out of the closet not to mention look who he’s with now.
          We just happen to know more about Kandi’s past because wasn’t no TEAM Kandi back in the day paying off her jump offs and protecting the image of a Black female writer/performer. Whether no one agrees with me or not, Kandi is a great model for young girls that they can do it for themselves if they have talent and brains. <<<<humming Sisters Be Doin it for Themselves

  32. Iet state the facts here, I love Kandi, I love her personality, her spirit and her caring loving nature. She handling her business and she takes care of her daughter without any help from the “Sperm Donor.” With that being said maybe she has a very high sex drive, is that a crime? If we were talking about a man sexual history, it wouldnt even be a big deal. As long as she is responsible and is not taking away from her daughter and she could afford it, whats the big deal.I love Kandi!!! Kandi Fly above all the drama.

  33. I wonder how many of you label men who have had more than a few sex partners “wh*res..h*es.etc Somehow it always seems so much easier to brand a woman with that label , than a man who’s sleeping around town with a bunch of women, making babies that he may or may not be financially supporting.He’s just a man doing him, and rarely if ever has t0 co0ncern himself with how people will view or label him. Its called a double standard! Now Khandi may have done some things that many folks including myself find themselves in disagreement with, but she’s not hurting me. What she does is not affecting me or my life. She is PAYING HER OWN D*AMN WAY, TAKING CARE OF HER HOUSEHOLD AND HER CHILD. As for stealing a man..how can you take someone who isn’t a willing participant? Slavery is dead!I don’t agree with pursuing men who are in serious relationships with other women, but why blame her exclusively when he as a human with free will made choice to lay with her?She knew he had a man? How about he knew he had a woman at home?

  34. Stop calling women who sleeps around whores? A woman can do whatever she wants. Nobody would call a man a whore because he has had many partners. If Kandi is a whore then so is Halle Berry Scarlett Johansson Salma Hayek…etc. But I don’t see you talking about Halle as a whore.

    • Zactly. Damn Salma Hayek was known as a “anything to get a good role” actress for the better part of her career. She sexed half of Hollywood male and female, yes Penelope Cruz: I’m talking to you. Some described her as “desperate” to be seen as more than just another Mexican actress trying to get it done like Eva Longoria.
      Then BOOM! She gets wifed by the billionaire CEO of the Louis Vuitton Luxury Group which owns Gucci and about 5 other statue lines. Now she is a “lady” of the highest order and NO ONE dare talk about her hoe-ish past.
      She is definitely considered a role model in Mexico and to many Mex-Americans, whereas Kandi got where she is by talent and brains.

      • Salma is not married to Bernard Arnault. You have your billionaires mixed up. Arnault runs LVMH and is one of the wealthiest men in the world. Hayek’s husband, who is also model Linda Evangelista’s child’s father, is no slouch, but not on Arnault’s level.

        • Yes Bella, you are correct. Thank you so much for pointing the fact that I confuse Arnault for Pinault. And thank you for lowering my credibility quotient by doing so. Pinault IS the CEO of Gucciand he is worth a paltry 14 billion as compared to Arnault’s net worth if 40 billion.
          I knew that Pinault was Linda Evangelista’s baby daddy, but I didn’t feel that was germane to the topic.
          I am not trying to start something with you. I in fact have learned from and enjoyed reading your posts. I have found an insignificant error or 2 in some of them, but I would never check you on it. I understand that the gist of your posts are what is important and educational.
          I don’t think that leaving my post alone would have sullied my message one bit. But it does make the reader question, “if she’s wrong on that, then I shall take her other writing with a grain of salt. I hope you take this in the spirit of my intent and I will drop it as well.

    • @LMAO-you must not come here that often cuz we have called halle everything in the book!!! I know I have!!! I been saying halle is loonier than a damn tune!! The sad fact is hollywood is overrun with hoes. Halle(crazy hoe),lisaraye(golddigging hoe),queen latifah(lesbian hoe),paris hilton(herpes hoe),claudia jordan(dumb hoe),salli richardson(nasty hoe),sheneka adams(groupie hoe) and johnny gill(deepthroat it like a champion hoe). Yeah we don’t discriminate around this camp and the men will get called on their hoeishness just like the ladies-50 cent,will smith,ll cool j,antoine fuqua and stevie j-we see you!!! Here at HSK we don’t have a double standard-fuckery is fuckery and that’s that!!!

      • Funniest thing I read today. lolz
        Lisaraye sure is a golddigger of the highest order marrying that gayass Premier or whatever just for the press and the cheese.

  35. She’s a whore. I realized it as soon as I saw the way she interacted with the men on the show. However, not all whores mean to be whores. Some girls are just naiive and gullible; longing to be loved so bad they’ll do anything to get and keep a man. I think she’s that type of whore.

    As far as everyone talking about how busy saavy she is, what does that have to do with anything? Kim Kardashian is way more business saavy than miss Burruss and she’s the whore of the decade. One has nothing to do with the other.

    She’s a very successful whore and single mother to one incredible child. GET OVER IT. IT IS WHAT IT IS!

    • JMHO, but I don’t think you can even speak Kandi’s name in the same sentence as Kim Kardashian. She dumb as a box of rocks. It’s her mama that’s the marketing genius. KK just does what she’s told.

      Kandi is nobody’s puppet.

  36. I may be late to this convo, but as the son of a single mom I say whatever a single mom have to do to raise her kids, Do That.

  37. Man shawty alright. Leave that chick be. So what she sexing. She handlEsHer business and SHE is quiet about It ppl Are stupid.


  39. HATERS, HATERS, HATERS. Seems like to me if you fuck more than one person you are considered a ‘ho now days. She can fuck anybody she wants,anytime she wants, who really cares.And as for JD, his little ugly ass, Janet said he took her places she has never been sexually, so probably the little hobgoblin was worth it! All the haters come out hen you doing really good.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK KANDI. THEN FUCK EM ALL!!!!!

    • Kandi has bragged on Atlanta Housewives of how good she gives head even though her kid may get wind of it from talk at school. She had no shame in her game in putting it out over the airwaves. How is that hating that this was obscene and whorish?

  40. It’s funny how black people attack other black people when they become famous. Who cares if Kandi has slept with her share of men. The point is that there are numerous white women out there lets start with Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez (latino), and Angelina Jolie. These women date who they want, sleep with who they want and get married when they want and they continue to be successful despite what anyone has to say. It’s nothing wrong with dropping a zero getting with a hero…so if Todd left his women for Kandi, he was smart, when you know better do better!! Stop putting negative stories out there about black women that are making a living taking care of their families and others. It’s 2012 stop sweating other peoples vagina!! Get money and stay positive.

    • Unfortunately, Kandi doesn’t live a very respectful and tasteful lifestyle for people to say positive things about her. Her choice in business ventures for starters. Then, she moves a man into her home that her daughter barely knew. What kind of praise do you expect me to give her for that? Ladies, know your worth and practice a little self control. Keep your legs closed and make these men prove to you he’s serious. Make these men court you. If have kids, wait until you know these men better before you even introduce them to your kids. And once they’ve met, that doesn’t mean pack your bags and move in. Make that man prove to you and your child that he wants the both of you in his life. And you wonder why so many of us have never been married!!! SMH. I don’t care how long a man has known you. If you give yourself to him right away, he will NEVER make you his wife.

  41. Kandi is a beautiful black woman doing good in life.You should be ashame of yourself for trying to down grade a young black successfull woman. If you would put all the energy in your life,that you are putting into Kandi’s, maybe you would have something and stop being jealous.Especially stooping as low as talking about her Mother. That goes to show, your a pour example of a woman!!!! Get a life!!! KANDI KEEP ROCKING AND GOD BLESS!!!!

    • She talks trashy. She should keep her blow jobs private and not brag on Atlanta Housewives about it. My god she has a child that could be teased about it, as if they could not get wind of it from watching even though no kid should watch those sluts.

      • I have been posting here regularly for 7 months. You are the first soul who has ever pissed me off enough to draw me into a thread war.

        WHAT IS YOUR EFFING PROBLEM? Why are you so obsesses with Kandi and her oral skills? I have never seen someone here even close to your depth of judgmental derision. Do you tune into RHOA and just egg the screen whenever Kandi is on?

        Ya know, if you want to throw stones, there are a whole bunch of candidates to use as targets than Kandi Burress. I have no doubt that you are a traditional Christian hypocrite. I’ll lay money that there is at least one Christian singer or reverend who you think highly of who’s behavior in private make Kandi look like Mother Teresa.


  43. Actually folks 35 Million, which is Kandi’s net worth is not the biggest amount in Hollywood. consider the ones with twice and three times that much, not to mention the 300-500 million dollar men and women. Kandi looks exactly like a little rat dog. She is short, I despise her voice (sounds like she has a roll of toilet tissue down there) two-faced and she is very nasty and arrogant. She knows she actually has more than the other women there and she chooses her friends according to what she feels they are worth, i.e. Phaedra, whose mother at least is Regina Belle. The other women, Kandi don’t have much for and shows it. Now – put her up against the almost billion dollar folks and she’ll look paltry too!

  44. PUH-LEASE. I'm not here for the "Slut"-shaming nor the Double Standard. If she was man she would be celebrated. Such a weak story too, not one reference.

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