Kansas City Chief’s Jovan Belcher Shocking Murder Suicide


Kasandra Perkins Jovan Belcher Murder Suicide

NFL linebacker, Jovan Belcher, who played for the Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs, shot and killed his girlfriend early this morning, then drove to the Chiefs facility and committed suicide in front of his coach and general manager, according to reports from the local Police Department.

Here is exactly what’s been reported thus far:

Police Capt. David Lindaman says that Belcher and his girlfriend — who had just given birth to the couple’s child three months earlier — began arguing around 7:00 AM local time.

Lindaman says Belcher shot the woman multiple times and she was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. Police says the girlfriend’s Belcher’s mother witnessed the shooting.

Police say Belcher left the scene and drove to the stadium where he was confronted by team personnel, including GM Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel. According to police, they tried to keep Belcher from committing additional acts of violence.

Just as police arrived on the scene, they heard a gunshot and discovered Belcher had shot himself in the head. Cops say before firing the shot, Belcher thanked Pioli and Crennel for all they had done for him.

The coaches told police they never felt as if they were in danger.

Belcher had been with the Chiefs for four seasons after being undrafted out of the University of Maine.

photo via: Blacksportsonline.com


  1. This is truly, truly tragic. What would make this young man shoot his gf then kill himself even if they did have an argument. SMH. My condolences to both families.

  2. This makes me truly sad. Beautiful child, girlfriend, career.

    Please hug your hildren because children grow up to be adus.

  3. All yall talking bout is that “this is tragic RIP” yes RIP the girlfriend….REST IN SHIT for him I don’t feel sorry for him I hope he goes to hell cause he’s orphaned his child….there is not one reason she could have got him mad enough to kill her I’m sorry there just isn’t!!!! I hope I’m not sounding insensitive but it is what it is. There is more to the story tho it has to be since coach crennel and gm pioli didn’t feel threatened …. So the team is where he found solace so it was a home problem not team….anyone agree?

    • @4THWARD SLIM: “I hope he goes to hell cause he’s orphaned his child…”

      He shot his girlfriend – not her mother, not the child, not the management staff of the Chiefs who he thanked for helping him with his career. What could have driven him to harm her like that? Maybe she told him the child isn’t his (?) I hate to think that, but if he felt she deceived him, he might have snapped.

      If it was Roid Rage he would have harmed others I would think.

      • That’s all true but the child is still an orphan because the child still doesn’t have a mother or father

      • So we’re already making excuses for this demon? and blaming the woman? ”what could have driven him…?” ”maybe she…?” that’s bullshit perhaps he was a fucking loonatic like others posters said I hope he rot in hell… coward ass bitch ass nigga!

    • You don’t know them, you don’t know both sides of the story. Not giving him the benefit of the doubt, because he could have acted differently. Who are you to judge both of them? No one at all. For all anyone knows she could have been antagonizing him no one should make assumptions on either of their behalf. How do we know she wasn’t telling him I dare you to do it, how do we know she didn’t attempt to start it since they were both intoxicated the night before, how do we know she wasn’t a gold digger claiming to take him for all he’s worth….as reports have shown? What is unfair is the child is left with out parents, only to grow up and find the truth. Unless you are God or were Perkins or Belcher, your opinions hold no justice for anyone, just as mine don’t. The only person who knows the truth is God.

  4. personal issues or somebody told him to do it and off himself and he would have been dead anyway.

    when the late roger troutman was found dead shot by his brother larry and their family cannot explain what happened all they could say was roger and larry argued and larry for some reason killed roger then killed himself some say roger fired larry as his manager.

  5. One thing is apparent stupid people dont wait for all the facts to come in before trashing someone.This dude went further than probably all the ones would are trashing him. He was loved by his teammates both pro and college same with his coaches.He was undrafted from a college in Maine and worked his way up to be a starter. Something made him snap.
    Before killing himself he thanked those on the team who gave him the opportunity.The brother for some reason lost it,did he have a brain tumor.did he find out he have a disease, we dont know.

    What he did was wrong.Note he didnt just kill her he took his own life.It was HIS mother who called the police, he shot this woman in front of his own mother,she treated the girlfriend like her daughter.He then went and thanked his coach and general manager and then killed himself in front of them.

    If you read your Bible you will see that God used a murderer to advance his word.God doesnt judge as harshly as some of you fools because if he did you too would be in trouble ,none of us would make it to heaven because we have also sinned.Do you know it’s a sin to gossip AND BE A PART OF IT .So just pray for all involved because this is SAD and many live have been tragically impacted 4ever.

  6. One thing is apparent rash people dont wait for all the facts to come in before trashing someone.This dude went further than probably all the ones who are trashing him. He was loved by his teammates both pro and college same with his coaches.He was undrafted from a college in Maine and worked his way up to be a starter. Something made him snap.
    Before killing himself he thanked those on the team who gave him the opportunity.The brother for some reason lost it,did he have a brain tumor.did he find out he have a disease, we dont know.

    What he did was wrong.Note he didnt just kill her he took his own life.It was HIS mother who called the police, this 25 year old guy ,shot this 22 year old woman in front of his own mother,she treated the girlfriend like her daughter.He then went and thanked his coach and general manager and then killed himself in front of them.

    If you read your Bible you will see that God used a murderer to advance his word.God doesnt judge as harshly as some of you because if he did you too would be in trouble ,none of us would make it to heaven because we have also sinned.Do you know it’s a sin to gossip AND BE A PART OF IT .So just pray for all involved because this is SAD and many lives have been tragically impacted 4ever.

  7. Where’s RAFFELS? Where is the Jewish conspiracy?

    Where is DICE who said black people dont commit sucide?

  8. why r ppl tryna come up w excuses why he killed her? hes fuckin nuts thats why? some sites are sayn he was mad becuz she stayed out late at a comcert, but it had2 b more goin on then that! his family & hers will b doin interviews soon! every1 will find out some dirt! patience

    • The Chiefs, who are 1-10 and have been heavily criticized by fans and media this season, and Kansas City Mayor Sly James didn’t rule that out as a factor in what may have made Belcher commit such a horrible crime.

      “We find a number of reasons to divide ourselves,” James said. “We can get pretty mean-spirited. We can talk about 25, 26, 30-year-old kids playing a game as if they are trash if they don’t perform up to our standards. Most of us have never played the game above high school, but all of a sudden we can tear them apart if they don’t meet our expectations. That has an impact on people . . . we could stand to put things in better perspective sometimes.”

      James questioned priorities in some cases.

      “We spend a lot of time, effort and energy looking at our sports stars,” he said, “but we have schools that are not working, we’ve got kids who need things and people who live on the street, and we don’t put nearly that amount of energy into those issues. . . . This is an indication of it.

      James added: “I’m here, you’re here, we’re all here because a young man in a high-profile position, for whatever reasons, felt the end of the world had come and he had to act in the way he did. What kind of burden was he under to do that? What is it like to be unable to go to dinner without people getting in your face and calling you scum and loser and everything else?

      “There are more factors we can fathom in a conversation about this. All things are factors in what happens in our lives. And sometimes we get a little bit overboard in what we do. I don’t know what happened here, none of us do. There’s only one person who does, and unfortunately he’s unable to tell us. But the bottom line is we as a society and as a city have to recognize when we’re talking about people . . . we’re talking about real, honest to God people, and they have lives and feelings. ”

      James did not intend to address reporters on Saturday, but because no one from the club met with the media, he took it upon himself.

      “I’m a little embarrassed by this, quite frankly. I wasn’t planning to do this,” he said, “but on the other hand, I’ve got to. Somebody has to say something.

      “I hope people will look at the act and not try to judge the person . . . we’re talking about kids who are 25, 26 years old playing in circumstances that most of us never dream of and living lives in fishbowls, and sometimes that becomes unbearable.

      “Beyond all of that, there are a lot of people who are hurting. There’s a young baby without parents at this point . . . this is time to start looking at these things a little differently.”

      Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2012/12/01/2519232/kansas-city-mayor-james-consoles.html#storylink=cpy

  9. This is just sickening…OMG! Why do women choose to stay in violent relationships? I just don’t get it…is it the lime-light? glamour, glitz and gold? SMDH, thank goodness only GOD can judge us! I can not believe it…

    • @ butch-unfortunately it’s sometimes all three. You have some women out there who will stay with an abusive man because he is famous,good looking,rich or for other superficial factors. Some stay out of fear-fear of being alone,fear for their lives,fear of having to start over again etc. Then there is the oldest reason in the book-love. Women sometimes think they can change a piece of shit man into a good one if they love him enough. Whatever the reasons for her staying one thing is clear she paid the ultimate price for it. As for him well trust and know he is paying for his actions as we speak. I agree with everyone above there is no excuse for what he did unless he had a brain tumor or some kind of mental illness. But if he killed her just because,well,God will punish him accordingly. My heart goes out to the child cuz he/she lost both parents.

  10. Jacky it was his mother that witnessed the killing not his… His mother reported him she lived at the house with them to help with the baby

  11. Loved what @Anonymous 16:50 and Mayor Sly James commented.
    Such a tragedy. Smh. Homeboy snapped in the presence of HIS own mother and the baby.
    I think the part that got me the most is the 3month old being orphaned.
    I know i might sound twisted, but i hope the case is that he wasnt the father. At least the baby will have 1 parent left.
    Belcher was a wrestler b4 playing football. And not making excuses, but it sound like an act as a result of an brain injury to me. No one in their
    RIGHT mind would commit such an act.
    Isnt this like the 3rd or 4th recent suicide affliated with a football player?
    I pray that the right and true story come out and that the families of the deceased find peace somehow..
    (in tears rite now) if not for the grace of God.

    • You know, you are right. As well as Junior Seau, Dave Duerson there have been a number of athlete suicides in the past few years. And of course the incidence of Alzheimers, Lou Gherigs’s disease and dementia is rampant. Even though such a diagnosis sadly won’t help this motherless child, but it could add to the buildup of evidence that these men are taking too many hits to the head. If that prevents future suicides, then maybe God had a purpose?

  12. this tragic & sad incident has left my spirit sad all day…..we don’t know the facts yet….but trust we will oneday my condolences to all those involved or those touched by it…there are so many trials in life that can make a person snap & I KNOW BECAUSE AS WE SPEAK I AM ON THE EDGE OF DEATH…TRYING TO DECIDE BETWEEN CONTINUING SUFFERING IN THIS LIFE VS SUFFERING FOR AN ETERNITY!! …I PERSONALLY WENT TO KASANDRA’S FB PAGE & I CAN TELL THAT SHE KNEW OF THE LORD!…MY PRAYERS ARE THAT SHE IS NOW JOINED WITH HER HEAVENLY FATHER! as for him something made him feel that his life was over..But why take her with u..??? …we can’t just condim this man to hell either because he DID have time to repent GOD ISN’T AS HARSH AS PPL make him out to be!!! ….even tho we are sinners….HE STILL SENT US JESUS & SACRIFICED HIS OWN SON THAT WE MAY BE FORGIVEN & NOT JUST BE SENT TO HELL….HELL IS A REAL PLACE, I KNOW ITS HARD FOR US LIVING FOLKS TO UNDERSTAND THAT….& SO IS HEAVEN…THE CHOICE IS

  13. It is a horribly tragic story, and I feel sure that there is much to follow as to the facts behind the
    “actions” of Mr. Belcher. I’m not saying that any facts are going to JUSTIFY anything he did. But there has to be more to the story than a man go off on his family then shoot himself.

    If any of the really caring people reading this thread want to see a story which HAS been solved with facts and aftermath on the table: I strongly suggest that you watch this month’s Bryant Gumbel “REAL SPORTS” on HBO. Get your tissues out before hand even you hard mofos.
    It is the story of Rae Carruth, 1st round draft pick from Colorado who played for the Carolina Panthers. His baby mama Chereka Adams was 8+months pregnant with their son Chancellor, later to go by the name Chance. Carruth, who is half white paid a
    professional thug Van Brett Watkins to murder her before she give birth. He did. I will leave the horrendous details out because my point is not to shock or titillate anyone to watch the show.
    The child was born with cerebral palsy from the long period of lack of O2 while Chereka was dying.
    Chereka’s educated, well to do, and Christ-like Mama has raised that child since birth. He was never supposed to even walk! Now he’s able to ride his horse (with help) and do some basic things. Van Brett Watkins is in jail for life. Rae Carruth in jail for 10 more years. And Mrs. Adams left her executive position to care full time, bursting with love, for a grandchild who is the spitting image of the man who killed HER baby Chereka. AND SHE FORGIVES both men! Watkins, who admitted he murder folk like he change his socks, sends her money from jail as he can, Her Christ-like love and forgiveness did what no amount of riches, power or swag could.
    Carruth aint apologized, but Mrs. Adams talks to lil Chance about him in a good way. She tells him “your daddy did a bad thing, but he’s not a bad man. She wants Carruth to meet his boy when he get out. And you best believe Chance wants to meet his daddy so much!

    I watched the whole trial back in the day. I am not like Mother Adams. I wanted to kill those 2 mofos my own damn self. Please watch this show if you can, even though I told it all. You will be reborn from the love of that woman, I promise.

    Maybe some good will come some day for this child too. I pray he has a Mother Adams in his life too.

    • I know Rae personally he ran track for my dad at valley high school and though it is not a reason to kill someone.. They left out that she was a gold digger who had one athlete (who was married) paying for her condo and cost of living and fucking other ball players.. Rae slipped up and got her pregnant and she thought she hit the gold mine.. She wanted that baby to have a permanent check and that is the downside to gold digging it doesn’t always work in your favor.. I feel sorry for the child in all this but his mother was no angel.

      • Were you aware that her mother was well to do? And it wasn’t from lawsuit money. Gumbel made it clear Mrs. Adams has not gotten a dime of the multi-million dollar civil award.
        Also, after taking her to see “The Bone Collector”, a movie about a serial killer, he called Watkins to say there was a small change in the plans. Carruth wanted to take Chereka to his house so he could hit it one last time before the murder.

        That truly sounds like a sociopath to me.

          • Peterson was married to his wife.. That was Rae’s Jump off that was not his girlfriend let alone that being his wife…. And with her mom being so well off she should have followed her moms path instead of fucking for riches. And again I don’t condone the act but what you do to some you can not do to others.. It’s like the woman beater who finally gets killed by his latest victim.. Not everyone is going to let someone get away with the shit that they pull with others.. He gave her money to abort the baby she didn’t want to and he took matters into his own hands. Very Wrong but I don’t see your connection with Scott Peterson

            • I was just referring to the personality disorder. Sociopaths are incapable of feeling empathy. Doesn’t matter if they are married or not. Many men get a woman pregnant who they don’t love. But due to our conscious they don’t even consider killing them. Begging for an abortion, yes.

              Sociopaths are devastatingly charming. I watched the trial, and Carruth had a dang busloads of former g.f’s and their mamas testifying FOR him as the nicest man you could meet. And they are, until something gets in their way. Scott P. did not want no baby, married or not. He had no guilt feelings about killing her, because he BLAMED her for ruining his life. IMHO, Carruth wasn’t even bothered by having Chereka hit, because she had become a threat to his future happiness and wealth. So, being a sociopath just means you always put yourself and your needs 1st. And if murder is involved, it’s a minor inconvenience.

  14. Feelings come and feelings go. Unfortunately depression can linger for a very long time and can be overwhelming..
    I know cuz ive been at edge/verge before.
    A lot of people have, but instead of wanting to kill themselves, they reverse their sadness to anger.The temporarily suppress their feeling, but often times they wreak havoc on others lives on a daily basis.
    Some just harbor ill feelings inwardly and it surfaces in their negative disposition.
    Others self medicate.
    I dont believe a person who consider suicide is a weak individual but I do believe they have a weak moment.
    Usually the people that are weak are the ones who display a lot of anger and love putting others down.
    It is much easier to do that instead of facing this worlds issues.
    If u are truly trying to become a fruiful person in life, u are going to face harder resistance. Usually people that dont give a f, are the ones that are not useful 4 Gods work. Thats y the enemy(negativity) try to attack those who have empathy and those who try.
    I remember complaining about my crying 1 time to someone. They responded by saying they wish they had the emotion to still cry.
    To the above commentor,
    dont give up. God saw fit 2wake u up another day so
    trust and believe He has a deliverance for u and a great pla 4 u.
    I also knew of someone who jumped off the brooklyn bridge. He survived physically but now must live with the mental of the attempt.
    We must remember the enemy is a liar, and like you said, Jesus loves us even if nobody else does.
    If Ive read your comment the wrong way please excuse me and disregard.
    If not, hang up there, This too shall pass. Whatever we go through shall Pass.

  15. Oh… while looking at the pictures again, I see the precious baby in Casandra’s arms wearing a “Mommy’s
    Little Turkey” tee shirt so you know it was taken on a happy festive holiday occasion just a bit over a week ago. Heart breaking to look at.

  16. This is so sad.. My condolences to the family on behalf of the deceased.. I feel for this young man, he was definitely troubled. Anyone who allows the enemy to creep in and take them to that dark place that causes them to snap and take a life is broken.. We’ve got to stay in the race, fight the fight no matter how hard it gets there is always tomorrow, if you just hold on to GOD’s hand and tell satan, get thee behind me!

  17. Oh and the story says the girlfriends mother witnessed the incident.. how horrible is that! For him to shoot her multiple times, he must have been very angry..

  18. I don’t know why he did it, and I’m not making excuses for it, but the most common cause of this kind of murder-suicide is jealousy or adultery.

    “Murder-Suicide: An Overview (From Forensic Pathology Reviews, Volume 3, P 337-347, 2005, Michael Tsokos, ed, — See NCJ-209976)

    “This chapter provides an overview of murder-suicide.
    Abstract: Murder-suicide is an act in which the perpetrator of a homicide kills him or herself after killing the victim(s). Rates of murder-suicide are fairly consistent across communities and are much lower than rates for homicide or suicide. The most common murder-suicide scenario involves a White male perpetrator in his 40s who kills his estranged spouse and perhaps his children before killing himself. The three most common categories of murder-suicide are cases in which (1) the act is caused by jealously or concern about age or illness; (2) the act is perpetrated by a parent who kills all of the children and then themselves; and (3) the act involves disgruntled employees, cult members, or members of religious or political groups who target a large number of victims before committing suicide. Aspects of the investigation are reviewed, international rates of murder-suicide are presented, and the possible motivations for murder-suicide are briefly considered.”

  19. Tragic!

    Too much, too young, too soon.

    May she rest in peace, may the witnesses to these murders find solice and may that little girl growup emotionally healthy and well adjusted.

    May the killer rot in the depths of hell.

  20. This is a sad story, people minds can snap at any moment. This guy has only made his problem for this murder-suicide temporary, he will have to give an account for this. We never know what a day may bring.

  21. the media is all over this story, now reports are coming in to mediatakeout that he killed her after she went to a trey songz concert & after party. her friends are talking saying he was deluional believing that she had something going on with the singer. they also report that she never even met trey & was on her best behavior that night…there are no pics surfacing of her dressed inappropiately ANYWHERE (and i went to her fb page personally) unlike these other woman who date these troubled minded athletes….her mother is the witness, this was kasandra first outing with her girls since giving birth…what he did was wrong & he will have to stand before the ALMIGHTY GOD & pay for his actions….my words to him,CHOOSE WHICH PIT IN HELL UR SOUL MUST ROT IN…..I FEEL AWFUL FOR BOTH FAMILIES HIS MUST GO ON KNOWING THAT HE DID THIS & HAVE TO ACTUALLY PLAN A CELEBRATION OF LIFE FOR HIM….WHEN THERE IS NOTHING TO CELEBRATE!……R.I.P KASANDRA MICHELE PERKINS

  22. Im not sure and accurate this info is but a commentor on mto said she believed she read an article some years back concerning this young man and another breakup with a another girlfriend. They said he was so upset he punched through a window or a door of glass. They said he hurt his hand or finger. The commentor then said she bet that girlfriends happy she dodged this one.
    God please forgive me 4 being a talebearer concerning this story. Just trying to make some sense of this.

  23. Damn Trey smashed and caused that boy to lose his mind…Some men lose their minds pu**y…and that’s why women like em

  24. The NFL uses blacks and poor whites like field slaves ruins the bodies of our healthiest young men. Performing enhancing drugs are the norm…as are alcohol and drug abuse to deal with the pain.

    • You know…..that’s something to think about…..not to make excuses for this man but there could have been extenuating factors that we know nothing about….for example steroids can turn a saint into a mutha fuh…..(you know) and yes performance enhancing drugs carry the same effect….but until the truth comes out…he’s pretty much dog sh!+. my heart goes out to the mother & child.

  25. Okay gold diggers: was it worth it?
    NOT SAYING the baby mama, Kasandra was one.

    Hey men: was marrying for the skin complexion and hair texture worth it?
    NOT SAYING Jovan Belcher did that:

    But there are several lessons here of reasons to be ready to boogie out the door and it applies to both men and women.:

    1. Constant arguing: Leave. That is a definite sign of mental illness. Even in friendships. Arguing is a sign of instability and gross immaturity.

    2. Expecting and Demanding Perfection: No one is perfect. If the person is demanding that you be perfect all the time and explodes over imperfection, no matter how slight, Leave. If it is a man, he is most likely gay and wants a man but is to scared to be with one. If it is a woman, she has unresolved issues with her father and she wants a fantasy, not a real person.

    3. False accusations. This denotes extreme fear and it is designed to undermine your confidence and handicap your intelligence. Leave. You will always be a defense lawyer over bullshit and it is a waste of time. It will change your personality and mind for the worse.

    4. Drugs/Alcohol. Needless to say, Leave. Drugs and alcohol are like having a side piece in the relationship. The lying, stealing, cheating, and danger are not worth it. When they abuse their lives, they will surely endanger yours.

    5. Physical and/ or sexual abuse. If a person will lay their hands on you or your children, there is no boundary that they won’t cross. The authorities need to step in and check da fool, male or female because at this point, only a beatdown in jail or by the cops are they only thingsthat they respect.

    Let’s honor the victims of this terrible event by learning from it.

  26. Lol to all you religious ppl talking about Rot in hell and your going to hell.. Last time I checked not only is your god a vengeful god he is a forgiving god and in his eyes all sins are the same.. So according to your own damn religion (please read your bible) as long as he was saved he gets to enter heaven… No matter what you all think.. Only God can judge!

  27. This doesn’t prove anything, BUT, I did a little research and Mr. Belcher grew up in a two parent home in West Babylon , Long Island NY. The median income there is about 145K per year. It’s near Amityville and much of it has water access. He went to The University Of Maine. I spent a fair amount of time in Portland and Bangor early in my career. I don’t remember even seeing a Black person in Maine.
    So one has to wonder as to how a rather bougie man ended up as he did.
    Plus,and this is the kicker, he majored in child and family development at UM. Very strange’.

  28. @MissJoyce
    You are so right.
    God is still Almighty and Powerful.
    But He has given us the power of choice and decision.
    Sometimes some of us, get so caught up with the cares of the world that we forget the simple things in life.
    Sometimes I even forget
    God, and my need of Him to help me when Im spiritually spent.
    Now I try to remember Jesus loves me, and He will help when I feel like giving up.
    As the baby gets older, I hope shes often told how precious and special she is. May God bless the Grandparents hands.

    (*Please excuse me 4 being long winded) but also thank you @Christa 4 sharing the story of Mrs.Adams and her grandbaby.
    Such an enlightening story.
    After the storm there is still hope.

  29. So is everything good that happens the work of God and everything bad that happens the work of the Devil?

  30. Does anyone feel that he may have been on steroids? Because a similar thing happened to Chris Benoit a few years ago. He killed his wife, son and himself.

  31. Nobody really knows what happened, except those involved and that includes his mom that witnessed the incident. Both of them arguing over her coming home late from a concert is all part of a BIGGER problem and I doubt the main issue. These 2 were very young and probably didn’t resolve their problems constructively. The relationship had it’s issues according to family & friends, but he was not a violent man. They say past head injuries from his profession may have played a significant part in why this happened. Brain injury affects your judgement among other things. Instead of wishing him to hell, Pray for his family…especially the daughter they leave behind. Everybody suffers from this tragedy. One of the saddest stories I’ve read this year. I did read that she told him she was leaving & filing for child support, but who knows if that’s true. People say things in the heat of anger, not realizing the impact. I’ll wait for the “investigative facts” and disregard the media including TMZ’s lies to spin yet another black man into a monster for ratings.

  32. Either way it’s spin he didn’t have to take a young mother away from her baby. Whether she threaten child support and separation. He should have deal and heal. It’s sad no one reach out to him about his stressors. Now the innocent baby misses out on having parents in her life. Kassandra looked very happy in her pics being a new mom. Her baby is precious. I pray that she grows up in this world with blessings and the universe protection.

  33. Number one I knew them and she was a gold digger. The shit back fired on her. She was failing out of school and he was paying for it, she got pregnant on purpose and threatened to take the baby away and get as much money as possible. She had been out serval times since giving birth so that first time out shit Is bs. She was introduced by another players wife so she had a lot of people in her ear coaching her. They had broke up and she was only staying there for the sake of the baby. They were arguing for over a year constantly so this hasn’t been a “happy home” for sometime. Lets get all the facts. Nothing right about murder and not justifying it but he was no monster.

    • Terry: not doubting what you are saying, but it takes two to make a baby and they both got her pregnant.

      As far as school, all he had to do is what many parents do when thei kids are failing. Stop paying for school. If she was out several times, he should have gotten a lawyer to prove she was an unfit mother.

      Needless to say, he didn’t handle it right.

  34. The truth is starting to emerge! Alcohol, pill popping, cheating… other abusive relationships. When you try to dirty up the victim, people will dig for the truth. Murder is the worst of the sins, because you can never give back a life. He shot her nine times, NINE. He spent the night with another woman, came home and less than an hour later she was fighting for her life on the bathroom floor. A tragedy, but we know it isn’t rare, just turn on the news.

  35. #1 , The poor girl wasnt a wife. She was a baby momma.
    That nigga just caught feelings and got upset that she went to a Trey Songz concert after party where its a known fact that Trey’s people goes around looking for 2 or 3 groupies for Trey to copulate with to prove that he’s not really that gay. Thats why women go to those type of afterparties. To have the opportunity to be one of those girls if chosen.
    Thats the main problem. When you have no culture, you have no rules and this man was expecting a baby momma to behave like a wife, without the wifely ornaments.

    If you are gonna have sex with a woman and a woman with a man and have a child, there needs to be some type of agreement of do’s and dont’s . These are things that shouldnt be expected without being clearly stated.

    Dude just was insecure because he thought Trey Songz may have had a bigger dick than him . The truth is Trey Songz butthole has seen more action than a bums shopping cart..Them damn steroids didnt help either. Probabaly made my man a paranoid schizo and shrunk that niggas balls to the size of two shriveled raisins.

    Dont believe me, Ask Dr. Dre.

  36. Steroids and Brain Concussions.

    i bet the NFL wont bring that shit up.

    I know this guy was taking illegal anabolic steroids and its a sure bet he has had at least 10 concussions since his college playing days.

  37. If someone knows this boys mother, they should inform her to inform the NFL that she will be requested a brain autopsy to see if he had any brain damage consistent with the blunt trauma that occurs from being hit on the hit during a game.

    I bet they’ll give her millions of dollars to get her not to proceed with such an autopsy because theres hundreds of millions of dollars at stake in revenue if they had to change the game to make it OSHA safe..

    Tell her anonymous told her to ask this of Roger Goddell(jew hiding behind a fake anglo name)

  38. What a mess! “Belcher ‘spent the night with Brittni Glass the night before the tragedy’
    Police: Belcher was let into the apartment building by a woman at 2.30am
    Returned home hours later and killed live-in girlfriend Kasandra Perkins
    In 911 calls, his mother begs Perkins to ‘stay with me’
    Home environment ‘wasn’t healthy’ says Perkins family member” Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2243441/Jovan-Belcher-told-police-waiting-girlfriend-outside-womans-home-night-murder-suicide.html

    • I seen that.. What a loser belcher is. cowardly piece of excrement. how dare he do that to his family and friend.

      the world is better off without people like that!

      • This just in!
        NFL Commissioner Roger Gooddell says the NFL will raise the orphaned child…

        You damn right the NFL will by this babies pampers and similac because they know they are legally liable by not providing A SAFE WORK ENVIRONMENT (OSHA) for its employees.

        If anyone has the grandmothers phone number of contact, tell her NOT TO SIGN SHIT YET FROM THE NFL. Dont put that poor boy in the ground yet. Tell her to get herself an attorney and get a brain speciality to do an autopsy to see if he suffered some type of brain trauma that could be the reason for his violent outburst… TELL HER NOT TO SIGN ANYTHING AND CUT OFF ALL COMUNICATION WITH THE NFL.

      • Would you still categorize him as such if it is medically determined that his violent act was a result of an on the job brain injury?

        • Legally it would be categorized as GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY…

          The Insanity bought on by blunt brain trauma .

          Then a lawyer and a Brain Doctor would need to go back and research the number of concussions he has had since college and the pros and the dates of those concussions…

          This is a huge issue in the NFL and it might dictate a change of the rules that would devastate the game as we know it…It would be a huge change of the rules which might mean a loss of advertisement revenue in the BILLIONS.

          I would ask him momma to get some INDEPENDENT LABS done by her own physician thats not affiliated with Roger Goodell and see if he tests positive for steroids and if so, how did he get past the NFL’s steroid testing policy.

  39. Latest News: She told him the baby wasn’t his.
    Kansas City Chief’s player Jovan Belcher shot his girlfriend dead before shooting himself because she told him he was not the father of their baby daughter, it was revealed today.

    The Long Island mother of the player Cheryl Shepherd said the couple argued over the paternity of their three-month-old daughter right before the murder suicide at her son’s home in Missouri.

    Mrs Shepherd was in the home when her son shot Kasandra Perkins, 22, nine times before fleeing. He is believed to have kissed her dying body and their baby daughter goodbye before he left.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2248136/Kansas-City-Chiefs-player-Jovan-Belcher-shot-dead-girlfriend-committed-suicide-told-father-baby.html#ixzz2F2wghRIf
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