Kanye West Reported Heartbroken After Dumped By Riccardo Tisci


Kanye West Lover Riccardo Tisci
Word from the streets of Hollywood…

HSK Exclusive – Some shocking allegations are pointing to Kanye West and Richard Tisi as being former lovers. Now that the secret love affair is reported over, sources say Kanye has checked into Heartbreak Hotel!

Hollywood insiders tell HSK the Grammy Award-winning rapper and the clothing designer dated back in 2011, revealing the relationship as the reason behind the “Nigga’s in Paris” lyricist’s extended stay in Europe. Don’t believe me..Ask Susan Whiteley. This before the man who designed the costumes for Kanye’s first tour kicked the rapper to the curb.

Here’s the tea surrounding the former down low pair:

“Remember when Kanye decided he wanted to get into the fashion world? Does anyone wonder who’s the person that inspired him? That would be Riccardo Tisci (we call him Richard), who started out with Versace. He’s openly gay, and is now in the works with Ginvenchy. Do you want to know why Kanye and Richard were so close? They were lovers, openly in some circles.

Riccardo was the designer for Kanye’s first tour. He and Kanye were hard core butt buddies since they first met. The reason why Kanye looks so unhappy is because Riccardo is done with him. Richard is now dating a new hunky model. Riccardo got tired of Kanye’s charades, Kim was the last straw.”

Is Kim Kardashian Kanye West’s new beard? Of course she is. Don’t believe me.. Ask Kanye West’s former muse Cassius Clay.

Kanye West Boyfriend Riccardo Tisci


  1. Wow Jacky thats something else! There are always rumors swirling around, however, after Kanyyyyeeee was wearing womens clothing I saw the writing on the wall! Why cant these so called “humans” be real w whatever lifestyle they choose instead of lying about everything all the time!!! I have the biggest headache trying 2 censor what my young boys can listen 2 hell they like hip hop!! Its frustrating Im not trying 2 send them 2 hell 4 allowing them 2 listen 2 artists whom are not @ all true 2 themselves. Try not 2 keep saying ” its Illuminati, its Illuminati…” screw it most souls in the entertainment industry have been infiltrated w SNEAKY DEMONS.

    • I commend you for censoring what your young boys listen to! Keep it up. The parent makes the rules. My fam does NOT let the young ones listen to modern hip hop at home. You know how kids are but when they see the parents and fam take a stand they, deep down in their heart, respect the boundaries.

    • They will never “Come Out” and be their real selves because they know what the end result will be. Think about it everyone automatically assumes to be a black man and a rapper you must be straight. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Same goes for females. Most rap fans are straight men. And no matter how good your music is the homophobs won’t support you. It’s societies lack of acceptance that forces these artists to stay in the closet. These guy’s have entire families to support they aren’t coming out just so you can feel better about saying “See I knew he was gay”. They have mouths to feed. So the next time you wonder why they aren’t openly gay just put yourself in their shoes.

      • They should come out…people will accept what they are. Our society is very accepting of anything they do. In fact people try to be them, weather it be their fashion, or lifestyle they are the “Stars” people want to be them so there are a lot of wana be’s out there. So If these celebs want to be open with their homosexualty people would in time…maybe a little shock, but as soon as the shock wears off(which would be real fast) everyone will embrase them and then everyone will be comming out, which I believe would be a lot! Do I approve of their life style? NO Our society is a modern day Sodom and Gomorra. Read all about it in Genesis and other places in the Bible. God, our creator made man and woman with a natural use of their reproductive organs, of course also the pleasure between a man and woman is a blessing from our creator. No where in the Bible is Homosexual behavior condoned or accepted as natural. People who know the Bible know that it is not outdated or a book of fiction. Homosexuality is not natural…and even the gay people know this…thats why they wont come out and admit to beinbg gay because it is disgusting and they know it. They must be very sad and ashamed. They Dont have to PRACTICE Homosexuality.They may not be able to stop the feelings they have..ok…Pedifiles cant help the way they feel either, and they hide their hidious desires because its against all of Gods Laws ans Mans Law! Gays need to stop practicing these vile things before it is too late. Does anyone notice how bad this world has gotten? We are living in the “Last Days”. Anyone feel like I do? I know I am going to make a lot of people mad, but this is my view and you have yours too.

        • Grace, I don’t know how I missed your comments so many months ago. So true, totally cosign. Homosexuality is unnatural and it is a plague over our community. Once Congress cuts the funding for HIV medicatio, and they will claiming a fiscal crisis, Itwill be like the early 1990s again, nothing but funerals.

          • I love these COWARDS and LOSERS who come on this website, post HATE, but remain anonymous.

        • Homosexuality is a SIN in God’s eyes & perverted. It will be the downfall of the USA. USA makes Sodom Gomorrah look like Disneyland

        • You madam are a imbecilic idiot and your type are the cause to many hate crimes in your violence ridden country. You really deserve to be in the redneck pool of low gene fools.

          • Why would she cause hate crimes? she didn’t say kills gays. She said homosexualit is wrong. Anorexia is wrong, no one’s going to go kill and anorexic because I said so.

        • I totally agree. Its a mind thing if you ask me, but Biblically it isn’t right. Two ppl of the same sex can’t reproduce in the way its intended.

        • Homosexualtiy ahs been around forever and whether some book written by men tooooooo long ago is irrelevant & no gays DO NOT think its unnatural Your discrimination and small mind is unnatural.

      • KW has enough money to come out, only KK and north to feed, I think he can manage that, don’t you??? He’s just $$$$$$ hungry, gutless and a liar.

  2. And just think this dude really is the hottest rap producer in rap music today,kanye was on this dudes dick for real! Jay has to know what’s up,he is probably fucking Chris Martin from coldplay .

  3. Dear Jacky, great story but I think you should credit Lipstick Alley for the drop. You’re normally better than this.

    Back to Kanye. Do you all think he was gay before he became famous or did the industry school him on the pros of man loving?
    I say this cause the deceased designer Alexander McQueen was an openly proud gay man. But, I know a few of his peeps from East London- rough area and he apparently had girlfriends then makes it big in fashion and is all of a sudden a big gay. I know everyone is different etc but I do believe entertainment/ fashion industry encourage such leanings for a reason.

      • Its “called” being bisexual but its a very inaccurate defintion…

        By definition two men cannot engage in the sex act so what they are engaging in cannot by fact or defintion be called SEX….One man can stick his penis in another mans anus, eyeball socket, tracheotomy and eventually achieve an ejaculation but the act cannot be defined as SEX….Sex by defintion must involve a womans vagina with a mans erect penis to achieve friction fire…Microbiologically speaking when the penis and vagina starts turning , churning and burning it causes a sub-atomic friction fire buring you on your neutrons,causing a certain amount of electrons to leave its normal orbit , then causing one to exclaim “hit me in the protons baby” and many times within the next 9 months a new human is created from the activity known as SEX..

        And two vaginas cannot have SEX either..They can stick objects into each other and rub and lick, but it will not achieve the same microcosmic event, with or without conception.

        • Wow, you broke it down;…so well that it makes us wonder if this is your way of dealing with a previous “homo” act. Example of your philosophy … (If I believe that sex is no possible between 2 men, then getting my back blow by another man does not make me gay.) LOL

          Get outta here with that.

    • @OH REALLY….yup….from my experience…the entertainment industry encourages such behavior and actually..if your are straight heterosexual and do not indulge in any form of homosexuality…even cracking a gay joke about self or accpting homosexual innuendos….YOU WILL BE SHUNNED….go check out B.E.T,DBRAD&ME on Lulu.com….good book….

  4. I have no doubt this should be true.

    The only producer/rapper to ever wear a skirt in tours around the world and in his music videos. Could that be why he is using Kim K. for cover so his gay circle doesn’t over power the media?

    Could be why he was seen in Paris and London with Kim for a while hes trying to stay close to his ex-lover while covering with Kim?

  5. LMAO … This article made up for the last unnecessary one …
    not surprised one bit and I’m still laughing … and there are actually people looking up to this host of demons?
    FUCC THE WORLD and it’s idiots!

    I applaud the father who is highly involved in what his boys are listening to … all parents are supposed to do that, vigorously!
    Don’t let these hosts of demons teach our children how to be humans.
    We as parents have to teach our children how to be humble, God respecting individuals with standards and morals, that don’t have the need to jump on any and every bandwagon.

    • morons learn to think for yourself the fucking bible wake up and learn to separate truth from fiction

  6. Wow. There are an inordinate number of homophobes posting in the comments section here. People, relax. Homosexuality is a fact of human existence. Always has been, always will be. Get over it.

  7. Nate, agreed. Not only is it a fact of human existence, but it also happens in the animal kingdom as well. As for bible thumpers, what you need to remember is that Jesus taught tolerance and acceptance of social outcasts, if you think it is wrong, fine. Leave the judging up to God, and worry about your own sins that you will atone for. Pride comes before the fall. Stop thinking this is the end times, it is a waste of time even if it really is going to happen. How productive are you being to your fellow man if all you practice is fear and hate. Make better use of the time that is given you and practice some acceptance, compassion and love, the same things the son of your God did when he lived on earth. K gonna get off my soapbox now.

    • Actually homosexuality is not present in animals the way the Gay PR would have you believe. That was a handy little lie they told. And actual scientists are too afraid to blow the whitsle on it (and a lot of other things) because they don’t want to jeopardise their funding.
      Gay animals do not exist. There are dominance related “sex acts” (Animals do not actually sodomize each other) but there are no “loving monogamous relationships” between animals of the same sex)

  8. I’m amazed at the ignorance and bigotry of many of the posters on this board. If you claim to reject homosexuality due to being a “Christian,” then you need to study! Jesus never said ONE SINGLE WORD about homosexuality. However, he did say to love everyone.

    • The word of God does speak of homosexuality. I think you need to go back and read the bible. Try Leviticus 20:13 in the King James Version, the only true unchanged version of the bible. All the other versions of the bible have been changed because it “offends” them about the sin they’re living in. God and christians don’t hate gays, just the sin. God bless!

    • He never said one single word about bestiality/incest or pedophillia either. Shall we roll out the welcome mat for those who are so inclined too?

    • You love illiterate, inarticulate, classless, talentless immoral trash? This guy can’t play an instrument, (other than a skin flute), completely disrespectful, ill mannered, egotistical, racist, where do I stop? Bitching about the oppression of his race, while making a fortune off degenerates that find his vile, vulgar, violent rants entertaining and classify it as music? Give me a break. They create their own stigma. More in prison than college, scientifically proven lowest IQ of all races. Birds of a feather… Don’t like whites? Go back to Africa and chuck spears. Goes well with your gansta image.

      • Scientifically proven lowest IQ of all races? You know that infamous study has since been discredited right?
        For you to still believe that makes you either racist or just plain stupid. Which are you?

  9. I forgot to include avid Satan worshipper, along with all the others in his circles. The Bible states, for your info IT IS A SIN FOR A MAN TO LIE DOWN WITH ANOTHER. WHO WANTS A SMELLY ANUS WHEN THEY CAN HAVE A SWEET SMELLING CURVY GORGEOUS WOMAN WITH MORE ORIFICES? YUCK. HIV IS GOD’S CURE FOR THESE PERVS. LET’S CLEAN HOUSE!

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