Kanye West Releases Inner Diva, Throws Tantrum in Tampa!


    Kanye West Sucks

    Yeezus stormed off stage in the middle of his Tampa performance, Saturday. That’s while reports reveal the rapper slang some “profanities at his tech crew” and “compared himself” to Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison and Nelson Mandela!

    Let’s just place that info aside for a minute to consider the pic taken during the show … it’s hard for us to decipher what the real story is. Don’t you agree?

    Here’s what The Daily Mail reports:

    “He became suddenly displeased with the sound and lighting scheme … Only a few seconds into his third song of the night, West demanded that the music be halted as he chewed out a sound tech for failing to get his levels right. He went on to berate a tech named Laura for failing to give him the ‘deep voice’ effect through the sound system … After a short delay, Kanye returned to the stage, performing a rousing rendition of Send It Up.”


    1. To be fair to Kanye, when you’re being paid to perform and things go wrong, you have a right to be upset. Tech malfunctions are to be expected and things can go wrong. It happens but Kanye has no right to be an idiot to anyone. He should show respect and gratitude that anyone is willing to work for him.

      Last time I looked, the only thing worth noting about Kanye is he became a successful rapper, songwriter, whatever else he does. That’s about it. He has done nothing to change the world. He is noted as a thirty-something year old man who throws temper tantrums. And is mocked for it. He is delusional and believes his own hype.

    2. Is it just me or is this guy EXTREMELY overrated as an artist? His value as a producer is great but he’s been more of a crackpot artist these last few years.

      I liked his 2nd album a lot (1st was just OK to me) but his lyrics (like his convo) often lack focus and clarity. His music remind me of the old Biggie lyric pointed at Tupac. He can be as good as the best of them or as bad as the worst. That last album was an example of the latter.

      I don’t know what to say about this dude anymore. He seems to be very unhappy even though he’s out there living out his dreams. He should think about all the folks out there that didn’t get a chance to be out there like he is.

      All of these tantrums, rants and outbursts have become bigger than his music lately. It’s a part of his ‘brand’ now.

      He’s just an overrated, conceited little byotchazz mf now. I say this and I live in Chicago. Everybody can’t handle fame I guess.

    3. Why are people still paying good money to see this clown?? People just be throwing away cash,smh

    4. With every tirade Kanye is adding more names to his list of comparisons. I haven’t heard him compare himself to Charlie Sheen, the ultimate attention seeker. Or has he? Will we have handle two ranting loonies? One is one drugs/meds and the other needs them. I am praying we won’t go into 2014 hearing about the antics of Kanye and his quest for greatness for he, his girl and her family. I am so sorry Paul Walker passed away but, at least we had a couple of days without Kanye being in our face.

    5. No one wants to hear reality anyway.
      He’s not a musician he’s not a fashion designer and he’s not jesus just an undereducated black man with several personality disorders and he needs each one of those personalities to have a seat.

    6. What an ass. His crew is probably messing up his sound on purpose. I just wish he would go away.

    7. It’s hard to take him serious with that two bit whore standing next to him. He’s creating a lot of enemy’s and sounds like he has some sort of mental disorder! It’s getting worse and worse from my observation. They’re going to hog tie his ass and put him in a straight jacket. Kimmy looks a bit concerned lately and not her hunky whorey self. KW seems to have th

    8. kanye always been a crying lil bitch, he’s worse than a kid thats starving for attention. Maybe he should apply for disability n maybe they will give him a check for each of his personalities lol.


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