Karlie Redd’s Secret Drug Kingpin Baby Daddy Revealed!!!


Karlie Redd baby Daddy Exposed

KR’s Connection To Former Most Wanted Man Exposed

“If anything moves through Chicago, it moves through me.” – Nate Hill, Pocketown Records founder

HSK Exclusive – We are learning more about the mysterious past of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Karlie Redd. It’s a shady history we’ve learned the 46-year-old LHHA leading lady once shared with one of America’s most wanted fugitives.

Insiders have revealed 49-year-old Nathan ‘Nate’ Hill, who’s serving a lifetime prison sentence, is the biological father of Keisha ‘Karlie Redd’ Lewis’ 18-year-old daughter, Jazmin(e) – who sources say is a student at Atlanta’s Clark University.

Sources say, Karlie was devastated after the news of her teen daughter surfaced during the LHHA reunion show. We’re told Karlie Red didn’t want the world to know Jazmin’s’s father is the notorious Chicago gangster, Nate Hill.

Karlie Redd Baby Daddy Revealed

Back in January 1998 – Hill, who remained on the lamb for two-years, fleeing to Africa to avoid prosecution for supplying the Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords gangs with more than 6,600 pounds of cocaine from 1987 to 1995, was tracked down and caught by U.S. law enforcement officials in one of the most remote corners of the world: Conakry, capital of the West African nation of Guinea.

Here’s what deputy U.S. Marshal Bill O’Malley had to say about Hill’s arrest:

“Hill, who was wanted in Chicago on murder and drug-trafficking charges and was named to the U.S. Marshals Service’s 15 Most Wanted List in 1996, was traced to Conakry through telephone records in a related case. Hill was apprehended and flown to Chicago. He pleaded not guilty to the charges and was ordered held without bail.”

This after it was reported back in December 1996, “two girlfriends of Hill’s are also missing and presumed to be in hiding with him”.

That’s before Hill was sentenced to life and fined $8.5 million, and forfeited cash and property valued at $5 million. He was convicted of drug conspiracy, tax fraud, money laundering, operating an ongoing criminal enterprise and ordering the killings of three enemies, two of whom were, in fact, killed.

With his drug money, Hill moved into the recording business, founding New York-based Pocketown, named after his South Side neighborhood at 78th and Stony Island. Pocketown scored a top 10 music video with “Froggy Style” by Nuttin’ Nyce in 1995 and published “Wandering Eyes,” which was on the soundtrack of Whoopi Goldberg’s film “Sister Act 2.”

Here’s what prosecutors had to say about Nathan Hill in filed court documents:

“Drug trafficking provided Hill with sizable profits which he used to purchase homes, cars, boats, and, eventually, a four-engine JetStar aircraft. Hill also sought legitimate business opportunities through which he could launder his drug proceeds. One of these businesses was Pocketown Records, a record producing and manufacturing business formed in 1993 by Nate Hill and Michael Jefferson.

At Hill’s direction, Rodney Ellis, a cousin to Hill, participated in the operation of Pocketown Records. Ellis managed Pocketown’s daily operations and financial activities. Pocketown’s expenses were paid primarily in cash. For example, no salary checks were issued; instead Hill handed out cash payments to Pocketown workers. On several occasions, Ellis transported large amounts of cash from Chicago to Pocketown, which was located in New York, and at other times, Ellis received deliveries of cash from other Hill employees. Ellis prepared false records for Pocketown in an attempt to justify the influx of cash to the business. Ellis also provided inaccurate information to the accountant who was preparing Pocketown’s 1993 tax returns. Ellis then signed the falsified return and filed it with the IRS. Ellis later became involved in another of Hill’s business ventures, the production of a motion picture entitled “Reasons” which was based on Hill’s life story. Ellis played a limited role in the “Reasons” production, unsuccessfully attempting to persuade a recording company to produce the soundtrack for the film.”


  1. Is Karlie 39 or 47???
    Why is she TRYING TO keep her daughter hid?If it was so important to keep her daughter underwraps,she should have said just a little about her.
    By the way jackie who is KMichelle;s baby daddy?

    • There’s no way she’s 39. She’s closer to 50. You can see it all around her eyes. Black women age well but that woman looks quite old.

      • one group of her friends say 39… and another group said they are 39 and all of them considered her their older sister for a dozen years or so… they claim 47.. Regardless, we know she is not in her 20’s

    • Perhaps Kiesha Lewis aka “Karlie Redd” is attempting to protect her daughter from possible revenge against her incarcerated drug king-pin father. Besides, her daughter is now an adult and may have made that decision. Why is this so incredible to believe? Karlie wants the record deal & limelight, and her daughter doesn’t. Can you blame her?

      I wouldn’t want my mom’s potential antics to follow me into adulthood, especially while I’m attending college in the same city. How embarrassing!

  2. Damn!!! JACKY YOU GOING INNNNNNNN! Investigative work in full effect!!

    Wow!!! Keisha “Karlie” Idiot whatever her name is, she is a fool. What would make her THINK you can go on national TV and keep the most craziest skeletons in your closet, especially when Jacky Jasper is on the Scene? Lol.

    If she gets real she could get her on effin’ show and say to hell with all em’!

    Early 40’s seems about right as far as her age but underneath all that make up who knows what you’ll find?

    • I say at least 40. She should have been candid about her age. Now she looks like a big OLD liar! I want to know Rasheeda’s age too! Is she a GA peach or GA prune…

    • Right!! That’s what I don’t understand about these people who get on these reality TV shows with graveyards in their closet. Are they really that silly and desperate to think that no one will find out their secrets? Just be real about it and come clean.

  3. Come on if you lived that lifestyle and you are trying to break into the industry of course you would conceal your daughter (to conceal her age in order to conceal your own). Of course she would have wanted her connection to Hill under wraps as well not only for her sake but her daughters. You don’t know who knows who and who is an enemy of his from who is not.

    • B_lyn

      Its not the point that you want to hide information from certain people…we all do. However, when you go on NATIONAL TV get real? When you want to be a star, a celebrity its stupid to think information about your daughter, past criminal affiliations. And the like will never come out. The more secretive you are the more people dig to reveal the truth…human nature. I’m not shocked she lied about her age many do famous or not. Its the fact that you think this Ishmael is never gonna come out. And, if her sill asa was concerned about not trusting everyone and being guarded and enemies and such then why the (f)(u)(c)(k) you trying to get into music and entertainment where its a breeding ground for snakes and vipers. She is lying moreso because if she told the truth she would be ashamed. If she told the truth about her daughter people could discover her real age. All that “she wanted to protect her family” is bs because no one would EVER go into the Entertainment industry and work for fame with past like her IF you are CONCERNED about your safety and that of your childeren AND YOUR PAST coming back to haunt you. Gimme a break.

  4. I’m not shocked Karlie lied about her age, I’m more shocked that she tried to pass as 29 when it’s clear that she is older than 29. She’s pretty and her daughter looks just like her only darker. Either way Karlie looks good for her age but she definitely does not look 29. Any fool can see that, she needs to GTFOH with that b.s.

    • Who lied to her and told her she could pass for her 20’s…Even rapper Trina don’t lie THAT much about her age!

  5. About this, why drag the daughter into it?? She made a mistake 10 yrs ago..and likely a mistake going on that show…but was it? Ppl are talking about her, and I saw her image in people or star magazine the other day. I just think of the girl who is in school and doesn’t want to associate with this nonsense..

  6. Everybody knows that if you go on TV you will no longer be able to keep secrets. If you want to stay incognito STAY OFF THE SCREEN!!!

  7. “If anything moves through Chicago, it moves through me.” – Nate Hill, Pocketown Records founder

    He might of been big but there are dudes who are a whole lot bigger and still doin the dam thing

    ChIraq Killanois..Is the belly of the beast we call the united states of america

  8. Good points y’all..it’s only common sense that ppl are curious..especially by what’s NOT being said. Had she been up front and been like, “I have a teenage daughter and me being on this show is ME being on this show. Didn’t want to bring her into the craziness.” (insert giggle) <~ softens the 'leave my daughter the fucc alone' stmt that it really is.
    If she is ONLY 39 (scrolls up for another look), smh..life has been hard.

    • Even Joseline have enough sense to say she was a stripper, been to jail a bunch of times, was out on the streets at a young age, etc…..people watch reality tv for the low down, dirty, raunchy truth…Karlie is too fake to be true to herself and others and now she has been exposed and looks like a dummy- a big old one at that!

      • LOL @ “If she is ONLY 39 (scrolls up for another look), smh..life has been hard.” TRUE!!!!! Maybe too much partying and agreeing with LoL…she is fake..hot mess…

  9. This is so sad. Karlie wrote, produced and directed a film about her life years ago. She was not hiding her daughter, she was protecting her. Her daughter is a sweetie pie and wants to keep her that way, that is all. I love you and your site Jacky but some of the shit people put on blogs for a buck is sad. The only reason why I read this story was to see if ya’ll finally got it right. Nobody still got this bish age right. Her so called friends would be repping for her not throwing her under the bus. smh
    What’s worse to me is white people don’t have these issues. It’s so many white people that have started ALL kinds of careers late in life and no one bats an eye. We as black people always judge and find a reason to tear each other down.
    How many young black artists out there that are not talented? When will you people learn that it is not about talent/age/ability but drive? This is what I admire about K Redd, she don’t let nothing knock her hustle. All this is doing is giving her some free pub.

    • well said. i don’t see the big deal with her age, so what if she is 39, 49, 59 and if she wanna sing or rap, so what, if she make some music, i like, i will buy it, cause these people in their 20’s ain’t making no good music. u have true artist like Kem, who just started a couple of years ago, and he isn’t in his 20’s. some of those artist in the UK aren’t young. so I don’t know why age is a big deal.

    • “We as black people always judge and find a reason to tear each other down.”

      Blah, blah BLAH!! Karlie Redd brought this nonsense on herself. One thing the public, and people in general, doesn’t like is to be lied to (ask Brandy). If she’s 39, 47, or 60, just be real about it and find an age appropriate career to match. Pretending to be a 20-something rapper when everyone can see that she’s much older and can’t rap, is stupid and career suicide because now people are going to be skeptical of her in anything she decides to do. She has a lot of damage control and coming clean if she wants people to support her.

      • Thank you Original Anon…I just didn’t have the energy for the BS that her darling “Karlie, Keshia, Monquita, whatever her damn name is hired PR INTERN is spilling about this broad that she is supporting. Blah, Boo-hooo-hooo, cry me a river. Karlie “Redd” needs to “RAPP it up!!!” She is too old for this Bullish now! If you were her real friend “Anonymous” you would tell her to find a day job and keep THAT ONE! Instead of being an “Volunteer Rapper” and stop making a fool out of herself, befor her daughter becomes too embarrassed to come outside.

        • PREACH… not tryin to hear no ‘fendi, prada, gucci’.. wtf was that two step mess.. she should be trying to be BEHIND the scenes at this point.. she don’t even have a big personality or that ‘spunk’ like Suge Avery..lmao

    • She is not talented ..at singing in my opinion. No there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to start a career later in life… but when you lie, and go on TV, you become a public figure and you place yourself up for speculation!

      Please. SHe is not talented so she needs to come again with a better excuse.

  10. If Karlie Redd…(why is she called this)was my mom I would not claim that ass. Sitting up on screen gold digging with Roscoe Dash…and he had a damn flat top…ding ding ding…that shit let you know he young ass hell right there. Karlie is for shits and giggles and I love her and no neck fake romance that ended up with him taking the ring back to the pawn shop

  11. Lool at nene leaks honey she is old but b/c she has been smart and successful no one bases her ..a lot of artists keep there children out of the public eye. Despite her age I think she looks damn good. Better than that midget hand over bite having K Michelle…Joseline is growing on me b/c she speaks her mind…but she needs to stop running those purple bersace’s with every outfit. Once she gets a real stylist and her boobs drop a little more she will be banging. I like her attitude. The most beautiful is Rasheeda however..she is stunning and looks like she’s naturally so…don’t sweat the teeny bags boo K is so jealous she can’t have your face, and nothing a syringe of Juvideem cant fix!!!! How old is Rasheeda??

    • Not sure how old Rasheeda is on the show they said 30, which is a damn lie that chic is NOT 30 wrong answer!!! However, she is very pretty and looks great whatever her real age may be. “Special K” yeah she looks a mess with that injected “sloppy joe”ass of her’s . I don’t care what lie she told on that show that is an injected ass. C’mon “My hair, teeth, boobs are fake but NOT my ass” Please! Ass injections are really popular in Atlanta…really popular and woman don’t like to admit (for some reason) that it’s not real. Many of them don’t want admit that they would risk their health for butt shots. And, Karlie ass is NOT real! That think didn’t look normal it looked really padded.

    • Yeah Rasheeda is a pretty black chic… but I wish she could afford better clothes, her clothes look soooo cheap!

  12. A close friend of mine, forwarded this blog to me in shock & utter amazement due to the falsehoods, in this story! I don’t know how old Karlie Red is, nor do I care, what I do know is Nate Hill is NOT the father of her lovely daughter. I am actually the Godmother of one of his daughters and I’m very aware of who Karlie Red’s “baby daddy” is and I can assure it’s not NATE! If your research had been more accurate, you would easily find out who it is because, you’re not that far from the truth…You just don’t have the truth in this instance. Needless to say, leave that woman’s child out of this mess! If she wants to buffoon herself on t.v. for public entertainment, let her…I can’t lie, I watch this garbage too but, she is not exploiting or exposing her child in the process, so y’all need to leave that alone! Who cares who the father is…I don’t!

    • Truth be told I really don’t care either who her daughter’s Father is but this is a gossip site and that’s why we come to the site…to be entertained by the gossip. No shots fired…#JMO.

      • I feel you about this being a gossip site…I’m obviously guilty myself, because I took the time to read and entertain this nonsense but, ppl also like to know what’s real, in the gossip too. Anyway, my main thing is the kids…because this info doesn’t just affect Karlie but, her daughter and Nates’ children. So ppl want to get the scoop but, what her baby daddy got to do with it? No shots taken…#all good.

    • Most people in the the industry lie about thier age. The problem is such a blatant lie is an insult to ones intelligence. She could’ve said 35 or 36 and people wouldn’t trip that much. But come in her 20’s, why not just piss on our heads and tell us it’s raining. Also I agree with all that say kids are off limits.

      • Like I said in my other reply, I get the hype about wanting to know her real age and I agree, we can tell that she aint no where near in her 20’s but the correlation between that and her child’s father and her child is baffling. And the mere fact, they don’t consider all the kids who might be affected is just appalling. Of course, I’m a contributor by just watching & reading this blog but, at the same time, it bothers me when we can’t leave peoples babies out of it, no matter how old the mama or the kids are. I know you feel me though.

  13. How in he hell did se think this was going to stay secret. Se seem to be more concerned about the association of daughter=her age rather than protecting=daughter

  14. See I knew when all these other gossip sites were digging for info on this chick, I knew I was gonna get the real deal from Jacky. Thank You!!!

  15. Hi my name is corey hill son of Nathan Hill Im from chicago illinois this is not a joke my father was born 1966 october 4 his age is incorrect ….. I just want to meet my alleged sister of mine if it is his child she has 13 siblings email me at cryhll92@gmail.com

  16. I believe that K. Redd is in her 40’s,
    maybe 46 or 47. I didn’t believe that Katt Williams was her baby’s dad.

    Karlie is beautiful woman, whatever her age. Most Hip hop folks from the 80’s are around that age late 40’s to 50’s. If she hasn’t given up her dream to be a rapper, so be it.

    But there is no way she can be a TV Reality star and keep her affairs private. Thinking she can keep her private life private, is where she went wrong.

  17. Man who cares if she old. She in a good looking woman unlike some of the hags, trolls and sea donkeys that peruse this board. Who cares she had a baby with a common thug ( I know another skank that had one with a gorilla looking dude too) let her do her thing. Most dudes would drop the fat ass broads they with to get with her.

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