Katt Stacks Shows True Self, Bangs On Blacks!



Just in case you had no idea how Katt Stacks views Black people — this Venezuela varmint has let it be known. And it’s No Bueno, ya’ll!

Peep Katt Stacks recent IG postS:




  1. She’s ignorant! It’s not just black people!
    It’s a generational thing! I’m wondering if Katt
    Stax even has a high School diploma? Let alone
    Any kind of college degree?

    • and the THOT has Bad Grammar, get it together before you point fingers idiot (@Katt Stack)

      @ “How you mad cause you can’t spell” (WRONG)


      • You started a sentence with a lower case letter, and used all capital letters for for the ghetto colloquialism
        “thot”. Also you missed the full stop.
        You did not try very hard to disprove her did you.
        Admit she was correct, because even a stopped watch is correct twice a day.

    • And this gal can’t talk. She needs to go away and stay away this time. I don’t think I can stomach her this year. Please jacky and all other blogs donot post anything she says. Just ignore her, as if she doesn’t exist. Thanks.

    • You do not require a high school diploma or a degree to spell correctly. They teach you in elementary school you know!!

    • Considering that she left home with her pimp when she was 14, I doubt she graduated junior high.

      Her pimp named her Kat after Prince’s protegee Kat Glover. How sweet.

    • I sorta blame all you black men who put this non black women and Thots on a pedestal. Now they are showing their true colors and the trend now is to hate black people. It’s because the men make it so dam easy to get into our community.

      • …..With you leading said majority. I’m pretty certain you haven’t the slightest idea where the error in your statement lies. #learnbeforeyouteach#

    • I don’t like the way she targeted the entire black community with her bull. She has no problem opening her legs for black dick. Crazy bitch.

  2. Considering she talks like a slave herself and an unfortunate victim of child sex abuse/prostitution(know first hand she has led a sad life) by the hands of black men I understand her misplaced anger.

      • She is, associates with, and attracts nothing but quote-unquote ‘Hood Niggas’ who are also coincidentally YMCMB fans who more often than not can’t spell much more than their own names. Those handful of blacks don’t and never will represent us as a whole, something you were well aware of before you posted this. Not to mention you sounded like the typical white racist saying that.

      • It would be can “any” of you . That said, if you want to give grammar lessons I’m sure there are myriad urban schools that could use your help.

        • Thanks for your correction Anonymous 14:49. I’m big enough to take correction from a more knowledgeable source without abusing you or your mother, I learn from my mistakes, I don’t shout at the people pointing it out. To Raheim, the fact is most modern day black Americans are woeful academically. Yet between 1932 and 1957 in the city of Los Angeles, during segregation, Blacks were the top performing ethnic group, bar none. But that must be propaganda from a “White racist” right? I want blacks to improve, you are happy with the status quo.

          • You don’t know what the hell I’m ‘happy’ with, so drop the defensive attitude because I don’t agree with you and some random rap Whore who is exactly what she said blacks were. Nowhere in my post did I even imply I was ‘happy with the status quo, so cut the bull. Furthermore, the fact that you’re co-signing her denigrating an entire race of people she doesn’t and will never know further proves my point that you’re coming off as a propagandist white racist and ‘the status quo’ you’re pompously claiming you’re so above.

            In short, watch your mouth/font coming at me sideways in defense of some half-illiterate Industry victim & failed mother.

          • Hi Dave. Many people looked at segregation as a bad thing but in all actuality this is the time when the black family and community soared with productivity and unity. Carter G. Woodson went into detail about this in his classic book, “The Mis-education of the Negro”; and although blacks are specifically targeted, all of America’s school systems are designed to keep everyone academically and morally challenged. I would recommend reading, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Charlotte Thomson

            • Thanx Ms. B for the book recommendations
              This is another poster responding, but i think I will check them out 🙂

            • Thanks B. I’m pleased at least one person understands my point. Apparently saying blacks are irrepressible & rose to the top even when there is a foot on your throat and the system is against you makes you racist! I have seen Charlotte Iserbyt Thompson on you tube. I will have to get around to reading these books. Thanks.

            • What happened to all your assertiveness, Dave1? You had no problem conveying your flawed point, making baseless assumptions about strangers online, and trying (And failing) to put words in my mouth before. How odd.

  3. I’d be madder if the entire world knew me as a walking Herpes blister who sounds like Angelica Pickles when I talk. I bet she knew how to spell CPS when they came and took her son away.

    Bitch, go play in traffic. Now post that on Instagram. Wannabe-ass Superhead.

  4. she still let all those non spelling negroes buss all on her face and blow out that burrito hole, she wasn’t acting like the grammar police then

  5. And how ARE you going to talk about people’s spelling when your own grammar is atrocious?! I’m in no way perfect, but I have seen all kinds of grammar mistakes in her sh*t. Pot, meet kettle.

  6. So “these negros” can’t spell, yet this walking gonnerhea filled herpes sore finds it hard to spell “myself”?? “My self” really??? It’s a shame her son got taken from her coz she could have picked up one of his schools books and taught herself something -_-

  7. Bitch how you gone put all those tatts on your already ugly ass face look’en stupid as fuck who pays this usedup to the max thirsty ass trick? Lol a bitch that got her ass beat on camera and didn’t fight back lol u used up dumb bitch it’s a lot you need to learn like these cats will never wife u you’s a thirsty bitch look’en for riches you’ll never get because you ain’t talented but in one area and that’s swallow’en none of them cats want you only ta use till their done bitch shut up before you get that ass beat again

  8. Hey Crack Stacks GO Back to where u came from! U waste of sperm.. lord knows ur Mommy shoulda swallowed ur musty, crusty, disease ridden, wetback, tranny resembling, meth smoking, crew fucking, retarded tattoo gettin, forever at the bottom of a stable ass..bishop don juan don’t even fuck with u and he be helpin trannies..bitch go take a leap off a skyscraper!

    • Im a black woman also, but with a lot of self hating backstabbing black people, who should Serena hang with?

  9. How the hell is this whore going to moan about people’s spelling? Have you seen her own frigging grammar? She can’t even spell the word it’s without using capitals in the wrong place crusty bitch.

  10. Dat dumb azz latino trash,3 world bitch take yo stinky ass & learn to speak correct english man looking bitch

  11. yet this bytch has a half black son. white people love to butt their wobbly nose into black bussiness but when black people
    some racial about white people you see these white people do’t like it

  12. What is this the year to bash black people now I know it never stop but now people have more balls not f her and her ugly tattoos she look like a man.

  13. katt takes black men money because shes a high paid escort.

    another example of I hate your race but I just love and want your money.

  14. Why are we giving this trash Kat Stacks the attention she wants. Lets ignore this whore and hope she goes away.

  15. Kat Stacks,everything from you’re name,look to the way that you dress,walk and talk is patterned after a black woman honey,so calm down Pronto!!!

  16. Another pseudo-sista inserting foot into mouth. Brothas have bad taste in other women, it’s clear for all to see…Rats & Pigeons!

  17. More and more outside races are showing what they really think of us and we just continue to make excuses for these motherfuckers. They get all they can out of us and then they talk about our race like dogs and we allow it. We Blacks need to shut shit down in our communities.

    • I saw her picture in the local paper-link below- and shes as white as Reese Witherspoon. She doesn’t even look as Hispanic as a Cuban or PR.

    • Black Hispanics are not black. They never align themselves with us. They ride off of our accomplishments and fights.. WE are the ones that got killed, murdered, and went to jail and got the rights all these other minorities are using and talking Sh*t to us about but This IS HOW

  18. I don’t care what this woman thinks about black people, who she slept with or what they’ve done. It really doesn’t matter what she says because there will be plenty of black men who will jump over ten intelligent black women just for a chance to sleep with this unfortunate woman.

  19. Pay attention! I just let her expose herself because”negroes” were the only ones checking for her.

  20. She’s had more negros in her than the prison system. We need not worry about this thing.

    Jacky wasit a slow news day? You know this some hot bs.

  21. Bet you black folks will STILL hype this glorified hooker. Stacks is definitely wrong about typos, but the black community does need to learn something: Stop accepting disrespect!

  22. WHO CARES ABOUT KAT SLACKS……….. shes not even someone to be bothered about. let her diss black people, she is irreliventher money comes from rappers and pimp you guys shouldn’t even argue amongst eah other and this news is useless

  23. Stopppp It! Why are people mad because she is telling he truth. It’s so saddd how people love attacking others on social media Black people cant spell. I don’t mean that in a negative context but some people don’t separate “that life” from knowing correct grammar.

  24. And This Is Coming From A Chick Who Get Slapped By Fabulous Friend For Telling Lie About Him
    And This Is The Same Chick Who Stitched Up Soulja Boy In The Hotel Room

    She Can’t Even Talk. She Talks Like Hood Rat

    Black Men Damn You Black Men Need Help

  25. Her comment holds NOOOO HEAVY WEIGHT MERIT or CONCERN. She is the headlining spokesman President & true definition of NON-MOTHAFUCKIN FACTOR!

  26. Lol….it’s ironic that the simps agreeing with this horse-faced garden tool don’t seem capable of writing proper grammar. As the 1st poster said, it’s a generational thing

  27. This ugly piece of trash has no business in this country first off. Secondly she is using the dictionary because I can guarantee you she can’t spell like she is pretending.

    Yet needy Need to Grows always got their arms out and trying to welcome in the garbage from the world and while your welcoming it in, it is sh*ting all over you.

    This thing probably didn’t have running water where ever it came from

  28. well lets see here she been screwed chewed and vamited back up by alot of blacks steped on pimped out thrown out all this and can spell impress.spelling has nothing to do with it your a washed up thot nobody wants and is feeling the affects.be mad all you want at blacks but if it wasnt for non black runny mop trash like u succing up enough nem u wouldnt even be the thot has been u are today.