Katt Williams: A Sore Loser?


Katt Williams BFF Suge Knight

“I’ll beat the bricks off of him in front of his mutha fuckin mutha in a rap contest!” ~Katt Williams

HSK Exclusive – He may reign in comedy, but he’s striving to be the King of Rap too! That’s exactly why witnesses say Katt Williams caused a ruckus after a recent rap battle — leading to the “American Pimp” funny man to be cuffed and hauled off to jail! Don’t believe me.. Ask the comedian’s new BFF — Suge Knight.

Sources say a cocaine-fuelled Katt was arrested in Oakland after causing a ruckus. This after hours earlier – in Woodland Hills, CA – the comedian, and his hired goons, beat down another man leaving his alleged victim battered and bloody. This after Katt allegedly lost to the man in an impromptu rap battle!

Sources say the reported goons receive $25K every week from Williams, to “protect” the joke-teller – who’s said to have a rap track with almost every top rapper in the music game, unbeknownst to the public.

Here’s the drop:

“Katt is gangsta, he’s checking everybody. The Nicca is rolling with Suge and a goon squad. Katt and them is pimping, smacking Nicca’s around, getting high and getting paid.

It’s like the old Death Row — but Katt is Tupac and he’s outta control. Some dude did some dumb shit and Katt called dude into the room and then called his daughters to rule on the matter.

Katt said to his daughters, ‘Ladies come in…from 1 to 10 do you think this person is selfish or a team player.

One daughter said, ‘I give him a 3 on being selfish,and an 8 on being a team player.’

Katt raised his eyebrow and said ‘Okay my darlings you can leave.’

After his daughters let the room they kicked dude’s ass!”


  1. omg

    My comparisons of his latest woes and Tupacs last few years are now clearer.

    SUGE “COINTELPRO” KNIGHT is now his main homie…Stay away from riding in the passenger seat with Fat Moutha Fukkers in Las Vegas…They get flat tires on the way to the hospital when 15 shots are fired and the driver doesnt even get hit once.

  2. I don’t know if i believe this shit…..look at that pic and tell me that shit don’t look photoshopped!! That head don’t even look right on that body….And Katt wouldn’t wear no hat like that with no army fatigue jacket….that nigga don’t even wear fatigues!! Mr. Jasper…i swear you be asking for beatdowns sometimes!!! LMFAO!!!

    • of course the pic is photoshop..thats what my graphics team does… thats not marvet britto hoping the mexican border either.

      the image is representative of katt now filling tupacs shoes (somewhat) since the original photo is a 20 year old photo of tupac and suge..

      • Try exposing the ppl who are ripping off Our
        Entertainers and exploiting them. You started off like that, now u just tearing apart your own ppl. That’s not right!… I know u are In entertainment, but we all have vices we are dealing with. You don’t hv to out your brothers n sisters like that, what about shedding some light on the good thIngs going on with these ppl. Use your media for unity with “our kind”

        • How about him exposin’ how we are self-destructive (physically, mentally and especially PHARAMCOLOGICALLY) and that is why the powers that be take advantage of OUR entertainers.

          If I have learned anything from this site, and I have been here about 8 mos., don’t go to Hollyweird with a vice (sex, drugs, criminally-minded, weak stupid, etc.).

          • Dont put all the burden on Jacky..Let MediatakeOut, Bossip and Sandra carry the burdening cross of exposure a few miles instead of focusing on being paid off promotional outlets for Kim Kardashians butthole…

            Why does Jacky have to do it all?

  3. Folks keep making excuses for Katt with all this Illuminati talk. Some niggas are just crackheads and can’t get out of their own damned way in life.

    • Yeah SOME are. In this case however u have a talented individual who has access to a massive platform and uses it to expose what he knows about the inside workings of the industry. I knew we would be reading stories like about Katt the moment I saw the clip of him telling what he saw at one of those industry parties… I ain’t no psychic neither! First he will be discredited, maybe next jail, death, insanity or all of the above… Please people stop falling for the same script with a different cast. Katt has said some things that has made even some of his own race very nervous.. He’s a loose cannon who can’t be controlled so the only way the know how to bring him under raps is by totally demonizing and discrediting him…

  4. Jacky!! What is you doin? (in my southern drawl) you are on 1.. Why aren’t you using your site to expose some real shit? They
    Done got next to Jacky Y’all!!!! Cuz he is selling out right before our very eyes… Idk what to say, but let me start here… Stop aiding in their divide n conquer tatic

    • Jacky is walkin’ a fine line and keepin’ us informed. Remain as anonymous on this site as it is harder to form a case against you.

      Jacky is lettin’ us know the deal so when Katt does meet an unfortunate event, we can’t say we were shocked!

      Suge Knight: modern day boot black.

      • I feel u, maybe he is winking at us subliminally. Letting us know, they are killing our ppl…. (deep breath) I see what’s happening here. He’s warning against the propaganda.

  5. Why do we get upset, when someone has substance abuse issues, and the media report it? Instead of invoking Illuminati, Cointelpro and the hip hop police lets hope this man gets into rehab before he ends up dead. If he’s hanging with Suge Knight he’s got bigger problems than Jacky blowin up his spot.

    • It dosent make u wander, why are the most of the upper echelon entertainers having all of these unfortunate incidents. Think about all of the tragedy.. And read the stories of those who actually are here to still tell the tale.. I’m not into the all of theories either, but I do have the ability to understand where there is smoke, there’s a fire somewhere… I’m all about unity, cuz really though we have bn divided too long. We should support all of our ppl who are victimized and modern day lynched, yo!… The professors who get robbed of credit for their work, writers, scientists, students, the blue collars who get overlooked for promotions, teachers, etc.. A lot of us are ostracized out here for not going along to get along. Those are my thoughts tho

      • And to help u out with that.. Read about “sondra” from the Cosby show and why she vanished, Tracy Camilla johns “eunique” from new jack city and why she left a budding career, Dave Chappell and why he left. Look at Maia Campbell out there trippin, lark voohries “Lisa turtle” from saved by the bell. Lisa Nicole Carson ” played alongside jada pinkett in jasons lyric” , and even Chaka khan just said their are witches of every kind in that industry. Singer Karyn white just vanished!! Cmon nah all these ppl can’t be “crazy” or bi-polar, on drugs or whatever… I know when I’m being bullshitted.. But those are my thoughts tho





          • Thank you for proving my point for me… The environment is sick just like David Chappell said.



              LIVIN SINGLE
              HALF AND HALF
              SISTER SISTER
              THE PARKERS


        • @porcelain doll-okay I know about maia,lisa,lark and dave but what did happen to sondra from TCS? Please elaborate! And I remember hearing the reason karyn white dropped out of the business was she had health issues. So that wasn’t the case? Do tell and spill that tea! We love the real facts around here!

          • Sondra just basically ran away from hollywood and pretty much went m i a to get away from it all. Shes an interior decorator now i think. Same thing with Tracy Camilla johns. She was niño brown side piece in new jack city. Character name was Eunique.. Anyway she damn near cracked up too, she had to leave Hollywood I believe she’s a kindergarten teacher now. But she had a budding career at that point… Go on the blogsite The panache report and read some of these things

            • I just discovered the panache report two weeks ago! Yeah they get into some heavy stuff there too. Their blind items are scary. I mean real scary. I know the stuff on there is real like it is here cuz some of the stories I’ve heard other places. Between HSK and that site folks who want the truth can get it. I thought I was the only one who knew about them but I should have figured someone on here would know! But that’s why I like it here because I learn something not just from the articles but from the posters. I love intelligent people! That’s why I don’t go to bossip anymore. Too much stupidity.

  6. we can debate about suge setting up 2pac but iot’s true about the people around him have bad misfortunes his label was deathrow.

    snoop records a song about homicide and he ends up in a murder case a rival gang member tried to kill him.

    dr. dre gets shot in the leg and does some time in jail.

    one of snoop’s boys was killed at a deathrow party by dj quik and his posse.

    suge orders his goons to give beatdowns to dre, snoop, and the dogg pound while recording their albums.

    suge threatens eazy e by telling him i know where your mama lives now let dre, and michel le, go.

    suge has his goons follow jerry heller around heller is crazy paranoid.

    suge threatens to throw vanilla ice over a building.

    nate dogg robbed a store but is somehow always gets probation and never gets jailtime.

    warren g is kicked off deathrow after a severe beatdown.

    suge, pac, and dre beats andre harrell up wantimng to know where puff’s mom stays.

    chris rock made a joke about suge and is confronted by pac and mc hammer.

    dpg is shot at in ny while recording the video new york new york biggie did make threats saying ny dudes need to shoot snoop and them.

    suge lost his right hand man he blames puff and starts bad boy-deathrow fued.

    2pac beats sam sneed severely causing him brain damage for allyinh himself with dre and east coast rappers.

    orlano anderson robs one of suge’s boys over a chain while pac is filming to live and die in l.a. video.

    2pac is shot and suge’s boys the bloods has a shootout with the crips 35 gang membvers in total is killed.

    kevin liles who was an officer and down with suge sleeps with suge’s wife and is killed murder unssolved.

    s bodyguard is shot down while pumping gas.

    kurupt’s bodyguard is killed unsolved homicide.

    kadafe from thge outlawz is killed by his so called cousin for saying he knew who possibly killed pac.

    orlano anderson is killed along with his uncle and everybody else who was involved in that driveby that ended pac’s life.

    • so much wrong in your post. dude who got killed by dj quik and goons (quik never layed a hand on him but the fight was over dude stepping to quik) was a rolling 60 and not snoop’s homie or friend. just a random dude at a party who tried to get gangsta and then got dealt with.
      nate dogg did do time.
      warren g was never on death row, he got beat for a line in a song about you might punk one but you cant punk them all, which death row took as a diss towards suge about his treatment of dre and it came on an album that was released by ef jam. after indo smoke with mr grimm took off warren signed with def jam. he had already saw death row up close from dre and snoop and wasn’t fucking with it
      wasn’t andre herrel they beat up but a dude who did promotions for bad boy and went to school with puff. auge had a meeting with andre and punked him oput of releasing jodeci and mary j blige from their contracts and paying them back royalties that they got cheated out of. it never got physical.
      kevin liles worked for def jam, you mean kevin gaines and his murder was solved the very minute it happened. he was killed after he and another officer pulled guns on each other. they were both off duty and didn’t know the other one was a police officer
      dude shot while pumping gas was alton mcdonald also known as buntry and he wasn’t suge body guard, they were friends and he was a boss himself and was in the middle of several hits. him getting killed could have come from anywhere
      kuruptz bodyguard got killed over a neighborhod fued
      kadafi got killed by hs cousin who was robbing him and a friend. it was over drugs and money
      orlando anderson’s uncle keefe d is very much alive and well and doing time in the feds

      • Thanx for clarifying, even though I think kevin gaines was shot for a reason and not “friendly fire”.

        and was there any retaliation on dj quik for dude gettin’ stomped to death?

        • quik had a artist named mausberg who made 1 album and was killed at his release party.

          sacrifice or karma.

          quik went to jail for 6 months for pistol whipping his sister and his neice killed herself quik did a song about it a few years ago.

  7. warren g was on deathrow he did’nt stay long but he was on there a brief minute.

    he helped co produce the chronic and was’nt given credit and he did a song on doggystyle.

    nate dogg was arrested several times but never known him to go to prison.

    thanks for correcting me I meant kevin gaines and word was he was creeping with suge’s wife.

    guess we hear different stories as for kadafe it was reported he could identify pac’s murder suspect and word was when he first got popped kadafe was playing russian roulette.

    a lot of this information came from different books about 2pac and behind the music interviews from these folks mouths.

    quik was still involved in that dude getting stomped since his crew jumped on him those thugs don’t know how to act.

    some sources said it was andre suge had beat AND YES MARY J AND JODECI WERE DEATHROW AFFILIATES.

  8. damn …yall be knowing all that n dont call the police….wait Big Titty Rick Ross should be on the case..LMAO

  9. Funny how some of yall say that Jacky should stop exposing “our kind”, yet there is a story about club owner Tosh Berman and that Playboy bunny scamming folks and nobody commented. Not a soul.

    Some of yall are hypocrites, so lay off Jacky! I love this site because I get the tea on people that I actually care about! Judging by the comments, seems like we really care about the same thing, no?

    But hey. Just my 0.02

  10. Lot of hypocrites here too. The sistas rip bruhs who date becky and light skinned but then turn around and say Denzel can do better than Pauletta. A nigga cant win around here. A rich bruh dates brown and plain and they still not happy. Thats the real reason yall relationships dont work – yall dont even know what yall want.

    • Sure is alot of black sisters who are HYPOCRITES!!!

      They love the fact that we clown on Murphy and those Becky hugging gay coons ..It makes them feel good to know that we understand that sisters are being stepped over in this society on every level.

      But when the topic comes up of Sister Sellout Coons, you nerry hear a pin drop from them..

      DeNiros Hoes
      Paula Patton


      They get kudos from the sisters and a “go head gurl”…

      but we aint suppose to see that.


      • black women was years ahead of dating white men who they worked for in intergration times it was common for the white man to sleep with the black maid or servants or employees.

        now black women are still doing the same thing sleeping with white men for financial gain.

        serena dates brett ratner’s gay loooking azz we know brett’s bisexual anyway.


        KIM FIELDS
        DIANA ROSS
        MEL B

        PLENTY MORE.

        • cRAZY cHRIS

          I confused…Why do the same sisters who have a problem with Eddie, Arsenio , Cuba Godding Jr., etc. dating , having children with and marrying caucasians but they are eerily silent when it comes to black women who date, have children with and marry white men?

          How can they be one way on one hand and be totally another on the same ship?

          Im confused…Can a sister in here break this down for me like Im an 8 year old.

          • women wanted their cake and ate it too way before black men dated white women bw was dati ng white men some openly some for financial aid.

            lots of black men saw their women going with and having kids by white men while if they even look at a white girl they’d be in trouble.

            now black men are going crazy over these white girls and black women don’t like it.

            interracial dating does’nt bother me.

            black women the majority of them date white men for money and the fact that they are more freehearted and freakier in bed.

            sheryl underwood made a joke about sexing whiteboys after they paid her bills.

            but they should’nt call bm sellouts when their kind dated out the race but then again these high profile bw you see you barely see their white hubbys or lovers.

            I only saw chaka’s white husband once I don’t care if chaka or tina stayed in europe they were 2 high profile black singers and you never saw their white hubby’s.

            saw deneiro’s wife a few times.

            people date who they want but in hollywood’s case it’s about opression.

            the black family is at risk michael jackson married no black woman and his kids are white mj has no black offspring to carry his legacy or inherit his fortune.

            madonna and angelina jolie sandra bullock adopting black babies for what?

            competition to be satan’s number 1 ho contest or something

        • Some of those are str8t sellouts, but others had been so fucked over by black men, like Diahann Carroll and Tina Turner.

          I thought Lela was married to Antoine Fuqua, he’s black and fuckin’ her over real good. Kim Fields and Mariah Carey also have black husbands.

          Let us not forget that black women grow up with negative images of black men due to crime (Lil Kim), single parent homes (probably most on that list) and sexual molestation (Maya Angelo).

          Now, as I have said many times, white males are not THE ANSWER, but the many brothas at the level that those women are at are gay, with white women or on drugs. Many black males seem to love jail more than their famlies and communities, so if black women want to reproduce, they have to expand the dating pool.

          • mariah was married to tommy motalla.

            I listed black women who were married or dated white men in their past lela dated a white guy long ago.

            kim fields married that freeman guy who I only saw 1 pic of back when she was on in livin single he was’nt black.

            • Kim fields present husbnd who is the father of her child is black, he is a performer named Chris. Chris’ first wife was white though, but they had no children.

          • so you are saying black women mate with white men because black men are bad


            black men mate with white women because black men are bad.

            Are you saying that black women bear no accountability and responsibility for their own choices? All their decisions are not of their own free will?

            • I don’t believe this shortage of black me theory cause I see black folks everywhere I go.

              with black women it’s more of a money thing wm are more open to supporting their mates finacially and when they pass they make sure their kids are taken care of.

              plus black women said white men are freakier in bed well white men like to give oral sex more and are more open to all types of sexual activity which is why black men are strung out on white girls white girls just are more open to give oral sex and will try anything.

              but it’s all personal choice people date who they want.

              with the way some of these white girls the only way I’d keep coming back to a white skinny broad with no ass is if she gave good head.

              and the way some of these white dudes look they look so mismatched you see garcelle’s ugly azz ex hubby all I could say was he was wealthy and had to have been good in bed.

              eve’s boyfriend looks nerdy but he’s rich.

              jay electronica dating that rothschild girl who dog ugly but she’s wealthy.

          • @anonymous 11:19-what it boils down to is this-black men need to step their game up! Now I’m like crazychris I have no issue with interracial dating. Truth be told many of the women on those lists are black women bruthas weren’t checking for anyway cuz they failed the paper bag test. And if black men aren’t interested and white men are I say go where the love is. What’s the alternative? Be alone until some black man(maybe)comes along? Hell with that!!! Black women work to attain that status and when they get it they look around for a mate and guess who’s not there? Black men!! And for all the reasons you listed and then some. Venus? Well if everybody was walking past you to get to your sister what would you do? Successful black men are a like antiques these days-rare and hard to find. As far as black men dating white women I don’t care but can you at least really be dating her and not using her as a cover!! If you really love her no judgement but if you’re lying or falsifying or you’re with her cuz you think she’s better cuz she’s white THEN I have a problem!

            • “Truth be told many of the women on those lists are black women bruthas weren’t checking for anyway cuz they failed the paper bag test.”–this is unfortunately true, BUT only on the higher economic scale.

        • Black women are gorgeous, compelling creatures of whom God loves deeply which is why he haves us so much strength. So don’t think these “others” who hold the power in Hollywood are gonna let these talented beauties make all of their money and they get no return off of their investment into these beautiful gifted creatures.. It’s called “playing ball”. Trust me I KNOW.. So these ladies really don’t hv a say in the matter. That’s why most of them try to find a ball player or rich black man to help them stay afloat and break away from these white men systematic control and won’t hv to be their “slop buckets” anymore.. If we all were flies on the walls!.. It’s called SHOW business for a reason. Cuz nothing about it Is real, it’s a show

          • Barry Gordy was the most powerful black man in entertainment and he even had to come up off his prize.. Diana Ross.. She had to marry that white Jew or else Motown as we know it probably would hv cease to exist… She was still messin around with Barry, so u know it was an understood agreement between Barry and the white Jew who married Diana and was a share holder in motown…

          • Wow, now this is an angle I have never heard on this site before. Are black women still “chattel” in Hollywood. Please, do tell, do tell Porcelain Doll.

  11. For all those who wish to talk bad about jacky spilling the tea here is a newsflash for you: if these celebrities would live their lives open and honest there would be nothing to tell. Can’t expose anyone who’s not hiding something. I can’t speak for everyone but I am glad jacky is here to let us know what is really going on. For too long hollywood has lied,covered up,paid off,hurt and even killed people we love. I say pull them all out of the shadows and make them be known. Dirty deeds and the people who do them should be outed for all to see! Why not be honest? We all know anyway!!! In this information age it’s almost impossible to keep secrets. Queen latifah can’t really think we don’t know she’s a lesbian,eddie’s heterosexual facade is falling apart and nicki minaj is a whore who screwed her way to fame. It’s not just here-these stories are all over the entire internet along with many others. So if you choose to deceive or lie when your shit comes out-as all dirty deeds often do-remember all you had to do was be truthful.

  12. And by the way there are gonna be people who will reply to this post and say-sometimes it ain’t that simple. Why not? My grandmother used to say if you tell one lie then you gotta tell ten to cover that lie. So what’s the point? Case in point-eddie murphy. Now for years and years hollywood portrayed him as mr ladies man-a womanizer. I remember stories about how he would screw his female costars.They said he fucked lisa eihlbacher,brigitte nielsen,charlotte lewis and many others. And like most people I bought it but when I look back now I see all the signs of him being a gay man. Take Raw for example_here he is wearing a purple and black LEATHER suit,hair done better than some women I know and the kicker,which should have tipped us all off, a black silk scarf! Hello girlfriend!!!! So I say be upfront. Will there be people that won’t be fans anymore? Yeah but so what!! At least you won’t have to hide and be worried about getting caught! But that’s just me.

    • They cannot be truthful because whatever their vice(s), they chose to let Hollywood use it for a larger agenda. Like Eddie Murphy and the others dissin’ sistahs, datin’/marryin’ white and really they gettin’ dick so they don’t care. The power elite who wish to destroy the black family and future have two birds in hand: negative black self-image and promotion of homosexuality.

      Just ask Charles Barkley with his dress for some show or advertising and his coaching of black athletes to date white omen.

      • that was so wrong in many ways charles was just showing what kind of bitch he really is why would any decent man wear drag to show off that he lost weight? anybody wanna lose weight cool but for a man to wear drag just to show it off.

        • You are so right, it was just so ridiculous, and he had on a blondish wig? No sense of who he is as a man, a black man, a father, son, profesional, LOST, LOST, LOST!!

          • the sports world is full of gay activity players smacking each other on the ass, chris bosh, kobe, kissing dudes, barkley getting his ass patted while kissing some old ass white man.

            game means gay men it seems like everybody’s trying to shoot their balls in somebody’s hole or hoop.

    • Eddie has been into trannies and transvestites since(at least) the mid-80's….I remember him from the NYC Palladium days on the hunt….it's coming out now but back then there was no internet snitching… the truth

  13. The hard reality is unattractive people need to date whoever will have their ass. Sounds harsh but lets keep it real. Attractive ppl have more options. Got paper? More options still. A nice warm attitude goes a long way when you’re tryin to catch a black man. We dont like no mess and for the most part nobody unattractive. So please stop looking for deep ass reasons. Docile beats stank er time. Dont shoot the messenger.

    • @keepitreal…Well damn!! Living up to your screen name for real! Lmao!! I tried to be nicer about it up top but you just kept it all the gangsta!! And yeah it is true some of the women on those lists aren’t exactly eyecandy but they deserve love too. Everybody does! And thank you for your comment about attitude!! Cuz you can have halle berry face,lisa nicole carson breasts and jennifer lopez ass but a stank attitude will make it all look ugly!!!

  14. U’all taking this black man/woman thing too far. I can tell u this for sure.. Their are some good black folk out here. We just gotta start lookin out for one another and loving ourselves. And quit looking for perfection. Ladies start dating black garbage men, postal workers, mechanics and things like that. Sometimes if u work with a man where he is and inspire him by the time u are in midlife u all will be very secure n well off. I know cuz I’m a product of that my parents are sittin straight now. Every nigga u fucks with ain’t gotta be no baller initially… Fella start checkin for the cute chubby chick or The homebody type girl. Every breezy u chk for don’t hv to be big booty Judy who ass-quaking In the club… It’s time to get back to the basics .. But those are my thoughts

  15. @anonymous14:39- nowhere in my post did bet I say white men were better than black. I said if no black men were out there don’t be ashamed or afraid to date a white man. Many successful black women have a choice to make when it comes to getting a mate- a) wait for a black man with comparable wealth and status(in which case you might be alone awhile-b)date a white man or c)get involved with some undercover gay man who will probably beat the hell out of you cuz he’s mad he can’t be with his boyfriend. Those are usually the options available and they must choose thusly. Are white men better?NO. But do I think they’re not as good as a black man? No. A man is a man-to me. As long as he treats her right I got no issue with him. But that’s just me.

  16. Women(not just black women) are hypoctites with no sense of personal accountability for their own actions.

    But I still love you black women, but I know yall wont be any help in regaining our birthright…Brother Gonna Have to Work It Out because women naturally gravitate to the strongest most powerful male, regardless of race.

    Its Naturally Nature…

    I want black men to study this thread and the responses carefully so you can hear exactly what the women are saying to us…Women dont want to sleep with SLAVES …They want to sleep with MASTERS, NO MATTER THE RACE OF THE MASTER..
    And thats real.

    • There are some valid points made on both ends of the spectrum and one has to acknowledge that. One thing black people need to do is cease and desist with generalizations. You advocating that ALL black women are hypocrites and in the same breath/font saying you got love for them is the very definition of hypocrisy. Let’s all do better.

  17. As a black man who has dated hundreds of sisters in my lifetime I have found it difficult to find peace with you. I loveyou but you seem to love chaos. You complain on this site day after day that brothers aint checkin for you but then you say Denzel can do better than Pauletta. If there ever was a black woman you should cosign and celebrate it should be Pauleta. She has captured the cream of the black crop if for no other reason than Denzel is STRAIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD. \

    But because your existence includes hating white women but emulating their every attribute; wearing fake hair, push up bras, high heels to enhance your legs, girdles to hold in those extra cheezeburgers, eyelashes, foundation six shades lighter than you really are, and showing enough skin to make Uncle Luke blush – you have the audacity to look for a man who’s real. A man who is real cabbot get past your fraudulence. I’m worn out from the battles about nothing. My friends are as well. You can blame whoever you want and play the victim until the cows come home. The fact remains that you cannot get along with your man and the world knows it. All a cat wants is peace and if they/we need to go to Becky to find it you have no one else to blame. Now that said there are some hankerchief head slave minded niggas that just want a white woman. Fuck them. I’m talking about the good brothers who have tried and tried and who are only seeking peace under their own roofs. Just my .02

    • @keepitreal…I hear you,now may I speak? You say I say that denzel can do better? Well I didn’t but my jealous,envious sisters may have. If anything I admire pauletta. To be in a genuine relationship that has stood the trials and tribulations that hollywood can bring and to still have her man and her sanity is proof that it can be done. That the will and jada way isn’t the norm and never should be. That her inner beauty and not just her outer got him and keeps him there gives me hope that maybe I can also find the man of my dreams. I hear the pain in your voice and I understand. You’ve told me of your struggle now let me tell you mine. I must navigate this world daily with my guard up. Why? Because I learned long ago that most but not all men are not like you. I am spoken to daily with disrespect by men who comment openly and without shame about my butt,breasts,legs and lips and told what they would do with them if given the chance. I don’t dress like the women you spoke of but I endure this everyday. If I come across as cold or angry it is because I cannot smile or be cordial cuz no good men take it as an invitation when I only mean it to be courteous. I don’t hate my white sisters but if I seem to emulate them it is only because the majority of my black men have let me know that my natural hair and makeup free face is not attractive and I so want a mate. But my darker skin does not appeal to you-tell me why. You think I hate you but I only wish you would want to excel as my sisters and I do. We need your fellow black men to stop living in dreams and come back to earth. I can’t speak for my other sisters but I want a good black man and I do know they are out there but because the bad always outnumbers the good we keep missing each other. Do not give up trying to find me but if you do and you seek solace in the arms of one of my white sisters please promise it is cuz she loves you and not because the neck rolling,gum cracking hoodrats have led you to believe that I do not exist. And if you see me on the arm of one of your white brothers do not hate or judge me but wish me well. For like you I seek peace and above all I seek a man who will love me as much as I love him. May we both reach that goal my black king and should our paths cross in the future do forget me. I wish you well. Always.

      • Nice post vermithrax.

        I can honesty say that the single most destructive force in black male/female relationships is when there is no father in the home and there is television.

        The lack of a father prevents wisdom from combatting fantasy (television). that is why many of our sisters think white men are the ANSWER. It is why many of our brothers think that they “want peace in their homes”.

        My mother’s father left her family when she was 16. He wasn’t a good person, period. She never learned patience, understanding, and self-reliance. My mother was only good in the big picture; day to day, it was hell, cuz she was miserable as fuck and nasty too. So were her friends and family.

        Honey as far as she was concerned, the world was gonna pay for her father leaving her family, especially us and my father. She was a shit starter, her sister was a shit starter, and guess what? None of my siblings or I have kids and my mother realizes she is the cause lthough she will not admit it. She was jealous of my relationship with my father, she was angry, negative, etc. In rare moments, she acknowledges this. My father wasn’t a saint, and my mother had a lot on her shoulders, but her reactions to a lot of shit and her love for drama as an escape was like, WTF??

        So, I say to young fathers, stick around, your children need you. I say to young mothers, don’t pick up with anyone, don’t let friends/family start some shit with your children. your children need to learn, at 7 years old they ain’t fuckin’ perfect.

        I am not unhappy because I didn’t cause a brother grief by gettin’ married and I didn’t fuckup a group of kids by having them because the blueprint for being a mother that I had was not good.

        But I can still adopt, mentor kids and I know that the world ain’t over and there are good brothers out there. We both, black men and women just need to come to the table, NOT THE WAR TABLE.

        We also need to cut off the damn TV. That shit ain’t nothin’ but moern day step-in-fetchit, coon shit.

        And… when there are no role models in the home, that is what we represent.

        Love and Peace to all my brothers and sisters.

        • Wow, thank you for bearing your truth. What you just described is what I believe a lot of brothas fear, the hardened drama queen. Because some of them have first hand accounts whether it was their mother, other relative or one of their friends.

          Black women have grown and evolved so much since those days. But the women of today are paying the price of the previous generations wrath based on fear alone.

        • Wow kindred spirit!!! I too was raised by an angry woman who drove my father away and took it out on me. My father was no saint either but I know she was a big reason he left. Like keepitreal…said a nice attitude goes a long way with men and she was mean as a snake. I too am childless for all the same reasons. I was determined not to destroy some baby with my anger at her. As I’ve gotten older I realized I am like her in some ways but in others I am not. I gained some good qualities from her-cleanliness-she was a neat freak-irked the hell out of me when I was younger but now I can’t do nasty at all-responsibility-she always said take care of your needs first then deal with your wants ie don’t buy a leather coat with your rent money!! And love of knowledge-she was an avid reader -she kept her head in a book and I do the same and I know I got that from her. It took me a long time to realize I can hang on to the good she gave me-even if it was inadvertantly and I can discard the bad. It doesn’t mean I forget or forgive just understand that the woman she was is not who I have to be. Too often damaged people hang on to their bitterness and it ruins them while the person who did the damage lives their life. I did not speak to her for over 15 yrs and went to see her when I was told she had cancer. There was no acknowledgement of wrongdoing or reconcilliation when we reunited but I can say I was the better for it cuz I could have been evil and not cared. But I was the better person. She passed one week later and while I did not go to the funeral-I felt it would be hypocritical all things considered-I am glad I went to see her. I will not be one of those people who let the events of the past define who I am today and I hope you do the same.

          • You sure we aren’t sisters?, LOL, lots of identification for me there.

            My mom is still alive and I guess my philosophical/spiritual is to forgive.

            But I still ain’t goin’ for Thanksgiving

    • Young man, your first sentence said it all. Dating hundreds of anything sounds a bit chaotic, there is no peace in that.

      Not trying to be funny but it may be time for introspection in your life. Take a handful of those women and figure out where the common area of discourse lies. Just a thought.

      • Who said I was young? It’s math. I was speed dating fifteen years before they knew what to call it. That don’t make me a bad guy. In fact, if I aint feelin a female I’m not going to hang around making her think she has a shot. Sometimes we have sex on the first date. Most times not. I can introspect til the cows come home I’m still not settling on a chick I dont want something permanent with. I liked something about all of them… just not enough to keep them. The discourse is I dont like ghetto shit and too many women carry themselves like them hoes on “reality” tv shows. I’ll pass – thank u very much. Dont shed no tears for me. I got 99 problems but female companionship aint one.

        • which is why you are so angry. You might want to heed Sheets’ advice.

          90 ercent of the times, the problem lies within us, not outside of us. The biggest problem we will ever have in life, never mind about our relationships are ego (Easing God Out) and a lack of a sense of humor.

          • Not angry. You sound angry that I dated 100’s. Look inward sister. I am not angry about ANYTHING. When I get tired of one I send them away. Aint no anger in that.

            • @Sheets:

              Thanx, you got it because we know a little about humility.

              Let keepin’ it hostile, keep it.

              As my father used to say:

              Those who can’t hear, will feel.

              Ony when I got older did I understand that feel didn’t mean a physical azz whoopin’ but a mental/emotional one, LOL!

    • I said dated not slept with btw. Many first dates with bad chemistry, unrealistic expectations, and their bizarre claims of me being the one on date one. I am very particular as well so as a result of my age and love for women there have been many.

      In my Pootie Tang voice – Pootie loved the ladies and lawd knows the ladies loved Pootie.

      • Yep dated, is the word I saw no mix up there. First dates are often awkward, the chemistry can be off and there could be some nervousness. It takes a little time for people to settle into themselves in order to get the bigger picture. People can be a little impatient so if you don’t connect to whatever it is the other person is seeking to hear or see it pretty much will be a wrap.

        Basically you are still out there having fun but a lot of times that fun comes with a cost so you can expect some drama. I don’t claim to know your life and I don’t know what level you play on. Just being honest, you open yourself up to various energies.

  18. I’ve never had a problem with black women or any type of woman for that matter. I’m not sure what some of you men are struggling with, but I do know that it’s 2012 and not 1956 and if you are going into relationships trying to rule over people….that’s NOT going to bode over well. One thing I do feel women need to do, is practice patience. Everyone is not going to be ready to do things and make certain commitments when YOU want to. Let people know where you stand and give it time…..not unlimited time, but SOME time.

    • @anon1-well some men are dealing with their own issues from past events. We must acknowledge that pain is not the domain of women. Too often women act as though they are the only ones that can be hurt while I have seen that many men carry the anger of past wrongs. Wrongs from mothers,sisters and women in elementary school and high school. Women don’t realize the things they do and the way they treat men when they are younger define who they become as they age. If you see a man who constantly refers to women as bitches and hoes 9 will get you 10 they were treated badly by some female. Now that’s not to say there aren’t just some asshole men that treat women like crap cuz they can cuz there are but you get my point. Point blank-if women want better treatment by men they better learn that you reap what you sow. That young boy you call ugly or laugh at who asks you out when it took all the courage he could muster to do so or that guy you ignore when he tells you he likes you will be the men who despise women later on in life. And other women will pay dearly for your lack of compassion. But that is my humble opinion. Feel free to disagree.

      • I disagree and am here to say you do NOT speak for all black women.There are a lot of us who don’t care who black men date or marry and we are NOT going to humble ourselves or take an apologetic role in life because we are black.There are MANY black women who have done nothing wrong to black men except exist as BLACK women with features they hate.That is THEIR problem.

        Most black women do NOT have attitude problems but they should because of the way they are being treated.

        I find the whole exchange ridiculous and downright evil.The fact that Keepinitreal can sit up and say how black men just don’t like unattractive women as a reason for black men to date out and how you can basically agree with him which means that you all think that because of the way black women look they should be extra nice is sickening.

        I hope other black women catch on to that and do NOT apologize for anything and live their lives without this kind of blatant hatred.

        It’s just sickening and disgusting.The only thing black men need to worry about is forming healthy relationships with the white and non black women that you foolish people claim they are leaving us for because it ain’t looking good for them interracially and I sure don’t want evil men back.

        • I don’t think you should take a couple of people’s post and assume they represent the majority in thought EVEN if they claim they do. We all have a lot of faults and we are trying to get the love of black men and women back on track, this dialogue supports that. You can’t fix things until you get to the bottom of what’s wrong, hence why this whole post is a positive thing. Don’t give up on us so quick. There are brothas who have good intentions that are really trying to figure out what’s wrong. Regardless of his delivery, keepingitreal is one of those brothas and one has to respect his effort/attempt. Black men have dropped the ball in many ways and we are trying to get us back to right, please have patience.

          • @anon1-good points BUT why is it always the men that have to be the ones to get down on bended knee? IMHO for too long men have had to always take the blame for everything. Women are not angels!!! They have faults and shortcomings just like men. It’s time for women to assume some responsibility for the breakdown in the relationship between black men and women. It takes two to tango and this ratchet ass dance that has been going on between black men and women is not all the fault of men! Women have adopted this oprah/terri mcmillan mantra of it’s not you-it’s them. Bullshit! What I am saying is it’s time for women to put on their big girl skirts and admit their part in this division between us because maybe you aren’t but most of the men I know are getting tired of apologizing all the time. And yes I know there are good black men out there. I’ve said so several times so no need to preach to the choir! Lol! And on a side note I never claimed to be representing everyone. My opinions are just that-mine and if anyone disagrees they have that right. @tisme-where did all that come from? Where did I say women have to be humble and apologetic? Nowhere. And I didn’t say anything about keepitreal’s comment about looks. I said I agree with him about ATTITUDE. And yes I stand by it! I would never tell any woman no matter what color that she should bow and scrape to a man. They have to be equal partners or it won’t work. And are there men who hate women and treat them bad for no reason? Yes and I said so. And did I say women could be nicer to men? Yes I did!!! Are women that hardened that they can’t be nice? Are we so desperate to be right that we can never admit we’re wrong?!! And you wonder why black men and women are in the state they’re in? MLK said an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind and if black men and women don’t start to dialogue(not argue) soon we will be lost!!! I have no issue with keepitreal cuz he is giving HIS opinion,just like I’m giving mine,anon1 is giving his and you are giving yours and if you disagree that’s good cuz we shouldn’t all think alike anyway. And finally I said nothing about black women apologizing for the way they look! I said you can have halle berry’s face,lisa nicole carson’s breasts and jlo’s ass but with a stank attitude you will appear ugly and I stand by it!! I have no issue with anyone disagreeing with my opinion but don’t say I said something I didn’t say. We here at HSK love to debate and this topic is always a hot one. Now where is crazychris when you need him?

            • @verm. My post was to Tisme. Not to mention I never said men nor women should apologize. Where in my post to Tisme did I say that?

            • repost:I disagree and am here to say you do NOT speak for all black women.There are a lot of us who don’t care who black men date or marry and we are NOT going to humble ourselves or take an apologetic role in life because we are black.There are MANY black women who have done nothing wrong to black men except exist as BLACK women with features black men hate.That is THEIR problem.

              I Reposted this because it answers your questions and you seem to not get what I’m saying.I’m telling you that what I stated above is where the problem lies.The first mistake that black women are making is their decision to go back and forth with men who simply do NOT love them or PREFER their beauty.All of these so called issues with attitude and wrong doing stem from that.The second issue is black women making the decision to continue having relationships and babies with black men who do NOT love, respect, prefer or provide for them.If black women would give up hope and take people for what they are and LOSE the wishful thinking they would see clearly and there would be no way they would enter into the relationships with many of the black men they do.

              Also black men don’t have to bend on ANY of their knees or admit any fault or apologize.Neither do black women.It’s too late for all that.A separation,a real one; where all the resources of black women are put into helping themselves ONLY to the exclusion of black men,is needed.This may sound mean,may even come off as bitter, but it has been time for black women to let go and go for self for years.Black women don’t have any more time to waste doing this back and forth dance with black men or anyone else.

              Black women need to be busy saving themselves LITERALLY.

              Let black men go to the wind and wherever they fall, they fall.

              I say this with no ill will or hatred toward black men.Black women do NOT have the time to make black men the focus of their lives anymore.
              1.because it is fruitless and won’t pay off in the end
              2.because black women’s physical and spiritual lives are at stake right now.black men cannot save black women and even if they could black women will be DEAD before black men find them worthy of saving.

  19. As for Katt Williams, that’s a cool dude and I wish him the best. Unfortunately, the only thing I can say about this situation is “poor little tink tink.”

  20. Excuse me I dont need any help in defining peace in my home. Stop making excuses for your bitterness. I get to define my own peace. Why does every argument here drift towards “they do it too”. Take responsibility for your own actions and own them. If they jump off a cliff are you gonna do it too? Had to go old school right there. You can only fix you. Screw what them cave broads do. Im explaining why we go to them in the first place.

    • nd your explanation is a fail. How is my argument “they do it too” when you put it out there that the choice white women gives peace in the home.

      Now you are trying to use faulty arguments.

      If a black manchild can “make it” with a white woman for a couple of years (as statistics show) or they can keep up a front with the white woman longer, the white women can have them, sistahs deserve better cuz we gotta serve the Most High.

      • I totally agree with you.I was sickened by the conversation between keepinitreal and whoever else.

        He basically called the majority of black women unattractive and said we had bad attitudes.And that since we are so unattractive we should take on a kind docile agreeable role in life to make up for the fact that we are not pretty.Keepinitreal can go straight to hell.And so can the evil DESPERATE black women that agreed with him.

        • Don’t know what post you are reading. I must have glazed over that part. BW are beautiful. If that is what he said why take it to heart? Man can’t define me.

        • Whoa. I never said any such thing. Why would I date that many if I didnt think they were beautiful? But I stand by my statement that attractive ppl have more options. I didnt put a color on thar on that. Folks were actin brand new on here bout why certain things are like they are. Drive past a train station or a bus stop after 10 pm and it aint a pretty girl out there. Dont act brand new on the blog. I aint make these rules so stop it. All I did was say what er body was thinkin and already knows. Its the same in a white hood, a latino hood, whatever. Dudes come pick up those pretty girls. So cut it out. Yall jus got through talkin bout Denzel can do better than Pauletta so stop it. My point was you can be fine as hell but as soon as you show a real brother that stank ass attitude he’s going for a ahem – a pack of cigarettes or a carton of milk if you know what I mean. I wouldve thought you would want to hear what bruhs really think. Fantasy Island went off the air.

          • Go to hell and take your ignorant vain mentality with you.There are communities full of men that routinely uplift protect and marry women that are not considered pretty by many people’s standards.Vanity is apart of the downfall of the black community.It is why black women need to go for self and leave people,like you, with weird abnormal ways of thinking alone

            • Agreed Tisme. keepinitreal is a bitter angry black man. It is only when we get to about 30 that we learn they are cowardly angry losers. No woman wants him, and he knows it. I think both black men and women need to treat each other with respect, but we need to leave the “keepin its” to fate, like when they pop off with the wrong one, and they get what is comin’ to them.

  21. My explanation cannot be a fail bcuz it only needs to make sense to me. You dont get an opinion on that. Typical bossy overbearing chick trying to butt in where you have no place. I never said anything about the white woman thing making it or working out. My ONLY point was to explain why they try it. They are in search of peace bcuz they cannot/have not found it with YOU. How is that not clear? And it is only my opinion so why are you stressed anyway?

  22. If I stab somebody you think the judge wants to hear that some dude over there stabbed somebody too> Hell no. Im responsible for my actions. Thats why your frequent retort of they do it too is bullshit and oh so 4th grade.

  23. Havent commented in a minute, but I see the frauds like @keepinitnotreal is still on some ego bull shyt. Lol!

    • @anon1-about the apology thing- you didn’t say that but I was making a point. You said don’t give up on us my point was it kinda came across like an apology in the respect of why are men the only ones trying to figure things out? What are women doing? See my point? It can’t be just men-women gotta do their part too. That’s what I meant. Sorry I should have been clearer.

  24. @tisme-Well why didn’t you say that before? Lol! That I understand!! But I do agree with anon1 we shouldn’t give up on all black men cuz a few are asses. There are good ones out there would you agree or disagree? I think so! And should black women be about the business of self preservation? Absolutely!! But that goes for ALL women and men as well cuz that is the first law of nature. My worry is if we do take this go for self attitude in regards to black people as a whole what will happen to us? Time was when black folks-men and women- stood together-by each other and for each other. What happened? I know times have changed but I wish we could go back to that but I guess that may not be possible. As far as the issue of looks go well beauty is in the eye of the beholder and like I also said either here on another thread if someone doesn’t want you go to someone that does. One mans trash….but there will always be subjects like this one where people have different opinions but debate is always a good thing. As for keepitreal well based on your post above we’re just going to have to agree to disagree about him. Lol! I think he’s okay BUT I do think there is good in him though he may come off a bit abrasive to some. I wish him well the same as I do you. Well now I am going to go to another thread on HSK and see what else is happening in hollyweird. Weren’t we talking about katt williams crazy ass?!! ROTFL!! But that’s why I like it here-good exchange of opinions. See ya!!!

  25. shug is a punk , he no scum ! all talk and no action ! if anyone knows him like i do you will see a punk who is a scared bitch inside ! he is however a great actor ! he has done a great job at making people believe he is someone of importance when he is really just a bitch punk with no street credibility

  26. You stupid ass bitches!It’s a post about Katt William.Find a tree and cry behind it.Damn Negroes!My Husband,My Wife shut that shit up masturbate and call it a day because the only one who’s getting paid is Jacky Jasper!Sheez…..

  27. And yes Tupac is over-rated.Can’t you see this Nigga wanted to die!Black people love him so much because Black People practice Necrophilia.Damn.Some of you must have been born in the 80’s,Crack Era….something.How many of your Mother’s were pregnant smoking the pipe.Come on Say ,I.

  28. Yo Mama

    Im going to get in my time machine and find your parents a few days before you were conceived and convince them to use contraceptives.

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