Katt Williams Arrested Following Oakland Brawl


Katt Williams Oakland Arrest

Katt Williams, who stays in the tabloid headlines, was arrested in Oakland last night a fight that went down inside a club.

Here’s what’s been reported:

The incident happened at Kimball’s Carnival in East Oakland (by the water) around 3 am. Details  are sketchy.

Williams was brought to a police station for questioning. He has not yet been released.

You may remeber it was just one month ago when the troubled comedian was arrested in Hollywood, outside of the Supperclub, on charges following an incident where he pulled a gun on fellow comedian Faizon Love.

mugshot from unrelated arrest


  1. Hi Jacky
    Kinballs isnt in EAST Oakland, its in downtown Oakland by the water….so yea…thats all

    I hope hes released so that he can do his show this weekend….

  2. KAT NEEDS TO MAKE SOME COMEDY And some films instead of this.

    you know steve harvey is laughing his COUNTRY AZZ OFF AT THIS.


  3. Kat , get you some proper security , stop using drugs and alcohol and start eating right and meditating.

  4. Honestly, Katt needs to quit the game. They have been out to get him since he told about those parties. He just needs to lay low for a while…they are trying to bleed him dry.

    • They did the exact same thing to Tupac. They kept coming at him with strange physical confrontations (dude is only about 5’1″) and weird lawsuits that is desgined to keep him in consistent and frivilous litigation as you say to “bleed him dry” of his monies , time and energy.
      We gotta try to protect him as best we can but he has to help himself and change his lifestyle and focus on his craft. I think they are trying to set up the atmosphere where it will be to no ones surprise that the next story will be one about his violent death or a drug OD….sAME thing they did to Whitney, Tupac, Sam Cooke etc.

      • Thank you for saying this. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. And all fiction has a ring of truth to it

      • Thank you. I think Professot McGriff (or something like that) said this years ago before Katt was in this state. He said… in a few years they will have Katt looking crazy. They’re gonna set him up because he tells the truth too much. Talking about those parties and shit” That is a quote from years ago. Fast forward to the Katt Williams we are seeing. You could probably Google that story. You will see that interview was done a while back…. Yall don’t be fooled. …Add Michael Jackson to that list and hopefully not, but Lauryn Hill too.

      • Oh Katt. I am so worried about you. You have a brilliant mind. You can talk comedy trash at a show, and you can discuss Moliere and Shakespeare at a dinner party. Just like Tupac….exactly like him.

        It is waaaaay easier to be a corny ass bumpkin like the much hated on Steve Harvey in this world of ours than it is to cope with what’s on your plate when you are a genius.

        I do disagree with Anonymous that Sam Cooke and Tupac were in the same lump as Whitney. Respectfully they were both provably murdered. While many have serious doubts about Whitney’s last moments; we can only speculate as to whether she was sedated and held under water. I read the autopsy in full(all 30 pages) and without water in her lungs, I just don’t think she was held under water while alive. Now, was she surreptitiously drugged with additional shit from what she thought she was taking and therefore rendered unconscious and THEN put in the tub under water? Maybe. But Sam and Pac were both shot dead.

  5. I agree they “the powers that be” are out to sabbotage his comedic and cinematic career. If you all can recall a few years back Dave Chappell did an interview where he discussed the conditions of mariah Carey and Martin Lawrence. He explained the level of strength n mental clarity needed to even reach the status’s these ppl had. And for Martin to be running down Hollywood blvd waiving a gun screaming they are trying to kill me, was troubling especially considering the fact that Martin is from the hood in D.C… Chappell said maybe it’s something sick about the enviroment in “Hollywood”. Let’s pay attention y’all

    • martin was also high on drugs when he did that.

      he was doing too much work hit sitcom show plus doing films traveling here and there then doing stand up comedy hosting def comedy jam yeah he barely slept.

      mariah was on drugs.

      • Well I have no proof of any of that. But I hear what u saying. However this is what I do know!!! Drugs are intentionally given and continuously supplied to these ppl who are entertaining as an unwritten form of control… I know these ppl are adults, but they are being exploited. Especially when they don’t “play ball”.. And sometimes ppl are “slipped” things into their alcohol or weed that will drive them slap out of there mind. But those are my observations though

        • And to take it a step further, I was using Martin, Mariah only as part of the case Chappell laid out about the enviroment being as sick filthy beast

  6. I for one would like to hear more about those Industry parties…Didnt he say he opened a door by mistake and he saw Professor Oglivee( actor Dorien Wilson from Moesha) with his tongue in some white dudes butthole?

    • is that why he did’nt wanna hit monique.

      monique liked anal sex with her bisexual cocaine snorting azz.

      • Katt Williams said that along time ago on one of his syand ups.. and he said professor olgilee like 5x during that joke so there was no mistaking who he was talking about… Lol that shit was hilarious

      • LOL… That was so obvious. LOL. Yeah.. they’re effing with Katt. I feel so bad for the brother.

        • “They’re” really effin’ with ALL OF US (ESPECIALLY OUR CHILDREN) but we are all so far under the spell we dont even notice that we are under their total control anymore. We only see what they do to and HOW THEY CONTROL the ones they give public fame too.

          We dont even notice that their EDUCATION SYSTEM IS RIGGED.

          etc. etc. etc.

          We are living under a complete and global system of white domination and its held together by PRINCIPALITIES IN HIGH PLACES that we rarely get a glimpse of…Yes, even you on your job that you mindlessly clock into everyday that make you another invisible clog in their wheel and you seal the deal by sacrificing your CHILDREN to them in their MISEDUCATION system to be INDOCTRINATED because they have been subliminally seduced into beliving you have no CHOICE. Same reason you voted for Obama and Clinton…You were told it was futile to wrestle against their two party sham because you have no choice.

          God always gives you a choice.
          The Devil only calls you to the door, but the trick is he/she has to convince you to walk through by your own WILL. Thats the prime directive that they cant force you…Once enough of you make up your mind to want your freedom back, your world will change overnight and you will be responded to.

  7. I’m gopray for this man… He needs better people around him so he caleave them drugs alone. Come back KAT!!!!! I’m rooting for you brother:)

    • I’m going to pray for him!!!! he needs better people around him so he can leave drugs alone!!!!!!

      I phucked up ^^^^^^^^ 🙂

    • Katt is a grown man. As long as he wants to use drugs and drink alcohol, he’s has the free will to get it.

      Every being has to decide their own destiny and write their own script … Your prayers wont help Katt until Katt wants tO help Katt.
      Thats not to say they still wont harrass him and follow him around , but closing the drug and alcohol portals will make their job very very difficult because his PSYCHIC SELF DEFENSE will be hard to penetrate with the assistance of the ancestors…But the ANCESTORS wont come to your assistance until you call for it recognize their DNA in your.

    • Jacky claims he doesnt get paid to write certain stories about certain people in the industry.

      He’s one in a million.

  8. I agree with anonymous 19:18. I don’t believe that Katt is on cocaine, he may be, however, just because they say he is does not make it true. Katt is a very intelligient man and we who are aware of the industry dealings know that when they can’t control you they destroy you.. I’ve been hoping that Katt doesn’t go under from all the pressure.. Hang in there Katt.