Katt Williams Leads Cops On High Speed Pursuit!


Katt Williams Bizarre Police Chase

Instigating Instance?

Katt Williams is proving to be a man who has a big problem with authority – leading Sacramento cops on a bizarre chase, this past Sunday.

Sources say the pursuit happened after officers spotted the comedian riding a three-wheeled motorcycle on the sidewalk. That’s when Williams reportedly refused the back down and sparked the chase – before cops called off the pursuit, citing public safety.

Here’s what’s being reported about the incident:

“According to law enforcement sources, cops observed Williams driving his motor tricycle on the sidewalk — and when they attempted to pull him over, Williams took off.

The chase continued for several minutes — with Williams driving all over the place, even on the wrong side of the road. At one point Williams took his helmet off and yelled back at the cops, saying, ‘I’m not going to stop!’

Police called off the chase for public safety reasons — and now plan to ask the D.A. to charge Williams with felony evasion.”

Was I lying when I reported Katt Williams is spiraling out of control? Of course not. Don’t believe me.. Ask Suge Knight (you can probably find him at the Beverly Four Seasons Hotel).


  1. really katt? this actually could be perceived in jest HOWEVER due to your latest rants, crazy azzed outbursts we gone just KNOW you need mental help!

    jacky that pic is more like your style of puttin crazy azzed Katt in his place LoL!

  2. All of these reports about Katt remind me of the last days of Whitney Houston. This looks like the set up that will lead to the final report of his death, which will be dismissed as the self-destruction of a drug addict.

    I’m not buying this bullshyt. Seems to me that there is something really funky beneath the surface of all of these reports depicting Katt as being out of his mind.

    I hope he has at least one friend in this world that will pull him to the side and try to help him save his life.

    • is everything a conspiracy to you. These are not reports of Katt melting down… there is video, photos, arrests, and katt himself talking and acting like a nut. Dude needs some help not an enabler making excuses!

      • Everything is not a conspiracy but I have enough sense to look beneath the surface of a lot of shyt that some of you modern day slaves accept at face value.

        Nobody is asking WHY Katt is melting down. It’s quite possible that Katt is being helped into a breakdown, meltdown or whatever you want to call it. One thing that’s apparent to me is that he’s certainly not being helped OUT of this madness.

        One thing I don’t do is make excuses. Again, I hope that Katt has one friend in this world that will pull him aside and help save his life, while the rest of the world waits for the lid to close on his coffin.

        • this statement makes more sense to me, thank you for clarifying, Hollywood is full of leaches that suck till there is NO blood left to feed on.

          Katt does need a friend, but he doesn’t seem to be heading anyone’s advice/ He doesnt seem like the type to take it either.

          personally I think Katt is the funniest comedian on the current landscape. I’d much rather be enjoying his talent then seeing his headlines…but thats all he’s giving us. Buying a ticket and supporting his performances will not even guarantee you will see what you came for.

          • If Katt is not heeding anyone’s advice right now, that sounds like an out of control teenager. I had one of those. All it took was one GOOD azz whoopin to let that phool know I wasn’t playing. Since that day, I haven’t had a single problem and if I disappear for more than a few hours (outside of work), my phone is blowing up.

            Someone may have to kick Katt in his azz in order to get him to sit his azz down somewhere. Unfortunately, most of the people around Katt may be afraid to lose their lunch ticket. Katt is the goose that’s laying the golden eggs and the stupid azz sycophants around him don’t realize that if the goose is incapacitated, he ain’t gonna lay a single damn egg.

        • I heard that Elmo molested Katt back in the day. Also that Toucan Sam and Frankenberry have a vendetta against him because of what he said about poor little tink tink. And his refusal to rep General Mills. They want him dead or locked up so they slipped a Mickey into his grits that enabled them to control his mind from it to 100 miles away. This is what really happens Everytime u hear about Katt acting up. It wasn’t Jo fault at all. He is the new Manchurian candidate. Smh

          • I personally think Katt should become the new Elmo. Its the perfect gig for him. He got bout 37 kids. They could all tune in. Ratings will be high as a muhfugga. Come to think of it so will Katt. Semase Street could become the hoe stroll for puppets.

      • JHe’s a danger to society and needs to be off the streets. If he had real friends they wouldn’t let him keep doing dumb ish, unless they using him.

      • Truthfully, either someone sipped him a mick or he on that stuff. Either way, someone should be looking out for him to get help.

        • Exactly. And the way things are playing out, I’d venture to say they slipped him something AND he’s on the stuff.

    • At least someone sees the setup. They do it all of the time so when they kill them, it appears as if they are to blame for their own demise. They did it to Mike, Whitney (even though she was really a fiend!) and countless others. Hell, Lohan may be next!

      This particular report is one of those that could not have happened or it could have happened! Since he got away we will never know because of course there is no arrest record! How do the police know it was Katt Williams? THat bike had a plate on it right? Why not run it and make an arrest later? You people have to learn to look at facts and not people’s words!

      • I don’t know if it’s true or not but I live in Sacramento & I know Sac PD doesn’t just stop chasing people. They put peoples lives in danger almost every night chasing people with petty warrants or parole violators. So it sounds real funny to me that they would just let him go.

  3. Since Katt has been hanging out with Sugar Knight, he has been going off the deep end. It is well documented that Sugar Bear Knight is a walking cancer and bad news. He is the one sucking the life out of Katt Williams. There are plenty of people in Hollyweird who lead successful lives so I don’t believe that there is a conspiracy to destroy Katt. Katt is just selfish and ignorant because he is choosing to squander his good fortune and once in a lifetime opportunity to earn a valuable living off of his GOD-given talents and gifts. It is a gift to humor people. Comedians take us away from our everyday hassles in life and even help us to make light of these same hassles. It takes a gifted and talented individual to do this and Katt is one of the foremost comedians of today. He is just super-duper dumb for allowing a corrupt businessman and socio-path like Sugar Bear Knight in his inner circle. That is his problem. The public loves Katt and he is just pissing on his fanbase for what? To be Sugar Bear’s bottom b*tch?

    • Wow. Enough said…..say no more. Two degenerates and the cops didn’t do nothing? I guess he gets a pass to act like a fool hmmmmmm..

  4. Jacky you’re killing me! I know you are just reporting the info you receive, but it is breaking my heart. I was not aware that he been hangin with Suge…that is scary ish to hear. It does explain some of the behavior, but I go to be honest with myself and admit that Katt is having serious personal troubles. I always say this, but I am praying for the lil homey(to use your words) and the best we can hope for now is that something happens that don’t kill him, but will scare the bejeez out of him. Kinda like “Scared Straight” for celebrities. I selfishly want him around a long long time because nobody makes me laugh like he does, but more importantly–those kids NEED him. If anyone in his elite circle of friends(not his yes men cronies, but FRIENDS) doesn’t straight up corral his ass and put him in check, he will be Whitney and long before he’s 47.
    I never thought I’d say this about anyone, but I almost wish he’d be “Baker Acted” or whatever you call it in Cali. It happened to me once many years ago, and I learned real fast I didn’t ever want to be put behind lock down again. Straighten my ass right up. Suge may not be to blame, but what I do know is that Katt doesn’t need to be anywhere near his troublesome behind right now.

    • It may not be impossible, but why would he do it? Let’s say he was high, which I guess would be the excuse as to why he would do it, but why? If he was high and did it, how can he be high enough to hold onto the helmet? If you are trying to get away from the police, why take it off period?

  5. Everything isn’t what it seems, and with sites like this exposing the nature of the entertainment biz it should be no surprise that if you open your mouth u will get slipped a mickey. I met Katt at a club in like 08-09 did not really talk much but we was hella cool

    Something to think about…this interview was in 2010. At 6:20 he talks about Katt


    • Had a feeling this was gonna be Griff before I even hit the link. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for trying to enlighten the people. Everyone should sit up straight and pay attention. Shyt is serious out here.

      • Fasho! It’s not getting any better. While we are distracted from everyday life with entertainment items as this, the dollar is rapidly loosing value, food, gas, and the cost of living is rapidly rising & income is on the decline. At the same time it’s becoming legal to kill a black man without cause with little protest, yet Black Friday brings out the deepest of emotions?

        Focusing on a soultion, most people are not sure where to begin with the odds stacked against the people who stand up/stand out from the crowd – freeing our mind of the mental chains, standing for something not falling for anything, protecting you and yours, stacking your natural food and water is a great start!

        There are soo many fake ass people out there willing to bamboozle you out of yours, the questions arises who are my people? Disconnected from your history, programmed to hate yourself and your woman, brainwashed to place material over everything CREAM $ bill y’all; knowing who your people are starts with knowing yourself!

        Lets not forget that 12/21/12 is etched in our brain as the end of the world “as we know it” or that a “change is coming” was promised yet the type of change was not disclosed. Most people assumed it would be good yet good for some is life threatening for others.

        Please investigate for yourself or at least find out who your people are and stick close to them for better or worse.

        Off topic or is it?

        • Very on topic and on point. Katt, like most talented folks has anxieties, sadness, etc. and there is no help.
          But that Professor Griff video was telling.

    • I just watched all 5 parts of their interview even though my team is on TV playing in the Big Ten/ACC shoot out. Now NO one can get me off watchin my team for nothin, so you know I was flat out mesmerized by Griff’s knowledge. I have never bought into the Illuminati “mythology”, but now I need to take a serious 2nd look. He is extremely convincing because he has done his homework extensively for 25+years.
      And It’s cool that he hasn’t turned on those folk who he lived worked and performed with (Flav, Nas, KRS1) just because they have either fell off the path or are just plain confused. Thats one of the reason I don’t think he a kook or cray. He is on a mission is to educate and inform, not to clown his “family” in hip hop. Now as to Puff, he called that one from the jump. Same for Jigga. I may go buy at least one of the books tomorrow. Keep tellin it Griff!

      • Prof. Griff kept it 100! Like he said dont believe him read the books written by others. I agree 1000%! It’s not about tearing each other down but building one another up. People tend to discredit what they don’t understand or are ignorant of, instead of taking a lil time to source the info. Like if a tree falls in the Forrest if no one is there does it make a sound? If you never been to a Forrest or never heard a tree fall why argue that no sound is made? Even if you don’t agree with the statements or ideas its best to be informed of all sides if the line.

        • Wake up! Thanks much for the recommendation. Please continue to share your knowledge with us…it’s clear you know what you’re talking about.

      • To Anonymous: I don’t have no idea how this happened, but that was my reply about Griff at 11/28 19:24 responding to Wake Up. I didn’t want you to think you were losing your mind because you knew you didn’t write that! lol Weird huh?

  6. I keep thinkin bout that video of him in his bathrobe, no shoes, perm fuccd up in that hotel lobby talkin gibberish. This really aint nuthin new. I believe in an occasional (CON)spiracy but I also believe if ur blessed enuf to have a million dollar home and a couple mil in the bank that u should find a comfy chair in yo million dollar house and sit yo ass in it a few days out da week. Get out tha paper and on a stage(or in rehab).

  7. he shoulda agreed to the terms presented to him! now he like many others b4 him will have a public meltdown & die of suicide, overdose, or some form of an accident

  8. I’m from Sacramento and the police ain’t never stop chasing someone especially a minority due to public safety..FOH. If y’all believe this shit yall dumb and gullible as FU** and I have an island to sell you.. And as someone pointed out its not really plausible that during a high speed chase he took off his helmet to taunt the police.. They are going to need more people.. And someone please explain to me why he hasn’t been held charged or prosecuted for any of theses alleged offences??

    • Thank you! Katt ha been arrested a million times and has not done one day I. Jail. Not charges , nothing! And the stories related to the arrests are ridiculous didn’t he kidnapped a puppy once? And beat up a prostitute?

      Honey Katt is being slowly broken down. Similar to DMX and Lindsey Lohan. They are
      all marked for death.

  9. The feeling that I get from all of this is, Katt fears for his life and is aware of the fact that he is a targeted individual. He is a marked man. They are making him out to be crazy and completely unstable, so that Shawn he is done away with no one will bat an eyelash… since he has already been labeled as unstable.

    The gay mafia is no joke, ever since he outed Professor Obie. It’s been a rap for Katt Williams.

    • I agree with that. But there’s got to be a chance that he can avoid being Tupac’ed. I wish he would grab up his kids and move to Switzerland for a year. Or even Amsterdam, were people can do what they please and fly under the radar.

  10. At one point Williams took his helmet off and yelled back at the cops, saying, ‘I’m not going to stop!’ LMAO

    • “IM KATT WILLIAMS AND IM NOT GOING TO STOP BECAUSE IM FROM HOLLYWOOD” ( Katt says to police as he puts his helmut back on and turns back around to continue on his motorbike ride)

  11. Moving won’t solve much one of the reasons they use the eye of ra or horus is because it means they are always watching. I agree something isn’t right and I hope nothing happens to Kat but I feel it is coming.

  12. If the person on the bike “got away”, how the fuck do they know who it was?

    Is this an official police report?
    Is Katt Williams on the run from police?
    They they put out a warrant for evading a traffic stop?

  13. Prof. Griff said in 2010 that “they” are going to be coming after Katt because Katt be tellin’ the deal and low and behold Jacky is coming after Katt something furious…

    Et tu Jacky?

  14. True per previous comment he did say they gone have yall thinkinh katt williams is crazy when he just exposes allot of shit that people dont know. This world and the ppl in it are cruel, snakes and evil.