Keke Palmer Wants To Get Ratchet w/ R Kelly!



    R Kelly’s track record of legally documented child sex abuse citations — surrounding DOZENS of alleged victims — is something that’s not phasing KeKe Palmer one bit! Know why? The 20-year-old singer says she’s looking to get “ratchet” with the R Kelly!

    “I can get ratchet with them.. but you know we can also be professional.

    Here’s what KeKe Palmer told News One:

    “People don’t know me… he’s giving me the ratchet music ’cause that’s what I do. I mean he’s just brilliant so it’s like it would be a dream come true to work with R Kelly. I mean, being from Chicago and him being one of my favorite artists.”


          • Food for your thought though…
            why has she had to clear up the fact (back in the day) that she wasn’t feuding with Disney stars, she just likes nickelodeon better?? she has been with both nickelodeon and Disney…if you’ve researched them both, you would see they are like brother and sister.

            • Of all the stuff you Gould be researching… are wasting time on Disney and Nickelodeon. I swear you better work for a major TV network, if not……smh. Research your history. Damn that’s why we don’t have nothing as a people, too many dead heads walking around looking alive.

              • I see that you are looking for attention…and I have some free time at the moment, I pity you and will give you some. Yes I have researched Disney and nickelodeon, because I have nieces and nephews growing up in a nation full of “dead heads walking around looking alive”…and a lot of them are on tv trying to capture the minds of our youth before they are mature enough to hold their own. I love my family and will try my best to do what I can to protect them from those sort of ppl, whether we are out in the streets or in our homes. I swear you better not have any kids, cause I pity them as well if so.

                Never forget, you don’t have to work for a major tv network to enhance and grow your knowledge lol…and if your brain hasn’t yet signaled that to you, then you are further from the mark than those who are just mentally lazy…you have been mentally zombified, smh -_-.

    1. If you listen, people will tell you who they really are. People had such a high esteem for Keke after Akillah (sp) and the Bee and some of the other movies she’s done. We MUST remember that Hollywood/entertainment is all smoke and mirrors. What you see ain’t what you get. Stop confusing this woman for the cute, innocent child she USED to play in the movies. We’ve seen enough of her nasty behavior on social networks to know she’s exactly what she’s telling you she is RATCHET. Sadly, she’s a talented actress but she won’t go very far because of that attitude and ghetto mentality she proudly carries.

    2. That’s what being bone dry thirsty for fame and fortune will do for ya. She done threw all caution to the wind. If this is true she is going into this with her open eyes. Let the buyer beware. LOL

    3. Keke Palmer got turned out from DAY ONE….ask Laurence Fishbourne. She did that Vh1 movie about TLC & don’t think for a SECOND that she didn’t have her time at the rituals for that one…That’s why she has no problem dealing w/R.Kelly b/c he can’t do anything to her that those jhews haven’t done to her already….

    4. Keke sit your antique ass down,you could have got the business like 6yrs ago,20 is pre historic to a pedophile

    5. Sounds like she’s looking to do a music collabo..Keke is not a little girl anymore.She is an adult at 20 yrs old. She can make her own choices whether we agree or not. I don’t see any proof that she is actually sleeping with this man. Besides if all that we have heard about R. Kelly has any truth to it, and I believe it does ..he likes them under 18..

    6. You can tell by the pic she’s got demons in her now. How could P Kelly (lmfao!) be good for anyone’s career at this point?!

    7. Keke is known as a actress,but she’s also a singer.She released a full album a few years back that wasn’t bad at all.

    8. her moms had her under a tight rope. no revealing outfits, turned down negative roles and keke resented her greatly. felt she could have been bigger and when she turned 18 she took control of her own career and has literally gone wild.

    9. Keke Palmer is the latest victim of a genre that wants black females to exploit their sexuality like Halle Berry. It was just a matter of time before the rodents in hollyweird broke her spirit. A good black girl is not sexy and bankable, so, the train keeps rolling down the tracks. R. Kelly needs to give it up, he’s useless to our culture.



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