Kelly Divine and Jenna Shea Expose Rappers…


Kelly Devine / Juelz Santana

Didn’t Kelly Divine Have a Vaginal Prolapse?

Porn stars Jenna Shea and Kelly Divine took to the radio airwaves to expose rappers and guess what–Back in 2007 I was told porn star/call girl Kelly Deivine had a vaginal prolapse. Don’t believe me.. former porn hoe Nicole Banks.

Here’s what Kelly Divine and Jenna Shea had to say about rappers they both bedded:

“Fabolous has a big Johnson. Lil Wayne I couldn’t listen to his music for five months. when I first met Wayne he said ‘can I make love’

Juelz Santana eats ass…diarrhea…he was having a prison moment on my ass…it was right after his baby momma gave birth…

Cam’ron and his bisexual ass..”

Here’s what Nicole Banks told me about Kelly Divine:

“Kelly’s pussy fell out, that’s why she’s an anal queen. She’s a sweet girl, but her man Dre pimps her out.

Dre pimps her out to rappers, even Spliff Star fucked her.”

Does Kelly Divine only smash Afro American rappers? Of course not. Know why? Because Kelly Divine is a California prostitute, she gets paid to have sex. Don’t believe me.. Ask Kevin Federline.


  1. Jenna’s lying. Notice that the rappers she mentioned are the same rappers or affiliated with rappers that her former friend Kat Stacks supposedly exposed? Fab, Juelz & Cam’ron (Kat talked shit about Jim Jones), Lil Wayne (Young Money). See a pattern here?

    Only one she’s telling the truth about is Yung Berg. She’s desperate for attention. When you listen to the interview, she’s even talking like Kat Stacks did.

    Jenna was the one who gave Kat info on rappers and Kat made shit up. Only lames Soulja Boy & Yung Berg are gonna pay her for pussy. Jenna is trying to be Kat Stacks. Both them bitches are wack anyways.

  2. You know what I believe these hoes because the rappers
    are hoes with no morals, every body is passed around and it’s all fun and games until someone starts “kissing and telling” after the get high wears off….

    • Kat Stacks got her azz beat by a whole bunch of people. Rugs & Bart slapped her azz up for lyin on Fab & Bow Wow. Yung Mazi, Slim & crew were beatin that bitch left, right & center. Lil Twist Aunt dragged her azz around. Don’t believe me? Check YouTube.

      Lames like The Game & crew used her to promote upcoming releases. Didn’t work though. Fkn with Kat, IMO, killed Soulja Boy’s career. His fans were kids & young females. He should have kept his image clean & stuck with the nursery rhyme raps.

      Q from WSHH used her to get his site poppin. Jenna Shea used Kat to get followers. Kat’s own mama wants to be known & got into the bs with her daughter.

      Kat & Jenna bonded cuz Kat looks like a drowned muskrat & Jenna look like an overfed beaver. Jenna does hook but doesn’t make a lot of money. She supposedly, up til last year — don’t know about now — lived with her father. Plus this Jenna chick say she from Inglewood but in the interview told a story where she said her ‘dad’ owned a building there. * shrugs *

  3. It’s not spilling tea if they were hos’ from the jump. Tell me they are now going to church every Sunday and feeding the homeless and I will have the shock and awe factor.

  4. First time commenting. After meeting Kelly’s dude (I shot a scene for our websites) and Kelly. This is completely true. Most porn chicks do escorting on the side. He seemed not to care about pimping her out at all. The dudes do all the web design, and the girl does the “real work.” What a shame, but I am sure they got paid. 🙁 Glad to be done with it.

    • What a surprise that the women are being exploited by men. Hope those kinda girls continue to spill. Those scumbag negroes deserve to be exposed. And I would take the word of these girls over that of a fame crazed rapper any day.

  5. It’s hard out there for a hoe! Vaginal prolaspe? These women aren’t having enjoyable sexx they are getting fucked like diggs by these low life males. To have sex to the point that your vaginal Mysore no longer work and your uterus or vaginal walls exit your vaginal opening… These chicks are getting banged out horribly. There ain’t enough money in the world to trick like this,or at all for that matter.

    Eww these disease infested males are destroying thes females and for what? Z list fame. Soooo not worth it!

  6. That is crazy!!! I’ve heard of a prolapsed vagina, but the person this happened to was a 60 something older lady who had birthed 18 kids. Thats crazy that they haven’t even given birth but have let men destroy their insides in such a way! So sad.


    • I know!!

      I figured they would go for the creme of the crop but they seem to share the same women.

      I remember reading some where that it represents homoerotic tendencies. But, I’m not a psychologist. Any psych majors reading this may care to elaborate.

  8. she ant lieing about everything,some of that freaky sh#! got to be true……!!!!!!!!i belive her fine fat ass!!i like to hit that but im not GAY!!!!!! i beat up pu$$!

  9. Vaginal prolapse is a condition that occurs during:

    1. Childbirth (especially multiple births);
    2. Menopause;
    3. Hysterectomy
    4. EXTREME sexual abuse of the vagina, i.e. rough sex, sex-toy abuse, etc.

    It is a collapse of the vaginal walls, tendons, ligaments and nerves used to hold the vaginal cavity in place.

    It is NOT as shocking of an occurance, just as penile-fracture isn’t anything new. ANY kind of abuse of our sexual organs will create a deformity of said organ … NO surprise.

    As a woman who was born in the ’60’s when sex education was STILL a part of the school curriculum, and being raised by parents who were ADAMANT that “sex education” should be learned AT-HOME and NOT in the streets, I am proud to say that a LOT of the things people wonder about and question nowadays, is elementary to me.

    When reading about these promiscuous entertainers, people shouldn’t focus so MUCH on what THEY’RE doing, but on what you as parents are NOT doing to ensure that YOUR children do NOT fall victim to these SAME worldly devices and lures of “instant fame and fortune”.

    Back-in-the-day, I was NEVER around parents/guardians who promoted their children to strive toward the rap-game or JUST sports … EDUCATION/TRADE was ALWAYS promoted. Prime example: Once your body or “street-game” gives out (From prostitution, sports, rap, etc.), you ALWAYS need SOMETHING to fall back on. And most importantly, at the end of the day, WHAT legacy and talents are YOU going to leave behind for the next generation?

    Now THAT is something for people to sit your ass down with, scratch your ass and marinate on. #TrueTalk!!!

  10. Eat your ass man… If lol Wayne/ lil Wendy can take a dick in his ass he can put a dick in a ass.. Please kiss baby on the mouth again!!! As far as my last hit was back when I don’t know Santana. I wouldn’t doubt it if had had another prison moment lol … These I’m a thug on the mic but a bitch in the street rappers don’t surprise me at all. I know 50 cent gotta be in the closet some where.

  11. hello Kelly am your Huge fan of yours and i want to be a porn star some day cause i know i have what it takes to be a good one and i hope you could shine the light to see if you can help me actualize my dreams soon….