Kendra’s Sex Tape Comes Out Tomorrow!!!


Hey naughty boys and girls, Kendra is about to reign as the queen of celebrity sex tapes. Know why? Because her sex tape is Vivid Entertainment biggest pre-ordered in history. And, it’s proven to even be bigger than Kim Kardashian’s sex flick.

Vivid says they’re releasing the material tomorrow, an entire week earlier than the initial planned date. It’s all because of the high demand to see Kendra getting fucked on film.

And don’t let ANY of these Hollywood whores fool you…these chics love the money they make off of they’re sex-tapes. Just take a look at how much Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton profited off of theirs. Not to mention the fact that Kim’s pushed her into celeb status. Kendra’s racking in $680,000 plus 50% of the back end. So, she’s about to make more money than Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape’s sex tape did… “Go Kendra…Go Kendra!!!”

I think the black D-list celebrities (like Traci Bingham, Ciara, Letoya Luckett and Kelis) should start planning on getting fucked on camera too. Know why? Because that’s not only all they’re good for, but it will also keep them in the limelight and keep them paid. Don’t you agree?