Kendu Isaacs Exposed Cheating on Mary J Blige


Mary J & Kendu Love on the Rocks

Love On The Rocks?

Mary J Blige may soon be shacking up at Heartbreak Hotel once again, as reports begin to surface pointing to the Queen of Hip Hop Soul’s husband of eight-years as a cheater!

Sources say Kendu Issacs is having an affair with Mary’s label mate, Starshell. Now, the songstress is reported to be turning back to the bottle, drinking heavily again. That’s because insiders say though Mary hasn’t come to terms with her record producer’s infidelities, she does suspect the affair is happening.

Here’s the tip:

“Mary’s husband Kendu is sleeping with Starshell. Mary has turned is back on the wagon. People think Mary suspects the affair, but that it has yet to sink in. Poor Mary.”

I don’t feel sorry for Mary J. Blige. Know why? Because Mary J. Blige fired her sister, Latonya, so her cheating ass husband Kendu Isaacs could takeover as her manager. Don’t believe me.. Ask Andree Harrell.

This isn’t the first time the couple has had issues with their relationship. You may remember the couple was involved in several public fights, over the years. Kendu Isaac has been in five celebrity relationships averaging approximately 4.3 years each. Two of his marriages averaged 4.6 years each.


  1. what other celeb relations has Kendu had? i saw Starshell on 106 & park w/Mary. Mary’s husband had to want Starshell for cheating purposes, cause it sure wasn’t for the talent. her song & video sucks.

  2. He like dem skrippers fo sho. Hell, way shit is today its a good thang the nigga straight.

  3. It took his ex wife a while to come to terms that he was cheating with Mary. She got pass it so will Mary.


  5. Just because Mary J Blige is “Queen of Hip-Hop” she is first a human being. All men will test a woman to see if they can get away with sh*t. Mary is just in the public eye,a leopard don’t change it spots. To men “Temptation” is irresitable,it like they are caught up in a trance when it comes to women. You have some men who are “God” loving and they have self-control. Men eyes are never satisfied,they alway think another woman is better until they have had their fill of them and they move on to the next one. No one life is perfect,not one and Mary is no different. People are the ones who make people special! Mary,you have got to stay strong and don’t start back using drugs,put your trust and faith in “God”!You have brought me through some troubling times,you can’t fall,who’s going to keep us together? “God” is the same yesterday,today and tomorrow,he doesn’t change his “Love” is “Real” and not “Counterfeit!! Amen! Stop putting your trust in man,put that trust in “GOD ALMIGHTY”! “I LOVE YOU MARY”!!

    • Preach!!! MJB hold it together, don’t leave your husband, gather the facts and kick his butt if you need to. Sit tight and surround yourself with people who looooove you. Stay in the word love yourself first and let dude know you CAN survive without him if you have to and another man of caliber WILL love you if he steps off. Whatever you do DONT get back on the tonic or pipe its not worth it, not at all!! We love you girl. God bless you!!

      • Mary, there’s nothing new under the sun, the Word of God shall come to pass! Fall in love with
        yourself, get in the Word and let the Word get in you. The bible says to put NO TRUST in man!
        Get yourself together Mary, I along with many others love you; don’t allow a man to break you anymore. Pray for deliverance and I promise you God will and is the only ONE that can help you.
        God bless you!

      • she been with him for over 10 years and he has children under 10, he was a cheater when u met him and he continued to cheat, black ppl always about god but don’t follow his word, if we did we could avoid most of our problems, the very things that he condemd nations of the we do and that’s why we keep failing, and then we let some,preacher who doesn’t know the bible that were ok with god, what a joke

  6. I assume you’re talking about BW. Well in my humble opinion millions of BW didn’t have a dad at home to model healthy male behaviors so without that blueprint they are at a serious disadvantage regarding men.
    They need that ‘daddy hole’ filled and being insecure and suffering low esteem they don’t realize that they’re the prize and…there are billions of men the planet.

    You are wise to say you love yourself enough & you’d let your wife go if she didn’t want you- that’s what anybody is supposed to do. If they want to leave help them pack, hold the door open for them to leave.

    Mary didn’t have a proper daddy but neither did millions of AA women point is she could have gotten some damn good therapy by now. The world is her oyster she doesn’t need that dude but is too weak and ruined mentally to recognize her own worth.

      • @SHM
        Go to hell this ain’t about WW that’s how I know you are either a dumbass chick who lets men victimize her or you are one of those millions of BM who freely abandon their children to the wolves. The question was, why does Miss MJB -a BLACK WOMAN – allow herself to be victimized.

        • I guess you’re a white woman who has some secret insecurities herself…. HMMMM Why so defensive with @SMH…

          Some ppl need to keep their comments to themselves and be more productive……

  7. Mary can do so much better in a heartbeat. Gosh, she can do so much better. All she has to do is get rid of that 100% Loser. Deceitful non-caring self-centered people cannot bring happiness to anybody. No moral fiber there, get rid of him Mary (he’s not even easy on the eye)!

  8. Dagg @chocolatekisses you better preach…I’m a black woman & I agree with ur comment …I always tweeted that dads need to be in their children lives …they teach a woman how a man suppose to treat them & their sons how to be a man without them they learn Frm not so good teachers

    • True but sometimes it’s the ignorant ass women who decide whether or not thir child’s father is in their lives. Majority of the time it is because the man no longer wants them so inturn, they use the kids as a pawn. A LOT of men would love to be in their kids lives but the momma is unbearable with nothing but an agenda to get in his pockets.

      The kids ALWAYS lose in the end..

      Mary doesn’t love herself period & the only way she can learn to love herself is by taking a dick hiatus & get to know herself. Can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself!

  9. Trust & believe Kendu will be kicked out of Mary’s NJ Queendom if she found out there was something going on with him & Starshell.

  10. seem like Keebeebee always get caught cheating with Mary money,its sad. Mary J is a fine sister who deserves better.

  11. Drinking,over eating because they dont know what to do,your nerves began to play a role in it and if you dont know how to deal or have a support group the nerves kick in but if your strong,you know you did nothing wrong and know not to make YOUR situation worse by eating or drinking ,druging which ever direction your nerves sends you.

  12. You say Kendu is not easy on the eyes…I really don’t think Mary cares about looks…I mean, look at K-Ci…just sayin’

  13. Sadly I hope this isnt true but Mary sure as hell makes good music when she going through something!

  14. These dudes are the worst…if you are a cheater put the shit out there…you don’t like monogamy, put the shit out there….so sad. I feel bad for my girl MJB.

  15. I have seen men destroy themselves over a woman, it is not strictly females. Men may over drink, run from woman to woman, start to mistreat and deceive all other women when one has broken his heart. He no longer trusts or believes in love. He may not over eat but he becomes cold and angry.

    As a woman giving your heart to someone makes you vulnerable. Women who have mental issues, low self-esteem, absent fathers, like Ebony stated may bring all of those issues to the forefront when someone leaves. I guess I don’t know because I have seen some of the sanest women lose their everlasting mind when a man moves on. I agree with you Road Dawg, I love myself to much to stay with someone who doesn’t want me. maybe that is the answer, they give all of their love to the other person and don’t save any for their self.

    • I was going to say, I think men are far worse when it comes to heartbreak. When men’s hearts are broken, it takes them a long, if ever, to rebound from that. Some of them self-destruct for the rest of their lives.

      Women on the other hand, may go through a temporary depression where they over eat, drink, shop, etc…, but will get back into the game a lot quicker than men.

  16. Too much lust and temptation in Hollywood. I guess it’s damn near impossible to be 100% faithful because there will always be somebody willing to bed anybody when they are on the come up.

  17. True dat. I knew it most def was a loveless marriage when she smacked him in a nightclub thats when he’s supposed to BOOK. That proved to me that he’s in it for the money imagine what she’s doing to him behind closed doors with her bodyguards around to protect her. Both of them too old for that mess, cheating and beating…how passe.


  19. Mary, i love you, but firing your sister for your husband is askin for trouble unless of course, she wasstealing from you….now there was a video that shows kendu was in a gay relationship so you deserve better my Queen i only hope that u hire your family members back and do what made u successful in the 1st place…..if kendu is on the downlow which the video suggests, then dump him fire him and avoid him….good luck Mary with your drinkin problem…ill pray for u