Kendu Isaacs Exposed Cheating on Mary J Blige


Mary J & Kendu Love on the Rocks

Love On The Rocks?

Mary J Blige may soon be shacking up at Heartbreak Hotel once again, as reports begin to surface pointing to the Queen of Hip Hop Soul’s husband of eight-years as a cheater!

Sources say Kendu Issacs is having an affair with Mary’s label mate, Starshell. Now, the songstress is reported to be turning back to the bottle, drinking heavily again. That’s because insiders say though Mary hasn’t come to terms with her record producer’s infidelities, she does suspect the affair is happening.

Here’s the tip:

“Mary’s husband Kendu is sleeping with Starshell. Mary has turned is back on the wagon. People think Mary suspects the affair, but that it has yet to sink in. Poor Mary.”

I don’t feel sorry for Mary J. Blige. Know why? Because Mary J. Blige fired her sister, Latonya, so her cheating ass husband Kendu Isaacs could takeover as her manager. Don’t believe me.. Ask Andree Harrell.

This isn’t the first time the couple has had issues with their relationship. You may remember the couple was involved in several public fights, over the years. Kendu Isaac has been in five celebrity relationships averaging approximately 4.3 years each. Two of his marriages averaged 4.6 years each.


  1. she been with him for over 10 years and he has children under 10, he was a cheater when u met him and he continued to cheat, black ppl always about god but don’t follow his word, if we did we could avoid most of our problems, the very things that he condemd nations of the we do and that’s why we keep failing, and then we let some,preacher who doesn’t know the bible that were ok with god, what a joke

  2. Mary, i love you, but firing your sister for your husband is askin for trouble unless of course, she wasstealing from you….now there was a video that shows kendu was in a gay relationship so you deserve better my Queen i only hope that u hire your family members back and do what made u successful in the 1st place…..if kendu is on the downlow which the video suggests, then dump him fire him and avoid him….good luck Mary with your drinkin problem…ill pray for u


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