Kendu Issacs Blasted By Daughter For Being A Deadbeat Dad!


Kendu Issacs Deadbeat Dad

“Seriously. My “parents” are dead to me.” ~Briana Latrise

Mary J. Blige’s 26-year-old step-daughter once said, “My dad, whether he knows it or not helps me with everything” about her father — who married The Queen of Hip Hop Soul back in 2003.

Now, it seems that’s a statement that may have been made prematurely. That’s because a now-pregnant Briana Latriese is reported homeless.

Brianna Latrise recently went on a Twitter rant aimed at Kendu Issacs, blasting dude for being a deadbeat dad.

Kendu Issacs Blasted by Daughter

After vowing that tying the knot with Kendu Issacs would lead Mary J Blige to a ‘No More Drama’ life, is drama really everything the singer’s really gained from her marriage. Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Latonya Blige.

Mary J Blige Homeless Step-Daughter


  1. She is grown and needs to get over it. I’m pretty sure that she has medical ins with mental health benefits. Pay a $20 copay to visit the head shrinker, throw yourself into “church” or wrecklessly bang a carousel of worthless men trying to fill the void of growing up without a dad and then settle down with the some jerk who has the same qualities as the father who abandoned you. These women. I guess Mary found a keeper since he doesn’t beat her or use a crack stem in public like her past beaus. No excuse for these worthless POS men but she’s now 26 and not 12. Hopefully kendu will make it right by his grandchildren.

    • i heard years ago from a chick whos from los angeles enliand that he was a looser and how mary is no where near his type. oh well the years have pulled back the truth.

      • Well that’s what happens when your desperate and marry a nicca from rehab. Mary brought this shyt on herself. He’s an opportunist, but she’s the dumb azz that gave him the opportunity, to screw her over. Husband or not if your working(her JOB is being a singer. yes she’s works just like us) you should be on top of your finances. PERIOD.
        If Mary would have played her cards right and not got caught up in the bullshyt she would not continuously find herself in these quagmires.
        The government is worst than the mafia. PAY YO TAXES THEN TREAT YO SELF!

  2. True! But what parent no matter how old their offspring Is wouldnt wanna atleast help out? I wouldn’t wanna see a piece of me struggling and I have the means to help. Any good parent that deeply care wouldn’t just look at it as them being too old to get help,its not like she’s asking for a condo a few cars and a yorkie, she probably just want enough money for food, or probably need a place to stay to get on her feet, what father wouldn’t atleast do that?or atleast show appreciation for not ending up as a stripper or worst. I feel for her

    • I agree..If her people were struggling I would feel differently. When ur people live in a mansion, drive 100K cars and designer shoes at $1200 a pop. Homeless in NY is no joke, Bloomberg is ruthless when comes to the poor. My friend and her autistic son slept on the floor of the shelter and still didn’t get placed. She had to slept on friends couches, then got a break out of state.

  3. My folks made it clear to me that if I get knocked up, I’d better be grown enuf to take care of myself. If Kendu’s daughter is 26, single & a full-time student, she has no business being pregnant. HER BABY-DADDY-TO-BE SHD MARRY HER & PUT A ROOF OVER HE HEAD. But you know he don’t have a pot nor a window, which is why she’s on Twitter tryin’ to shame her father into paying her way. Which she wdn’t be doing if her daddy wasn’t Mr. Mary J. Blige.

    These ghetto rats all wanna be somebody’s mama but can’t bother to grow up & be self-supporting FIRST.

    • Briana Latrise, didn’t your Big Mama ever teach you that you can attract more bees with honey. I can assure you that your slandering your father and attempting to make Mary look equally despicable that you will burn your bridges, indefinitely. Its time for you to use that commendable GPA, polish up your interviewing skills, and land yourself a job.

      • sweet heart; who say you got to be sweet to ur own blood pop to get what you need which is help; a true parent helps no matter what. we aint talking about a side dude; or a boy friend. where talking about ur own blood father, who should help his daughter. the end!

      • WORD…You NOT your dad chose to get pregnant by a deadbeat.LET IT GO AND MOVE ON…AND GET A JOB!!!

    • dont curse a person for a mishap; thats not right 1 bit; be there to surport ur child, be it good, bad or what ever. so interesting how folks dont want to be a umberlla during the stormy days of life. its a innocent soul thats going to enter this dark ugly world here. be there to help. end of the story.

    • 26 and still a student? She been kickin it and not carryin a full load. In my house you get 5 years after high school graduation. You better be all u can be in them 5.

    • I’m with you on this one.
      Kendu doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Which is why he’s scamming Mary. How does she expect him to do anything for her. This chick is dumb as hell.

      The best thing a parent can do for their child is to teach them self respect and how to reason. Obviously, Kendu and her mom did neither.
      When she decided to abandon common sense and not take birth control or use the myriad of birth control options we have in this country, utilize Plan B or have an abortion; she decided to become a homeless, unwed, poor, uneducated young inexperienced mother.

      Her poor choices may be in direct correlation w/the poor parenting and disappointment she received as a child. However, her choice to bring a child into horrid conditions is her choice. She needs to grow the f*ck up and get a damn job.

    • Probably worthless like most sadly she’s near thirty and has to ask her dad to take care of her. She can sit two semesters out and work a full time in someone’s call center if she can’t pull an industry job thru Mary and Kendus connections. She’s not a sixteen year old high schooler trying to finish but a 26 year old pursuing a degree. College is not a necessity to survive or even prosper dispite what we are told and she better take advantage of govt programs like a lot of females who find themselves in unplanned situations. Free tuition and lease housing in trendy neighborhoods. If he was a deadbeat in the past he is definitely not going to extend his retirement to support her and unplanned seed.

      I understand the economy is harsh but so is reality. Feel sorry for the unborn child not her.

      • The bottom line is that its quite immature for any 26 yo to become pregnant, then expect her father and stepmother to minimize her financial obligation to her own child. Their support would be enabling her and the baby daddy. And why isn’t she slandering her mother?

          • …..Briana, why are you wasting time on this blog when you need to be searching for a job…oh and I know you are a 20’er but unless you are grown enough to support you…..what the HELL gives you the right to be any child’s MOTHER @ this time in your life. MARY don’t owe you SHIT…..where is your MAMA while you check’n for ya DADDY….why you not @ her spot because she IS STILL ALIVE…Granma’s, cousins…damn even friends or betta yet ya Baby Daddy…..I forgot…smart in school, dumb in LIFE…GROW UP!!!! Next time GROWN UP…use a condom ( oh yeah I forgot, it broke….as BROKE as you are I guess)Everybody wanna HOLLA “I’m GROWN”…but don’t wanna OWN it!!! NO JUDGEMENT, real grown ups have no problem with TRUTH….only children are more content to LIVE IN LIES. Good LUCK!!…to the unborn baby, that is.

    • what do you think happen to the father? he got ghost like all other men do when they see a coslty responsibilty. what a damn shame. as the old saying goes from day 1; (“mamma’s baby, daddys maybe”). sit back and reherse that line.

  4. Lmao shes 26…..26… she was a straight a student so im assuming she graduatec from somewhere …what did she learn or get from the schooling she recieved ..?
    & shes truly that fucked you should be somewhere plotting on your next move not tweeting out your situation….
    Shes pregnant ….the childs father must be fucked up financially too…but between the 2 them they cant some how figure out something…ayleast a decent living situation..seriously?

    • Yeah higher education is making most dumb. Sadly I know too many people with post graduate degrees on mamas sofa and pocketbook, or working entry level jobs in their late 20s, 30s or just professional students depending on sallie Mae refunds instead of real work, or wanting to use engineering degrees to open yet another clothing line or marred by debt. I hate to see society in 30 years. She wasn’t smart enough to use condoms, depo, pull out or just use plain abstinence. This is what happens when you combine wreckless parenting with subpar educational systems. Going on twitter is low. No ones entitled to help. There are government programs those who cannot adequately take care of themselves. Yet another Black WIC baby.

    • maybe she letting off a lil stress; you cant call it and no one else can. he needs to be a real father; bottom line. and so does mary j. thats what happens when you marry someone with out side children. its a pure wreck at times.

      • She is a grown woman,her father doesn’t need or is required to help her. Nor is Mary J. She made her bed and now she has to lay in it. Just because her STEPMOTHER has money doesn’t mean she is entitled to it. Besides who do you think paid that School note??

        You stupid to think that your parents have to pay your way through life or help you just because you are their child. Now that is really childish.

  5. 26! Grown people pay there own bills! One thing about it is I dont support grown ass mfs, that’s disrectful,think they know everything, cant tell’em nothing,last but not least go out and date the trashes dude there is, especially when they know better. Not on my dime. I come from the old school! Im sure at 26, she dealt her own cards, so play’em!

    • sweet dear; grown folks pay their bills once they make them. okay. be it 15 or 56; so you can not place a age on a thnag.

      • ….yes DEAR you can put an age on “thangs” we live in a democracy that says you are LEGALLY responsible for self @ the age of 18- you are now capable of maintaining self DEAR. Now DEAR you may have a different set of opinion’s due to your life’s circumstances (ergo-you are 49 still living in ya mama’s converted garage, lost ya job 8 yrs ago and are still unemployed-while ya mama is buying ya cigs and tampons each month) but the populace see’s this as a hindrance upon any young ADULT’s life, denying them ability to develop the most important skill required to survive in LIFE. INDEPENDENCE….only children expect their parents to pay their bills….unless you are 15…….DEAR 🙂

  6. Hey familee

    Children are not just for Xmas they are for life. Her father needs to take care of his former obligations he had before Ms Wigamamma Bligh.Who we must never have never forgotten sold out to booty bandit and toilet mouth Juker George Michael. Yall talking like there is class in these here unions.There is none just money money and sleaze. Bligh needs to ensure that the nex drama she hit him with puts some responsibility in that there Negroes head.

    • She’s not a child but an able bodied capable adult who makes poor decisions. There are some societies where people come into manhood in their teens. My dad was able to pay cash for a second home and retire at age 55. He has helped me with my auto loan and insurance while in school but never paid my rent,, lights, food, etc. and usually I pay him back if it isn’t in favors and fixing his pc/smart tv/tablet issues. He will tell me No in a minute as well and will not support foolishness. Mind you he was absentee after my parents divorced for a spell but we managed to work out a functional relationship. Don’t dwell on the past, don’t hold grudges and talk things out if it bothers you, if the other person isn’t honest or ready move on squash it until they are eady to deak with the subject, life’s short.. She needs to go downtown and apply for assistance if she and her baby daddy can’t find a decent job between the two of them to support their new soul tie else if kendu makes it too easy she will have more children to sit in his living room floor. That is what happens when you put the cart before the horse as my great granny would say. I’d have more sympathy if it were her husband or fiancé and they were in a financial bind but this is probably a case of typically negroid behavior. I know of single parents who don’t have rich parents nor depend on the state to make it happen. If anything , she should payment agreement and have it notarized. We all seen Mathis. She could be one of those kids who don’t listen or learn by other’s mistakes. If I were Kendu I would help her find a job within the industry and help her for a few months until she shows and proves she is trying to do something. Else she and her baby can go back to the baby daddy and the state.. Take it from a self supporting 80s baby with no children abortions and a “rich” dad. If she proved herself people don’t mind helping. If you aren’t doing shyt, especially in this economy, people will give you their ass to kiss and rightfully so. No one is trying to support a worthless parent and a potentially jail bound entitled grandchild. Kendu may have financed the first few abortions or bad business ventures and is tired of his daughter. Being broke quickens you, makes you humble and can build character if you roll with it and work towards goals. People are investments and you should be careful who you put your energy and money into because that will be your return, even your children 🙂

  7. WOW! At least we know everyone on this blog is doing fantastic and has never needed help. SHEESH…

    She may have gone about it the wrong way but none of us know WHY she took it to that point.

    My daughter homeless while I eat filet mignon? NO SIR!

    Raising a child doesn’t stop at 18….maybe if he was around her more he could have instilled better values in her. BUT he’s living off Mary’s money so the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    • C-Mermaid,

      At some point, “helping” becomes enabeling when yr kid is acting irresponsibly & putting you on blast via Twitter. And 26 & knocked up w/out a husband, a job or a place to live is that point!

      Grown folks do not have the right to bring children into this world that they can’t support.

  8. People need to stop putting all their family business out in the open like that. If my daughter did me like that, I might be LESS inclined to do a dang thing for her.

    • so true; i dont know why folks do that mess. keep things in the house hold. you have others just a waiting for your castle to fall.

  9. Kendu is a bum, and deadbeat, if he has not been right with his wife Mary (screwing up her life and finances) he won’t be right with his daughter. Mary needs to divorce him, give him half, and be rid of him once and for all. Mary will bounce back, that Capricorn knows how to save money.

  10. It’s pathetic for a 26 year old to expect a parent to take care of her. She’s not MJB’s daughter and Kendu has already spent most of Mary’s money. This child needs to grow up, get a job and take care of herself and her baby. She laid down and made that baby. Be the grown woman that you are take responsibility for your actions. God bless the child thats got her own.

  11. sex and being broke don’t go together to me… I be so mad I just can’t..and thinkin bout the golddigger trick route at all.. and u know if u not married sex just makes shit worse…seriously…

  12. Let he or she who never made a poor decision in their 20’s cast the first stone. I know I sure had my share. I was fortunate enough to have parents who could give me a hand up, not a hand out.

  13. Wow these comments are taking me What Bitter People you are and so non empathetic …….I do not care if she is 46 what decent hearted human would allow their daughter to be homeless with a child…If you cant count on family to help then who can you count on…Black people are so jacked up when it comes to unity (even in their own family) we cant get ahead because of our inability to see the need to come together….every other race would forget about their personal feelings step up to the plate and provide the needs of this so so sad black people missed that memo

    • I don’t know what ‘black people’ you’ve been around, but I know several whose parents have cleaned up their messes, so to speak, and taken them (back) in (Sometimes multiple times) after they’ve made mistakes, so don’t blindly generalize based on a scheming Music Exec’s relationship (Or lack thereof) with his daughter.

      • Ok I admit I should not have generalized and I was basing my opinion on the comments from this site and assuming that most people posting were of color..these responses were so unforgiving lol…my personal experience have always included family support so it most def is not based off people I been around…I am woman enough to admit I was wrong with my assessment of an entire race

        • much respect to the GROWN ASS WOMAN sasha……much RESPECT…..and kudos to the WOMAN who raised you, because only a REAL WOMAN can teach you (mistakes and all)to become one. 🙂

  14. Thank God my parents had the wisdom and sense enough to raise my brothers and I to be self-sufficient. I’ve had to struggle and I’m not out of the woods yet but I worked hard paid for school out of pocket and sometimes skipped meals and had to make grown up decisions. It absolutely sucked sometimes but I did a lot of growing, got disciplined and I understand why my parents prepared me. Never once did I think I was entitled to the money my parents have or anything else they’ve worked for nor would I chastise them. I know that somewhere along the line, she has been enabled by her folks in order to feel entitled to what they have and that is unfortunate, a bit ungrateful and slightly disrespectful if you ask me. You can’t make GROWN decisions and then try to get your daddy to save the day for you. You’re 26. The pregnancy may not have been planned but if you are an adult you have or should have the ability to adjust to those circumstances you brought on yourself. Suck it up, strap on your big girl panties and take care of yourself and your child the best way you know how. You will respect yourself and others will respect you more that way…..but YOU gotta put some work into it!