Kenya Moore Calls Cops On Porsha: “I’ve Just Been Assaulted!”


    Kenya Moore Beaten by Porsha Stewart

    “She hit me in my head and was fighting me, hitting me.”

    Audio of Kenya calling cops on Porsha has been released! During the more than two-minute 911 tape, Kenya states she was “assaulted” — yet answers “No” to the dispatcher’s question, “Do you need to go to the hospital?”

    Kenya Moore is said to have been “taunting” Porsha all season. Insiders say that’s why it was only a matter of time before Kenya’s bullying would lead to something — specifically, “being whooped on by Porsha”, during Bravo’s Thursday taping of the RHOA reunion show!

    “The rising tension finally culminated in Kenya taunting Porsha with sex toys and slamming her relationship with Kordell Stewart.”

    Peep the transcript of Kenya callin’ Po-Po on Porsha:

    What’s your location?

    The Biltmore Hotel. Police please.. 817 West Peachtree Street.

    What’s your name?

    Kenya, K-E-N-Y-A.

    Why do you need police, ma’am?

    I’ve just been assauted.

    Who assaulted you, ma’am?

    Uh.. Porsha Williams.

    Porsha Williams?


    Which room are you in?

    I’m on the third floor.

    Is she Black, White or Hispanic, ma’am?


    What color shirt is she wearing?

    Um.. she’s wearing a gold dress.

    What color dress, ma’am?


    Does she have a weapon?

    No, I don’t think so.

    And what exactly happened, ma’am?

    Um.. she hit me in my head and was fighting me, hitting me.

    Where is she now, ma’am?

    Here at the hotel.

    Is she still in the room with you?


    Do you know where she went?

    No, I do not.

    Do you need to go to the hospital?


    Alright, just to make sure that I have everything correct… I have 817 West Peachtree Street North-East at The Biltmore Hotel. Is that correct?


    And where are you waiting for the police, in the room or in the lobby?

    I’m upstairs on the third floor.

    Okay.. just waiting on the third floor?


    Okay.. we’ll get the police out there, okay?

    Thank you.

    You’re welcome.


    1. All that mouth and now you wanna call the police. You are the biggest sh*t starter and now you want to involve the law when someone reacts.

        • Exactly! Kenya said she would never reduce herself to fighting. Good for her. Kenya is the most intelligent cast member on RHOA. I wouldn’t stoop for those trolls, either. Call the police and let Hyundai’s next photo be a mugshot.

    2. I think Kenya is so beautiful and smart. Im glad she is ok
      Words are words and physical assault is physical assault. No kenya should not have been taunting Porsha, but all this caveman hair pulling primitive shyt was uncalled for. If Porsha was so upset and harassed by Kenya why didnt she just sue Kenya and just take her to court? But I will say Kenya didnt phuck with NeNe like she did with Porsha or Phaedra

    3. Lol ! Right, Porsha is 1 ashy trick. Kenya should not have ever lower her standards pedigree or stock to be on the likes of this show. Kenya should have pulled a Diane Carol and got on a safe and productive show like Dynasty. It would have been a whole lot more safer and much more productive for Kenya. Things would havd been handled more delicately and more classy in that type of atmosphere

      • Any woman whom lowers herself to RealityTv will never have a respectable career ever in Hollywood once the Dust Settles.They’re image will forever be tainted.

        • Reality tv was a blessing to Bethanny Frankel, former RHONY cast member. Seagrams made her a $150 million offer she couldn’t refuse for her SkinnyGirl company. Not enough to buy the Fleur De Lys estate, but certainly enough to enable her not only to pay her rent, but purchase prime RE in NY, which she couldn’t do prior.

          • Bethany Frankel is a white woman love and that makes all of the difference.Did you not see the Amorosa interview on her show when she told Bethany she gets paid for being mediocre? That alone substantiate’s my claim.

            • Secondly, those other housewife shows are nowhere near as Ratchet as the Atlanta Housewife show is.I wonder why.That’s happening on purpose and by design.Those Fake Joos know exactly what they’re doing.Bethany Frankel had other means prior to the doing the show and she’s the exception not the rule.

              • Bethanny couldn’t pay her rent when she was on RHONY. Her bf, Jason, didn’t want to marry her and have children and she was knocking on 40. She found another Jason, got pregnant with her daughter, married him then sold her liquor brand to Seagrams. She went from a have not to a have in the span of 2 years, thanks to RHONY.

              • Beg to differ. RH of New Jersey will give you a headache with all their mafia-style yelling, fights and family ratchedness. I beleive they were the first franchise to actually fight on the show.

    4. I once idolized Kenya’s beauty after watching her on this show; she is ugly to me. I wish she would have really gotten her ass beat.

      • You are a hating ass bitch. Kenya should have called tge police on this ho! An why pull her hair? Hating ass bitch pulled her hair cuz kenya buttas are real an porsha wears all that f*ckin weave in her head! Jealous ass hoes kill me. Porsha aint whooped her ass an if what kenya says to her affects her that much , Thats sad. Nobody opinion of u an your shit shud go to your heart. She is embarassed cuz she got zero from her ex hubby an she looks stupid Everytime she opens her mouth lol! You touch or braeth on me ? Illcall the popo too in a heartbeat! TeamTwirl an kenya still the Baddest bitch on the show….. Period! Gingerhatinasshogoeatadickbitch!

        • Lol…is that you, Monique?
          i agree Kenya has a gorgeous head of hair ,but take it from me, jealous weave wearers will attack that first which is maybe why Kenya should have cooled it w those taunts. Oh well. Violence is never the answer and I’m sure Kenya will be able to afford a nice vacation and a year of spa services with the money she gets from suing the Vickie secrets off Porsha

            • Bella! You are a mess an i love it! How you doin sis??? Ya girl been here! jus been real quiet.I have been gettin my life chile but im sending special shot outs to Team Twirl!! An thanks for the shot out bella ,christa an anon! This story too piecey for me but when u grown , You keep your hands to yourself! Unless someone hits u 1st. Fighting is no joke an u can die over b.s if u not careful. Porsha is an idiot an hairpulling justs makes porsha look jealous. Sad!

              • Everything Kenya does, Porsha tries to emulate. Folks are too busy stanning for Porsha to catch up.

                Porsha admitted that she admired Kenya. Porsha is not the polished, demure woman she purported to be. More like an ignorant banshee who will do anything for a dollar and/or to garner attention. I respect Kenya’s decision not to fight back, but I won’t say I wouldn’t have tugged on one or two of Porsha’s tracks! Lol

          • Hey christa boo!!! Girl i have been focused on business an have been super quiet! Hope is all well with u girl an thanks for the shot out girl! 🙂 Team Twirl allday!

      • Queen, Bitch this ain’t Drag Race. RuPaul ain’t on here HOE! You smoke too much dope to sing for your life, FUCK UP~!

        Queen, Queen of what? You don’t even exist BITCH!!!

        • You r an idiot. Shut up an go wash yo ass. Gotdam fool lol! The fact u refer to yo pathetic ass as ‘Gingerbread’ is enuf alone for me to cast you in the Reject file bitch! And its QUEEN MONIQUE that is….Be gone peasant or go get laid cuz u doing too much lol Idiot talkin bout perms an slippers…Da f*ck up outta here with yo goofy ass! Grow up!

        • Cole…You stupid! My ‘Tommy Voice’ lol Its spring an dont nobody want no dam gingerbread! Foh Bitch!

          • Girl get help! Them rocks have you thinking you a queen one minute…a bitch named monique the next minute, a business owner the next…Who the f*ck are you? Do you know?

            I know who you are, you’re a MUTT! Now I just threw you some GingerBread so eat it up and quit following me.

            I got a name for you too. Bitch X. You are a joke.

    5. I know ya Queen ass! 57 year old bitch walking around with them Daniel Green slippers on talking shit all day, every day. Bitch they call you chipper cause ya toes ain’t never polished all the way!
      I got ya Bitch and I got a perm for ya ass to cause I’m sick of seeing ya slick that shit on top of ya head back everyday and leaving that rat-tail comb in it like it’s a handband!

      Put a rock in your mouth and take this pipe I pulled out of my ass and smoke it BITCH! Wiat till I see ya ass on the corner, I’m Porsha ya ass up BITCH.

    6. So what should Kenya have done? Went home and strapped up and did a drive by on Porsha later? Retaliated and got kicked off the show? Porsha is an embarrassment to herself, her family, and the legacy of her grandfather and all of the others who gave their lives in and to the civil rights movement. She is straight garbage. Her real problem with Kenya is that Kenya let her know from day one (watch the old shows) that Porsha is ignorant and uneducated. And she is. Then PORSHA sat there in a room full of people and insinuated that Kordell never was interested in sex with her, was not trying to get her pregnant, and that she could expose a lot of “strange” things about him.She all but admitted that she was Kordell’s beard. She was trying to get at Kordell for putting her ass out the way he did. This dude, gay or not,threw this bitch out like an old rug: NO LONGER NEEDED. She left that marriage with NADA, not even some self respect. And Kenya been going in every week. People are saying Kenya been bullying Porsha but in truth it’s been mutual. Porsha takes every chance she gets to dig at Kenya as well. The only problem is Kenya lets Porsha’s lame cracks slide off her and dig some more into Porsha’s uneducated ass. Porsha has the mental prowess of an ant. So of course acting like the ghetto hood rat that the is is all that she can do. I don’t blame Kenya for not stooping to Porsha’s level. Porsha will forever be known as the granddaughter of a civil rights leader who doesn’t even know what the underground railroad is. I hope they kick Porsha off the show for good. I used to like her but the more I see of her and hear from her the more disgusted I am.

      • Well said! An u r da truth g! Kenya is strong an confident an all them bitches hate it! I admirer her because of that.She is intelligent an she is Black history.. Black power baby!

      • Its snitching to call the police when someone assaults you? You need help. That’s like getting into a car accident and calling the other party a snitch because they reported the incident to the police and their insurance company. N-words and flies.

          • Monique, but Bella didn’t say that she said it’s a snitch who calls the police on someone and you are replying like boo I’m with you on that take your meds Monique or is it Queen you are today you know that you aren’t royal at all don’t you?? Medication time Monique

            • Anonymous: Monique knows what I was implying. Cooperating with the federal government to lessen your sentence when you were a part of a criminal enterprise is not the same as calling 911 to report an attack against you. Mendeecees is a snitch, as is T.I. Kenya is not.

              • Morning Bella! Exactly… An this anon fool telling me to take my meds an the trick cant even comprehend cuz i knew 100% wat u meant! Got dam fool lol Anon went to the same school porsha went too lol. TEAM BELLA!

            • My royalty shudnt bother u idiot. As women we r all queens in our own rite.Dont hate on me cuz i think highly of myself…Catch up bitch! Its just my username, Chill! lol You jus wanted to get my attention…How cute! Take yo peasant ass on.

    7. Kenya was a bully and you can only do but so much to a person before they stand up for themselves, I agree violence is not the answer but when you back someone up against a wall they will defend themselves

      • Ass..Jaz i mean… Shut the f*ck up. If your word game aint crucial? Get a dictionary! An im bullying yo ass to have several seats for that dumb shit u spittin. Back up against the wall? Really? They all grown an since porsha is dumb? She now wants to fight! Hoodrat at its peak! Fuck porsha an f*ck you! Beat it! lol

        • And who the f…. are you? you ain’t no big ting on here ok you may know the regulars but you ain’t shit you chat shit. Your on Internet not a brave bully you is just as wacko as Kenya just look at her eyes you can see she is bipolar and need meds her twirling was cos her mad head needed to rock she is nutty a bad past she needs hospitalisation I reckon you may need your meds too

          • Blah,blah,blah. Foh! I meant enuf for yo funky ass to respond! Fuck you an thanks alot for the attention bitch! Ha! Team Twirl…

        • Don’t be mean!! She is obviously speaking in a slang just because you don’t and you don’t agree, no need to be so rude you got issues that is all too clear

        • Monique is your typical ghetto hood rat who can’t hold an intelligent conversation to save her life. Her brain cells are shot, lol. Poor thing.

          • I learned all dat from yo momma! Kiss my grits u nosey jackass! Who r u speakin of cuz we dont hear u lol
            Fuck you an thank you also …Bitch!

            • Now the bitch is queen supreme. Somebody call 911 for this hoe….who are you today BITCH X?

    8. It has nothing to do with Kenya being mentally stronger than porsha, but everything to do with her thinking she is weak and that is why she keep picking with her. Yea porsha is a bit dizzy but that does not give kenya the right to pick on her, she got what was coming to her

    9. You sound ballhead…Gtfoh bitch! An i doubt porsha whooped kenya ass. Sneak attack like a mothaf*cka ! An the truth is truth an to the strong ones…We survive.Porsha weak ass should’ve attacked that rich nigga who played her knucklehead ass in that divorce.Her stupid ass. Bitch got Zero an Kordell is my hero!

    10. You sure are taking this to heart, you gonna catch a heart attack, you going awfully hard for Kenya, news flash she doesn’t know you are alive so you can calm down,lmfaaooo and you are not bullying nobody over here I find you quite amusing, carry on loser lmfaaooo

      • I second that girl wanna come on here under 1 name and then own up to another what foolishness is that, and Porscha is so Classy but Kenya is mad fool with her twirl like a bitch ass self she ain’t same it’s obvious she needs meds from day 1 she been jealous of Porscha
        On your side Jaz all the way

        • Sane – *Typo* there is nothing worse then an aggressive foolish person spouting hate when it’s just a civil chat & tea that many of us are wanting Monique is a troll out of control think she is tough and it’s like she gonna collapse the way she gets wound up please don’t argue with her people on her calmly tell her to take her meds she needs her head balanced bit like Kenya twirling ass not normal is it

          • Shut up arnold! You piece of shit! But, Thanks (A-Nobody) for making it all about Moe! Now that is super Sexy! Bye to all u hating ass bitches lol! Hyfr….

        • 2 Losers bonding lol An i dont need no bitches as my cheerleaders… Im not auditioning hoes! Both u bitchesvarecmost likely ugly an bald head lol

          • Bitch X, and you called me goofy…And you told me to grow-up….

            I have replied to many stupid people on these blogs, but you get the award….Way to go…To thirst be your glory:

            • Thank u again…. For makin this Shit! about ya girl! ‘Its All About You’ in my Pac voice ! Yeeeeesssss lol

    11. Fuck the regulars. Youz think your celebrities on this joint. People who don’t think like you or question things you say get told to shut the f*ck up. It’s about sharing ideas and lines of thoughts. Fuck pride and ego it’s about the truth.

    12. The arguments in this thread were more ratchett and entertaining than the one between Porsha and Kenya! lol

      • LOL, that is true, I could care less, it’s a topic of conversation but you can’t chat with some folks because it’s obvious some people need their heads examined…


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