Kenya Moore Enlists Millionaire Matchmaker To Snag A Trick!


Kenya Moore Millionaire Matchmaker

Let The Bidding Begin?

Kenya Moore seems to be pulling out all the stops over a search for her knight in financially secure armor. That’s why insiders say the “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” cast member is turning to Patti Stanger for help — banking on “The Millionaire Matchmaker” to guide her to a wealthy taker.

Here’s what Kenya posted to Twitter:

“Patti Stanger is my shero. She can match me anytime. Loves her!”

Here’s what’s being reported on

“Kenya really needs a Sugar Daddy — and what better place to snag one than on The Millionaire Matchmaker?”

Does Patti use tricks and call girls from her dating agency to cast on “Millionaire Matchmaker”? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Brandon Davis or Her Energy drink’s bankrupt owner Brett Jacobson.


  1. Noone wants either one of them. And whoever is styling Pat please stop putting her ass in miniskirts and sugarshorts…its nasty. (Iknow..all my comments are very negative today)

  2. The only millionaire she can snag is a crazy Russian who can beat that azz when it gets outta line, think Naomi.

    Does anyone else give Naomi’s “mugging” in Paris three weeks ago the side eye? I think that was pay back for some shady shit. Like I said, don’t fuck wit da Russians.

    • Well, I done condone woman beating….. But Naomi seems like the kind who needs to be handled with a firm hand every no and again.

      • lmao. i dont condone violence against woman. However, your right Naomi seems like the type that begs for an azz whippin’.

      • No woman deserves an azz whuppin from a man.. you either condone it or you don’t… and ladies need to also keep their hands to themselves! Even if walking away is the best option, some men wont..they will put hands on women.If you need to fight with someone your with period..male..female than its time to part ways!I always thought that Naomi while beautiful was kinda off mentally..

    • @Anonymous-Yeah that “mugging”was about letting naomi know her place. She ain’t fukking with an ordinary dude anymore. Her new man is gangster for real and he’s not going for those temper tantrums and throwing shit. They’ll find her fish and chips ass in the trunk of a car underneath a snow bank somewhere. Dude ain’t going for the bullshyte. She better straighten up and fly right or else.

  3. None of the millionaire matches worked on Millionaire Match Maker. None!

    I do respect Kenya’s hustle though. She is finally getting some shine and she is milking it for all its worth!

    Go Kenya.

  4. he sho did.
    She met the new guy on eharmony….a matchmaker from a family of matchmakers who cannot find a suitable mate……PRICELESS

    • LOL, I just busted a gut laughing at your comment. There was never a truer comment made!!!!!
      Priceless indeed!!!!!

    • I never understood why people went to her to find a date anyway.She’s highly critical of some of the people that seek her help..the way they look, dress, and have you seen her staff?lmao Millionaire matchmaker my azz! She needed a makeover her damn self for the longest , trying to instruct someone else!

  5. I like Kenya. I hope she’s not as crazy in real life as she acts on tv. Has anyone else seen those recent pics of Kenya in Dubai? They’re saying she’s over there spending time with a billionaire Arab sugardaddy. She’s keeping it on the low because everybody knows how those oil rich arabs like to get down. Hey. I guess somebody’s gotta pay for Kenya’s ‘thousand dollar shoes’ right?

    • I personally think alot of these so called actresses, rappers, singers, etc in the industry go that route when they need money and aren’t doing so quiet as its kept… Gotta maintain that lifestyle somehow…no hit records..roles..etc NOT ALL JUST SOME..MORE THAN MOST THINK

  6. It’s televised prostitution! Also Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan are friends. Not surprised, both are forty year old dumb hoes who will fuck you if the price is right (Pun intended)!

  7. So its not only pro athletes who run through all their money while their fifteen minutes are ticking away, then turning into desparate thirsty attention whores at a time when should be sitting on a grip? Talkin bout “i got a tv show”. No lady, Law and Order is a tv show. I had high hopes for Kenya back in the day. She could used her national platform to move all women of color forward in the eyes of the masses because she was smarter than the average paegent chick. Next she posing in bikinis in low budget mags. She went from promising to ratchet in the blink of an eye. Oh well.

  8. I respect Vanessa Williams. I have no respect for Kenya Moore! She is forty year old poisonous trash!

  9. Kenya whore is old and gritty,ain’t nobody feeling this washed up beyotch! She wasn’t miss America ,she was a crazy bitch that missed the short school bus every morning!

  10. Yeah it’s only golddigging when you are a Black woman. Would you say the same about Vanessa Bryant or Elin Woods?

      • All women regardless of race that open their legs for profit are hoes/gold diggers. Is a friend that’s only a friend if your pockets are fat really a friend? No? A woman that’s only your woman when your pockets are fat, isn’t really your woman. She doesn’t give a f*ck about you, she only cares for the money in your pocket. If you die, she’s happy and off to spend your money with an ear to ear grin on her face. Who wants/needs a piece of sh*t like that in his life?

          • I never said to f*ck with a broke n*gga(A broke nigga is a b*tch n*gga), but if your only motivation is my money, you’re a gold digger and nothing more. I’ll just fuck the sh*t outta you, then dog the sh*t outta you.

    • Not to defend the two ladies u mentioned but elin was working as a nanny and was chosen by tiger and vanessa was 18 and chosen by kobe. Who is choosinh kenya?

    • Id say Elin and Vanessa lucked out by marrying pigs.

      Vanessa is just running that clock til Kobe retires.

      Kenya had every opportunity to become a Beyonce level celeb but her attitude most likely was her downfall. She seems like a dekusIonal entitled ingrate.

  11. well given the fact that these very same things are happening to women who work and take care of their children alone and they have a man who is poor/broke I’d say it is a step up for a lot of women to be dissed by a rich man.

    poor men are as doggish as rich one’s.most women would rather be dogged by someone who can at least provide them with a home,car etc.

    • I don’t want to be dogged by any man,rich or self esteem ain’t that damn but ya right, SOME (no generalizations here) of these broke azz men are no better, as far as how they treat women… Its an individual thing.

  12. I know a couple of married gold diggers. Its just that their cover never been blown. And Im sure a lot of our Aunts, mothers, grandmothers and cousins were very selective back in the day . Im sure (if was given the opportunity) they settled with their best financial suitors. All these new words such as gold diggers, whores, and baby mammas are used ONLY to further degrade and devalue a black womens title and worth.
    Are the families in the Arab, Asian or Hispanic world referred as the above when the select the HIGHEST bidder for prearranged marriages? Even the Africans practice this custom till this day.
    And bets to believe Elin and Vanessa Bryant was not chosen cause if none of those ninjas were not multi millionaires or potential wealthy candidates, they would never had been looked upon.
    Kudoos 4 Kenya. Im glad she did not settle with downtrodden Walter. Sometimes our brothers attitude and mentality towards us push us away. Walter was always bytching about 1 thing or another.
    I would never suggest that a good brother be overlooked if he doesnt have a high finacial status. But lets keep it kosher. Kenyas is over 40. She can either be a suger mama or do her. If I was Kenya I would do the latter. At least shes still pretty enough to have the option. With the competion so high with trying to find a decent brother I say, You go Kenya girl! You dont have to continue to wait to be chosen. Their are a races of men that still admire and desire a woman of color over 40. You only get 1 life Kenya. Do you.

    • Or as a woman you can work on building your own financial income, instead of trying to be just another kept woman. Some of these women try to pull the I’m an independent woman card when it suits them , to make them look or sound good, when they know damn well they are just looking to meet a fool with a lot of money ,like all the other gold diggers.Its always funny to me when gold diggers try to look down on others doing the same thing..PS Kenya and Walter were not together! he was asked by Kenya to play the role of her man on the show, got tired of playing it and told the truth ..that he wasn’t really with her like that! She got mad when he refused to play the role the way she wanted him to play it!

  13. Well there’s only so far you can get with a crater face and hammer toes. Miss america or usa be damned. Hey just sayin’

  14. About Elin and Vanessa:

    One was a nanny and the other a high school drop out. Yet, they snatch the highest paid black men in their respective sport.

    Now we got a lot of names for women who marry rich, what are the perjoratives should we create for black men who marry the white help with neither a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of.

    • Good question, because I doubt that they would have married them if they were the black nanny, & high school drop out, but them I could be wrong because some only see a big azz and a smile…

  15. Im half of Kenyas age with no craters or hammertoes Im also considered attractive a
    I would never prostitute myself but Im trying to understand what Kenya is doing wrong for desiring to go on a date? As a woman I like to go out with eligible bachelors. Maybe Im slow but
    what is Kenya doing so wrong to go on a date with a man of her liking? Isnt she single? Isnt the gentleman single also?

  16. The women on here commenting should ask themselves “Am I an asset or a liability”. If you’re a liability, you’re worthless and marrying a rich man won’t add value to you. Retrieve the turkey baster from your overnight bag and suck the cum out the condom with the muthafucka after you whore yourself out to a rich man and impregnate yourself that way. That’s the only hope you have when it comes to leeching off a man for the rest of your years. The fact that black women don’t understand why niggas get with non-black women after he made it rich is astounding to me, maybe y’all need a reality check. If I had to choose between a woman that loves me and a bitch that’s trying to use me, who do you think I’ll choose? If you wanna know how niggas look at you, listen to “Free loaders” by Silk The Shocker.

    I’m closed to all responses, arguing is for bitches.

    • And YT women never think of getting with a black man just for his money.

      White women never leach off of black men. Just ask Scottie Pippen, he supportin’ his entire wife’s family.

      Negro please, I hope that fat white woman your tryin’ to get with takes all your food stamps

      • By the way scottie has been with his wife for 15 years and her father once owned most of the retail stores in the sears tower in chicago. Jealous much? You ever had a 15 year relationship?

        • As long as his paper is long, it will be a 30 or 40 year relationship.

          Jealous of what, self-hate? I am sure he now owns THE SEARS TOWER with Scottie’s money. If there is any emotion here, it is your provincial azz slobbering over someone else’s riches.

          I would ask if you ever had a 15 year relationship, but a manchild like you is still playing with a toy race car set.

            • It isn’t name calling, it is accurately describing. It is you who are immature and lacking in competent rationale and when you get checked you default to a flimsy rules of engagement argument

    • Please stop the bullsh*t okay! If your trying to sell the sorry tale of how all black women are gold diggers who want only your money, while the white woman is with you for love… quit! The problem with your post is that you come across as bitter….and your bitterness is causing you to generalize, which is wrong. If you think that some of these white chicks wont dog your black azz out as quickly as you claim a sister will THINK AGAIN..YOUR DELUSIONAL! Some don’t even like black men, their families don’t either BUT IF YA GOT A LITTLE MONEY they might make an exception for you..Now act like you don’t know that! Truth hurts!I don’t condone gold digging but I also don’t condone stereotyping.

  17. Rilniga thats the exact reason why Lamar Odom chose Kloe Kardashian over Claudia Jordan. Kloe brought mainstream notoriety to Lamar Odom. Claudia would have dragged Lamar down along with his bank account. Kloe helped make Lamar money while Claudia Jordan would have cost Lamar money. Claudia Jordan is a leech! That’s why Lamar dumped her and Claudia started crying! Smart move!

    • @nba is fixed-No she started crying cause she knew her ride on the odom gravy train was over. Old low rent ass prostitute.

    • Oh please don’ get e started on that family of attention wh*res..the KARTRASHIANS! Kim’s claim to fame was f*cking & s*cking Ray J, on tape, but some folks act like they don’t remember that! There talent is what Making him (Lamar Odem money how OH YEAH by having him on that ratchet reality show of theirs.. Don’t get me started on the mama..her rep predates her daughters! only family famous for being what exactly is their talent again? remind me!lmao

    • Oh please don’t get me started on that family of attention wh*res..the KARTRASHIANS! Kim’s claim to fame was f*cking & s*cking Ray J, on tape, but some folks act like they don’t remember that! There talent is what Making him (Lamar Odem money how OH YEAH by having him on that ratchet reality show of theirs.. Don’t get me started on the mama..her rep predates her daughters! only family famous for being what exactly is their talent again? remind me!lmao

  18. No the question that the women on here commenting should be asking is am I ignorant ugly insecure, a hater, and jeolouse hearted or am I pretty confident sucessful as Kenya Moore and can still men going well into my 40s.
    Some black women can be so angry and bitter. A one dimensional mind at times. Everybody is not from the ghetto. Some of us are sucessful you know. smh.
    I date all men of all races as long as they are gentlemen
    (I wasnt even commenting to anyone personally, smh)

    • Why would we want to be with someone who feels that way about us? We re better off with those other races.

        • Your condition is called schadenfreude. You dont want us but you also want our relationships with others to fail. Pathetic actually.

          • If that is your definition of schadenfreude, stick to the small words, you obviously can’t handle the big ones. That is actually what is pathetic, manchild. As I identified your ilk above, immature and argumentative.


    • STEREOTYPES AGAIN…(yawn)……zzzzzzzzzzzzz yeah alot of black men aren’t wroth shyt , but then again alot of men arent worth shyt, race aside.. BUT THERE ARED STILL SOME GOOD MEN… what does sexual and genital size have to do with anything..AS IF EVERY BLACK MAN IS WELL ENDOWED..are you white?

  19. I dont know why Claudia would cry over Lamar Odom
    Lamar looks very dirty and resembles a bug
    Aint he messing with the brother Rob? Shes better off in the long run.

  20. I think it is much better for black men to be in relationships outside of their race. The other races certainly deserve them more.
    It also seem that it would be more productive for both of the parties involved. Black men and black women seem no longer productive together in romantic relationships and I for 1 welcome the diversity.
    This is coming from a black woman

    • We will just ignore this woefully ignorant comment about the strength of melanin up against the savagery of non-melaninated people.

    • Really? side eye at your comment..REALLY ?LMAO Diversity in relationship…is a personal preference, but as a black woman, you wont hear me saying that black men and women are no longer productive together in a relationship! Where the f*ck did you get that theory from? I’m not opposed to IR relationships but don’t get it love is a beautiful thing!

  21. Even with 79 million dollars Lamar still look like a creep
    He is better of with Khloe than with Claudia
    I wonder if Claudia is as classy enough as Kenya to find a nice guy to date outside of her race
    That would be good for her

  22. Lamar is cheating on Khloe as we speck so he ain’t no prize. Riddle me this? If you are a Black man with no interest in Black women why do you care who they are dating? When a Black man marries a woman with more money(most of the ATL HW’s men)Is the man a goldigger? I don’t thinks so because black men take great pride in taking advantage of all women finacially. Oh yeah don’t forget to add Coco T to the list of the wonderfully non-Black women that just love their Black men. The world even knows that Kobe, Tiger, Lamar or Ice T would not be able to get their women if they worked for UPS. LOL.

  23. lamaR CHEATS BIG DEAL.




  24. So it’s okay for rich Black men to marry an escort but it’s wrong for a Black woman to marry a wealthy man. Why to doubletandard?

  25. To all the wannabe gold diggers. If you had a rich son and he was about to marry a gold digger, would you oppose the marriage of be happy that your son is about to be used and taken for all he got? Serious question(That I know won’t get a straight answer or any answer at all, probably because they know there’s no way to twist the question into a bullshit pretzel).

    • of course I wouldn’t, but I wouldn’t assume that a black woman was the only race of woman he had to watch out for… There are golddiggers of every race! Every mother wants whats best for their child, and in my books that would be someone who loved him/her for who they are and not for what they have!

      • You’re misunderstanding me, I don’t believe that only black women are gold diggers. I directed my comments toward black women because this is a black site and black women are the only women I care about. I’m not a Tommy Sotomayor type of nigga by any means, but if I see a problem within my peoples’ culture I’ll address it.

  26. Huh You wanna be a little more specific..that sounds like a huge generalization to me! All women aren’t dependent upon a mans income. Some actually have their own! Lets not forget the men who try to latch on to woman for their money and assets, while bringing nothing more than d*ck to the table…lol touch on that why don’t ya?Its a two way street! For every wh*re there is a willing and able trick..who likes to treat! If he’s stupid enough to get with someone that he knows is most likely only with him for his money..guess what?Jokes on him! A fool and his $$$ shal soon part!lol No I don’t condone golddigging.. at all .Kenya Moore always tries to come across as a classy business woman with her own but she’s on the take for a man with big money? Some chicks will never change!, and she wonders why she’s desperate ,knocking on 40 , and still single with no takers! At what point in life do you elevate your thinking?

  27. ho in and trick in will be around forever, like its always been. different times now (fucked economy) (people dont have real conversations in getting to know each other … text, text, text, interruptions from gadgets)(very young women doing any and everything (ass, swingin, drug takin (x)) .. if you’re not into the degradation that is so popular now, you are almost ass-out in finding a decent brother. why not turn to trick in. at least you can do it on YOUR terms. i just live here on earth ..