Kenya Moore’s Anger Issues Exposed…


Kenya Moore Anger Issues

Surprised? Not!

HSK Exclusive – Kenya Moore may be a woman who’s had ratchet’ness running through her veins for sometime now. That’s because before landing her spot on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” one witness says the Detroit native has clearly been long in need of anger management.

According to our source, Kenya Moore was involved in a public scuffle with another woman a few years back. We’re told the fight happened inside of downtown Detroit’s Fishbone’s Restaurant, moments after a shouting match between the pair ignited.

Here’s the drop:

“I never knew my girlfriend had beef with Kenya. Few years back, we’re chilling downtown in Fishbone’s… Kenya walks in with two attorney’s, spotted my girlfriend and took off on her.

Kenya needs anger management classes, she outta control. Jacky, when she comes back home to Detroit to visit her family, she acts Hollywood.

Kenya’s head is all messed up, because she seen her mother chasing Motown musicians when she was a youngster. Kenya is twisted because her mother was a groupie.”


  1. I couldnt believe how this crazed chic acted on yes i can..she was always portrayed as humble or well put togther in movies,i didnt know she was sofreaking ignorant..i guess thats what the industry produces, lost and out of control freaks of nature..yep rite after they sale their

  2. Don’t watch RHOA anymore, 4 seasons was enough for me. Why is Kenya even on this show anyway, wasn’t she a beauty queen in the past?

  3. She really disappointed me. I was a true fan. Now i want her to go away. if shes getting this type of reaction from the first episode she may be in trouble.

  4. The only reason I watched the season premiere of RHOA was because of Kenya, but after her behavior on the first show, I was like WTF? I was thinking that she would be some class and status to the show, but she feel right inline with those other bitches, ghetto ass wanna be upper class herolts! That is not becoming of a woman nor of a person who was once Ms. USA…

    Bitch is crazy! But why do I get the feeling she’s a crazed freak???

    • I live near Detroit (born and raised), and her rep here is TIRED! She’s a legend in her own mind! She was lucky, and grateful to even get that spot on RHOA; she is irrelevant. A few made for DVD/BET movies, and this heffa is Angela Bassett lmao?! Her acting skills are one note, she was pretty but that attitude is super stank. I def think she could use some mood stabilizers, and a hint: showing your a$$ Ev Lozada style on reality tv is played out. I think Kenya’s strategy is to be aggressive, messy and bulldoze her way into the spotlight. It came off as trashy, rude, and ignorant. The lady from Jet magazine was clearly uncomfortable, as was Cynthia Bailey (who needs to grow a pair).
      The money makers here in the D don’t even consider her a blip on there screen, and I don’t the dope boys either.

  5. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, extremely pretty women and handsome men are CRAZY. Literally. I don’t know if they were molested at a young age or people around them having them believing they are gods/goddesses and their shit doesn’t stink or what, but they have serious issues.

    On another note, who’s her mother. She looks like she could be Natalie Coles daughter.

      • I don’t see extreme beauty either. Bitch is crazy too. “Security, Security!!!!!” wtf. where did this bitch come from and where does she think shes going.

      • I think she’s kinda rough looking with that bad skin. You can tell she has to wear a ton of foundation to cover all the acne scarring. Of course that’s not her fault, and I wouldn’t even go there if she wasn’t such an ugly on the inside lady.

        I DO think her hair is amazing. I WANT IT!!!

      • THANK U, THANK U, THANK U!!!

        Finally somebody feels the same way I do reguarding this chic’s looks….sorry but she is NOT BEAUTIFUL. Light colored eyes and a trashy mouth makes a beauty queen NOT! When she said that she was mistaken for “Beyonce”, I almost fell out of my chair, really?? “Transvestite”, yes I give her that! So Bravo….if this poor excuse fo a lady is on RHOA next season, I’ll be looking for something to fill that time slot as a replacement!

        • Rochelle, you must have watched tonight’s show.
          Ya know I am actually starting to feel sorry for the lady. She is clearly a very damaged person,
          and as much of a beauty she may have been 29 years ago, she id delusional now. Beyonce? Right. Even if the tea hadn’t been spilled about her relationship with Walter, tonight made it so clear that he isn’t into her; and at the worst case scenario he may be gay.(Phaedra alluded to that.)
          She’s so clearly desperate to marry well at her advanced age it’s sad. I’m sure that thee ate a 100 men who would marry her tomorrow….but those aren’t the kind of men she wants.
          And I stand by my original point that she proved her hair is real when she jumped in that pool on the group romantic vacay. All the other ladies weren’t going anywhere near the water!

  6. I’m sorry but I’ve never thought Kenya was cute. My husband think she’s beautiful, however.

  7. @NBA: truer words were never spoken

    To all the beautiful women out there: take your craft of acting/entertainment seriously. Study and do theatre, no matter how small.

    Vanessa had to bust her ass and she had talent!

    If you think your pretty face is all you will need to get you through, think again.

    And Jacky, what is wrong with this site, you need a new platform. There are typin delays, keystrokes won’t come up? The site is often jumpy. Does this have anything to do with the August incident?

    • sorry about that…. traffic has quadrupled this year and our servers are starting to feel the drag… In the next month we are upgrading to new and faster servers and it should make the user experience much better.

      Thanks for hangin in there with us while we grow!

  8. Jacky, please find out why her and Arsenio Hall didn’t make it. Hate her on RHOA. You can tell she’s thirsty for her 15 and thought being a bitch would guarantee it.

        • Cosign! Did you see the man on “The Celebrity Apprentice”? I actually used to think he was kinda fugly-cute back in the day, with his high top fade and his triangular sharp featured face.
          My sweet lord, when I saw him on T.C.A. I almost stroked out. Dude is definitely on the female hormones with a side order of cosmetic surgery. His face is as rounded and soft as doctor’s cotton now. What is up with Arsenio and Eddie? If you’re gay you’re gay. Fine. But why you messing up your looks tryin to be all feminized. I felt sorry for him. Can he honestly believe he looks better this way?
          We all saw “Coming to America” and he just isn’t ever going to be a pretty woman.

  9. Kenya was raised in the hood she didn’t socialize with the people in her hood though or her fellow classmates she could never return to that hood its a dangerous part of the city.

  10. she got on my nerves didnt want to watch the show anyway HATE kim she makes me sick to the stomach but Kenya was the most ignorant woman i’ve ever seen she completely embarrassed herself they lady from Jet thght she was a “nut” ppl kill me w/the i’m a model speech just bcuz u was on the cover of Dub magazine

  11. i remember when this bitch won her crown obviosly never got over it. she is one rude chick who is uppity and condescending i cant believe she acted the way she did in front of those jet ppl and then she tried it when whe n she got up and took accolades for cynthia in her own company. so stupid. i used to think she was nice and professional till she opened her throat. she aint no joke. no wonder she did all those b’movies. lol

  12. I was so very disappointed with Kenya! I had no expectations of her coming to RHOA, but did she make a terrible entrance. Cynthia was nice enough to invite her to an event and she acted a fool & had awful things to say about Cynthia. She has no class and to say that she won Miss USA…ain’t winning her no brownie points. Ain’t no man gonna “wife” a hoodrat acting female like that…so she best enjoy her girlriend status…while it last!

  13. Kenya..that’s my home country; we are known for presenting the world with the BEST e.g. President Obama; not to mention the marathon runners as well as the countless football players in Europe…… which ‘kenya’ is this?????

  14. As I pointed out before she’s pretty on the outside, and ugly on the inside. She tells alot of lies. If she was abused as a kid I never saw it. Don’t beleive the hype!

  15. I modeled with Kenya for half a decade in Detroit and did a pageant with her. She was always nice to me and at the time she was the top model in Detroit and rightfully so she is 5’10” and beautiful.

    She did not have to be nice to me, but she always was. She even helped me in the pageant and she did not have to.

    It is tiring to see RHOA do such a horrific job editing showing just one side of her. There is so much more to Kenya and if I were her I would demand that they do a better job editing and show more of who she really is, which is nice. She aint perfect or Mother Theresa, but she is definitely not crazy and a diva everyone makes her out to be. Yeah, opinionated with a big personality, but not crazy, and not mean.

    Realize this is tv people. This is entertainment. Not everything you see is true. This is editing for dramatic effect only!

    • Did you not see her on The Wendy Williams Show? Wendy asked her if the person we see on the show is her and that chick said “WHAT YOU SEE ON THE SHOW IS WHO I AM” so if she did not feel the need to take advantage of the opportunity to defend her actions to MILLIONS of people then she either is simply that looney or just can careless what the public thinks of her. So please get off her tip….THANKS

  16. I am not a fan of referring to another woman as stank. But after seeing the first RHOA I now know that it is sometimes the only word that fits. She is so full of her old ass self she must suffer from delusional thinking. Her coochie crack tantrum at Cynthia’s agency was so over the top. I didn’t think it was possible for another member of the cast to out-skank Kim. I think Kenya’s gonna give Kim a run for her money in that department this year. And especially because it has been shown in the season preview scenes that she tries to snatch Apollo from Phae Phae. Trash.

  17. Kenya has been in the game for a long time. I remember the night she won the pageant. She is very pretty with her fake butt and tits but she is very pretty. Has naturally long hair also. Her dad is high yellow and she has a younger brother and sister.

    The one I cant stand is Cordell Stewart wife. She is AVERAGE looking and very immature to be a 30 year old woman. Face full of too light makeup. Giggling on carrying on like a school girl. Sorry to tell you that 30 is not young. You need to grow up and represent your fathers legacy like a grown woman.

    Kenya being a Miss USA is a major accomplishment as she was the second black woman to win that crown. The first was Carol Gist and you never hear anything about her. She ended up suing the Miss USA pageant. Google her name. It is just as disrepectful as saying Vanessa Williams is Miss Who Knows. Black women work hard as hell for these titles so respect it!!!

  18. For her to say that she was abused in the past and to go to a charity event acting like a coon monkey, just makes her ass look like a ashy fool. I wouldn’t buy her video because she suppose to wear a crown for like and like how she is acting with just her lil crown.

    Then she once said she paid the way and she is a legend! Vanessa Williams paid the way for her coon ass.

    She thinks she is slick by trying to be the mail attraction. This show is over!!!!Who wants to support black women who acts like that!!!