Kerry Washington Preggers?!


Kerry Washington Pregnant

HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned the reason why Kerry Washington pulled a no-show at New Oreleans’ Essence Festival, Saturday. Sources exclusively tell HSK that’s because the “Scandal” star is preggers for hubby Nnamdi Asomugha — and she’s looking to keep the news under wraps.

Here’s the drop:

“Kerry plans on hiding out throughout the summer from the public.

Kerry also plans on having Shonda Rhimes to write her character having a baby into the script for the new season of Scandal.”



  2. Good for you Kerry. Congrats to your up coming birth and for the success of Scandal.

    I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Kerry was engaged/married a black man because she was always into white men.

    • All that mess about her dating interacially needs to stop. So what she dated men of other cultures besides her own. Blackmen are not the only men in the world and i hope if u have a son he brings to u a wife, who is not black, to teach u lesson to see love as a spiritual fruit, not a color. Clearly you’re bias, theres gonna be plenty sistas who gonna open their hearts in years to come to want to find love, regardless of racial background and if u have friends who date openly, hopefully they’ll be smart to drop u as a friend. Sistas like u i can’t stand, not all sistas,like yourself, are gonna give only blackmen a chance at making us a wife. Im happy for her to but i think this so called relationship is not gonna last, NFL players are not husband material.

      • Says who, you or GOD ALMIGHTY?!! What makes a person better is how they carry themself, the color of a man or a womans skin, have nothing to do with them being the best !!

      • et outa here with that ‘love knows no color’ BS. As much hell as blacks have caught in this country over color and mixing? When they want to force their hoes on us and try to seduce our women, that’s when mixing is OK. When we want it, they can’t have it.

    • Welp! Another story confirmed. MTO is now reporting it, lol. Damn Jacky, how YOU KNOW? Are YOU the daddy?? Lmao! The baby ain’t even a Zygote yet.

  3. I don’t know but this whole sudden marriage thing is janky. Kerry is keeping us distracted from some mess with this stunt. This is a stunt of some kind for sure.

    • Alphonso,

      Thank you. I take my pole with me everywhere I go. Never know when a pole opportunity might present itself.

      I even got a website. If you are ever in need of a pole for your boyfriend/girlfriend you come on by now. You hear! LOL

  4. I hope they don’t add a baby to her in Scandal. That’s almost always the downfall to any show.

  5. LOL! You go, Black Pearl! You didn’t need a bit of help dispatching that troll.

    Addison: I agree w/you 100% — having a single woman get knocked up is the corniest, most played-out plot device on tv. But if Kerry really is preggers, what choice will Shonda have but to o work it into the storyline? Kerry spends that whole show strutting around in high heels & designer clothes. Women tune in as much to scope Olivia’s wardrobe as for the melodrama. They’ll have to have Olivia get pregnant too.

  6. Don’t believe it, first she starts filming next week so you telling me she was going to try to hide it? Okay sure. Pretty sure interviewers will be there. Second, doubt shonda would that, she would most likely film around her “pregnancy”.

  7. i wouldnt be the least bit surprised if she is pregnant!! in fact i will just bet she is, but she wont be showing while filming takes place starting july 22, . Think of it by the time filming is over which is mid august to early September she would start showing then considering she’s petite. Then she can decline to do interviews and just let the cast do them and by April next yearthe baby would be here even if Scandal falls in the ratings.