Kerry Washington’s REAL Scandal: Nnamdi & Shawn Andrews’ Brotherly Love Exposed!



HSK Exclusive – What do Kerry Washington and Shawn Andrews have in common? According to our tipster ..smash sessions with Nnamdi Asomugah! Don’t believe me.. Ask his younger brother Stacy Andrews.

“Kerry Washington‘s recent wedding and unexpected pregnancy to Nnamdi Asomugha left many scratching their heads.
The couple was never seen dating or even out in public together until after walking down the aisle.

This news comes about a year after word broke that the former NLF guard for Philadelphia Eagles suffered a deep depression, before exposing Donovan McNabb for forming a coup within the team against Andrews, over his homosexuality.

“He stopped showering at the same time as the rest of the team, or would shower in a corner, facing the wall, so as not to be accused of peeping.”

Here’s what Terez Owens previously reported:

“Everyone in the NFL knew he was gay, and he’s slept around a lot, even once with a former Philly player who is now out of the closet, and who I am friends with, thus I have DIRECT information on it. Now that he has “switched” careers to acting, he’s been seen for example, at Thursday’s John Wooten Awards event in NYC chatting up an unknown young man for the whole night… and leaving with him. So because it’s not just confined to sports anymore, as those pre SB events had many people witnessing various things, including this one, he is not as protected as he was before. People TALK” said our source. Maybe that’s why he retired?”


  1. I am not surprised, I am from NYC and Kerry Washington is a known out the closet leabian here. I was thrown for a loop when she became famous and started dating guys. But anyway it is their life so I could care less lol.

    • If she weren’t a lesbian she would not be working so much. Hollywood IS gays. It figures she would be in some kind or “arranged” homosexual situation. Someone must have been threatening to “out” her so she pops up with a husband. The bun in the oven was something she wanted. They will quietly divorce once the baby is born.

    • How is Kerry a closet lesbian when she admitted during press for “She Hate Me” that she is bi?

      As for her husband, this is old news. If they like it…

      The brotha pictured next to them looks like Shaq mixed with Bobby Brown.

      • Traci – Why would any woman want dick up in her that had been in some man’s ass? WTF?

        Idk if Kerry is a lezzie or not. I know she dated a nothing but white guys from the early 2000s up until she married her football player. Why do that if she’s a carpet muncher? Her boss Shonda is a closeted lezzie & it never gets talked about. But her husband is a cutie. If Namdi is really a Hostess fruit pie, I feel bad for her.

        • She had a black boyfriend in college. She supposedly f*cked Chris Rock when they did “She Hate Me”. Other than I have not heard her linked to a black man. Even her high school boyfriend was white. lol

          I don’t think she’s gay. I do believe like most celebs, she’s experimented. but that doesn’t mean she’s gay.

          She’s not with Nnamdi. imo. I think he’s being used as cover because she’s with her co-star.

          Check this woman’s history. He’s exactly her type.

        • Please check your typo laden original post, then get back to me. If I incorrectly assumed what you stated, excuse me, but beyond that, you didn’t clearly state a thing.

            • I don’t cower to cowards, so if you have a problem with my posts, you should visit a different site. I’ve been here and I’ll be here. My background is LAW, not drama. You can’t stand me, yet you study me. Stay obsessed and I’ll stay on your minds. Bye.

            • Do not flatter yourself Bella, you are not the only person here with a Law background but that does not give you pass on unrestrained arrogance and reckless disrespect. Personal achievements should enhance one’s character and not used to belittle your fellow man. Take it down a notch.

            • I agree w @2:01.Not by a long shot is Bella the only attorney that frequents this site.There are actually several of us. If indeed she is an attorney. The immature arrogance leads me to think law student…with a lot to learn.

            • I don’t think she’s an attorney, I think she’s a paralegal. She said she didn’t graduate Cal, so I am putting 2+2 and coming up with 4.

      • Traci, not sure she wanted a bi man. I have never heard her linked to rumored gay/bi men before. All the men who she has supposedly dated, have been straight.

        This is another thing that’s suspicious about this Nnamdi situation. He’s known to be into dudes. Regardless of her own sexuality, to all of a sudden be linked to a gay/bi man reeks of bullshit.

    • It’s not because its Hollywood its because its acting. Did you ever know any straight people who were in drama in school? It has always drawn homosexuals.

      • I took drama in school and I’m straight. Now I’m not sure if you’re referring to men, women or both in your biased, unfounded comment, but I’m a straight woman who has taken drama.

        • I took drama…and im straight…sometimes people open their mouths and prove to the world that they are half idiots…u may be able to read..but u damn sure cant form anything constructive to say…But I dont act due to men trying to “interfere” with me..

          • Romeo That was kind of what I was trying say. I took drama too and I’m straight, but the men in our department were by and large pretty effeminate. There are exceptions to every rule. There are straight hairdressers flight attendants and florists. But most reasonable folk would agree that those professions seem to draw a lot of gay men.

            I can’t believe that Bella chic would act some kind of way about me saying that. To quote none other than Phaedra Parks “everybody knows there are a buncha sweet men in the theater.”

            • First off, its CHICK, not chic. Two different words. Second, I didn’t take offense to what you stated because you don’t have the authority to offend me. Your comment was ignorant because it stereotyped actors. I am aware that there are seemingly a lot of gay people in entertainment, but there is a distinct difference between being born gay, these gay-for-pay folks, the bisexuals and the bi-curious. That is all.

        • No doubt in my mind that you won the Drama Award every year you were there, hands down (and of course mouth wide open and loud)

      • While this is true it also seems like a profession that would attract plenty of straight men as well because of the potential to make big money and be an object of desire to women.
        Hell that’s why I’d become an actor.


    • Creative people such as actors and artists generally don’t like to be painted into a corner such as strictly hetero or homo. They do who they want irregardless of sex or race.

  2. This marriage shocked me. I wasn’t use to seeing her publicly date brothers. Every public relationship I’ve seen her in were with white guys. I thought she was all the way down with the swirl.

      • with statements like that I guess I can rule you out for being a supporter of black nationalism.

        And I also suppose that you forgot that in America the one drop rule is still in effect.

      • The difference is a African and a Negro are not the same people contrary to what you’ve been taught.Get a bible dictionary and look up Ham and Shem then you’ll see my point.

    • Not only that but she seemed to like business types. Men in power. I have NEVER heard her linked to an athlete before.

          • I don’t know what her ex-fiance’s name is, but it was stated, in print, that she was with him for ten years. I am not pulling figures out of my ass. I know what I read. Now if that report was false, that’s on the publisher of said false info, not me.

  3. A Bearding they will go? A Bearding they will go! Hi Ho the Merrio! A Bearding they will go!

    That’s how they roll in HollyHood. They don’t want to damage their heterosexual image so they can continue to make much paper while at the same time deceiving the public.

    • Why do these actors owe you anymore than their professional talents. If you want to masturbate and fantasize about them so be it but they owe you nothing more than what you pay for.

    • With a totally immoral public, who needs to pretend? With all the gays that complain about, you would think there would be a few less baby mammas.

  4. Yes…in Hollyweird everything goes..and yes I’ve heard about KW liking the ladies for a long the Bai Ling affair…but does she like men too?…where does Tony Goldwyn fit in?

  5. You can tell Kerry was Bronx butch when she made the movie “Save the Last Dance”.

    Obviously she was told she needed to femm up if she was interested in having a career.

    • Maybe she enjoys being gay but just don’t want the commercial backlash from alienating a heterosexual movie going audience.

    • That is not true and you should no generalize like that. Every actor is gay? Really? IGNORANCE….Like any other career field including an executive in corporate America.. culinary..cosmetology..banking..etc etc you will have straight, gay , and bi..Stop acting like everything applies to an entire race or gender!Yes there are many homosexuals in entertainment, but there are also many straight people.

    • Black Anastasia..Who the f*ck are you calling a black monkey? Sounds like something a racist non black would say..OR A SELF HATING NEGRO…

    • You must not have seen Lift. She wasn’t butch in Lift. If I recall correctly, Lift was released before STLD. She had a hood role in STLD. Julia Styles seemed more like a lesbian than Kerry in that film.

  6. Duet:7:3 Do not Intermarry with them.Do not give your daughter to their sons or take their daughters for your sons.

  7. I don’t now what to say about this. I cannot call it. Maybe she is gay for pay or something.

    I bet he brother Stacy Andrews is gay. Only a gay boy would out his own brother.

  8. When Jacky outed her pregnancy, I knew there was more to it. Once she quickly married and announced that she was pregnant, i thought to myself, Damn Judy Smith is AMAZING. She is clearly the best fixer in Hollywood. Kerry has nothing to worry about. Live your life, Kerry!! Kerry on! #itshandled #gladiatorpower

    • I agree. Judy Smith has been involved here. Thought so from day one. But I do not think this story is all accurate. I have a funny feeling she’s with her co-star.

      • I want to also add, if she was dating Nnamdi, and accidentally got knocked up, she would NOT need a fixer like Judy Smith. Her PR team would be enough of a fixer. JS helping out her tells me something more major than getting knocked up by her suppose boyfriend, happened.

      • Gladiators would LOVE for Tony Goldwyn and Kerry to be together but Tony is married and he seems very uncomfortable with that idea. Like very irritated. I’m such a gladiator that I want Kerry to get away with whatever she is trying to pull off. Its a sickness lol.

  9. Is it because its hard for black women to keep a secret, even if it is financially beneficial for them to do so?

    • BS, did Michael Strahan’s white ex-wife keep her mouth shut? Negros like you get taken to the cleaners by white women while we laugh at you

      It is because race is in the way and it acts as a shield for black gay men with white women. White women are only now finding this out.

      • Easy to break down.

        It is like stuff that gets lost in the translation

        You are going to be more hip to stuff that happens when you don’t have a barrier, such as race, language or culture. You will be more in tuned and aware.

          • I agree, Christa, but who tf has time for that. Black women aren’t good liars. Contrary to negative stereotypes, Black people were raised to be people of high moral character, to be truthful, honest, etc. I swear, its in white people’s DNA to lie, cheat, steal and kill. They’re great at it and they usually walk away scott free once they commit any of the aforementioned offenses.

      • There are many white woman who would and have done the same to their closeted partners.Stop trying to make this about race, because as far as I’m concerned in the closet is in the closet, and gay is gay..doesn’t matter what race you are!

  10. Also, race mixing and homosexuality is being pushed by the elite and black men are more than happy to serve their oppressors. When you see a black man beat his white wife or kill her or his children (like the 14 yr. old boy who killed/raped his teacher outside of Boston, MA) commit violence against white women that they worship, those are the ancestors coming back to kick their asses.

  11. Before she married Nnamdi, some brothas were complaining about her dating white guys. Out of left field, she jumps the broom with a blackman…Strange! Jacky, black manhood is under attack. They’ve polluted blackmen in hollywood, music, military, and now professional sports. To all the it’s none of our business crowd…STFU! The same mindset got us put in chains, the lazy thinking is killing our race. Others are slapping us in the face, yet, we want to ignore what’s in plain sight. I’m glad Donovan and other players shunned him. Blackmen are not obligated to co-sign this madness…Larger Point!


    • Your glad that he was shunned why? Face it homosexuality exists.I’m heterosexual but even I know that it exists, probably always has, and always will. I don’t have to like or agree with it to respect a person’s right to live as they choose to! I don’t have a problem with openly gay men..Its the closeted ones who pursue and use women to cover up what they really like that I take issue with, but opinion aside I know people will live their own lives as they want to!

      • @MissK that’s how I feel too
        As long as you aren’t foolin anyone or exposing a woman to unknown disease I have no problem with a gay man–or woman for that matter.

        @ Miss Tyrone Are you implying that McNabb is gay?

        • @Christa

          Sista, chill with the petty ish. You still on the Zulu Girl BS, Really? Christa, you don’t see the slippery slope that is at hand. One day, you’re gonna wake up to a planet full of blackmen who’ve checked out, Literally! It’s easy to follow the crowd Sista. The enemies of our race are scared to death of heterosexual blackmen who are not in chains, violent, drug-addicted, etc. As for McNabb, he got a spine…Good For Him! Just because some sistas cosign Babylon, we don’t have to!


          • Tyrone I have said several times that I do not think you are Zulu Girl, someone who I was quite fond of. I believe you are a BW saying things that you wish a BM would say. It’s that simple. Don’t hate ya for it…it just seems kinda silly.

    • They been in professional sports Ty. My ex played pro football and he told me about Michael Strahan a lonnnnnng time ago. Michael is like Queen, we already know.

      Because of Michael marrying Nicole Murphy and Tracey Edmonds almost marrying Eddie Murphy, Michael, Eddie, LA, Babyface, Deion and the whole damn Deele group been dragged out the closet. IJS.

  12. I think Whites are more comfortable with homosexuality/transgender period. How many times have you seen a story on a White woman who has been married 20 years and their husband actually wants to be a woman? Also, who were the first girls experimenting in college? It wasnt Shawneequa and La Tonya. Seriously. As for White men, they have always been more open to experimentation. From my experience…

    • and their bisexual gods who was into beastiality.

      hercules had sex with children, men, women, hybrids weven his own nephew.

      zeus kidnapped a dude.

      apollo, dionysus, and poseidon was bisexual.

      pan would sex men, women, children and animals.

      • Chris, you know you have a clone on here, right? Someone is trolling you, Christa and Black Anastasia like a mfer. Smh

        • Sn HSK Troll Conspiracy? Yay!!! We finally have our very own conspiracy right here!!!

          Bella you may be next!!!:)

          • ROTFL @ Christa. They’ll need more than the ability to snag my handle to “clone” me.

            Very true, BA. They can clone your name but not your intellect.

        • @Bella:I’ve noticed my new clone recently.I’m not certain if I should be flattered or pissed.But no one can clone me Christa,or Chris because the regulars know our content here.

            • Is that suppose to be Shade?If so,I’m unimpressed and unfazed with that lackluster attempt.

              • They werent being insulting, not to you. They were calling the clones a generation of retards, lol. It was funny . All the tag jackets on here are pretty lame compared to the originals

  13. Closeted gay men are nothing new, and furthermore its far from being limited to black men, though they are usually the ones discussed on black blogs the most! Closeted gay men go back even farther than actor Rock Hudson! Many of Hollywood’s(many not all but many)were alleged to have straddled both sides of the fence, and it only became news to the public after they passed or were much older. It was usually known by people close to the actors, but being openly gay was not as widely accepted in entertainment back then as it is now. I’m actually shocked that entertainers still feel the need to even go to the length of marrying people as a coverup! The climate to come out and be who you are seems to be more open now than ever but this of course is my opinion!

    • I’ve occasionally browsed some predominately white entertainment blogs and they fixate on white closeted Hollywood men just as much as we do about our own here. Different sites=same talk.

      • If you ever want to see some GOOD tea re: gay white men, just Google Merv Griffin. Bonus points if you throw Ryan Seacrest into your search. I had NO idea that James Dean was gay, that Betty White and several other actresses from her era were beards and that Marlon Brando had sex with a man. Whooooooooooooo!!!

        • YOU LATE About that james dean had a brief affair with elvis who hated anal sex but elvis loved wjen dudes sucked his dick.

          marlon brando was openly bisexual he admitted it before he died and he was pals with michael jaCKSON.



          RYAN TOLD SIMON TO STAy out of his closet and simon told him come out.

          remember the sex affairs between pat sajak and vanna white who had an affair years ago.

          vanna white is bisexual and she did more than tuirn letters she walks like a hooker.

          bob barker had sex with his so called lovelies.

    • I guess it depends on the celebrity and their brand. Period. Look at Harry Styles then, look at Rihanna… Harry…in the closet, Rihanna…at the strip club.

  14. how about people who just don’t want to be around them and more importantly DONT WANT THEM AROUND THE CHILDREN, WHERE THE CHILDREN MIGHT NOT BE LEFT IN PEACE?

  15. Off topic

    As KERRY gets older , doesn’t she resemble SKELETOR (in a bad weave)more and more everyday?


    • Eating disorder. Kerry looked emaciated just prior to her pregnancy. That’s how I knew she was pregnant long before her announcement. Kerry is either bulimic or anorexic. I would lean towards anorexia, but she has veneers. She may have gotten them because the acid from vomiting corroded her teeth.

    • I think you are being too harsh there. The irony is, the more famous and richer she became, she got super skinny/gaunt looking with it. She isn’t exempt from many of the Hollywood white girls, who attain fame, and feel forced to abide by Hollywood body ideals. Basically meaning being a coveted clothes horse in lala land = Having to look like a stick insect.

      It’s sad because she’s naturally a very attractive woman but she caved into THEM.

  16. Kerry used to be fine as frogs hair but hanging out and screwing all these white deviants, she has attained that Angelna Jolie emaciated soul-less junkie swagger.
    Am I talkin’ crazy here or are my lying eyes lying to me again?

  17. Honey you betta hold on to that fag-hag card. As soon as gays get ALL their “rights”, they will have no time for you.

    Let me let you in on a secret: Gays hate women and the only women they will tolerate is an icon. That ain’t you. Gays hate women and don’t sleep on that. When they fully get in power, women will hate gay men more than a bible-bumpin’ southern krakka.

    But enjoy your fun with them now, it won’t last. And bump the pseudo psychology about all closet folks hate gays. We just know how they operate so we don’t want them all up in our world.

  18. jon knight from new kids trie4d to deny his gay side just like lance from n sync but we all knew.

    how could ellen, elton, david bowie, mick jagger hide their bisexuality.

    we knew about kd lang, and melissa etheridge before they came oput and faghag marilyn manson we knew about them.

    first time I saw adam lambert we knew he was queer.

    madonna been came out so did cyndi lauper the 80’s was full of gays and lesbians ask boy george, and annie lennox.

  19. ben affleck and matt damon were lovers.

    john travolta is still in denial too many pics of him kissing men.

    krs 1 as hardcore as he claimed to be he maDE A SONG WITH THAT GAY GROUP R.E.M.







    • Kurt wasn’t gay. Courtney told him to go and e
      “explore” that side of sexuality with REM lead singer Michael Stipe, who is gay and was known to be infatuated with KC. he went to Athens so stay w/Stipe and write some songs and returned to Seattle telling Courtney he just didn’t feel like it, even on drugs.
      For a little dude, KC was packing major weaponry, and he was known as the grunge stud. Yes, he did put on a silly looking little girl dress a couple of times when performing, but it was not femme at all…it was more punk rock.

      Chris I don’t know half of what you do about the history of music, but I know my Nirvana stuff pretty well!

      • kurt waqs gay as they come and when did a duded putting on a dress not make him sissified.

        kurt used to kiss his bandmates too.

        • Chris you are wrong. Wearing a prom dress with doc Martins is punk rock not sissy.

          He didn’t kiss his band mates, mostly because he didn’t like them. Look, Kurt was a man with many
          problems, but he wasn’t a sissy boy.

          He would have probably liked to be gay, because it would have added another layer of mystique and confusion to his legacy, but he just was not and YES I knew him.

          • hahahaha a little before my time

            I was lucky enough to meet KC in 1994 six months before he died. I love his musicality and lyricism and we share a birthday. Why is is so hard for you to understand that I get to meet and be around lots of famous people through my job? LOTS of folks who post here share anecdotal info about stars of music who they have met or grew up with. What’s the damn deal with you??



        • Because when you are an old washed up queen who was never really funny except to those in the Borscht Belt and you want to stay relevant because of a grand ego, you hop on what is hot, even if it is black. A need for money is the best class in tolerance.

          Ask Mark Wahlberg.

  22. Damn Kerry, Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper did a better job of acting like a couple than you did! This entire scandal was poorly planned. Most people didn’t believe Kerry and this gay footall player were a couple. Terrible acting Kerry, stick to scripted shows!

    • I think Cooper is the new Travolta/Cruise in the perma-beard mold. You just KNOW he isn’t ever going to come out even when there is photographic proof.

      His career as a rom com leading man depends on it.

  23. Ladies, if you knew how many professional black athletes were on the DL, you would be shocked! If you knew how many professional black athletes used drugs like ectasy, cocaine and mollys, you would be shocked! If you knew how many pro black athletes were raw dogging strippers, hookers and porn stars, you would be shocked! Ladies if you knew how many pro black athletes have diseases that penicillin can’t cure, you would be shocked!Ladies think about this the next time you have the urge to chase after a rich black pro athlete!

    • I think most of us realize that.

      There will always be a few who will dip their toe in the jock pond even knowing the facts though.

    • At least Shaq has a sense of humor about it. I find it kind of endearing that he owns his underwhelming-ness.

  24. At one point Kerry used to be so gorgeous. Now I would be afraid to see her body because you just know her skin is falling off her bones.

    You can obviously tell that her slim figure is not being gained through diet and exercise..

    Those white boys are welcome to her now with all our blessings.
    Bucktooth bitch

  25. kerry is on drugs.

    whites are the biggest drug addicts with all their meth, crack, mollies, heroin, morphine, speed, angeldust and painkillers.

    happens when you rub shoulders with whites too long you end up doing the drugs they do.

  26. Fuck Andrews and Nnamdi, not cuz they gay. Thats there life.I can not forgive them for being horrible lazy overrated, overpaid bum ass players for my Eagles. Andrews coulda been great if he wasnt so worried about peen imo

  27. Kerry Washington looked so damn good in “Django” I don’t care that she’s a lesbian, I think she’s HOT!!!


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