Kevin Garnett & Co.’s Power Trickin’ On Star Island Exposed!


Kevin Garnett's Star Island Orgies

Taking Tricking To A Whole Other Level?

HSK Exclusive – Most people may equate Miami’s Star Island with the lap of luxury, but to a group of bona fide basketball wives the spot is said to have once been their worst nightmare. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Shaunie O’Neal, who’s said to have learned of the debauchery that was going on down there.

“The house Garnett rented was on the same street where Puffy and Shaq had spots. Everyone showed up to Garnett’s parties — Dwayne Wade, Shaq, LeBron James, Chauncey Billups, Allen Iverson…you name ’em, they were there.”

Sources reveal Kevin Garnett headed the annual Memorial Day weekend mansion orgies, beginning in 2004 and ending in 2008. That’s before we’re told Shaunie learned of the sex fest, telling other basketball wives what their men — who said they were spending the holiday playing poker with associates — were secretly up to. We’re talking about full blown sexcapades involving NBA players, NBA associates and hired strippers. Don’t believe me.. KG’s BFF, Tyronn Lue.

Here’s the drop:

“Kevin’s Boston Celtics cheerleader white girlfriend Kristie has had so many abortions for him, but she’s pregnant again and she’s keeping this child. Kristie got fired from the Celtics after the team found out she was having an affair with Kevin. But, Kevin did get her season tickets to all Celtics home games.”


  1. I want that lil’ truck! I only live a few blocks from work, and I would roll to work EVERYDAY in that tiny whip! LOL

    • Well you’re in luck Ms. Gemini! I found it and it’s ready for you now!

      All yours for $15,999. Not too bad if ya think about it. You can get the optional removable hardtop for just $900 for those rainy days.

      • I’m sorry, I don’t know why the above did not come up as a usable link. I typed it like I usually do, but it didn’t take. If you want to see it and all the accessories/paint jobs you can type in the URL.

  2. Shaunie and Shaq used to host those ‘parties’ too. Went to one in ’05 cuz I didn’t yet know what I had signed up for.. *debauchery X 2* Anyway, believe Shaunie’s hands are squeaky clean if ya want to!!!!!

  3. Noooo!!!!
    Not Shaunie too!!!!
    I hold her to the upmost respect just as I do Juanita Jordan
    I could be wrong

    • Do you really?? Aww, poor thing. lol
      So then guess you didn’t know that she cheated on AND left her husband (a white collar working man) to be with a baller (Shaq) because she was chasin’ dem bigger dollas then, huh? Shaunie just does a good job presenting this God-fearing/wholesome image to her adoring public, AKA all of you! ‘Don’t believe me’? Ask Daven Baptiste (loyal 1st husband, accountant, and youth minister in Inglewood Cali). He won’t speak publicly about her out of respect for their kids and because it is not in his character to do so. He is a good man.. Shaunie DID NOT deserve him. She deserves men like Shaq.

  4. I find it hard to believe that Shaunie was participating in a mixed sex orgy. I’m not naive…I know well that people swing together as a couple, but it goes against everything I’ve heard about her. Not saying she’s a perfect angel, but she is too classy and responsible to be carrying on at a big sex party where anyone can catch a pic and ruin her “image” forever. Now, if you said one of the other BBWs were at such a party, I might believe dat!

    • I understand what you mean, but what you have to understand is that these people work VERY hard at creating/maintaining these facades. PR machines work day in and day out to help them achieve whatever it is they choose to present as their reputation. These ppl have the money/muscle to keep all the smoke n mirrors fully intact. B’lee dat! To even be granted admission into these kinds of ‘parties’, you have to be checked and cleared of having any photo/video devices or you will be turned away at the door on sight! They ain’t stupid and this has been going on for years in Hollywood from Sinatra to Jay Z. There is a reason that world remains exclusive..

  5. I heard of stuff like that before happening in Hollywood
    I just didnt want to think Shaunie was like that
    I just didnt want to BELIEVE
    Shaunie was like that
    I guess I was wrong
    I understand what you mean
    I guess you dont realy know a person unless you see them behind close doors
    Nothing is starting to suprise anymore
    Hmph Hmph Hmph!
    Thank goodness Shaq is a decent brother

    • Yeah Hun, but Shaq’s not all that ‘decent’ actually lol
      Former baller, current analyst, and campaign spokesperson for a couple reputable brands, but “decent brother”? Um, not so much. He’s not the worst, but he’s certainly not in the decent bunch. Kinda in the middle closer to the Trifling-O-Meter.

    • @ Stuntman Redhaute obviously has the goods on Shaunie, and I don’t claim to know her. But I do know Shaq, and I’ve been to his Orlando Superman estate in Isleworth for Sunday BBQ’s, volleyball and kids’ hoops. I just want to let you know, while Shaq MAY have a side that Redhaute has seen that I have not, you can believe this: he is a very sweet, hilariously funny, DownHome dude when he’s in a family environment. I have never been privy to the drug fueled “sex parties” mentioned in the above piece on KG, but on MY scale of NBA-NFL players I’ve been around, I would put Shaq much closer to the top. I mean, he’s no Shane Battier or Grant Hill(few are), but he’s a real decent guy. 🙂

      • Well when put in those terms, yeah he would be kinda decent in that regard.. ..I guess. He IS a solid father and cool in the way of the occasional family/friends get-togethers and whatnot. He could be worse considering….